Chapter 297: The White Prince

Chapter 297: The White Prince

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Qing Qiu.

The ancestral land of the foxes had a new owner.

Mist surrounded the area, and it was protected by magical formations.

Ordinary people could not enter. In fact, a commoner would not even be able to see that this place exists!

It was invisible to satellites as well.

Few knew the identity of the new owners.

The entire cultivation world seemed to have neglected this place. All of the superior clans, sects, and families seemed to have forgotten about this place.

Zhao Mantian’s palace now belonged to the White Prince.

The White Prince was about 1.8m in height. His brows were thin and his eyes glittered. He donned a white shirt.

It was not the ancient robe, but a modern, fashionable outfit.

White shirt, white pants, white suit, and white leather shoes.

But his skin was even whiter.

It was so white it was translucent. Even girls would be ashamed if they saw it.

His hair was slightly long and his fringe covered one of his eyes.

The uncovered eye was blue.


His gaze was icy, almost as if it would freeze anything he looked at.


The White Prince liked to live a life of luxury and enjoyed modern technologies.


As such, this ancient palace was transformed into a modern villa after he took office...

It was filled to capacity with high tech products.

He sat on a luxurious sofa, a glass of red wine in hand.

The red wine was the color of blood and exuded a tempting aroma.


"This thing is not as nice as blood, but its taste is unique." He said.

The people below him... were humanoid.

There were only about two to three humans.


A leopard head, human body lady chuckled, "I still think blood is nicer."


A tiger had, human body man nodded, "Humans, yummy."

"You all..." The White Prince’s eyebrows danced as he glanced at them, "Barbaric!"


Their lips twitched in annoyance.


The White Prince spoke softly, almost as if he was afraid others would be startled. It was so soft it sounded like he was weak.

In order to hear him, one had to be completely focused,


"Right now, we are humans! In order to be humans, we must know the rules." The White Prince said.


The tiger headed man retorted, "Humans are for eating."

"I don’t like to hear that." The White Prince said.


The tiger headed man seemed to think of something. He shuddered, but continued, "Yummy."



This man was sent flying out.

A pained whine could be heard from outside.


The White Prince swept off imaginary dust on his clothes and whispered, "I already said I don’t like to hear that."


All the life forms in the palace were silent.


The leopard headed lady smiled, "He just changed form not long ago and is still a little dumb. Please do not take offence."


"Learn to be human." The White Prince said softly.

At this point, a monkey zoomed into the palace.

All of a sudden, a ray of blue light shot out from the White Prince’s eye.

The monkey’s body was frozen in mid air. Then, it smashed into the ground with a loud bang.


What was more stunning was that the ice did not even break.

The entire palace when silent.

All of the life forms shivered in fear.

"How lawless..." The White Prince sighed softly and delicately, "You all still have a long way to go before being humans..."

"Prince, he must have something important..." The leopard headed lady said.


"Smash it..." The White Prince said.

"Ah?" The leopard headed lady was confused.

"I said, smash it!" The White Prince rolled his eyes, "I said smash it!"

His voice was still weak.

However, all of the life forms in the palace felt immense fear.


The leopard headed lady walked over and smashed the block of ice with her palm.

The monkey shattered too.

It died this way.

"Throw it out." The White Prince ordered.

The leopard headed lady looked to her side.

A dog headed and deer headed human shuffled over as they gathered the broken pieces of ice and monkey and brought them out.

The White Prince slouched on the sofa and glanced down, "Then, now, who will tell me what the monkey was trying to do?"


All of the other life forms kept their lips pursed.


They were all cursing in their hearts, You f*cking killed the monkey, who the hell would know what it wanted to do?

But, they only dared to think it, no one would dare say it.


The White Prince looked at the leopard headed lady, "You’re the smartest, why don’t you tell me?"

The whiskers on the leopard headed lady danced. If she could, she would want to kill this f*cker!

But she didn’t dare to. She didn’t even dare to show her emotions.


But, what was she to say?

The monkey was in charge of gathering information, but now it was dead.


Smashed into pieces.


Who was she going to ask?



A terrifying boom shook the entire mountain.

If not for the fact that the palace was protected by magical formations, it would have crumbled.

The leopard headed lady thanked the heavens. She did not have to answer the damned question of what the monkey was trying to do.

She yelled, "Protect the prince!’




She was immediately sent flying to the side by a white figure.


