Chapter 301: You're a Demon King

Chapter 301: You're a Demon King

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Big bully?

Chu Yu thought to himself, Could it be that there are Legendary Emperors on Earth?

After the Earth had been sealed for 60 million years, was it even possible for such powerful life forms to exist?

Or could this be the ancient powers from 60 million years ago?

If such powers existed, why did they want to pick on a declining power like the Qing Qiu?

There was no reason.

Qing Qiu was once prosperous and even produced powerful life forms in recent years.

But right now, it was quite desolate. It’s most powerful cultivator was Zhao Mantian, a True Lord.

It would be comical for a Legendary Emperor or even a saint to be at odds with such a small clan.

"Forget it, let’s talk about this another time." Zhao Mantian waved his hand, unwilling to discuss this further.

After this group walked out, they were met with a group of demons in neat formation.

The leopard headed lady, tiger headed male, First Dog, and Second Dog stood at the front with all the powerful demons.

Seeing Chu Yu walk out, these demons hollered in unison, "Greetings Lord!"

This grand greeting resonated through the air.

All of a sudden, a huge wave of demonic energy sent the rocks beneath them flying.

The White Prince was quite swollen from the beating he had received. But now, he looked incredibly pitiful.

Chu Yu was completely speechless, Who did these demons learn from?

The leopard headed lady seemed to have her eyes set on Chu Yu. She walked up to Chu Yu and tried to be soft and caring.


But she could never replicate the White Prince.

Her soft voice was no different from a tomboy.

"Lord, all of the demons in Qing Qiu have made a decision to pledge our loyalty to you!"

"Whoever is willing to pledge their loyalty to the lord, raise your paws!" First Dog hollered and raised his paw.


Second Dog raised both paws and shouted, "I am willing to pledge my loyalty, woof woof woof!"

First Dog slapped it, "One paw is enough!"

A True Lord toad who had the body of a human hollered, "The White Prince is not fit to be our lord!"

"The White Prince is not fit to be our lord!"

All of the demons echoed.

The demonic energy here got even stronger.

The demonic energy was copious. It formed gloomy clouds in the air and gave off a strong suppressive feeling.

The White Prince laughed coldly, "The Lord will still have to return to civilization, by that time, I will still be here!"

All of the cheering stopped.

All of the demons looked at Chu Yu with wide eyes.

There was a strong sense of helplessness and depression in their eyes.

It was clear that the White Prince tormented these demons like a nightmare.

He was probably the most brutal and terrifying leader.

Chu Yu glanced at the White Prince, "Idiot, later, you will go back with me!"

The White Prince nearly crumbled, it knew that his glamorous and powerful days were over.

He looked at these demons sadly, "I don’t know if I’ll ever have the chance to eat, drink, and party with you all..."


"You won’t!"

"Let’s part ways!"

"You can leave in peace!"

"We will be obedient."

All of demons spoke their hearts.

"Your passion has moved me." The White Prince raised his hand to wipe imaginary tears from his blue eye. He lowered his head, and a loathful glow flashed in his eyes.

Damned jerks, I should have turned you all to ice, then smashed you! Smash! Smash!

Chu Yu looked at the leopard headed lady and the tiger headed male, "In the future, you two will be the leaders here."

The two of them looked at Chu Yu excitedly.

After the White Prince leaves, this was their territory!

Even if Chu Yu did not say it, they definitely felt that way.

But now that the lord had gave the order, their role as leaders was virtually cemented.


This statement from Chu Yu put the leopard headed lady and the tiger headed male on alert.

"Willing to abide by lord’s orders!" First Dog interrupted.

The leopard headed lady and the tiger headed male wanted to kick this dog, Do we need you to show your loyalty here? Why are you doing this?

The two demons bowed to Chu Yu exasperatingly, "We are willing to abide by lord’s orders."

Chu Yu laughed, "Are you all willing to abide by my orders?"


"Yes we are!" The demons replied in unison.

"The word of a demon!" Chu Yu looked at them.

"Is gold!" The group of demons replied.

All of the demons were extremely happy that this good natured human was going to take the White Prince away!

Humans, silly, stupid!

Humans, idiotic!


Humans, yummy!

Once the White Prince was gone, they were free!


They could eat humans now...

This was their real motive.

Chu Yu looked at the demons and chuckled.

The White Prince also chuckled icily in his heart, What a bunch of idiots, you don’t even know that he’s playing you. You will all cry later!

Lord Thief squatted on Chu Yu’s shoulder, This fella is at it again.


Old Yellow exclaimed to himself, Just look at how cunning Chu Yu and you’ll know the benefits of studying!

But Zhao Mantian, Xiaoyue, and the other foxes were all confused.

They did not know what Chu Yu was about to do.

Chu Yu exclaimed loudly, "Since you are all willing to abide by my orders, now, I have a paragraph that you all will have to recite!"

