Chapter 285: We meet again, Lin Rou

Chapter 285: We meet again, Lin Rou

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Chu Xi was overjoyed, and promised her brother that she would. Given her authority and influence, this matter of getting an invite was not an issue at all.

She was delighted that she was able to help her brother.

Never mind the fact that she was now regarded by many to be a goddess. When she was alongside Chu Yu, she was still the young girl with two ponytails who always begged her brother to bring her out to play.

Chu Yu did not bother to dress sharply for the meeting as his Storage Ring had been broken during his previous transformation.

He only had the Immortal Crane Furnace left.

Although he had accumulated many useful items, the ones that he had brought from Earth to the Mirror World were destroyed.

The Chu Clan’s residence in Shanghai had no useful assets too. Ridiculously, there weren’t even toiletries for him to shave.

Hence, Chu Yu was now a person who was poorer than he seemed.

Chu Xi had quickly given Chu Yu a text, which indicated an address that was located at the Bund.

The address referred to a high-end club.

Ordinarily, the club was highly exclusive and did not grant entry to anyone except for a select few.

Chu Yu realised that he had a few hours to spare before the start of the meeting.

Therefore, he might as well sat down and consolidated what he had learnt so far.

The Gluttonous Sacred Art was the earliest innate art that he had mastered.

In the past, although he knew that this sacred art was very powerful, he had not experienced many real battles. Hence, he was not clear on the true potential of this sacred art.

However, when he was training at the periphery of the Bastion of the Stars, he had always casted this art when he was attacked.

That made him realise that the Gluttonous Sacred Art was outrageously strong!

Like the Ancient God Beast, it was rumoured that the Gluttonous Sacred Art had long been forgotten.

Legend said that there was no matter that could not be ingested.

For a user of the Gluttonous Sacred Art, everything could be ingested!

When Chu Yu was in a pinch on the battlefield, he even dared to ingest his enemy’s attacks!

If he had not done so, he would have sustained serious injuries.

Hence, the usage of this sacred art had rapidly increased his strength.

Many times, his Vertical Eye had helped to save his life.

He had also been treated by his enemies as an actual demon, as they had not witnessed another sacred art cultivator like him.

How could swallowing the attacks of the enemy not be a Devil’s technique?

Once he had attained the True Lord Realm, his Gluttonous Sacred Art improved even further.

Today, this sacred art had become Chu Yu’s hidden trump card.

The Racing Sacred Art was also one of Chu Yu’s self-taught Xiantian Sacred Art.

These Sacred Arts were testimony to the power of those naturally gifted with a favourable bloodline.

No matter how naturally gifted other cultivators were, it would be impossible for them to master an innate sacred art.

Mastering an innate sacred art did not depend on the skill, effort or resources that one invests.

An innate sacred art was an advantage only bestowed to those who had the bloodline for it!

Chu Yu’s Gluttonous Sacred Art may be superior to a large majority of the other sacred arts that were available.

Even in the battles outside of the Bastion of the Stars, he had successfully relied on this sacred art to eliminate many enemies, and had also escaped from being killed by them.

Other than these two innate sacred arts, he had also mastered other sacred arts such as the Tiger Courage Technique, Turtle Resting Technique and the Fasting Technique.

These other sacred arts were also beneficial in their own ways.

On the martial techniques front, his most powerful skill would be Superclass.

The strength of his martial techniques, such as the Bagua Soul Refining Palm and Yin Yang Creation Fist were amplified tremendously when he had used the Superclass technique.

Superclass was not a martial technique per se, but it could examine the various martial techniques and then fuse them to form a stronger technique.

While Chu Yu became stronger, he could better appreciate where his strengths lie.

He was nearly halfway through the True Lord Realm.

Likewise, his Nascent Soul has grown to be as powerful.

However, as he neither had time nor money, his Nascent Soul had no equipment and was not fit for battle.

In reality, in the world of cultivation, there were very few people who could train their Nascent Soul while simultaneously training themselves.

Wealth was only secondary to the methodology in terms of mastering cultivation!

In essence, the world of cultivation was very similar to prosperous cities. Without wealth, one would not even be able to train himself. Needless to say, his Nascent Soul would be underdeveloped.

The development of one’s Nascent Soul only indicates the wealth of its owner.

Not only did it require massive amounts of money to develop battle gear for the Nascent Soul, it required finding a suitable person to do it.

Chu Yu had become a master in Pill Refining.

However, he was barely proficient in the use of magical formations as he was always with Xu Xiaoxian.

Furthermore, he was a complete stranger to the art of refining equipments.

He knew nothing about it!

In comparison to many cultivators who knew nothing but battling techniques, Chu Yu had actually mastered a plethora of techniques.

In the Mirror World, there was a specialised branch for refining equipment. However, there were few masters of the art.

