Chapter 284: Returning Home

Chapter 284: Returning Home

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June of 2057.



Shanghai was scorching.

Even with nourishment from spiritual energy, people still dressed lightly and many beautiful girls opened umbrellas as they walked through the streets. This scene looked like it was right out of a painting.

Chu Yu wore a pair of spectacles as he looked at a large amount of news.

At the current moment, he was on the outskirts of Shanghai. He sported a tshirt, white pants and casual shoes.

His hair had not been trimmed, so he bummed it up. He was over 1.8m tall. Coupled with that handsome face, girls were swooning over him.

"This man is so handsome! Especially when he’s wearing that pair of smart glasses... wa, how very handsome!"

"I know right, he looks like a superstar! I like!"

"Do you think that he might really be a superstar?"

"What rubbish, which superstar doesn’t wear sunglasses and a mask when walking in public?"

"He looks alone and pitiful, I really want to go up and show him some tender love and care..."

"You’re such a flirt!"

A group of girls in their early twenties began to chatter excitedly about Chu Yu, not at all afraid that their conversation may be overheard by Chu Yu.

The more courageous ones sized Chu Yu up, hoping that Chu Yu would glance in their direction.

But Chu Yu did not, he continued walking along the road silently, disappointing these young girls.

In the Mirror World, Chu Yu had found the road from which he had arrived. He used an astronomical amount of resources to reopen it.

However, instead of returning to where Yi was, he appeared in Shanghai.

He still could not figure out how this road worked. In actual fact, no one could.

Chu Yu guessed that it may have something to do with his bloodline.

Anyone who could walk this path must have Solar System blood in their veins.

After returning to Earth, he was in no hurry to return home.

The moment he arrived, his messenger rang with a large amount of information, almost as if the floodgates were opened.

His phone nearly crashed from the large amount of information.

Chu Yu picked out some more important messages to read and realized that they were of little concern.

He paid more attention to the messages sent by Fatty.

Fatty had brought Fang Lie to the Chu Clan. He then left Fang Lie there before leaving.

Fatty left Chu Yu a message, telling Chu Yu that he was going to explore a place. He did not know when he would be back, but Chu Yu need not worry about him.

"Ever since you disappeared, the Chu Clan had been worried about you, though there has been little pressure from outside. Nowadays, things move too fast, no one even cares about the lost talents."

"I managed to find Lord Thief and Old Yellow. The two jerks are already demon lords, and they even wanted to eat me! Bleh! I ended up teaching them a lesson!"

Chu Yu could not help but laugh. This Fatty really knows how to toot his own horn.

However, thinking about it, Lord Thief and Old Yellow were unlikely to be able to beat Fatty.

"I told you parents that you’re doing well. They were extremely excited to hear about you and they kept holding me back until I told them more. I didn’t say much, only telling them that you’re isolating yourself in a secret place. After all, the details are quite strange, so I think you should tell them yourself."

"Your sister Chu Xi is really powerful! To be honest... I want you to be my brother-in-law!’

Chu Yu chuckled and murmured, "Darn Fatty, you want to be my in-law? Stop daydreaming!"

"Your sister is now the top talent in Tai Qing. Furthermore, she has incredible influence in the world, even being termed as a goddess!"


"As such, with her around, no one dares to antagonize the Chu Clan."


"Other then this, the Rainfall and Truth Ancient Sects have become a lot more open. They have opened schools. I’ve seen their schools, they’re not as good as the Purple Cloud, but some of their talents would thrash those in the Purple Cloud! Even your 14 disciples may not be their match... you may not like to hear this, but you should go take a look for yourself! They are really good! Our future may be in their hands!"

Chu Yu revealed a faint smile.

To the Earth, he was only gone for a few months, but to him, it had been a few years!

All his experience was enough to transform him from a cultivation disciple to a true cultivation expert.

It was no exaggeration to say that Chu Yu’s cultivation level was virtually unheard of amongst his peers.

He strolled along the streets as he continued reading.


"Your sworn brother Zhao Mantian... isn’t doing too well."


Chu Yu stopped smiling and frowned.

"He was too stubborn and domineering. He antagonized many from the large sects and clans. Whilst we were gone, the world had changed tremendously. Some clans had asked the Qing Qiu to join them, but he rejected them. In the end, Qing Qiu was attacked. After killing many, Zhao Mantian was seriously injured and disappeared with Xiao Yue. Qing Qiu has been taken over by a previously unknown clan."

Chu Yu’s forehead flashed with annoyance.

There were few people who could seriously injure Zhao Mantian.

At the very least, they must be a True Lord cultivator!


Could it be that there were already True Lords in the short few months he was gone?

And why would they attack Qing Qiu?

