Chapter 290: Who are you?

Chapter 290: Who are you?

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A person had swallowed his saliva, inadvertently making a sound in the process.

Within this hall of pin-drop silence, that sound was deafening.

Instinctively, everyone looked towards the source of the noise.

A sly-looking male was quietly moving among the crowd, preparing to leave the clubhouse.

That noise had originated from him.

"Come back here," Chu Yu coolly said, standing at his position.

At this time, many people started to whisper among themselves.

"He seems to be the person who had drugged Chu Xi. Now, he’s dead for sure! Chu Yu really is a madman...he killed Zhou Hai without any hesitation at all!"

"How can you be so sure?"

"This man is known as the Large Vermin. From what I know, he was a disciple of a sect that practiced alchemy and was expelled for an unknown reason. After that, he was devastated and decided to experiment with a few poisons. He developed a drug...that was simply atrocious!"

"What kind of drug?"

"Are you an imbecile? Obviously, it affects the activity between a man and a woman! Didn’t you see what happened to Chu Xi…"

Other than his superb poisoning skills, the Large Vermin’s sense of hearing was extremely sharp as well. He could hear everything that everyone was discussing about.

Now, he felt genuinely regretful to the point that his insides seemed to be shrinking inwards.

He would have never imagined Chu Yu to be so audacious, blatantly daring to kill a member of the Zhou family. If he had known earlier, he would be willing to offend Zhou Hai, but not to poison Chu Xi!

Hearing Chu Yu’s call for him, the Large Vermin frantically bolted towards the exit in hopes of protecting his own life.

He could swore that he had not dashed so quickly in his life before!

However, a dazzling light had engulfed him.

The majority of people did not catch what had happened, but the Large Vermin was instantaneously tossed to the front of Chu Yu!

However, the person who had tossed him...was not Chu Yu!

Initially, Chu Yu had wanted to take action, but someone had beaten him to it!

Unable to resist tilting his head upwards, he saw the charming lady that had previously walked out with Zhou Yang.

Leng Ruyan chuckled at him and said, " I’m a woman and I want to see him dead. There’s nothing more to this!"

"Lady can’t do this to me, I… I am also one of Zhou Hai’s men!" pleaded the Large Vermin, who was restrained but nonetheless unharmed. He laid on the ground, wailing loudly. "Zhou Hai instructed me to do it! If not for his instruction, I would not have dared to poison the beloved girl of Tai Qing…"

"Shut up!" Lin Rou exclaimed, staring daggers at him while she stood beside Chu Xi. "If you dare to continue spouting rubbish, I will personally pummel you to death!"

Everyone in the clubhouse knew about the incident that had nearly destroyed Chu Xi’s reputation. However, if the Large Vermin was to openly describe it again, it would only shame Chu Xi further.

The Large Vermin looked towards Leng Ruyan and begged her, "Lady Leng...please save me!"

"You brought this upon yourself and you deserve to be killed. Anyway, this issue has got nothing to do with me," replied Leng Ruyan coldly.

Subsequently, she turned and left the scene without even glancing at the crowd.

She did not even take a second look at the unconscious Zhou Yang.

This woman...although she seemed to be cold-blooded, she was resolute in her decisions!

Besides, her skills were of the top caliber!

From the way that she had captured the Large Vermin, Chu Yu reckoned that she was approximately as powerful as him.

Now, the Large Vermin turned towards Chu Yu and kneeled on the floor, pleading for mercy. "Son of Chu, I have wronged you, I really did. Please spare my life!"

Chu Yu looked at him for a moment, and then kicked his head, crushing it. He stomped his other leg onto the Large Vermin’s Dantian point, causing the Nascent Soul within it to be instantaneously squashed.

"Did you think that I would have let you off, after you had tried to destroy Chu Xi’s innocence and reputation?" Chu Yu thought silently.

Once again, the entire clubhouse was engulfed in an eerie silence.

The saints Ji Jianjia from the Rainfall Ancient Sect, Li Fengmang from the Truth Ancient Sect, Ye Yunluo from the Shang Qing School, Bai Sharen from the Southern Sky School...

These distinguished, famous and young leaders of the cultivation world remained silent throughout the entire fiasco. No one could fathom out their thoughts.

"Chu Xi, let’s go home. This is nothing," Chu Yu looked towards her sister, and gently assured her.

Chu Xi nodded her head shyly.

On one hand, she was still utterly shocked from the events that had happened. On the other, she was extremely curious to find out what exactly had turned Chu Yu into such a powerful cultivator today.

She was reluctant to think further about the mishap that had fell upon her tonight.

At this moment, a voice suddenly arose from the crowd.

Li Fengmang from the Truth Ancient Sect had called out to Chu Yu. "Chu Yu, my friend. Isn’t it a little inappropriate for you to leave just like this?"

"Who are you?" asked Chu Yu, as he turned around to look at Li Fengmang.

"Uh…" Li Fengmang could not suppress the bitterness in his voice. He thought to himself, "Is this intentional? Don’t you even know who I am?"

It would not be right to say that he was being arrogant, as he was indeed widely known by the public. In the past few months, he was highly popular within the cultivation world and the modern society.

Even those youths within the modern society would recognise him from a glance. Those who were more daring ran up to him to request for his autograph.

Although these cultivators were not mainstream celebrities, but when compared with them, there were not many differences.

Hence, when Chu Yu had asked who he was, was he trying to humiliate him?

Chu Xi then said, "Li Fengmang from the Truth Ancient Sect."

"Oh, do you have a problem?" Chu Yu asked the man nonchalantly.

