Chapter 31: Big Brother Song Is Amazing!

Chapter 31: Big Brother Song Is Amazing!

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Lim Shimeng looked at Chu Yu, gratitude filled her eyes. She accepted the ancient bronze lamp, then bowed towards Chu Yu, "Lin Shimeng thanks Mr for your saving grace."

For some unknown reason, Lin Shimeng seeemed to feel a sense of familiarity from this thin, tall man. However, she clearly never met this man before.

Even though Lin Shimeng did not have photographic memory, she would still remember the people that she’ve met.

She looked at Chu Yu and asked softly, "Did Mr come here also to explore these ancient ruins?’

Chu Yu nodded, "That’s right."

Lin Shimeng said, "This place is too dangerous; there are magical formations everywhere. In the former years, it must have been the home of an impressive school. So much time had passed but the power of these magical arrays is still so terrifying."

As Lin Shimeng spoke, her eyes were examining Chu Feng’s expression.

This brat…

Chu Yu truly understood Lin Shimeng; Chu Yu could easily tell what was on her mind from her expression.

He promptly smiled, saying, "How about, we go in and explore together? Otherwise, it would not be too safe if you entered alone."

Lin Shimeng was slightly embarrassed, "This… Is this really possible?"

Chu Yu smiled, "That’s nothing that’s impossible. What we obtain from exploring these ancient ruins will still depend on our individual fates."

"Then, then I will have to thank Mr." Lin Shimeng, once again, expressed her gratitude towards Chu Yu.

She was indeed very scared; Qi Heng had retreated in distress, even leaving his heavenly magic equipment behind. However, with his proud personality, he definitely wouldn't let things rest.

The moment he joins hands with the three other Invigorated Meridian Stage experts from Jiu Xiao, he would definitely return to take revenge.

If this was previously, Lin Shimeng would still feel that she would be able to protect herself. After all, the Han Xiao side still had quite a few Invigorated Meridian Stage experts.

But now… She was slightly worried.

She was worried that if she doesn't choose to comply when the time comes, those Invigorated Meridian Stage experts from Han Xiao would Tue her up and hand her over to Qi Heng in a silver platter.

That was truly terrifying!

Even if one wasn't a genius, he would still be able to know what would happen then.

However, to ask her to open her mouth and beg others, especially in a place like this, made her a little uncomfortable.

This tall, thin youth was clearly a capable man. He was able to enter this magical formation soundlessly, and he was even able to scare Qi Heng away despite being weaker.

Lin Shimeng felt that even if she didn't act just now, this thin, tall youth could still chase Qi Heng away.

So this person clearly had the capabilities to protect himself in this ancient ruins. Bringing her along might be adding a burden to him.

However, since this thin, tall youth took the initiative to offer an invitation, Lin Shimeng was ecstatic.

She looked at Chu Yu with a slightly apologetic expression, "I'm too impolite. I still do not know Mr’s esteemed name."

"Surname’s Song. Given name’s Hong." Chu Yu said casually.

Song was his mother's surname; Hong was related to the origin of Chu Yu’s name.

When Chu Tianbei named Chu Yu, he uttered this poem: As the flock of geese fly, their feathers clatter in flight. [1]

So Chu Yu's name was now Song Hong.

"So it's Senior Song." Lin Shimeng bowed towards Chu Yu.

Wow, I'm already promoted to a senior. Chu Yu laughed ruefully in his heart; he was a little helpless but he still couldn't reveal his identity yet.

"There’s no need to call me senior. Just Brother Song is enough."

"Then… then ok, Big Brother Song!" Lin Shimeng called out crisply.

Chu Yu was secretly laughing in his heart; usually Lin Shimeng always got him to call her "sister".

"En, let’s go."

Chu Yu also didn’t wish to waste anymore time; who knew when Qi Heng and his gang would come back with some unique magic equipment.

The magical formations abandoned in these ancient ruins were still incredibly potent, despite facing the passage of time.

This meant that deep in the ancient ruins, there was bound to be a treasure!

Qi Heng retreated deep into a magical formation; he was almost cut in half by the sword qi from a killing array.

His defensive magic equipment was already completely destroyed; Qi Heng was in great trepidation as every step he took was like a battle with his nerves.

His hatred towards Chu Yu and Lin Shimeng reached its maximum

"That damnable, despicable b*stard! And that b*tch! I, Qi Heng…. Definitely wouldn’t forgive you!"

Ever since Qi Heng was young, his life had gone smoothly; he had never experienced such great setbacks.

The key thing was that this setback, was in front of the woman he caught a fancy to… This caused fury to brew in Qi Heng’s heart.

He indeed tried to rape Lin Shimeng, but that did not mean that he did not care about Lin Shimeng.

She was his fiancee! Damn it, what’s wrong if this lord wanted to touch his own future wife?

Was there something wrong?

There was nothing wrong ah!

Qi Heng cursed and swore as he carefully searched for a gap in formation. He continuously used his abilities to calculate.

Needless to say, this fella was also a realy genius.

After all, Jiu Xiao was an ancient school with a strong foundation; it had no lack of ancient texts regarding magical arrays. Qi Heng had a rough understanding of magical arrays.

Previously, it was not due to chance that he managed to find Lin Shimeng.

Qi Heng used not more than an hour before he finally found two Han Xiao’s Invigorated Meridian Stage experts.