Where was Zhao Mantian and Xiao Yue now?


Chu Yu’s mind was filled with questions and he sent a message to Zhao Mantian and Xiao Yue.


He did not receive a reply.

Chu Yu sighed, shook his head, and sat down on a bench on the street.


Then, he sent a message to Lord Thief and Old Yellow.


Old Yellow did not respond, but Lord Thief responded within seconds.


"Aiya... Aiyaya, F*ck me! Are you Chu Yu? Are you are you are you? Video Call me!’


Then, a video call request came from Lord Thief.


Clearly, Lord Thief did not believe that this was Chu Yu.

Chu Yu picked up. Then seeing, the video feed on the other side, he nearly burst out laughing.

Even though he was extremely worried about Zhao Mantian and Xiao Yue, seeing Lord Thief like this made him want to laugh.

The palm sized bird was dressed in golden armor. It even had a golden helmet.


It sat on a humongous sofa. Someone like Chu Yu could use that sofa as a bed.

In the background was a large, luxurious palace.

This jerk was so gaudy!

Chu Yu scolded in his heart.

"F*ck me, it is you. You disappeared for so many months without any news, I thought you were dead. I even shed a few drops of tears symbolically. In the end, that damn Fatty told me that you were still alive. Haha, good people don’t live long, evildoers live for aeons. It looks like you aren’t a good person!"


Lord Thief rattled on and on.


Then, it looked sheepishly at Chu Yu in its golden armor, "So, where are you now?"

"Looking at pretty girls on the street." Chu Yu smiled as he lay back on the park bench.


Lord Thief looked to Chu Yu’s back and saw many pretty girls walking past.


All of them looked at Chu Yu flirtatiously.


"Hahaha!" Lord Thief mocked, "Since you’re back, why aren’t you going back? Why are you still roaming about? Looking at pretty girls? I think pretty girls are looking at you! You’re gonna become scenery very soon!"

With Chu Yu’s cultivation level, he could tell that Lord Thief was telling the truth.

He smiled, "I’m on my way back now!"

Then, he stood up and prepared to return home.

A few months on Earth was many years outside.


He wanted to go home.


He missed his family.

"Oh yes, hold on." Lord Thief interjected suddenly, "I suddenly remembered something. There is a huge meeting of many powers in Shanghai. They invited me..."


Chu Yu interrupted him and mocked, "A powerful meeting would invite you?"

"Damn you!"

Lord Thief raged, "What do you mean by that? For your information, I am now the Demon Lord of the North!"


"Oh, how very impressive!" Chu Yu said exaggeratedly.

"Boy, what is your current cultivation level? Tell me so I can mock you!" Lord Thief looked at Chu Yu with disdain.

Chu Yu asked, "You?"

"I am already a Supreme Realm bird! How about that? Not bad huh? You disappeared for a few months, how much improvement have you made?" Lord Thief laughed icily.


"If you can’t even beat Fatty, what are you bragging about?" Chu Yu smiled.

Lord Thief was momentarily speechless. It looked at Chu Yu in disbelief, "Don’t tell me, you’re already a True Lord?"


Without Chu Yu’s reminder, it had really forgotten that Fatty had looked them up before.

Their subordinates had tried to stop him, but Fatty sent them all flying.


Even when him and Old Yellow attacked together, they couldn’t even last one round against Fatty.


Chu Yu laughed till his stomach ached.

Lord Thief gasped, "Where the f*ck did you all go? Did you all rob an ancient monument? Why am I always the one who suffers?"

Lord Thief continued ranting for a moment, then said, "If this is the case, then don’t come back first. Tonight, Old Yellow and I would go too! I promise you won’t be able to recognize us. Some of the top talents and leaders will attend this meeting. With your current abilities, you may be able to catch a few!"

Chu Yu was speechless.


Then, he hung up.

After thinking about it, he began to send messages to his parents, brother and sister.

They all replied within seconds.

His parents were together, and so his father replied on behalf of both of them.


"It’s good that you’re back! Come home soon, your mom misses you."

His brother’s message was also filled with sentiment.

"It’s great that you’re back. We all miss you dearly! Come home soon and we will catch up."


None of them asked where he had been, except for Chu Xi.

"Brother, you’ve been too irresponsible. You left for such a long time without even making contact. Everyone was so worried about you! Where did you go? Why didn’t you contact us? Okay, I will be in Shanghai tonight for a gathering. I will be home tomorrow, I want to see you!"


Only siblings would be like this.

Chu Yu smiled.

He thought about it, The meeting in Shanghai? That seems interesting, I’ll go take a look too!

He replied Chu Xi, "I am in Shanghai. Get me an invite, I want to attend too."
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