Chapter 281: Divine Battle

Chapter 281: Divine Battle

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Chu Yu was not surprised to see Song Qing appear in front of him. On some level, Song Qing was more like his protector than his teacher.

He would only intervene when Chu Yu was in mortal danger.


Song Qing looked at Chu Yu, "The origins of the Divine Dissolving Liquid are great. Not only did you rob it, you used it to kill the original owner. Be careful of revenge, I am not joking."

Chu Yu could see worry on Song Qing’s face. He was slightly startled, The original owner of this liquid must be quite powerful.

Chu Yu nodded, "This thing is known as the Divine Dissolving Liquid?"

"Exactly, but the one you have should be diluted. The original Divine Dissolving Liquid can kill saints!"

Song Qing said, "In summary, just try not to use it too much, the moment you do..."

He did not continue saying, but Chu Yu understood.

Once you use it, don’t leave any survivors.

In the night.

Regardless night or day, the temperature here was icy.

Any ordinary person would freeze to death here.

A lower level cultivator would also be unable to live here long term.


Chu Yu and Song Qing lit a bonfire.


They used Divine Wood to start the fire and grilled a giant wing.

The wing came from an eagle bodied cultivator Chu Yu killed some days ago.

The cultivator was about to breakthrough into the Divine Lord.

Its claws injured Chu Yu, but in the end, it was still killed.

Chu Yu cut off one of its wings to roast and eat.


During his two months here, Chu Yu had grown accustomed to the lifestyle here.

Icy, brutal.

No humanity.

This was the first time Song Qing had voluntarily shown himself in the past two months.

If not for the Divine Dissolving Liquid, he would not show himself either.

The humongous Eagle Wing of a Divine Lord contained incredible spiritual energy. It was extremely aromatic after being roasted with the Divine Wood.

Song Qing faded in and out of view as he whispered, "This battlefield is truly terrifying. Over countless years, too many young talents have been buried here. This is a war that has been raging on for aeons!"

Chu Yu replied, "Yes, and there’s no way it will stop."

Song Qing nodded, "Unless one day, one side is utterly defeated. If not, this battle will continue raging on."

He raised his head and looked at Chu Yu through the flames, "Do you know what this battle is termed as?"

Chu Yu shook his head.

Song Qing said, "Divine War!"

For a war which has been raging on for over 60 million years... terming it as a Divine War was no exaggeration.

"In the hearts of many, the wars on Earth do not hold any meaning."

Song Qing tore of a piece of meat from the wing and threw Chu Yu a bottle of wine, "But to the two warring parties here, this war is appealing."

"But we are always on the defensive." Chu Yu sighed.

"They are drawn by the fate in the Solar System. They are drawn by the nine cauldron, they are drawn by their dreams to kill us and improve themselves..."

Chu Yu’s gaze became icy as he grit his teeth, "What do we want then? Do we want them not to attack us? Is that even possible? We can only fight to the death!"

"Yes, on some level, we are the defensive side."

Song Qing took a sip of wine, "But in truth, the Mirror World is not doing as well as you think! In fact, there are cultivators who are unwilling to fight."


After Song Qing finished, he looked at Chu Yu through the fire.

"No cultivator cultivates to fight a war." Chu Yu’s eyebrows raised, "Furthermore, this war was started by them, who cares if they are doing badly? They should all die!"

At this point, balls of light exploded on the horizon.

When those balls of light exploded, they looked like planets were burning.


"I am glad that you think this way."

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu and chuckled, "Tomorrow, I will bring you somewhere. After you see it, you will understand what those people in the Mirror World have done."

Chu Yu also smiled as he looked at Song Qing, "Thank you for bringing me here. Not only are you training me, you’re teaching patriotism?"


Song Qing stiffened slightly. After all, he was from the ancient times.

This was clearly a modern phrase and he did not really understand.

But as a powerful cultivator, he reacted quickly and smiled, "Boy, some of your actions in the Mirror World worry me."

Chu Yu shook his head, "You worry too much, no matter what, I will never forget my homeland."

"This statement of yours, coupled with your recent performance assures me." Song Qing sighed lightly as he voiced his concerns.

