Chapter 291: Vomiting blood

Chapter 291: Vomiting blood

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At this moment, a shrill voice emerged among the crowd.

"I know, I know! Hehehe, I can show you the way to their residence."

Everyone present at the scene was shocked by his statement. Was he an idiot who’s tired of living?

They could not believe that there would be such a brave soul who would volunteer to lead the way.

Initially, Chu Yu was suspicious of his character before reckoning that his enthusiasm seemed sincere.

At this moment, a small-built and scrawny man was squeezing his way through the crowd.

"Please make way, I am going to lead him there!"

Those whom he had squeezed past gave blank stares at him. It was their first time seeing such an ignorant and foolishly enthusiastic person.

This scrawny person had decent looks but his face was extremely small, similar to the size of a hand of a grown adult.

His facial features seemed to be weird, though many people could not explain why. He seemed to be extremely unnatural in his demeanor.

This was especially so for his smile, which only one word could describe it accurately.


In a flash, he ran towards Chu Yu, heartily laughing, "Brother, I will bring you there! I know where the Zhou family lives!"

Chu Yu inadvertently widened his eyes as he studied this man.

A sparrow was perched within the man’s Third Eye, and it seemed to be smirking.

It has not realised that it has been discovered by Chu Yu.

Damn it! It was really the sparrow!

Chu Yu frowned, causing his forehead to be creased with wrinkles.

Due to the fiasco, he had nearly forgotten that the Lord Thief and Blondie would be attending the gathering. Also, they had promised to give him a surprise!

Was this the surprise?

Transforming into a weird-looking man?

This was more of a fright than a surprise!

However, Chu Yu had no other choice but to pretend that he did not recognise their transformation. He looked at the man indifferently, and said, "Do you really know the way?"

Zhou Yang could not tolerate it any longer. He glared at Chu Yu and solemnly said, "Chu Yu, what in the world are you trying to do?"

If he had allowed Chu Yu to further provoke the Zhou family, he would be killed by their elders if they chose to intervene. However, the dignity of the family, including Zhou Yang, would be entirely lost!

Even in his present state, all that Zhou Yang was concerned about was his dignity.

He really did not believe that Chu Yu alone was powerful enough to wreck havoc on the distinguished Zhou family.

Nonetheless, he could not just allow Chu Yu to continue spouting rubbish like a madman! Wanting to just barge into someone’s house?

"Haven’t you done enough damage for today?" snapped Zhou Yang, as he was thoroughly furious with Chu Yu’s antics. "First, you had hurt my younger brother. Then, you chose to kill him. Even if you had such immense hatred...isn’t it time to stop?"

Those in the hall looked towards Zhou Yang with a skeptical expression. He was the person who had threatened to seek revenge on Chu Yu and his family. Now, he was claiming that he wanted an end to this conflict.

Zhou Yang had no other choice; he did not expect Chu Yu to be such a ruthless man!

Even if he wanted to take revenge on Chu Yu, he had to resolve the ongoing matter first.

Chu Yu snickered and replied, "At which point do you feel that this matter should be closed at? Didn’t you just threaten to seek revenge on me and my family?"

Zhou Yang had never felt so embarrassed before, and he felt like gagging. He was at a complete loss on how to preserve his dignity.

The Lord Thief, who had transformed into the scrawny boy, exclaimed, "Cut the crap. You should just barge into the Zhou family’s residence to settle the conflict."

Laughter started erupting within the hall.

Everyone stared at this scrawny man, certain that he was being overly confident and naive.

"Who in the world do you think you are?" Zhou Yang raged.

The Lord Thief looked at Chu Yu and coldly laughed. "Look at his arrogance! Brother, I don’t know about your personality, but if I were you, I would have killed him!"

Chu Yu furrowed his brows, and silently cursed at the Lord Thief.

Zhou Yang’s face blackened, and he wondered about who had invited this brat to the gathering.

At this time, Li Fengmang stood up and looked at Zhou Yang before turning to face Chu Yu. "Chu Yu, a man must have his limits. Even if you’re very powerful, you can’t bully others like this!"

At the corner, Lin Rou, Chu Xi and a handful of people were brimming with anger.

Who was the real bully here?

Even after disregarding the incident in the afternoon, Zhou Hai and the Large Vermin clearly deserved to be killed for their insidious act.

If they had dared to taint the innocence of a woman and subsequently destroy her life, they must be prepared to face the consequences.

The Lord Thief glowered at Li Fengmang. "Scram, this is none of your business."

Everyone in the hall gasped in shock. "This man is outrageously gutsy, and he dared to offend anyone!"

"Is he Chu Yu’s little brother?"

"Why would he ally himself so strongly with a mere commoner?"

"Has he gone mad?"

Other than a man who was smiling widely at a corner, everyone else seemed taken aback by what they had just heard.

That included Chu Xi and the disciples, who could not resist shooting glances at one another. "Why is this guy so daring?"