It was extremely difficult to find a master who would refine equipment for you.

Hence, in the Mirror World, Chu Yu did not meet many cultivators who had Nascent Souls that were capable of battle.

Many True Lords and Divine Lords regarded their Nascent Souls as an additional lifeline, or their source of power in battles.

Nonetheless, Chu Yu had wanted to accumulate gold, in order to persuade an equipment-refining master to produce top-notch battle gear for his Nascent Soul.

This way, he could massively amplify his power in battle.

Within the Bastion of the Stars, he had once met a True Lord cultivator whom probably came from a prestigious clan.

The cultivator had released a fully geared Nascent Soul to battle with Chu Yu, whom severely injured Chu Yu and made the battle tough for him.

Although Chu Yu had managed to repel the enemy in the end, that tough battle had left a deep impression upon him.

As he had no need to kill the enemy in that battle, he did not utilise any Attack Pills.

Within the Mirror World, Attack Pills had a widespread reputation.

If he had used these Attack Pills but did not kill the enemy, his identity would have been easily exposed.

Chu Yu was very cautious within the Mirror World and had changed his false identity multiple times.

Therefore, nobody knew of his true identity even up to today.

Returning to his homeland, Chu Yu was finally able to relax to an unprecedented level.

Although it could be said that the Earth had tremendously changed while he was gone, it was still his home.

On this afternoon, he quietly sat on the bench at the roadside.

There were many passers-by who gave curious looks at this handsome young man. Some courageous and young girls even tried to strike up a conversation with him!

However, his icy-cold demeanor had scared off these girls.

It was not his intention to do so, but what he had experienced over the past years had shaped his vibe.


The sound of high-heels clacking against the floor had reverberated towards Chu Yu.

A tall silhouette stopped in front of Chu Yu, and stared at him who had tilted his head downwards in deep contemplation.

"Hey, you look kind of familiar."

A clear and melodious voice lifted Chu Yu out from his thoughts, and caused him to look upwards hastily.

Once he saw the person who spoke, he was simply overjoyed.

The girl who stood in front of him was beautiful. She had short hair, a voluptuous body, dewy-white skin, arched eyebrows, a cherry-shaped mouth and a pair of lively, mesmerising eyes.

She was Lin Rou, who he had once met on Mount Tai.

"Long time no see, Miss Lin."

Chu Yu chuckled as he greeted her.

Both Lin Rou and Chu Yu felt that they had really not met in ages. The last time that they had met was about a year ago.

"Why would you be here?"

Lin Rou gazed at Chu Yu with her lively eyes that were filled with curiosity. She immediately continued, "Oh, I know! You must be here to participate in this evening’s meeting. Am I right?"

Chu Yu nodded. "Aye."

Lin Rou then sat beside Chu Yu, and the scent of her perfume wafted towards him.

He was not as rash as he once was on Mount Tai upon seeing this beautiful lady.

Not only did she wear make-up, she had also become more trendy.

In the span of a year, this woman had managed to fully assimilate into modern society.

"Where did you go? I had not received any news about your whereabouts for so long," Lin Rou asked Chu Yu. Her friendly demeanour had gave an impression of a person who had known him for a long time. However, she had only met him once prior to this.

Chu Yu chuckled and replied, "I had secluded myself from the outside world".

"Seclusion for so long? Haha, in this case, shouldn’t you have gone into Xiantian Qi cultivation?" Lin Rou watched Chu Yu and gleefully exclaimed, "I have attained the level of Supreme Realm! Are you surprised?"

"What?" Chu Yu was shocked.

That piece of news was extremely astonishing and unexpected.

When he had last met Lin Rou on Mount Tai, she supposedly had not even attained the Invigorated Meridian Stage.

However, it seemed like in this short span of a year, Chu Yu was not the only one who had made dramatic progress.

It could really be what Fatty had said about the Earth having changed tremendously.

Having witnessed Chu Yu’s expression of shock, Lin Rou became more enthusiastic, and smiled merrily. "Surprised you, didn’t I? Haha, I wonder what you had achieved in that period of seclusion".

"I guess I did achieve some things," Chu Yu said, suppressing his grin.

Lin Rou excitedly continued, "Do you want me to introduce you to a good sect? Honestly, it was due to joining a good sect that had allowed me to make such vast improvements. I was excellent enough to receive a pill, which allowed me to not only become a Xiantian Qi cultivator, but to reach the peak of it! Afterwards, I had spent the next few months cultivating my baby."

"Congrations on having a baby," Chu Yu replied in all seriousness.

Lin Rou was startled, and had blushed immediately. "What nonsense are you saying! I was referring to the Nascent Soul! Do you even know what’s a Nascent Soul?" she shot back at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu burst out in laughter.

At this moment, a voice filled with jealousy drifted towards them.

"Sister Lin Rou, who is he?"
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