Chapter 283: Celestial Fox Staff

Chapter 283: Celestial Fox Staff

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Chu Yu was still absorbed by the scenes he saw just now.

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu and laughed, "Actually, you don’t have to be too bothered by what you just saw. I just want you to know what our people have sacrificed for the defence if our homeland."

Chu Yu nodded.

Song Qing continued, "Actually, many of the ancestors at the Bastion are quite cheerful. Many of them drink and make merry whilst they kill enemies in all directions!"


"Drink and make merry whilst killing?" Chu Yu murmured.


"Yes, for example, the Immortals of poetry Li Bai and Du Fu are all such great beings!"

Song Qing snickered, "Li Bai composing and drinking whilst killing enemies!"

"Li Bai? Du Fu? The Immortals Of Poetry?" Chu Yu’s mouth dropped as he looked at Song Qing, "Aren’t they ancient people from a thousand years ago?"

"They entered the Bastion of the Stars 700 years ago." Song Qing looked at Chu Yu, " They are your seniors, but are my juniors. However, they are also pumped up to serve their nation and are willing to pay the highest price in the defence of their homeland!"

Chu Yu felt immense pride, "Does that mean that if I enter the bastion, I will be able to meet them?"

"Of course!" Song Qing laughed, "As such, don’t be too depressed about it. Even though this battle is brutal, we have many willing to step up to the plate!"

Chu Yu nodded seriously, "I understand now!"

"That’s great!" Song Qing looked at Chu Yu, "You are the top talent for this century!"

Chu Yu was slightly embarrassed, "Senior, you flatter me."

"No, it’s the truth!" Song Qing shook his head, "Most talents are only good when they are young. They may not be as good as they mature. The fact that you can differentiate yourself from the crowd shows how stellar you are. You shouldn’t be too humble."

Chu Yu smiled, The only reason why I am this stellar is because of the metal ball, not because I was born talented.


However, it was not necessary to reveal this secret.

Song Qing continued, "I hope that you can move more people and form an army for another reason."

"Oh?" Chu Yu raised his head.

Song Qing sighed, "There is no path from the Mirror World to the Solar System. With the Bastion still around, the Mirror World cultivators cannot breach the Solar System. However, there are some Mirror World cultivators who can use various techniques or opportunities to enter the Solar System... just like how you entered the Mirror World."

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu, "Xu Xiaoxian and Yu Qiuqiu are two such examples. As long as they are of a Solar System bloodline, it is relatively easy for them to return."

Chu Yu’s expression became solemn as he looked at Song Qing.

Song Qing said, "However, not all of them are as loyal as Xu Xiaoxian and Yu Qiuqiu. Do you think Yi trusts people so easily? Actually, Yu Qiuqiu and Xu Xiaoxian’s ancestors had already told them the truth! As such, even if they play dumb in front of others, they are clear on where their allegiance lies."

Chu Yu had a revelation, No wonder Xu Xiaoxian and Yu Qiuqiu did not despise the Earth.

This was the reason.

Chu Yu realized that he actually did miss Xu Xiaoxian.

This weird girl had a hold on his heart. He did not know how or when this happened, but he knew he cared about her.


Chu Yu shook his head in an attempt to rid himself of those thoughts.

Song Qing continued, "But there are some people who have forgotten who their ancestors are. Once they enter the Village of Cultivation and find the superior legacies left behind, they are likely to turn around and kill the people in the Solar System. Even though they are technically killing their own people, they wouldn’t think that they’re doing that."

"These people should be killed!" Chu Yu said icily.

"You’re absolutely right! They are a pile of trash. If u see them, don’t show any mercy!" Song Qing replied.

By the time Chu Yu and Song Qing returned to the Mirror World, about three months had passed.


These three months were like a cleanse of the soul for Chu Yu.

His entire demeanor had changed significantly.

After saying goodbye to Song Qing, Chu Yu went immediately to the Sky Dazed City to find the Celestial Fox at the prearranged location.

"I’m going back to the Solar System, do you want to come along?" Chu Yu asked the Celestial Fox.

The Celestial Fox balled itself up like a furry couch. It poked its head out and looked at Chu Yu, "You’re leaving the Mirror World?"

Chu Yu nodded, "No matter how good this place is, it is not my home. I have already grown a lot here. I am now ready to go back, are you coming?"

The Celestial Fox thought about it, then shook its head, "I would like to stay here, and, I hope you don’t go back."


"Why?" Chu Yu looked at the Celestial Fox.

The Celestial Fox hesitated, then said, "Actually, the Solar System and the Mirror World have been battling for countless years... that place is brutal. I actually escaped from there."

Chu Yu squinted and thought to himself, This guy knows about the Bastion of the Stars?


The Celestial Fox said bitterly, "I was born on Earth and I crawled out from an egg..."