"The way you acted in the Mirror World gave people the feeling that you’re not someone from the Solar System. You did not seem to be much different from the Mirror World young talents?"

"When I was observing you, I realized that you did not have any visible hate towards the Mirror World people."

"In fact, I can understand this. After all, you did not go through those turbulent times, and you did not know that there was a Bastion of the Stars in the distance..."

"It is difficult for you to have that kind of hate when you did not experience it."


Chu Yu sat silently, listening to Song Qing intently.

He devoured the wing. Not only was it yummy, it helped quell some of the hate he was feeling.

Even though Chu Yu did not know the status of the war between the Mirror World and the Solar System, he knew which camp he was in.

However, like Song Qing said, having never experienced it, he could not bring himself to feel the same kind of intense hatred.

Having spent two months here and experienced countless close brushes with death, his emotions changed quite significantly. He also gained a deeper understanding of the hate and war between the two worlds.

Song Qing was a good teacher. He let Chu Yu experience it for himself before explaining it to Chu Yu.

The next morning, Song Qing immediately retrieved a huge flying saucer.

He told Chu Yu, "This thing can even hide you from saints!"

Chu Yu stiffened slightly as he looked at Song Qing, "Where are you taking me?"

Then, Chu Yu looked on with anticipation!

"Little boy, what are you thinking? Based on your cultivation level, I would be killing you if I brought you to the main battlefield! Any of those powers can kill you with a single notion!"

Song Qing chided jokingly, then asked Chu Yu to board the flying saucer.

Chu Yu’s lips twitched, "Don’t I have you?"

"Me?" Song Qing strapped Chu Yu in. Then, the saucer rose slowly, then, it shot off into the distance.

It was faster than the speed of light!

This was the first time Chu Yu sat in such a quick vehicle. He felt like his entire consciousness was being ripped to shreds.

However, he quickly recovered from this feeling.

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu, "Do you know why I am not at the main battlefield?"

Chu Yu shook his head.


Song Qing said, "That’s because, my cultivation has been completely ruined! Even though I still seem to be as powerful as a saint, I can’t even kill a Divine Lord."

"How is that possible?" Chu Yu looked at Song Qing in awe and disbelief.

"Else do you think I would let those scum off last night?" Song Qing’s benevolent face suddenly filled up with rage and fury.

Chu Yu thought to himself, This old man also has his story...

Song Qing sighed lightly, "I was also one of the people inside the Bastion of the Stars... but that is in the past."

"Can you please tell me more about it?" Chu Yu asked.

"Forget it, there are some things which you are better off not knowing now. The fact is you’ve seen how brutal the battlefield is. As for the Mirror World, they would stop at nothing to get victory, even willing to sacrifice batches of their own talents... if our youths do not have the courage, then our future... is in jeopardy."

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu seriously, "As for the other things, you do not need to know too much now. All you have to remember is to cultivate and work hard. Let more people know about the truth of this war. The older generation can still hold the fort."

This made Chu Yu’s heart ache.

Hold the fort?

Having held it for millions of years, even gods would feel tired no?

If he was anxious to step on the battlefield before to share the load of the heroes, right now, he was more anxious to let the people on Earth know what was happening in the universe.

Based on Chu Yu’s calculations, the flying saucer had been racing through the universe for more than a dozen days!

Song Qing told him that the balls of light he saw were incredibly far away. Some of them were from thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago.

After half a month, the flying saucer finally landed.


Looking out, Chu Yu could not help but feel shocked!

Broken and shattered stars were everywhere!

There was also an incredibly huge, icy body hovering in the air.

There were also mutilated limbs. They were in such bad shape Chu Yu could not even recognize what they were!

Chu Yu even saw a humongous black dragon which stretched for miles.

The dragon looked exactly like those he had seen when he was little!

It’s scales had lost their shine, but they still exuded a terrifying suppressive aura!


The flying saucer stopped outside this area. Chu Yu could feel the iciness of the area from where he was.

Song Qing stood at the controls of the flying saucer and looked out solemnly, his gaze was filled with sorrow.

Then, he fiddled with the controls.

Chu Yu saw the scene in front of him change instantly!

Everything... moved backwards at an incredible speed!


In the end -

The scene stopped, and a terrifying sound of killing could be heard!
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