Chapter 289: Strangled to death

Chapter 289: Strangled to death

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Chu Xi rubbed her eyes, and then gently said, "Are you Sister Lin Rou? Please come in."

This was the first time that the two ladies met. However, suspecting that Chu Yu and Lin Rou could be harbouring romantic feelings towards each other, Chu Xi was polite towards her.

Lin Rou felt guilty for the entire incident and blamed it upon herself. Hence, she was extremely courteous Chu Xi as well.

After she came in and stood in the room uneasily for a moment, Lin Rou looked at Chu Yu and mustered up the courage to speak. "I’m so sorry, it’s my fault…"

In response, Chu Yu shook his head. "Don’t apologise, this had nothing to do with you."

"I’ve booked this room for you two…" Lin Rou continued, albeit timidly.

Facing Chu Yu, she was extremely remorseful as she felt that if it were not for her, Chu Yu may had never clashed with Zhou Hai.

As she did not have any deep relationship with Chu Yu, she believed that he was an innocent person who was wrongly abused.

Hence, her normally jovial and eccentric demeanor had disappeared in place of a more sombre disposition.

"Thank you," Chu Yu replied.

"No, it’s nothing," Lin Rou murmured quietly.

"Let’s go, if not we’ll miss the event."

Chu Yu spoke with a calm composure. However, if not for the incidents that had happened, Lin Rou would have believed his feigned composure.

But now...

"Everyone in the clubhouse sides with Zhou Hai…" Lin Rou nervously said.

"No problem, they’re just a bunch of prodigies," Chu Yu gave a cunning smirk, and then looked towards the two ladies. "I’ll go ahead first, you two can catch up at your own pace."

Without waiting for a reply, he immediately strode towards the window.

The massive tempered glass windows temporarily disappeared, and then Chu Yu had vanished as well.

In an instant, the glass windows were restored to their original state.

Lin Rou walked towards the window with an expression of shock. "What kind of sorcery is this?"

She knew how to traverse walls, but not with the poise and ease like Chu Yu.

Chu Xi sat up on the bed, stared at Lin Rou and then gently questioned her, "My second brother and you…"

"Ah, we are just platonic friends! This is a long story…"

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yu had returned to the clubhouse. However, he did not walk into venue, and strode towards a cameraman who was recording the scene instead.

The cameraman did not notice Chu Yu walking over until he was right in front of him.

Chu Yu slapped his hand onto the man’s shoulder. "My brother."

"F*ck!" the man cursed under his breath as he was startled by Chu Yu’s gesture. He was about to lecture Chu Yu until he saw his face, and then consequently gasped in shock.

"Please show the footage of the scene that you have recorded to me," asked Chu Yu calmly.

"Oh...sure, no problem."

This man was shocked out of his wits.

Right in front of him, stood the person who had flung the sixth son of Zhou into the bin with only a slap.

The reporters who stood around them were equally staggered as well.

In spite of being highly confident on air, the reporters were speechless and flabbergasted at witnessing a top-notch cultivator before their very eyes.

Only one slap needed to send a powerful cultivator hurling into a trash bin, and to make him enraged? Who would dare to provoke Chu Yu?

Naturally, Chu Yu would not abuse his power on a group of innocent people. However, given that he was brimming with anger, he could not have cared less.

The cameraman was also sensitive enough to know what Chu Yu was looking for, and immediately replayed the scene where Zhou Hai and his men walked towards Chu Xi to have a chat.

Chu Yu intently watched the recording, and noticed the sly cultivator discreetly making his move.


Chu Yu exclaimed loudly, and then looked towards the cameraman. "Brother, please give the storage card that contains this recording to me."

"Sure, sure!" This cameraman had no hesitation at all as he did not bother about the minute cost of the card. Even if Chu Yu had requested for the entire video camera, he would have obliged in giving it to him.

Having received the card, Chu Yu took a moment to ponder before retrieving a pill from his pocket. After further deliberation, he placed the pill back and took out another pill instead.

"Given your physique, I can guarantee that you will attain the King’s Realm in the span of a year after eating this pill," said Chu Yu. He thrusted the pill into the hand of the cameraman, and then walked away.

As Chu Yu took a step forward, the group of reporters immediately crowded around the cameraman and excitedly examined the pill.

" I’ll be relying on your pill for success!"

"Damn, why didn’t I bring along a video camera today?"

"I’ll take it, that man has just ignored me…"

Surrounded by the group of reporters that were closing in around him like wolves, he swallowed the pill in a single gulp.


A surge of power had erupted within his body, and flowed into every cell. His power was rapidly rising without stopping!

In an instant, his acupoints and meridians have been opened!

To this cameraman, it was a completely unexpected life-changing experience.

Although he had a mediocre talent, but having stumbled upon this opportunity, he was able to eventually rise to the Supreme Realm and become the patriarch of a small clan.

Many years later, he wrote a popular book titled "My encounter with Mr Chu".

Meanwhile, the present Mr Chu was fuming with rage and he strode briskly towards the clubhouse.

At the entrance, he calmly displayed his electronic invitation card, and then entered the premises. It was then when Lin Rou and Chu Xi had just arrived, and watched him walk into the clubhouse.

However, the frenzy that they witnessed upon entering the clubhouse left them utterly dumbfounded.

