Chapter 4: Lin Siblings

Chapter 4: Lin Siblings

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When Lin Yue heard this name, he was slightly startled, then he revealed a curious expression, "Northern Chu Clan?"

Lin Rou was extremely adorkable [1] as she muttered softly, "Northern Chu Clan? Chu Yu? Could he be that trash…"

"Lin Tou!" Lin Yue frowned and glared at the little girl, "You’re going overboard ah."

Lin Rou also knew that she had said the wrong things; she embarrassedly stammered, "Kekekeke…"

Chu Yu did not mind as he smiled and nodded with an unperturbed expression, "That’s right, I’m that trash."

"Brother Chu, I’m truly sorry. My sister, she…" Lin Yue was slightly apologetic as he stared at his own sister. Clearly, he doted on his sister a lot, and wasn’t able to be strict with her.

Chu Yu laughed, "It’s okay, I’m used to it."

A kind smile emerged from Lin Yue’s face as he said, "I met Brother Chu Liang several times before.

Chu Yu was slightly startled, then he immediately came to an understanding. The two siblings in front of him should be the same as him; they should have come from a underworld family clan.

Chu Yu nodded, "It’s been a long time since I met my brother."

"He’s really impressive!" As he talked about Chu Liang, Lin Yue revealed an expression of admiration on his face. Then he asked Chu Yu, "Why did Brother Chu get to Mount Tai?"

Chu Yu said, "I’ve graduated and soon I will need to find a job. I want to take this time before everything settles down to travel and be free from worries and distractions."

Lin Yue nodded, his eyes revealed a hint of understanding. Clearly, he knew of Chu Yu’s predicament. He immediately changed the topic, "It’s truly fate that we are able to meet here today. Why don’t we go down the mountain and talk over tea?"

Chu Yu was about to speak when his handphone suddenly rang. He had already buried Zuo Zong and Pointy Eyes, thus, his reception here on Jade Emperor Peak [2] had naturally returned to normal.

Chu Yu took a look at the incoming call...110. His lips arced into a gentle smile as he hurriedly gestured to Lin Yue, then press on his button.

"Chu Yu, where are you ah?"

On the receiver of the phone, a female voice that was crisp and melodic could be heard. However, her words were far from polite, "Don't you know what you're doing is so dangerous? If your bodyguards didn't come and find me, I still wouldn't have known that you have secretly sneaked away! What are you doing? You want to go to Heavens and be next to the sun?"

Chu Yu gave a cursory gaze towards Lin Yue and Lin Rou; he was clear that for a martial artist like them, it wouldn't be hard for them to hear the words from the phone. However, these words weren't anything much, so he didn't really mind."

The two fellas were lifting their heads and facing the sky; their faces were filled with natural calmness, as though they were admiring a bright star at dawn. However, they were wholeheartedly focusing their energy on their ears to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Chu Yu replied indifferently, "Big Sis, that's such an old joke, do you still think it’s funny?" As he spoke, he wittingly gave Lin Rou a glance.

Lin Rou's eyebrows instantly started twitching. This fella was too mean; he looked like he was talking to that woman on the phone, but he was actually mocking her!

What old joke? I like it, so what can you do about it?

Before she could say anything, the woman on the phone exploded.

"Big Sis? Who's your Big Sis? I'm your sister! Not some Big Sis! You dare to talk to me like that? You stinking brat, just because you've grown up, you think you're very capable? Tell me, is there some girl beside you? You want sister to help you make a good impression? Hehehe, then you would have to beg me!

Chu Yu glanced at Lin Rou with a guilty conscience, he felt a spasm by the side of his lips. It couldn't be helped; this self-proclaimed sister of his, despite being only one day older, truly understood him.

The eavesdropping Lin Rou had an adorkable expression on her face; that woman on the phone had an amazing sense of judgement.

The voice on the phone continued, "I knew I'm right! Not bad ah, you know how to go out and court girls ah. When are you going to bring her home for me to have a look. Let me tell you ah, if I don't think she's good, you can forget about bringing her back again! Don't forget your family status!"

Lin Rou's eyebrows also started to have spasms; she glared at Chu Yu with huge, widely opened eyes.