Li Fengmang was utterly enraged by his words and he roared, "Get lost, or I will murder you!"

The Lord Thief chuckled, and then looked towards Chu Yu once more.

"Brother, he wants to beat me," said the Lord Thief sneeringly.

Chu Yu had wanted to say that he wanted to punch the Lord Thief too!

However, he would never do that. Although the Lord Thief was a thief indeed, Chu Yu still considered him as a sworn brother.

Chu Yu glared at Li Fengmang and told him, "Go back to where you have sat. Do you hear me?"

"Ha, haha!" Li Fengmang seemed to have been driven insane. He yelled towards the crowd, "Did everyone see that? He was being outrageously arrogant! Do you believe that everyone in the Chinese world of cultivation is below you?"


A loud noise reverberated around the hall.

Li Fengmang held his face with his hand, and stared blankly at Chu Yu who now stood before him.

This man had actually dared to assault him?

"Does this matter concern you at all? You scum!" Chu Yu cursed at him.

Afterwards, he calmly looked at Zhou Yang and spoke, "Say it again. You had told me that you wanted this to end, and yet it hasn’t?"

Zhou Yang turned red from utter embarrassment and he wanted to gag again.

There were so many members of the Elite League in the hall, and yet they were completely silent!

No one had dared to speak anything.

This conflict was completely beyond their ability to resolve.

"Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you. If you genuinely want to end this now, then I’ll bite the bullet…" Chu Yu calmly told Zhou Yang.

Everyone in the room nearly went crazy, and an uproar ensued.

Bite the bullet?

How could he say such a thing?

How was he in such an unpleasant situation?

True, his sister had nearly been shamed by another person, but did he not save her?

The perpetrators have already been killed by him. Was this not enough for him?

He still unabashedly claimed that he would bite the bullet...

Chu Yu ignored the responses of everyone and maintained his cool. "However, if you dare to plot any more schemes after declaring that you want this to be over, then be warned that I will knock the living daylights out of your entire family!"

Neither did Chu Yu doubt the standing of the Zhou family, nor was he crazy enough to believe that he could defeat all of them.

However, he was fearless enough to face any enemy, regardless of how strong they were!

Zhou Yang fought extremely hard to restrain himself, before spitting out a mouthful of blood and then heaving a sigh. He challenged, "What if I disagree?"

"Really?" Chu Yu stared at him.

Zhou Yang spat blood out again, but he did not reply.

He could feel the audacity beneath Chu Yu’s expression of calm.

If Chu Yu had questioned Zhou Yang again, he might really ruthlessly finish him off.

"Really?" the Lord Thief asked.

Zhou Yang had vomited blood again.

This time, he was nearly angered to the point of death.

What has this got to do with you?

That feeling of infuriation made him want to explode in anger. He silently grumbled, " What the hell, why aren’t they here yet?"

A booming and solemn voice reverberated across the hall. "Really."

Then, the doors to the clubhouse were pushed open. Three figures had entered the venue.

Everyone could not resist but to turn their heads towards them.

One of them was an elderly man who was at least 2 meters tall, and had flowing white hair. His beard was completely white as well.

His eyes were dull, but his body was well-built and strong.

Standing there imposingly like a mountain, he gave everyone a sense of huge pressure.

Behind him, stood a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his forties. His hair was neatly combed into a bun and he kept a walrus moustache. He was wearing a traditional robe, and he held a foldable fan.

On the elderly man’s right, there was another aged woman who looked to be in his sixties. She was plump and her small eyes made her look extremely sinister.

At this moment, Zhou Yang looked as if he was about to cry. He rushed to greet the 3 men.

"Eighth granduncle, grandaunt Wu, thirteenth uncle, you all have arrived…"

The elderly man remained indifferent and the woman merely nodded her head. However, the middle-aged man beamed at Zhou Yang and then said, "We’ll handle things from here."

His gaze turned towards Chu Yu and then he cried, "Are you Chu Yu, the person who killed my nephew?"

Chu Yu glared at him. "Do you have a problem?"

The middle-aged man did not reply, but his body moved in the blink of an eye.

He teleported in front of Chu Yu, raised his arm and then swung it towards Chu Yu’s face.

That was too fast!

He seemed to be truly powerful!

Many people in the hall were not even able to react to what had just happened.

Only a few top-notch prodigies gasped, and thought that Chu Yu’s madness had finally met its end.

Chu Yu had landed himself into a difficult position!

The aces of the Zhou family have finally appeared at the scene!

This middle-aged man had achieved at least the upper echelons of the True Lord’s realm...


A deafening sound rang across the hall.

Chu Xi could not help but to shut her eyes in fear. Anxious, she was wondering why the elders of Tai Qing have not arrived yet.

At this moment, a loud gasp echoed within the hall.

Chu Xi’s eyes flew open, and she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Her brother was still standing at the same spot, but the middle-aged man had disappeared.
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