Chapter 282: Tragic

Chapter 282: Tragic

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Was this... turning back time?

Chu Yu looked on in disbelief.

He was completely speechless, the scene unfolding in front of him... was too shocking!

Those maimed limbs and unrecognizable life forms also returned to their owners’ bodies.

These terrifying life forms were all foreign to Chu Yu.

They were all many times larger than a planet!

The smallest were ants and spiders the size of a millstone.


Regardless of size, the aura exuded by these animals were all terrifying.

None of them were weak!

Initially, Chu Yu had thought that these lifeforms were all enemies.

But after seeing Song Qing turn back time, he found out that these life forms were allies!

In the near distance, a figure of unparalleled size appeared in front of them!

They were all humans, but they were incredible huge!


The planets looked like marbles in front of them.

These figures glared coldly at the group of life forms.

At the same time, an icy voice rung out in Chu Yu’s consciousness.


"Ants from the Solar System, have you finally been trapped?"

"We gave you a chance to commit suicide in exchange for the lives of your families. But now... it is too late!"

"You have caused us great losses, today... none of you will leave this place!"

This icy voice was extremely brutal.

After he finished, he attacked!

An intense battle ensured!


None of these life forms spoke!


They immediately formed a formation and stood their ground... almost as if they were protecting something.

Chu Yu glanced at Song Qing. He saw that tears were welling up in the old man’s eyes as he stared.

Chu Yu could only suppress his curiosity as he looked on.

All of a sudden...

In the middle of those life forms, he saw a familiar figure!

That was -


Song Qing!

This was the old man standing next to him!

However, that was the old Song Qing. Even though Song Qing then was also an old man, he was a far cry from the aged man standing next to him.

An intense blood aura exploded around him as he fought ferociously with the enemy!

In the end, a huge figure was shattered by the group of life forms.

The intense force from his soul still managed to cause Chu Yu to feel dizzy and lose his balance, even though it happened aeons ago.

Song Qing’s body immediately exuded a calming aura that protected Chu Yu.


Chu Yu panted, his head full of sweat!

That was too terrifying!

He couldn’t even take it even though it was just a scene.

He could only imagine the kind of pain those life forms went through during the battle.


Even though the huge dragon was bulky and gargantuan, it was immensely agile.


Furthermore, its strength was awe inspiring.

One of its claws latched onto the body of a huge figure and it tore off a huge piece of flesh.

But yet, the black dragon was hit by a punch from the same figure and it let out a painful howl.


The spiders immediately lunged on the huge figure’s body and chewed furiously.


Within moments, they gnawed a large hole in his body!

The man raged. He immediately stopped attacking the black dragon and grabbed at the spiders. He snatched them off his body and crushed them!

The black dragon roared, then spat!


The horrific dragon’s spit immediately smothered the figure.

That man raged, "Black Dragon, do you want to die together?"

"In order to save my family... why wouldn’t I give up my life to take yours? Even though... it is quite a waste."


An incredible wave of energy radiated from the Black Dragon’s body.

Tears rolled down Chu Yu’s face.

That was a common sense of sadness!

They were united by their bloodlines!


He could not resist it!

That gargantuan figure was finally burnt to death by the Dragon’s spit.

However, in order to do so, the Black Dragon had given up its life.

Chu Yu could not see the ensuing chaos.

All he could see was balls of light!


The entire area was filled with terrifying energy!

Planets shattered as a result of the light and energy.

The entire universe was completely wrecked by this battle!

Those humongous figures began to shrink until finally, they were about the same size as their opponents.


They were fighting to the death!

There seemed to be a life form dying every second.


In the end, Chu Yu heard someone bellow, "Song Qing, bring a group of humans away first!"


"I’m not leaving!"

A roar echoed out from the other side.

Chu Yu saw tears rolling down the old man’s face out of the corner of his eye. His fists were clenched tightly and veins were popping out of his forehead.

"Damn it, what rubbish are you talking! Don’t dilly dally? Every additional one who escapes is a bonus!"

This figure leapt out from the light.

This was a humongous golden Peng bird!

It slapped at a nearby figure with its wings. Then, it activated a magical equipment which covered Song Qing.

The Peng bird laughed, "Small Song, remember to live well and tell our stories."


A ray of light brought Song Qing away in a flash.


Some people tried to give chase, but the golden Peng bird stood in their way.

