Chapter 302: Come save me

Chapter 302: Come save me
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Zhao Mantian sighed, then glanced at his people. He said cluelessly, "With the world as it is, no where is safe, why not... we just stay in Qing Qiu, after all, these demons are now your subordinates."

Chu Yu glanced at the silent Xiaoyue, thought about it, then said, "Staying in Qing Qiu may court more trouble. If you don’t mind, come to my house."

"Your house?" Zhao Mantian stiffened slightly, then glanced at Xiaoyue.

Xiaoyue blushed then stammered, "Why are you all looking at me?"

Zhao Mantian smiled dotingly, "Will this impose on you? Afterall... we are not humans."

Chu Yu smiled and shook his head, "What era is this, why would the cultivation world still discriminate other species?"

They do!

They definitely do!

How could they not?

If they did not, would you do this to us?

The White Prince kept ranting to himself.


Chu Yu glanced at it, "Idiot, you better watch it."

Am I not obedient enough?

Damn it, my days are going to be so painful!

The White Prince was seriously regretting his actions. If he knew it would end up like this, he would have never agreed to the big bully’s request for him to gain a foothold on Qing Qiu.

Now, he had completely lost his freedom.

However, he was quite optimistic.


Idiot, aren’t you falling right into the trap?

That great man wanted me to seal everyone within Qing Qiu and throw them into the dungeon.

Not only have you saved them, you want to bring them into your own house. That powerful man need not even ask around, he can go straight to your house!

Haha, what are you going to do then?

I will just fan the flames and watch you die!

Once you die, I’ll be free!



The White Prince was quite contented.

But at this moment, Zhao Mantian said, "No, they cannot go to your place."


The White Prince was getting anxious, Are you stupid? Find a backer! Find a powerful backer!

This is your brother, your loyal sworn brother, who else do you plan to rely on?

Your entire clan is so weak now, who can you hold back?


Chu Yu looked at Zhao Mantian, "Are you worried about what the idiot said?"

The White Prince stood at the side silently. He was questioning himself, They thought of it? I guess they aren’t all that stupid...

Zhao Mantian nodded, "I have some guesses. Even though the white snake will not say it, I have some ideas. As such, the Qing Qiu cannot go to your place. We will implicate you."

"White Jiao! I am a white Jiao! I am not a lowly snake." The White Prince said unhappily.


Chu Yu and Zhao Mantian ignored it. Chu Yu frowned, "Brother, can you explain?"

Zhao Mantian smiled bitterly, "There’s actually nothing to explain. Some time back, there was a disgraceful fox. He betrayed Qing Qiu and has hated us ever since. After some time, he was enlightened. But he was trapped in Kunlun Mountain for some reasons. But now that I think about it, his sealed days are almost over."

The White Prince’s mouth dropped open, They really know!


They actually know!


But aren’t they scared?

Zhao Mantian glanced at the White Prince and said flatly, "Perhaps, he gave this small white snake some benefits, or threatened it to capture us. It probably plans to take revenge for what happened."

Zhao Mantian sighed, "It’s a pity, he doesn’t know that Qing Qiu now is no longer the Qing Qiu of old."

Chu Yu thought to himself, This must be quite an ancient feud. Since that power had already gained enlightenment, why would he find trouble with his descendants?

Almost as if he read Chu Yu’s mind, Zhao Mantian laughed, "You don’t know how petty foxes can be."

Xiaoyue glared at him.

Zhao Mantian laughed, "See, some people don’t even like hearing that. Brother, do you believe me, she will remember this statement 5000 years from now."


Xiaoyue rolled her eyes.

Zhao Mantian roared with laughter, "I am not saying my sister will hate me, but the foxes are really quite vengeful."

"How powerful do you think that person is now?" Chu Yu asked.

"Probably a saint." Zhao Mantian said flatly.



Chu Yu gasped.

He could still take it if the opponent was a Legendary Emperor.

After all, he had seen his fair share of Legendary Emperors, and even fought with them.

He even thought of using a strand of monkey fur to give him the power to kill a Legendary Emperor.

However, upon thinking about the danger Lin Shi could be in, he gave up the idea.


But a saint...

This man managed to make saint whilst the world was sealed?

Who was this?

According to Zhao Mantian, this person was probably sealed for quite some time.


Even so, he managed to become a saint?

"Actually, what we mean by seal is not what you are thinking." Zhao Mantian sighed, "It’s just that he was trapped in a place for some reasons. But, he has no lack of cultivation resources. That ancestor is extremely talented. He has been sealed for tens of thousands of years, it is no surprise that he has become a saint."


The White Prince looked at Zhao Mantian, mouth agape, "You, you, how do you know?"

