Chapter 292: Can we stop this?

Chapter 292: Can we stop this?

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An uproar rose within the hall.

Previously, everyone had thought that Chu Yu was a lunatic who did whatever he wanted, forcing Zhou Yang to vomit.

Only now did they realise that he was not a lunatic; he was simply too powerful!

The Zhou family had substantial influence within the Chinese realm of cultivators. Even the large and well-renowned schools were unwilling to make an enemy out of this family.

It was completely unthinkable that a young man could tarnish their reputation so badly!

Where did the middle-aged man go?

He was hurled out of the room just from Chu Yu’s slap!

The old woman had let loose a deafening screech before pouncing on Chu Yu.

"Go to hell, you little b*stard!" she vehemently roared.

Her outcry shook the entire hall, and the magical formations that protected the clubhouse were teetering on the edge of disintegration. Fissures began to appear along the walls, and they seemed to be on the brink of collapse.

Again, Chu Yu raised his hand.


The old woman flew out of the hall as well.

Coughing up a mouthful of blood, the old woman had an expression of disbelief written all over her face.

Out of the 3 Zhou elders, there was only the old white-haired man left standing.

"Really?" Chu Yu questioned, walking towards the old man. "After bullying everyone and receiving your retribution, we still can’t end this?"

As Chu Yu walked towards the old man, he raised his fist.

There was a frenzied fury burning within him.

In the Bastion of the Stars, countless ancestors were locked in bloody conflicts, trying to protect everyone within this galaxy.

A myriad of people within the Mirror World were plotting to attack this galaxy and slaughter everyone here!

Those supreme saints were searching for the divine treasures, planning to conquer the entire universe!

Whereas, what are all of you doing?

Using your power to oppress the people around you!

Has fighting become the guiding principle of cultivators?

Splendid, I agree!

Although it was not fast, Chu Yu’s punch had given the old man an immense pressure.

The old man had initially wanted to spit on him, but he had instinctively swallowed it out of stress.

He roared, and then blocked Chu Yu’s punch with his palm.


A terrifying shockwave exploded from the point of contact.

The magical formation seals that could endure the attacks of Divine Lords were reaching its limits.

However, the walls of the clubhouse could no longer withstand the shock waves and had collapsed!

Although the power had been absorbed by the seals and did not leak outwards, some people were horrified to the point of screaming.

It was all due to the shock wave that had emanated from their battle.

Chu Xi’s body had emitted a glowing protective aura, and she did not suffer any injuries.

Everyone else was also unharmed, but they were utterly distressed by the chaos.

The old man was knocked backwards for dozens of steps, until he was out of the building.

Chu Yu remained still at his position.

"So we still can’t end this?" Chu Yu then followed him, and punched him again.


The old man had stopped his punch with his palm again.

However, this time, he could not help but to gag a mouthful of blood.

Neither Chu Yu nor the old man used any sacred arts, and they only fought with their bare fists.

They had concentrated their power to the smallest point possible as well.

It seemed that an atomic bomb had exploded at the site where their fists connected!

When that kind of power was used on an ordinary man, he would have disintegrated into pieces.

The old man’s expression changed.

He was close to achieving the pinnacle of the True Lord realm, and yet he was severely injured by this young man?

What realm did Chu Yu achieve?

His body emanated the aura of a True Lord, but his fighting prowess...

The old man did not dare to think any further.

The eldest man in the Zhou family was no more than a Divine Lord.

He had isolated himself for at least a thousand years, focusing on attaining the Legendary Emperor realm.

As long as the family was not at risk of being completely wiped out, he would definitely not show himself.

None of the remaining True Lords in the family could oppress this young man.

"We still can’t end this…"

Chu Yu calmly repeated, as he continued walking towards the old man.

"We can! Please, we can!"

The old man hurriedly pleaded, before puking out another mouthful of blood.

He was utterly oppressed and disgraced!

Being a True Lord and an elder of the Zhou family, he had immense power.

He was akin to a God in the eyes of ordinary people!

This was his first time entering the modern world, and had wanted to display the power of the Zhou family through flamboyant means.

He did not expect that his tactic resulted in him being humiliated.

When did the world change to become like this?

"We can finally stop this now? Really?" asked Chu Yu, as he stared at the old man.

"Yes, yes, yes! Let bygones be bygones!" the old man screamed. He longed for the old days where the world of cultivation was still sealed off from the rest.

How pleasant that period was!

Chu Yu suspiciously looked at him. "Do your words hold for the entire Zhou family?"

"Yes, they definitely do!" said the old man as he clenched his teeth.

"Remember your words," warned Chu Yu. He motioned towards Chu Xi and said, "Chu Xi, let’s leave."

"Okay!" Chu Xi nodded.

Chu Xi called out to her fellow disciples of Tai Qing, and also invited Lin Rou to come along.

However, Lin Rou had been taken aback by today’s events. She politely declined Chu Xi’s invite, but she left her contact information with Chu Xi.

At this moment, the saintess Ji Jianjia from the Rainfall Ancient Sect casually walked towards Chu Yu, beaming at him. "Chu Yu, could you kindly provide me with a way to contact you?"