A weak voice could be heard, "How useless, do I need a bunch of trash to protect me?"


By the time the leopard headed lady reacted, the White Prince had disappeared.


She immediately led the group of demons outside.

The moment they arrived outside the palace, they could feel a terrifying wave of energy crashing in.

They could not withstand such a terrifying attack. They were thrown into the air like leaves in a tornado.



The source of the energy tornado.


There were two figures, one in black and one in white.

Chu Yu wore a casual black outfit and his long hair rested on his shoulders.

He looked at the fella dressed in white with suspicion.

The White Prince also looked at this man dressed in black suspiciously.

"Are you trying to be at odds with me?" The White Prince said smoothly, "I do not like black."


Chu Yu looked at the White Prince, trying to see through him.

Using his ability to see through fakery, he saw a white python swimming about at this man’s forehead!


On top of this python’s head was a silver horn!

Upon closer inspection, it also had two claws at its belly area.


This wasn’t a python, it was a jiao? [1]

It was an incredibly powerful, Divine Lord Demon!

It is no wonder the cultivation world knew so little about the invaders and the large sects did not dare speak of this place.

Chu Yu was awed. Even in the Mirror World, a Divine Lord Demon would be considered one of the most powerful.


"Surrender to me and be my top general." The White Prince said softly.

His whiter-than-lady face was sincere and serious, "I can give you great resources and opportunities, but you must be loyal to me. You cannot betray me."


"Are you dumb?" Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

Even though he was slightly shocked to see a Divine Lord Demon, he was not afraid.


He may have been afraid if it was a Legendary Emperor. But with Divine Lords... he would simply fight them!


Both Lord Thief and Old Yellow hid far far away.

They had not expected Qing Qiu to be overtaken by demons. They were still wondering which human power had invaded Qing Qiu.

"You’re not willing?" The White Prince said weakly, almost as if he was sick, "Those foxes were unwilling too, then they were chased away by me..."


"Where did you chase them to?" Chu Yu glared at the White Prince icily.

"Promise to be my general and I will tell you." The White Prince smiled craftily and... charmingly.




Chu Yu rolled his eyes and said, "If you don’t tell me, I’ll kill you!"

Then, he punched.



A terrifying wave of energy crashed towards the White Prince.


The White Prince’s blue eye shot out a ray of blue light.

Cha cha cha!

The wave of energy from Chu Yu was frozen in its tracks.


It was quite literally frozen in mid air.

It was blue and cracked on the surface!

This was because Chu Yu’s energy was continuing to charge forward despite being frozen.






It shattered!


The terrifying energy spread in all directions.


They crashed against the magical formations and caused them to shake manically.


In the end, the energy rushed into the ground, forming a large crater.

"You’re quite difficult..." The White Prince said lethargically. Then, a wave of tormenting aura exploded from his body.


It quickly turned into a storm!

It blew aside the hair covering his other eye.


His other eye was fiery red!

It was almost as if fires were burning within.

A ray of red light shot out of the White Prince’s eyes.


Chu Yu felt the air around him heat up, almost like a furnace. The ray of light was unimaginably hot.


It was like the sun, melting everything in its way!

Chu Yu did not dare to be complacent. He used the Racing Sacred Art to dodge to the side.


But yet, the ray of light brushed by him.



He could smell his flesh burning.

Chu Yu felt a wave of pain shoot from his arm.


He looked down and saw that the entire area was charred.


"You run really quickly." The White Prince’s soft, silky voice could be heard.


"Go to hell!"

Chu Yu unleashed the full potential of his Racing Sacred Art as he rushed at the White Prince and brought all his abilities to bear.


Bang bang bang!


They traded blow after blow.

The White Prince kept retreating, blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth.


His two eyes kept firing rays of heat and ice.


These two kinds of light made Chu Yu’s head ache.

This was a gifted sacred art!


It was quite powerful!

The blue ray of light felt like it could freeze the soul. The red ray of light felt like it could scorch all in its way.

This was a bloody powerful combination!

Chu Yu unleashed all of his killing power. Even in the outskirts of the Bastion of the Stars, there weren’t many cultivators this powerful.

The battle between the two of them turned the infrastructure below them to ash.

Lord Thief and Old Yellow retreated upon seeing things turn for the worse.

Many of the demons here also disappeared within moments, taking off the moment they saw the intense battle.

[1] Jiao is a kind of dragon.
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