Who are you ah, where do you from from ah! What status? My status is higher than the two of you, ok? I need to be to your liking?

However, as she continued to think about it, she realized: How was this related to her? She was actually shot while lying down?

A wave of speechlessly swept in her. Who was that woman on the phone? Why was she do detestable?

"Hahaha, it's not as if you don't know, you're the one I like. What are you randomly spouting off? I just happened to meet two of my brother's friends," Chu Yu laughed and said in a very casual manner.

The phone receiver instantly went silent.

Yan Jing, thousands of miles away. In a huge office on the top floor of a towering skyscraper, an incomparably exquisite beauty was sitting on the boss chair behind an executive table. She was adorkably staring at her recently manicured nails.

Her jade-white hand, that was holding the phone, was slightly trembling. Her face looked slightly flustered and a trace of disbelief appeared in her eyes.

She mumbled to herself: This stinking brat, didn’t he meet with some danger? How did it seem like he had suddenly changed into a different person? Since when was he so daring? To actually confess to me? He’s really asking for a good beating!

"Stinking brat, I’m warming you ah, you better roll back here. Stop playing that pity card in front of little girls. So what if you can’t cultivate? Tens of years ago, everyone in the world couldn’t cultivate, and didn’t they continue to live happily? You even dared to disappear off by yourself. Actually, it’s not much that you ran away, but the key thing is that you didn’t tell me about it! Listen up ah, I give you a few days… No, one day. Tomorrow, at this timing, you better appear in front of me! I will be waiting for you in Yan Jing, then I will follow you to Dragon City! Ok, I’m busy. I’m hanging up now!"

The phone transmitted a interminable buzz.

Chu Yu pouted as he thought in his heart: It seems like that brat has noticed something?

Still, his heart was filled with warmth. He knew that her bark was worse than her bite; she was afraid that he would be bullied if he went to Dragon City alone, so she offered to accompany him and awe those people.

Oh right, she’s one of the top 10 Proud Children Of Heaven of China’s Heaven’s pride Board. If she accompanied me to Dragon City, those people will definitely be shocked, and they bight even be fearful, right?

However… Little brat, there's something that you definitely don't know, Big Bro is no longer a piece of trash!

Big Bro was now a genuine Heaven’s Pride!

As he thought about this, he kept his phone, rushed to Lin Yue and smiled, "My apologies Brother Lin, I have some matter to attend to. If Brother Lin ever goes to Dragon City, we can meet up!"

By the side, Lin Rou could not help but snort and think in her heart: This fella really didn’t know how to appreciate favours. Didn’t he know who my brother is? Not only didn't he spare some face and reject the call, he’s even leaving with a casual 'we can meet up’? He’s merely saying it half-heartedly ah!

What shocked Lin Rou was, her brother actually took the initiative to pass Chu Yu his contact methods, seemingly very interested in becoming friends with Chu Yu.

Thereafter, Chu Yu bade Lin Yue his farewells. He then turned to Lin Rou and smiled, "There are many new phrases on the internet. Also, do read more books, little girl."

"Who’s a little girl? Also… you dare say that I'm uncultured? You… you stay there!" Lin Rou started shaking with anger, ranting off at Chu Yu’s disappearing figure, waving her tiny fist.

Lin Yue’s eyes followed Chu Yu as he walked down the steps of the cliff, one step at a time. Lin Yue seemed to be immersed in thought, not retracting his gaze for a long time.

"Brother, you couldn't have treated him as a person right?" Lin Rou was still very discontented, that fella’s words were too mean.

Lin Rou stared at her brother with her large, energetic eyes. Her brows furrowed into a confused expression.

Others might not understand, but she was very clear that her brother was an extremely proud man.

Even though her brother wasn't on one of the 10 Proud Children of Heaven, but in Lin Rou’s heart, those Heaven’s Pride in the top 10 couldn’t be compared to her brother.

Even though Chu Yu was also from a underworld family clan, he was a trash. Even those exceptional talents from those underworld family clans, or even those 10 Proud Children weren’t enough to gain her brother's attention. Thus, she was very curious.

"What do you think?" Lin Yue finally retracted his gaze, smiling gently to his younger sister.