Chu Yu, "..."

He thought to himself, You’re born from an egg?

"After quite some time, I realized how lucky I was, there were many eggs like mine but they were all fossilized, those... should have been my siblings."

The Celestial Fox’s eyes were filled with sadness.

"Without the care of their parents, and without the nourishment of spiritual energy, they could only become fossils. They died before they were born."

"I was much luckier than them. My egg was right at the end of a spiritual meridian. Even though it did not have much spiritual energy, over months of accumulation, I was born."


"I was born at the end of the Ming Dynasty... heh, I even saw Emperor Chongzhen."


The Celestial Fox’s eyes were filled with age.

"In the end, I went to Qing Qiu and saw some relatives."

Qing Qiu...

Chu Yu thought of his sworn brother Zhao Mantian and Xiao Yue. How are they now?

"During my time in Qing Qiu, I waited for my cultivation level to rise so I could change form and roam the world."

"In the end, I met someone known as Pu Songling. He told me many stories about the foxes. He compiled them into a series of novels and spread it to the world."

Chu Yu was shocked. When he was young, he had read Pu Songling’s Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio.

He had no idea the origins of the book were as such.

Before this, he had already heard that Pu Songling had a close relationship with Qing Qiu.

He had never thought that this fox had met the man.

"He was a legend. At the age of 70, he faked his own death."

The Celestial Fox looked at Chu Yu, "He went to that battlefield..."

"The Bastion of the Stars." Chu Yu could not help but add.

The Celestial Fox stiffened slightly as it looked at Chu Yu, "I didn’t expect you to know that place..."

Chu Yu thought to himself, Not only do I know the place, I’ve been there! Although I just went to the surroundings.

The Celestial Fox said, "In the end, I roamed the world alone. At that point, the Earth has not been sealed. I had seen peace and prosperity, blood and war. All the way till recently... 2024?


Chu Yu’s heart fluttered, Isn’t that when the Earth was unsealed?

"That year, the Earth was unsealed and spiritual energy rushed in. My cultivation level rose tremendously. I followed the guidance in the legacies I remembered and found a cave residence of an ancient Celestial Fox. Over there, I gained much, including a complete set of Celestial Fox teachings. My abilities improved tremendously. Even though I knew about that battlefield, I was still relatively naive."

The Celestial Fox looked at Chu Yu, "So I went there..."

Chu Yu was stunned, he had never expected that the Celestial Fox had gone to the true Bastion of the Stars!


This was too shocking!

The Bastion of the Stars!


The most brutal battlefield in the entire universe.

Countless ancestors from the Solar System defended the position whilst countless Mirror World powers tried to power through them and attack the Solar System.


That was a meat grinder!

The battlefield of the greats!

Yet the Celestial Fox had been there before.

The Celestial Fox looked at Chu Yu and snickered, "After going there, I realized that I... was only fit to become a scarf. If not for the protection of some elders... I probably won’t be alive today."


"And then?" Chu Yu looked at it.

"Then, by some stroke of luck, I snuck my way to the Mirror World. However, here, I am still treated like a scarf."

The Celestial Fox rolled its eyes and said, "In the end, I hid in the Devastated World, looking for opportunities at every corner in order to survive. I accidentally entered the ancient divine stone statue and was imprisoned there, all the way until I met you."

The Star Fox sighed, "Now, I have left that place by a stroke of luck and I am now a Divine Lord. I can still live for many years and don’t have to worry about being made into a scarf. I do thank you and would love to follow you. But I do not wish to experience that brutality and turbulence anymore."

It looked at Chu Yu, "Can you understand?"

Chu Yu was silent for a moment, then he nodded and smiled, "Of course!"

"I can tell that you’re someone extraordinary." The Celestial Fox said, "But to be honest, the Solar System cannot be held! As a friend, I do not wish to see you send yourself to die."


The Celestial Fox was sincere, it’s words heartfelt.

But Chu Yu could only sigh as he looked at it, "You have your choices and I have mine. Since you’ve decided to stay, take care. Maybe our paths will cross again someday!"


The Celestial Fox sighed and retrieved a chopstick sized, intricately carved staff.

It presented it to Chu Yu, "This is a sacred item amongst the foxes. With it, you can command the entire Fox species! Actually, the Celestial Foxes are kings of the foxes! You may have some use for this one day."

Chu Yu sized up the Celestial Fox Staff in his hand. He analyzed the inscriptions and realized that some of them were thousands of times thinner than a strand of hair!

He felt dazed just looking at it.

Knowing that it was something truly extraordinary, Chu Yu kept the staff and thanked the Celestial Fox.

"We are meant for different things, go on! I hope I can see you again in the future!" The Celestial Fox waved at Chu Yu with its paw.

Chu Yu bowed to the Celestial Fox, then turned and left.
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