In response, Chu Yu furrowed his eyebrows.

Ji Jianjia chuckled and continued, "I know, a handful of people from the Rainfall Ancient Sect had caused you trouble in the past. On behalf of them, I would like to apologise for their actions."

Chu Yu smiled. "There’s no need for an apology; I just hope that such incidents will not happen again."

Neither did Chu Yu elaborate on nor deny anything regarding what she had said.

For many matters, there was simply no need to produce the evidence supporting a side even if it was available.

After Chu Yu had left his contact details with Ji Jianjia, the pretty yet intelligent woman grinned as she left the area.

At that moment, the saint Ye Yunluo and saintess Li Xiaoxiao from Shang Qing School walked over as well.

Ye Yunluo seemed to have been unwilling to walk over, but Li Xiaoxiao was bursting with enthusiasm.

"Chu Yu, do you mind leaving your contact details with me?"

Towards the people who had stood up for him just now, Chu Yu readily nodded his head and agreed.

Li Xiaoxiao was more of a bubbly person compared to Ye Yunluo, who seemed to be irritable.

Chu Yu’s display of power today was simply too amazing. As a fellow True Lord, Ye Yunluo felt an immense sense of pressure.

However, he also reckoned that once a cultivator reaches the True Lord realm, his wits would be far more important.

Once techniques of sacred arts were cast, the battle among cultivators could unexpectedly tip in favour of anyone.

Everyone had their own sense of pride, especially Ye Yunluo. Chu Yu did not mind that.

The saint Bai Sharen from the Southern Sky School coldly glanced at Chu Yu, before leaving without approaching him.

After collecting Zhou Hai and the Large Vermin’s corpses, members of the Zhou family hastily fled the scene.

Although this clubhouse had belonged to them, they had no intentions of lingering here any further.

Their reputation had been utterly ruined by tonight’s events.

When the Zhou family had left, many other prodigies that had participated in the gathering went over to greet Chu Yu.

They were not foolish. None of them were willing to make an enemy out of a outrageously powerful and young person like Chu Yu.

However, there were some who gazed at Chu Yu from afar with a glint in their eyes.

Far from them having hatred, they seemed to be afraid of him.

Chu Yu was too lazy to be bothered by them.

After leaving behind his contact details with so many people, he called for Chu Xi, the 3 disciples of Tai Qing and was prepared to leave.

However, he chose not to recognize the Lord Thief and Blondie here in order to safeguard their identity from others.

At this moment, the eminent elders of Tai Qing School had finally arrived.

Unsurprisingly, Chu Yu was nonchalant about their arrival.

He had expected that if a fiasco had occurred here, Chu Xi would have definitely contacted the elders of Tai Qing.

What were thousands of kilometers to a powerful cultivator? They could traverse that in the blink of an eye!

To only arrive here after the chaos had ended evidently showed that they did not want to get themselves involved in the fiasco.

From their view, nothing serious had happened to Chu Xi and there was no need to offend the Zhou family because of this.

Chu Yu had nothing pleasant to say about the atrocious choice that they had made.

It was impossible for him to treat them with respect.

These elders of Tai Qing were a little embarrassed as well, as what they had done was morally dubious after all.

Initially, they had grossly underestimated Chu Yu’s strength.

If they had known that Chu Yu was that powerful, they would have definitely arrived earlier to defend him.

The 3 disciples followed the elders back to Tai Qing School.

Meanwhile, Chu Yu and Chu Xi left Shanghai and headed towards the north together.

The Lord Thief and Blondie rushed towards Chu Yu’s house along another path.

Without speaking, Chu Yu and Chu Xi had quickly returned to their residence in the north, which was surrounded by a dense jungle.

This place did not change much within the past few months.

There were only a few neighbours now, but they were still a distance away from their home.

This could not be helped, as there were too many families and ancient sects entering the modern world.

Although China was huge in size, overcrowding was inevitable if one were to not take the pocket dimensions into account.

Hence, some of the sects have relocated their residences to outside of China.

That caused some trouble as well, but nothing catastrophic has occurred.

When Chu Yu and his sister arrived at their doorstep, a group of people had already stood outside to welcome them in.

They had long found out from the Internet about what happened, and they were overjoyed to see them return home safe and sound.

Chu Tianbei and Song Yu, Chu Yu’s father and mother respectively, were among the crowd.

When Song Yu saw Chu Yu, tears welled up within her eyes. She could not help but to walk towards him and slap him on his back.

"Little rascal, you still remember how to return to your home?"

Chu Yu sheepishly laughed, and he beamed with happiness.

He had noticed that there were a handful of unfamiliar faces within the crowd.

Those people glanced at Chu Yu curiously. Some of them even seemed to have an expression of fear.

At this moment, his eldest uncle Chu Tianyu and his second uncle Chu Tiannan walked out of their residence to greet Chu Yu with a grin.

"Little boy, have you finally returned?" said Chu Tianyu warmly, as he slapped Chu Yu’s shoulder. "Here, let me introduce these people to you."
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