He did adopt a pleasant attitude towards the Truth Ancient Sect as there were previously conflicts and resentment between the two parties. Although those were the things of the past and he did not suffer from those events, that did not mean that he had forgotten about them.

Chu Yu’s lackadaisical attitude and nonchalant tone had irritated Li Fengmang. He took a deep breath, and fought hard to keep his emotions in check. "You have ruined a great gathering, and yet you have nothing to say about it."

"What are you trying to say?" Chu Yu interrupted him while calmly staring at his eyes.

"You…" Li Fengmang muttered, harbouring thoughts of taking action against this man.

As a young prodigy, Li Fengmang had always taken pride in his outstanding cultivation skills. Hence, he usually did not feel the need to challenge others to affirm his self-esteem.

However, the man who stood before him was too much of a brat!

Chu Yu did not even allow people to finish speaking!

"You have killed Zhou Hai and have severely injured Zhou Yang. Don’t you feel the obligation to explain your actions? " Li Fengmang criticized, as he was indeed well-acquainted with Zhou Yang.

Li Fengmang was clear that Chu Yu’s vengeful relationship with the Zhou family has been set in stone today.

Although Zhou Hai was not considered as a top prodigy within the Zhou family, he was a son of the first wife. For him to be brutally murdered like this, the Zhou family would definitely demand for at least an explanation.

No matter how strong Chu Yu was, he would not be a match against the elders if they were to decide to take action!

How could the Chu family be a match for the mighty Zhou family?

The only distinguished people in the Chu family are Chu Yu and Chu Xi.

However, when compared with the ancient and illustrious Zhou family, the difference was abysmal.

At this juncture, siding with the Zhou family would not only result in Li Fengmang gaining the gratitude of Zhou Yang, but the Zhou family would feel indebted towards him. This only required him to speak a few words.

He had assumed that no matter how crazy he was, he would not have the guts to offend the entire Zhou family.

Surprisingly, he was not the only person who had these thoughts.

"That’s right. Chu Yu, every action requires an explanation of the rationale behind it. By ruthlessly killing someone like that, are you blatantly disregarding the principle of the Ancient Alliance?" voiced Bai Sharen from the Southern Sky School.

This person was much more sly, as he had attempted to shame Chu Yu from the get-go.

An icy glint shimmered in Chu Xi’s eyes, and she was about to reply him when Li Xiaoxiao from the Shang Qing School spoke gently.

"The Chu family does not seem to be a member of the Ancient Alliance. Furthermore, I believe that his actions were not wrong."

Another saint from Shang Qing School, Ye Yunluo, frowned. He clearly did not approve of Li Xiaoxiao recklessly commenting, but he did not say anything about it.

Bai Sharen lightly countered, "Xiaoxiao, my friend, what you have just said trivializes the importance of our Ancient Alliance. Our principle is supported by the entire world of cultivators. If everyone does not respect it, mass killings and barbaric displays of violence will be rampant. Our world will be thrown into chaos."

Upon hearing this, Ji Jianjia from the Rainfall Ancient Sect laughed. "Preventing world chaos? Isn’t the aim of the Alliance to limit our impact on ordinary mortals in the modern society? Even the saints are unable to stop chaos from brewing…"

Chu Yu was mildly surprised by the argument that was taking place. He had expected to be lampooned by everyone in the clubhouse.

He looked at Chu Xi, who had remained quiet for all this while. Apparently, she had made a handful of influential friends.

In addition, Chu Yu knew that everyone who had defended them were ladies.

Although no one spoke about it publicly, everyone was clear about how Chu Xi was the victim of a vicious scheme.

Males who were not closely related to Chu Xi would not be especially bothered by this, other than feeling that the Large Vermin had been very insidious.

However, it was a different story altogether for the ladies!

When they inadvertently imagined themselves in Chu Xi’s shoes, experiencing such a traumatic ordeal, they trembled with fear.

It was simply too horrifying!

If no one had rescued her, then her life would have been utterly ruined.

Hence, they felt no sympathy at all towards the conspirator and his accomplice, Zhou Hai and the Large Vermin respectively.

Li Fengmang did not expect that those he had expected to side with him, ended up rebuking him. In a fit of rage, he mocked Chu Yu.

"What, are you allowing women to be your shields?"

"Who do you think you are!" Chu Yu snapped, and his gaze hardened against the spiteful Li Fengmang.

"What are you trying to say?" Li Fengmang coolly replied, and his expression relaxed to its gentle state.

Initially, he had not intended to intervene so deeply. However, despite attempts from people in the Elite League in administering aid, Zhou Yang had not regained his consciousness.

Maybe Zhou Yang deliberately feigned being unconscious...

Li Fengmang felt a pang of regret.

However, he knew that he had crossed the Rubicon.

Staring at Chu Yu, Li Fengmang coldly said, "You had impulsively killed people without gathering concrete evidence. If we were to let you go like this, wouldn’t we be regarded as your accomplices?"

"You? You’re not worthy," Chu Yu snorted. He no longer had the patience to bicker with them.

"Let’s go," he said to Chu Xi.

Right at this moment, Zhou Yang had finally twitched and spat out a mouthful of blood. Propped up by two members of the Elite League, he threatened Chu Yu.

"I admit that we have lost for this incident. But, be warned that the Zhou family will never forgive you, and your family won’t be spared!"

"Oh?" Chu Yu turned around to look at him. "When will you be seeking revenge?" he taunted.

"You arrogant scum!" flared Zhou Yang.

"Alright, how about this instead — where are the members of the Zhou family?" said Chu Yu calmly.

He turned around to face everyone in the crowd.

"Or, how about you guys tell me where the members of the Zhou family are?"
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