They had thought that Chu Yu would seek revenge on Zhou Hai, but they did not expect him to be so quick about it.

There were no prior warnings.

Chu Yu grabbed Zhou Hai tightly by the neck, akin to strangling a chicken.

Being much taller than Zhou Hai, he effortlessly raised Zhou Hai upwards while maintaining the firm grip on his neck. The cold and murderous aura emanating from Chu Yu’s body only served to intensify the unease among the people in the room.

The hall in the clubhouse was huge, spacious and it could easily accommodate a few thousand people.

Yet, many people felt that they were suffocating even though there were only a few hundred people.

That was because they nerve-rackingly anxious!

The pressure that Chu Yu had thoughtlessly inflicted on the bystanders was too great!

Everyone was bewildered by the situation that was unfolding in front of their very eyes.

They have long known about the situation that took place in the afternoon. Also, news of what happened at the entrance to the clubhouse had also started spreading among the masses.

Although there was no concrete evidence, many people have suspected that Chu Xi’s crisis was somehow related to Zhou Hai.

Nonetheless, it was hard to believe that Chu Yu would be so vicious when it came to this matter.

Those who have gathered here for this evening make up roughly half of China’s young and brilliant cultivators.

Yet, under these circumstances, Chu Yu had not shown any form of restraint. Once he had entered, he immediately rushed towards Zhou Hai and choked him without giving him a moment to react.

"Chu Yu…"


Instinctively, Lin Rou and Chu Xi shrieked at Chu Yu.

Neither did Chu Yu turn his head nor answer to their scream. However, he glared at a man wearing a white shirt who had just walked out of a chamber into the hall.

"Put him down!"

Zhou Yang was simmering with anger, teetering on the edge of hysteria.

He had not imagined his brother Zhou Hai to be so foolish!

Normally, provoking others did not really result in any dire consequences for Zhou Hai.

However, the person that Zhou Hai was up against today was no ordinary person. He was sure that Chu Yu was Song Hong!

Who is Song Hong? He is the person who can use the legacy techniques of the Crane Saint!

Zhou Yang had been scheming for the powerful Song Hong to be his right-hand man!

However, Zhou Hai had not only assaulted Chu Yu in the afternoon, he had recklessly poisoned Chu Xi tonight as well!

If only it was just a violent act of provocation...but this scumbag had actually plotted to rob her of her innocence as well!

Chu Xi’s standing was even more frightening. Not only is she the sister of Chu Yu, but she is the beloved talent of Tai Qing, tipped to be the next saint!

If Chu Xi’s reputation was destroyed and she could consequently not become one of the next saints of Tai Qing... he shuddered to think about facing her wrath!

Hence, when Zhou Yang had heard of the news, he flew into a wild rage and shattered a few glasses on the spot.

However, when he left his chamber, all he saw was his own little brother being strangled like a helpless chicken that was about to be slaughtered!


Chu Yu indifferently looked towards Zhou Yang, and then tightened his grip further in front of him.

"NO!" Zhou Yang howled, as an explosive shockwave burst forth from his body instantaneously.

Under normal circumstances, if a powerful cultivator like him had released all of his energy in a fiery surge, the entire city would have been leveled in an instant.

Thankfully, many layers of magical formations protected this clubhouse and contained his shockwave within its confines. In addition, Zhou Yang had restrained himself from releasing all of his power.

Nonetheless, the shockwave had caused everyone in the clubhouse to tremble in fear.

Ka cha!

Out of the blue, sparks of lightning started emanating from Chu Yu’s palms!

The sizzling noise was then followed by the crisp sound of crushing bones.

Zhou Hai’s throat had crumbled from the strength of Chu Yu’s strangle, and he died on the spot!

His eyes bulged outwards, and his tongue rolled out sloppily.

Chu Yu did not even give him a chance to speak or to plead for mercy!

He proceeded to fling Zhou Hai’s corpse onto the ground.


Zhou Yang roared, and he swiftly charged towards Chu Yu with a convulsive rage.

Chu Yu did not look at him, but he raised his fist instead.


A thunderous sound echoed throughout the clubhouse.

Zhou Hai’s body was violently hurled backwards, slamming against the magically fortified wall with a gigantic impact.

The ground shook vigorously, and it felt that the floor was about to collapse inwards.

Crushed by the impact against the magnificent wall, Zhou Yang fell towards and laid motionless on the ground.

Leng Ruyan, who had walked out of the room with Zhou Yang, was stupefied by the scene.

Her frozen gaze seemed to indicate that she was overwhelmed with shock.

Likewise, everyone else in the room were taken aback by the turmoil.

That was Zhou Yang!

The leader of the Elite League!

One of the young and top leaders of the current world of cultivation in China!

But, he was sent flying from just a punch?

At that moment, the corpse of Zhou Hai started shaking. Suddenly, his Nascent Soul burst out of his body, and attempted to hastily escape from Chu Yu.

Chu Yu lifted his leg and brutally slammed it onto the Nascent Soul, consequently rupturing it.

Everyone in the hall recoiled in disgust and fear, as though their own Nascent Souls had been ruthlessly squashed to pieces.

A deadly silent atmosphere had engulfed the entire clubhouse.
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