Finally, the golden Peng Bird was ripped to shreds by multiple figures. However, just before it died, it burnt up its entire soul, taking a couple of enemies with it.


Tears were flowing down Chu Yu’s face the entire time.


Watching the scene unfold made Chu Yu feel an immense wave of uncontrollable sadness.

In the end, the scene gradually looked more and more like how it was when Chu Yu got here.

"No..." Chu Yu whispered.

At this time, Chu Yu saw something that made him incredibly furious.

The Solar System life forms were defeated, with some others being sent away using the same technique Song Qing was.

However, behind them, were a large group of solar system life forms.

Those... were the old, weak, women, and children.

Only now did Chu Yu notice that group in the backdrop.


Amongst them were humans and other life forms.

Song Qing directed the flying saucer in that direction.

A terrifying energy could still be felt even till today.

This energy had little effect on Song Qing.


However, to Chu Yu, this energy could be lethal!

At this point, Song Qing exuded an enormous wave of divine soul energy!

"Friends, useless Song Qing is here to visit you all! I have brought the greatest talent of today to pay his respects!"

In an instant, a numbing scene flashed by Chu Yu’s eyes.


Rays of energy came from the surroundings and enveloped the flying saucer!


Chu Yu felt like he was in his mother’s embrace, warm and reassuring.


He knew that this was countless ancestors protecting him!

Chu Yu wanted to say something, but at this point, words eluded him.


He could only stand there, his heart filled with sorrow and admiration.


The flying saucer passed through the chaotic space and flew towards a galaxy in the distance.

Various figures were killing their way there.

Chu Yu’s fists were clenched tightly, veins bulging from his forehead. At this point, he wanted to charge out and kill these people!

He knew that they were headed for the old, weak, women, and children of the Solar System who could not escape in time.

Then, Chu Yu witnessed an extremely harrowing image.

Infants were split in half, pregnant ladies stabbed in their wombs, elderly people beheaded...

This was an incredibly bloody massacre!


No one was spared!


Chu Yu was shaking all over!

Fury consumed him!

This was genocide!

If war was brutal, then the massacre he was witnessing was devoid of humanity!


Anyone with even a drop of humanity would not do something so immoral.

Over a billion Solar System life forms were killed.

Their blood painted the skies red.

After everything returned to calm, Chu Yu realized that he had pierced his own tough skin when clenching his fist.


Blood flowed out of the wound but he felt no pain.


The truth behind the war was so brutal and I humans it defied belief!

Song Qing silently directed the flying saucer out of here. The surrounding universe slowly became cold and lonely.


They passed by the mutilated limbs and the icy bodies.

Chu Yu suddenly bowed deeply in that direction.

He swore to himself, "An eye for an eye, I swear that whilst I live, I will stop at nothing to avenge you all!"

Then, he looked at the elderly man next to him, "Senior, please take me back."

Song Qing nodded and smiled assuredly.


On the way back.

Song Qing told Chu Yu that this was the first time he had returned.

He did not even dare to think about this before!

"This is the first time I saw them kill all the old and weak." Song Qing whispered, his tone pained.

"Back then, there were too few tools to travel the universe and escape the battle. I could only take a few people with me. The Purple Cloud and the Song Royal Family were the people I took with me."

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu, "In fact, those people are not related to me. All of my blood relatives were killed here."

Chu Yu was incredibly awed as he looked at Song Qing.

Song Qing laughed bitterly, "It wasn’t that I didn’t want to save them, but you saw the scene too. Everyone I could take with me was a bonus."

"Then, how many survivors of this battle are there in the Mirror World?" Chu Yu asked.


"Not many... and many of them..." Song Qing sighed, unwilling to elaborate.

Chu Yu guessed that many of them would have been absorbed into the Mirror World after so many years...

"This war happened too suddenly. Before this, no one would have expected the cultivators of the other universes to attack the Solar System."

Song Qing sighed, "As such, we did not even have the chance to prepare. There are still many places on Earth with top quality legacies. I can tell you some of them, but you must promise me one thing."


Chu Yu looked at Song Qing, "Please tell me what it is."

"Don’t Just cultivate by yourself, if you can, I hope you can raise an army!"

Chu Yu nodded, "Sure!"

Song Qing’s eyes flashed with iciness and determination, "I will send you the name list of the powers who attacked us. If you see anyone from these powers, just kill them! An eye for an eye!"
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