Zhao Mantian looked at him, "This is a fox species secret. As an outsider, you naturally do not know."


The White Prince was speechless.

He had thought that this was a huge secret which could not be revealed. He did not dare to reveal it either.

He did not expect that there was no secrets amongst the foxes.

Zhao Mantian continued, "These two years, especially this year, the spiritual energy has multiplied manifold. You should have realized that everyone is progressing faster now!"

Chu Yu nodded, "Indeed."

Zhao Mantian continued, "This is actually a step up process. Previously, the spiritual energy did not increase this quickly because the life on Earth could not take that much in such a short period of time. Over the years, the life forms have adapted and so there is now an explosion of energy."

He looked at Chu Yu, "In this period, event the ordinary cultivators would have the hallucination that they are talents! They are progressing too quickly!"

"Hahahaha, I have that feeling too..." The White Prince laughed slowly. Then, seeing that something was amiss, it stopped smiling and said faintly, "I’m faster."

Chu Yu looked at Zhao Mantian, "Then where are you headed to now brother?"

After hearing Zhao Mantian’s words, Chu Yu did not dare let the Qing Qiu foxes into the Chu Clan.

Personally, he was not too afraid, at worst, he would just run.

If he couldn’t stay on Earth, he would just go back to the Mirror World. If that failed, he would just go to the outskirts of the Bastion of the Stars and kill the Mirror World talents there.

But the Chu Clan could not take this!

This was also part of the reason why Chu Yu did not bring Fang Lie along this time.

Even though Fang Lie was unhappy about it, Chu Yu still left him at home.

It was just like what Zhao Mantian had said. After decades of accumulation, there is an explosion of spiritual energy on Earth now!

The powerful cultivators who were hidden a year ago were all roaming the streets now.

If someone took offence with the Chu Clan and attacked it... things would not be good.

He was going to draw as much attention away from the Chu Clan as possible.

Zhao Mantian was always a caring person and would think for others. "The world is huge, and there are always places to hide. Let’s do this, you can take care of Xiaoyue."

"What? I..." Xiaoyue looked at Zhao Mantian anxiously.

"Listen to me." Zhao Mantian’s expression became stern.


Xiaoyue shut up and looked at her brother.

Zhao Mantian said, "Go with Chu Yu. It is better than staying with me, he will take better care of you."


Xiaoyue blushed, "Brother!"

"Enough, he is your brother too. It’s also his duty to take care of you!" Zhao Mantian pat Chu Yu on the shoulder, "Take good care of her!"

Then, he led the group of foxes to the west.

Zhao Mantian was always this way. He never waffled about with decisions and would execute the moment he made up his mind.

The White Prince was sad to see the Qing Qius not go find shelter in the Chu Clan.


Xiaoyue’s eyes turned red as she watched Zhao Mantian’s figure disappear into the distance.


"Come, let’s go home!" Chu Yu smiled at Xiaoyue.

No matter what, he had reaped quite a lot of benefits from this trip to Qing Qiu.

He saved his brother, Xiaoyue, and the other foxes. At the same time, he got a subservient Divine Lord Jiao dragon.

Even though it was cowardly, it was still powerful.

In the worst case scenario, he would just use the dragon as a guard!

Divine Lord!

Such powerful life forms were rare on Earth!

Chu Yu, Lord Thief, Old Yellow, Xiaoyue, and the White Prince all headed towards the Chu Clan.

He had wanted to go straight to Mt Hua having heard news that the Zhou Clan was there. But now, he had to send Xiaoyue home first before making his next move.

Along the way, Chu Yu’s messenger rang. It was a message from Fatty.

"F*ck me! You’re back?"

"God damn it, come save me!"

"I am trapped... in Northern Europe!"

Chu Yu was stunned when he saw the message, What is he doing in Northern Europe?

Even though the Earth was not huge, the entire China was filled with monuments. Why go to a place as far as Northern Europe?

"What are you doing there? What happened?" Chu Yu asked.

"Aiya, don’t ask so much. I will send you my location. Come quickly, or you can prepare my funeral!" Fatty immediately sent his location, then went silent.

Chu Yu glanced at it, Fatty was in Denmark.

As he rushed, Chu Yu looked at the largest social media side in the world.

After scrolling through his feed, he finally found news about Denmark.

The time of the news was noon today.

"The meet-and-greet session with the saintess has been cancelled."


"It is said that the saintess met a long lost friend!"

"The saintess is not feeling well and has cancelled the meet-and-greet session later."

"The saintess is so beautiful. Just seeing her from a distance makes me lose my breath. I think I am in love. Why did she cancel her meet-and-greet session? I am so sad!"
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