When the two saw that Qi Heng was heavily injured, and that it did not seem like it was caused by an array, the two were incomparably shocked.

"Junior Qi, what happened? How did you get so heavily injured?"

"Could it be the Liu Clan? That’s not right ah, the Liu Clan wouldn’t be so daring. Also, they wouldn’t be that powerful ah?"

The two hurriedly brought out their healing drugs, offering to help Qi Heng.

Qi Heng had just administered his best healing drug, so he rejected the two’s medicine. Thereafter, he said, "Just now, I already joined hands with Shimeng. However, I got ambushed by this person. He snatched away my heavenly magic equipment, the ancient bronze sword, and he even abducted Shimeng…" Qi Heng’s face was fuming; this matter was a huge disgrace to him.

"Junior Lin has been abducted?"

When the two Han Xiao experts heard this, their hearts almost jumped out of their throats.

Even though Qi Heng was in the elementary stages of the Invigorated Meridian realm and was merely an Invigorated Meridian Stage One martial artist, his combat power was definitely more than others in the same level.

In the commoner’s world, he would already be a supreme expert; ordinary people were completely unable to even hurt him.

One of Han Xiao’s Invigorated Merdian expert looked to be 40 over years old, he had a square face and a medium build. His name was Sun Wei. 

He looked at Qi Heng with an expression of astonishment, "Who’s the other party? Could it be an expert from some other ancient school?"

The other Han Xiao’s Invigorated Meridian expert, named Wang Nan, was 30 over years old. His eyes were not big, he was slightly plump and his hair was curly.

He also had a look of surprise on his face as he stared at Qi Heng, "If he could injure Junior Qi, then could he be an advanced Invigorated Meridian realm expert?"

Qi Heng twitched his lips; his face turned red as he said uncomfortably, "I don’t know that person. He should not have reached the Invigorated Meridian realm, but his combat power was very strong."

"How is that possible?"

"A strong Acupoint Charging Stage martial artist still wouldn’t be a match with those in the Invigorated Meridian Stages ah?"

Sun Wei and Wang Nan, these two Invigorated Meridian realm cultivators, had a completely muddled expression on their faces as there stared at Qi Heng in aghast.

"He ambushed me!" Qi Heng’s face turned black. He gritted his teeth and said, "That person might be carrying some magic equipment which shrouded his aura. Additionally, these magical formations here also have some concealment effects, that’s why I was successfully ambushed by him."

Sun Wei inhaled a breath of cold air, he could not help but say, "If the other party was able to ambush a Invigorated Meridian realm expert, then he wouldn’t be that weak himself. Even if he isn’t in the Invigorated Meridian realm, I’m afraid he’s not far from it."

Wang Nan nodded, "What’s most important now is to hurry and rescue Junior Lin."

Lin Shimeng had enrolled into Han Xiao School, and she was under Han Xiao’s Grand Elder. Thus, her status was rather high.

Even though Sun Wei and Wang Nan was cognisant of certain things, they couldn’t simply let Lin Shimeng get abducted.

Sun Wei looked at Qi Heng, "Is Junior Qi still able to find that man? We need to hurry an rescue our junior. If too much time passes, something might happen to her."

Qi Heng nodded; he searched for reinforcements, exactly because he waste that pesky son of a b*tch.

Before doing this, he still had to find the other Invigorated Meridian realm experts from his own sect.

Even though he was very bold, he definitely wouldn’t tell those Han Xiao people what he tried to do to Lin Shimeng.

After all, he had just told a lie, he said that Lin Shimeng had been abducted. If these two people discover that something was amiss, they might end up helping that other guy. Then things would no longer be good.

Especially in a place like this.

He did not want to do any risky things.

While Qi Heng brought Sun Wei and Wang Nan to find the others from Jiu Xiao and Han Xiao, Chu Yu brought Lin Shimeng straight into the den!

Lin Shimeng was in utter disbelief. This thin, tall youth wielding an ancient bronze sword could actually have such a deep understanding of magical formations.

He seemed to have a pair of eyes which could see through the disreality; he meandered through the networks of the labyrinth, avoiding all the killing formations.

At the start, Lin Shimeng did not dare believe it, because from the looks of it, "Song Hong" did things too casually.

It was completely unlike those formation masters who would do all sorts of calculations and all sorts of performances before they proceeded on slowly.

Lin Shimeng even had this feeling: This seems like it is Big Brother Song’s own house!

The key thing was the vertical eye on Chu Yu’s forehead; it was able to see through all the disrealities within the magical formation.

If it was those high grade formations, even if Chu Yu was able to see through it, he might not be able to enter it.

However, the formations here had already experienced the viccisstudes of time. They had long lost their original valiance.

Otherwise, there was no need to talk about Invigorated Meridian realm martial artists. Even Xiantian Realm cultivators would die if they accidentally entered the magical formation!

Chu Yu brought Lin Shimeng along through the ruins, and they finally walked out of the gigantic magical formation.

The instant the two walked out of the magical formation, a magnificent palace entered into their eyes.

This palace was relatively big and it exuded an ancient aura. It was still and silent, as though it had been untouched for billions of years.

"Heavens… This, this is actually a perfectly unharmed… ancient sect?"

Lin Shimeng was thoroughly dumbfounded as she started at the palace in front of her in shock. She muttered, "Big Brother Song, you’re amazing!"

[1] Goose = Hong, Feather = Yu. Hence, the relations between the two as seen in this excerpt of the poem.
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