Chapter 294: Why?

Chapter 294: Why?

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Chu Yu’s tone was very gentle, as if he was calming a baby.

The looks that were shot towards him were all filled with pity.

"I really pity Patriarch Shixiong."

"What did you just say? Do you dare to say it again?" The young granduncle instantly became even angrier upon hearing Chu Yu mention his father’s name directly.

"I said, I pity your father." Chu Yu sighed. "If I was your father, I would definitely not want such a retard like you. When you were young, I would either have smashed you into a wall, or killed you with a slap. I don’t know where did your father’s confidence come from to nurture you to such an age. You are indeed lucky that you were born by the right person, else, you wouldn’t be able to live till today."

Ha ha…

The younger generation at the Chu family couldn’t contain their laughter anymore.

Even Chu Xi couldn’t control himself and his face turned red as he secretly spat at this unconventional brother.

"What do you mean?"

Unfortunately, despite his very young age, the young great grandfather didn’t have any experience with this world and was simply unable to understand this deep words from Chu Yu.

However, he ultimately understood the last few sentences. Looking at everybody’s laughter, he knew that these words weren’t very kind words.

Most of all, the attitude which Chu Yu spoke to him with wasn’t like that of a younger generation at all.

He was absolutely unable to tolerate this. He raged, "You wish to rebel…"

"Shut the f*ck up!"

Chu Yu was finally annoyed. All of a sudden, he bellowed. "Either you behave yourself and stay here, or you get lost! Stop criticizing and making your remarks here as if you are an elder. Even if you aren’t tired, do you think the rest of the people aren’t tired as well?"

"You… you…" In an instant, the young great granduncle almost peed his pants in fear.

Even the others were rather shocked by the sudden temperament that exploded from Chu Yu.

Chu Yu had just returned from the battlefield at the outskirts of the Bastion of the Stars. Even though it wasn’t a long time, he had still experienced many life and death situations.

Once he was enraged, that fearsome blood energy on his body carried an icy-cold air.

The feeling was just like the snow brought about by the cold Northern winds pelting onto the faces of people.

There was a powerful air of a killer!

Those that were timid could even pee their pants in fear.

Even though the young granduncle’s stage wasn’t low, he had never experienced such a thing.

He was so scared that he shivered slightly.

"You? You what? I admit that I am a descendent of the Chu family! However, I am not your descendant! I admit that the main patriarch also welcomes the entire Chu family into the world. However, you better remember that this is my family! It is my grandfather who brought my group of relatives who established this from nothing!"

The look in Chu Yu’s eyes looked as if it could devour people. The young great granduncle was instantly scared speechless.

He didn’t even dare to breathe!

Chu Tiannan and Chu Tianyu were also overwhelmed with shock. What happened to Chu Yu during the period he disappeared?

They had never seen such a temperament from the Chu Yu before.

"If you aren’t an idiot, you should know very clearly that a superclass book is sufficient to repay all the support the family gave to our Northern Chu Clan. No, it should be said that the support that the family had given us isn’t even worth a single page of the superclass!"

"I believe you had also practiced the superclass? Look at yourself, you didn’t even learn a thing! This is simply a waste of that powerful superclass technique!"

Chu Yu didn’t speak about the saint legacy. After all, there were too many people.

He narrowed his eyes and looked coldly at this young great granduncle. "If your father is a smart person, he should know what that technique implies for the Chu family. It is only because of the family ties and family bonds that even a useless person like you would be qualified to practice that technique!"

"Hence, stop making your thoughtless remarks here."

"There are still many things we have to do. We don’t have time for you!"

When Chu Yu finished his sentence, he looked at Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan. "I’m sorry, I really can’t bother about such a failed person. I’ve given you quite some trouble."

Then, he smiled gently at his parents as well as King Chu and waved his hands at Fang Lie.

Fang Lie’s lips parted, revealed a smile. He walked over and knelt onto the ground, kowtowing towards Chu Yu. "I never thought that I would be able to meet master so quickly. I thought I would still have to wait for some time!"

This scene completely stunned everybody in the Chu family.

As for the young great granduncle, his eyes instantly widened and almost fainted!

He had been focusing on doing one thing these few days. That was to win over Fang Lie!

A young talented true lord!

Everybody in the Chu family only knew that Fang Lie was related to Chu Yu.

But, they had never dared to imagine that Fang Lie was Chu Yu’s… servant!

A young true lord overseeing the Chu family could enable the Northern Chu Clan to rise in status by many times!

They didn’t know Fang Lie’s background, but had been extremely respectful towards him.

It was even more impossible for the young great granduncle to know about this. He had been running over to Fang Lie’s place numerous times these few days.

Calling him Mister Fang, he was just a step away from kowtowing and acknowledging Fang Lie as his master.

He hoped to befriend and win over this Mr Fang when his father brought the Chu family over.

As for the other people of the Chu family… ha ha, he didn’t care about where they went!

They were initially just a branch. In this huge family system, the status of this branch wasn’t much higher than that of a slave.

If they were ordered to go east, who would dare to go west?

The ideal seemed very perfect. However, reality had given him a tight slap across the face.

This is too out of hand!

How can this young true lord kneel down in front of this bastard Chu Yu?

He actually knelt down?

Furthermore, he seems… to be kneeling down willingly!

What the f*ck for?

How can things be like this?

The young great granduncle felt that he was about to go crazy.

At this moment, he really wanted to give himself a slap across the face, and tell himself: Everything is a f*cking illusion. It is an illusion, it isn’t real!

On the other hand, the people of the Chu family were also completely stunned.

Fang Lie had only recently arrived at the Chu family. He was powerful, didn’t speak much, and polite towards everybody.