"I feel that… he does indeed have a little, erm… He's a little like the stories, he’s… unique." Lin Rou slighly frowned, then said softly, "The Chu Yu from stories was an absolute prodigy. Eventually, due to some sudden event, he suddenly became an ordinary person. But when he first saw us, how could he be a person that was turned to trash? Even I felt like he could see through me. Moreover, his actions and reactions were simply too calm. He definitely wasn't feigning it, it was a sort of… self-confidence. Yes, it's self-confidence!"

Lin Yue nodded and said, "You’re right. Number one, those that sealed the mountain definitely aren’t Chu Clan’s people. From the way they spoke, they are definitely from a local gang. Chu Clan’s influence doesn’t extend to here. Number two, the person who just called Chu Yu, if I'm not wrong, should be Lin Shimeng!"

"Lin Shimeng? You're saying… Northern Lin Clan's Lin Shimeng? That Lin Shimeng who’s one of the 10 Proud Children of Heaven?" Lin Rou stared at her own brother in disbelief, "They… How's it possible? How could she be so close to Chu Yu?"

"Exactly, I also feel that it's rather inconceivable. The both of them might be from the North, but one of them is Heaven, the other is Earth; they're statuses are far too different. If I didn't meet that Heaven’s Proud Daughter who shares the same surname as us before, and remembered her voice, I also wouldn't have believed that this was true." Lin Yue sighed.

"Brother, could you also be a fan of Lin Shimeng? You secretly have a crush on her?" Lin Rou stared at her brother and gave him a mischievous smile.

"What secret crush, don't talk nonsense," Lin Yue was a little awkward.

A girl like Lin Shimeng was a true goddess. Few men could dare say that their hearts wouldn't race in front of such a woman.

However, to Lin Yue, Lin Shimeng might be absolutely amazing, but she was not the ideal type he had in his heart.

"This matter is a little interesting. Perhaps outsiders might never be able to fathom this; Northern Lin Clan's most lustrous jewel is actually so close with Chu Clan's trashy young master." Lin Yue sank into deep contemplation.

After some time, he looked at his sister with a doting expression, "Xiao Rou [3], don't tell me that you didn't discover anything different about this place?"

Lin Rou lifted her head, and stared adorably at her brother, "What's different? The spiritual energy at Mount Tai is richer? But it isn't as rich as at our own clan residence ah?"

"Try feeling it one more time? You little brat, you have such great talent, and in terms of Feng Shui, you're definitely the most exceptional one in our clan. But you're not willing to work hard. Actually, if you could work slightly harder, then big brother doesn't have to bear such a huge pressure…"

"Ok ok… You're a man ah! You can't just leave things for a little girl to handle, right?" Lin Rou said exasperatedly.

However, that little exquisite face of hers quickly revealed a stern expression; she was seriously starting to feel the atmosphere.

Soon, her eyes sparkled, "A battle has happened here? And… It ended in a very short time!"

Lin Yue nodded, "But when you came up here with me, he was the only one here. Now, think about those people that sealed off the mountain, then think of that call from Lin Shimeng to Chu Yu? Also… Up here, there's the smell of gunpowder. Someone fired a gun here!"

"Brother, you used Destiny’s Art?" Lin Rou was slightly aghast as she stared at her brother, "For such a person, you actually used the Destiny’s Art which could only be used once every month?"

Lin Yue nodded seriously, "This Chu Yu is not simple at all. My Destiny’s Art was unable to see through him!"

"How is that possible?" Lin Rou was thoroughly stupefied.

"En. If we have the opportunity, we can make a trip to Dragon City and find a chance to befriend him," Lin Yue said with a serious expression.

By this time, the tourists started to flood up the stone steps. From afar, one could hear the sounds of their laughter.

Lin Yue looked at his sister; the two nodded and sprang forward. Soon, they disappeared from Jade Emperor Peak.

[1] Adorkable (呆萌) is a Chinese term when someone behaves like a dork but yet seems really cute.

[2] This is an actual peak on the actual Mount Tai.

[3] Xiao (小) refers to small. People use it in front of a person's given name when they're speaking to someone younger than them.
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