As Chu Yu spoke, he used his powerful Divine Sense to envelope these demons. Then, he sent the paragraph into their heads.

The less powerful demons who had not taken on human form basically started reciting it immediately.

However, the more powerful ones like the leopard headed lady, the tiger headed male, and the two dogs were stunned when they received the paragraph.

"Humans, bad, woof!" The Second Dog protested.

"The demon race can never become your vassal." The leopard headed lady said, her expression pained.


If the White Prince was cowardly, that was his problem.

But demons like us have been cultivating for thousands of years. We have been through countless trials to get ourselves a human body. We did not do all these to become a slave to humans!


The tiger headed male let out a slight roar in his throat.

He was loyal to the White Prince and was willing to die for the White Prince, but he was not going to be subservient to a human.


Chu Yu looked at them coldly, "You’re unwilling?"

"We are willing to respect you as our lord, but we are not willing to give up our souls to be your slaves." The leopard headed lady said stubbornly.

Chu Yu looked at the White Prince, who looked quite exhausted, "If they are unwilling, kill them. Leaving them alive will only bring more trouble."


"Ok!" The White Prince was elated, its face revealing a sinister smiled.

The leopard headed lady immediately interrupted, "Hold up!"

She was keenly aware of how brutal and cruel the White Prince was. Once things were in his hands, they were all dead.

She looked at Chu Yu, "Lord, is there no room for discussion?"

Chu Yu looked at this leopard headed lady and praised her in his mind, Even though she has not completed her human transformation, her wit and cunning is probably second only to the White Prince.


He looked at the leopard headed lady and said slowly, "You’re a smart leopard, do you think I will trust you all?"

"What will make you trust us? I’m saying, other than making us your slaves." The leopard headed lady wanted to negotiate.

"I think we should kill them, I would like to eat leopard meat." Lord Thief said.

"Damned bird!" The leopard headed lady bared her fangs at Lord Thief.

Lord Thief whined, "Brother, she threatened me!"

"Kill them." Chu Yu said.

"Wait, wait!" The leopard headed lady was clearly humiliated. She grit her teeth, "I am willing to serve you, my lord!"

Then, with tears in her eyes, she recited the paragraph.

The tiger headed male also recited it with stern expressions.


The two dogs looked at each other, their tails wagging.

"We are willing too!"


"Woof! Happy to!"

This group of demons began to recite the paragraph.

No one could escape the envelope of Chu Yu’s divine sense. There were a few demons at the back who were not serious about it and were instantly killed by Chu Yu. After those deaths, all the other demons took this process seriously.

They finally understood that this human was not dumb, and he was more evil than the White Prince!

On the other hand, the White Prince was unhappy because he did not have the chance to freeze anyone.

He loved freezing people and smashing them.

That feeling of destruction was simply too addictive.

What a pity, he thought to himself.

As these demons recited the paragraph, a portion of their soul would be separated from them and enter Chu Yu’s mind.


But for these demons, other than the humiliation of being a human’s servant, they did not suffer any pain.

"This is unfair, I had to go through so much pain back then." The White Prince looked at Chu Yu unwillingly.

Chu Yu chuckled icily, "Would you have offered up your soul willingly?"

The White Prince’s lips twitched. His incredibly swollen face broke out in a strained smile, "Nope..."

"Doesn’t that explain it?" Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

The White Prince said in admiration, "I may be a vicious and cunning demon, but you are really a demon king!"

After these demons pledged their loyalty, Chu Yu nodded his approval, then said, "Rest assured, I am a good person!"

Plonk, plonk.

There were a few demons who could not take this provocation and crumpled to the ground.

The leopard headed lady and tiger headed male wanted to vomit blood.

You’re a good person?


The White Prince is right, we are just fiends, but you are a demon... a demon king!

"Even though you have pledged your loyalty to me, I will not let you do as you please. I have kept your souls to prevent you all from causing trouble!" Chu Yu’s voice was icy, his expression stern.

He looked at the group of fiends, "Remember, if I don’t call you, then you will all stay in Qing Qiu obediently. You’re not allowed to go anywhere else!"

"Can we eat humans?" First Dog asked weakly.

"What do you think?" Chu Yu looked at it coldly, "I feel like eating dog meat!"

"Dog meat is not nice!" First Dog jumped.

"Dog meat stinks, woof!" Second Dog quickly explained.

"Which is why I say, you all better be obedient. If I find out that any of you are up to no good, don’t blame me for being vicious, and don’t blame me for not warning you all."

Even though all of these demons looked like obedient babies, they were actually a very strong power.

Any of these demons, even the King’s Realm ones, could wreck havoc in the world.

As such, if he did not control these demons, he would be courting trouble.

With the demons here, it would seem that the foxes could no longer stay in Qing Qiu.

Chu Yu looked at Zhao Mantian, "Brother, what are your plans now?"
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