Furthermore, he had even guided many kids in the Northern Chu Clan, without any sense of superiority.

Hence, all the kids loved him very much. Every time they called him Uncle Fang, a warm and radiant smile would always appear on Fang Lie’s face.

However, he was ultimately the true lord!

Those kids were educated by their parents in private - you must be respectful towards Mister Fang! Respectful! As respectful as possible!

Towards a true lord, there wasn’t such a thing as showing too much respect!

However, why would he call Chu Yu his master?

Chu Yu raised his brows and smiled bitterly while lifting Fang Lie up. "You don’t have to be like this."

"My life is given by master. I will do anything." Fang Lie smiled sincerely.

This guy was actually very intelligent. After seeing the entire scene unfold in front of him, how could he not know what was happening?

Such things weren’t rare in a big family.

The Northern Chu Clan didn’t have a habit of "slaves bullying their masters".

Moreover, they weren’t slaves of anybody!

However, they were a branch in the family. This young person who had just arrived represented the main branch of the family.

Even though he didn’t understand what was the superclass that his master had mentioned, he reckoned that it was a powerful technique.

As a branch, it was already rather impressive to achieve this!

In reality, within the many years that the Northern Chu Clan had left, other than the tiny bit of resources given by the main branch during the years in which they left, there were not much movements within the many recent years.

Taking a million steps back, even if Chu Yu didn’t have a point, during Fang Lie’s choosing of sides, his heart should be like a mirror.

Hence, he clearly didn’t have to kneel towards Chu Yu. However, he had knelt.

This kneel not only stunned the young great granduncle, even the bunch of people from the Chu family were completely stunned.

"Come, let’s go drink!"

Chu Yu patted Fang Lie’s shoulder while the entire crowd remained speechless.

Chu Yu looked towards King Chu, who was laughing discreetly to himself, and said. "Brother, you come too!"

This time, the young great granduncle was absolutely bewildered. He suddenly felt as if he was no different from an idiot.

The true lord he tried to win over for so long was his servant!

He had thought that everybody would kneel down and receive his orders when he spoke. However, nobody even bothered paying any attention to him.

Staring at the leaving figure of Chu Yu’s group, he suddenly understood a little. From the very start, the Northern Chu Clan had never viewed him as the head.

Else, why would his parents not say a thing despite Chu Yu’s reckless behaviour?

Why did the two patriarchs not berate him?

"Ha… Ha…" Two waves of cold laughter rose from his throat. Then, he gazed coldly at Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan. "Very good, really very good! You want to be independent? Not a problem! I’ll go suggest to my father. I’ll suggest to him that you should be kicked out from the Chu family! Even if the Chu family needed to enter the world, it would still be completely unrelated to you!"  

Then, he angrily prepared to leave.

"Wait a moment." Chu Tiannan spoke.

The young great granduncle laughed coldly to himself: Is he regretting? Does he want to ask for forgiveness? What are you thinking earlier on? Hmph, I don’t accept it!

The young great granduncle stood still with an arrogant expression, waiting for Chu Tiannan to beg for forgiveness.





I am your granduncle!

The young great granduncle almost exploded with anger.

He had already assumed his pose, waiting for Chu Tiannan to beg for forgiveness. He might even kowtow while begging for forgiveness!

After all, if they were really kicked out of the Chu family, they wouldn’t be able to enter the ancestral hall of the Chu family!

Not being able to worship one’s ancestors was a huge threat!

However, who knew that after waiting, all he received was this f*cking word!

Are you tearing off the veneer of mutual respect between us?

You aren’t even going to call me granduncle?

He looked coldly at Chu Tiannan.

"If you leave like this, no, after you leave, frankly, you will be slapped." Chu Tiannan spoke softly. "I understand Patriarch Shixiong a little more. He has remarkable ability and wisdom. Hence, frankly, when you return, you would definitely be slapped. You can count yourself lucky if you were only given a few slaps."

"Nonsense!" The great granduncle lungs were about to explode with anger as he glared at Chu Tiannan.

"If you lie when you return…" Chu Tiannan didn’t pay any attention to him, and continued speaking. "The consequences would be even more dire."

"How dire?" The young great granduncle’s eyes flashed. Very evidently, he had really planned to add fuel to the fire when he spoke about the Chu family.

He didn’t want to let a single person off after receiving such shame!

"Because lies can be easily seen through. When that time comes, a few slaps wouldn’t be able to make up for your lies anymore."

Chu Tiannan continued indifferently. "Hence, if I were you, I will calm down. It doesn’t matter if you still cannot understand. You can report everything that has happened here according to fact. Anyway, the person who makes the decision is your father, not you. Isn’t that right?"

As he spoke, he looked at the youngster with some pity. "Taking into account the fact that we are related by family, I will help you this time round. Whether you wish to listen to me is up to you."

As he spoke, he looked at Chu Tianyu. "This bastard dares to drink without ask. Does he despise us because we are old? Let’s go. We will take the initiative with our thick skin! Hmph, he has so many good things. Does he want to hide them from us? Not a chance!"

Very quickly, everybody dispersed from the entrance of the Chu family.

Only a few people were left to clean up.

The young great granduncle’s expression was completely blank. Even now, he still felt somewhat dizzy.

After a long time, he finally murmured. "Why"

After which, his eyes began to come into focus. He gritted his teeth and smiled coldly. "At this stage, you still want to lie to me in order to gain time? As if I will believe you!"

As he spoke, he strode outside the main entrance of the Chu family. He glanced back, laughed coldly, and shouted loudly. "The next time I return, I hope you can still drink happily!"

After which, he turned around and left!
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