Chapter 304: Holy Saint

Chapter 304: Holy Saint
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An earth shaking aura exploded from his body!

An ordinary planet would never be able to withstand the terrifying aura when a Divine Lord raged.

The planet may even shatter!

Even though this was Earth, the ground beneath them also shattered from this man’s aura.

Runes appeared on all sides.

They were in four colors, gold, silver, red, and black.

The runes were difficult to understand, but they exuded an icy aura and glaring light, enveloping the entire area.

This was the first time Chu Yu saw this.

As this man raged, he stopped attacking Chu Yu. Instead, he rushed towards the manor, his body exploding with mental energy.


"The saintess cannot be defiled. She may die, but she cannot be humiliated!"

He slapped down viciously on the manor!


His hand expanded many times in the air!


It approached the manor like a dark cloud!


Chu Yu bellowed and attacked this man.

This man was crazy!


He wants to kill the saintess too!

Chu Yu thought to himself.

That was the truth. This man completely ignored Chu Yu’s attacks.


Chu Yu punched the back of this man and it felt like he was hitting an impenetrable wall.

All of a sudden, defensive runes appeared on this man’s back to repel Chu Yu’s attack.

However, he could not block the attack completely and spat out a mouthful of blood after the blow landed.


However, his attack also landed squarely on the manor.


The entire manor was smashed to smithereens.

Veins bulged from from Chu Yu’s eyes and bellowed, "Die!"


He punched at this man’s back again.

Once again, defensive runes lit up on his back. However, this time, those defensive runes were a lot duller.


Chu Yu severely injured this man with this attack.


Yet, he laughed, "I have saved the saintess’s dignity!"

"F*ck your dignity, you killed my brother, I will kill you!"

Chu Yu retrieved a long blade and attacked his opponent like a man possessed.


A spear also appeared in this man’s hand as he met Chu Yu’s attack.



A thunderous crash echoed out.


The spear cracked instantly. The blade continued along its terrifying trajectory as it split open the man’s armor.

A middle aged face could be seen. A huge gash sliced diagonally across this man’s face.


This man roared pitifully as he retreated.

Chu Yu was still planning o end him when Fatty’s exaggerated voice could be heard from the ruins of the manor, "Aiyo, f*ck me... that was so scary, how brutal. B*stard, do you plan to kill me and my wife?"

"..." Chu Yu was completely speechless.

At the same time, he was incredibly surprised and curious!

Fatty didn’t die?

Fatty managed to survive an all out attack by a Divine Lord?


When the ashes cleared, a three foot long ancient blade couple be seen in the ruins.

It hovered in mid air.

That blade did not radiate any energy fluctuations, but it felt extremely dangerous.

It was almost like an abyss. Just looking at it made your head feel like it was about to explode

"This is..." Chu Yu was stunned, "A saint’s equipment?"

Then, a tall, blonde, well complexioned, and extremely pretty lady walked out from the ruins.


Her gaze was icy. With a wave of her hand, the blade returned to her and disappeared.

Fatty followed closely behind, a wide smile plastered over his face. His hand was placed on the lady’s waist as he shouted at the armored youth in the air, "Casarina is my lady now! She is not your saintess anymore! Scram!"

Two rays of divine light shot out from the youth’s eyes as he tried to kill Fatty.

The lady waved and rainbow colored light immediately dispelled the two rays of divine light.


"Casarina... what... what do you mean by this?"


The youth was bleeding profusely from his wounds, and he looked terrifying and ferocious.

The lady said icily, "Evan, are you trying to kill me too?"


"The saintess cannot be defiled!" Evan roared.

"I am no longer the saintess, I am his lady." Casarina extended her arm and placed it around Fatty’s neck intimately.

F*ck me!

Chu Yu was completely stunned by what he saw.

A tall, exquisite looking lady was being intimate with a plump, ugly man.

This was such an unbelievable scene.

The White Prince stood next to Chu Yu. It looked at the scene unfold before it curiously, then said agonizingly slowly, "A beautiful flower in dog sh*t..."

Fatty raged and pointed at the White Prince, "Who are you? I am willing to be bull sh*t, what can you do?"

The White Prince replied feebly, "You’re not fit to be bull sh*t, you’re only fit to be dog sh*t..."

Casarina patted Fatty’s shoulders reassuringly. Fatty instantly cheered up, "Yes, I am happy to be this lucky, are you unhappy about it? Bite me!"

All of a sudden, evan’s eyes burned with intense flames, he was on the verge of going crazy!

He did not understand why these two people of completely different statuses and standings would come together.


Could it be because of his... indiscriminate attack?

"Evan, just leave, I have already told you that I am no longer the saintess. Right now, I am Fan’s lady." Casarina’s gaze was icy, her tone determined.

"What you say doesn’t count." Evan said icily, "I must bring you back!"

Chu Yu asked casually, "Do you wish to die here?"

Evan glanced at Chu Yu, his eyes filled with fear.

This Easterner was much more powerful than he expected.

If not for this man’s interference, even though Casarina had the saint sword, he would not be too bothered.


But now...

He hesitated. Then, he said coldly, "Easterner, do you really want to interfere with the affairs of the Vatican?"

"No." Chu Yu said crisply.

What a joke, they had been a bunch of maniacs since ancient times. Who would interfere with their affairs?

"But you are interfering with the affairs right now!" Evan said.

"Don’t give me that." Chu Yu rolled his eyes and glanced at Fatty, "Let’s go!"


"Mm mm, my brother is the best!" Fatty ran towards Chu Yu.

Actually, Fatty was older tha Chu Yu...

Casarina followed closely behind Fatty.

"No one will leave this place!" Evan, who was standing in mid air, retrieved a pill and looked deeply at Casarina, "You forced me into this!"

Then, he swallowed the pill.


Casarina screamed, "Quickly, that is a manic pill!"

Chu Yu did not know what manic entailed, but seeing Casarina’s expression, he knew that it must be terrifying.

Before he became a maniac, this man was already a Divine Lord. After consuming the pill, who the hell knows how powerful he would be.


As such, without any hesitation, he grabbed Fatty and Casarina, turned, and ran.

The White Prince shouted, "Bring me along!"

Chu Yu extended his hand and grabbed the White Prince.

Then, he used the Racing Sacred Art and disappeared.




A peerless aura of terrifying energy exploded outwards.

The four colored runes lit up in the space between heaven and earth.

This time, those runes were attacking Evan!

The four colored runes flew towards Evan, trying to lock Evan down.

However, the energy radiating from Evan’s body caused them to explode instantly!


The sky was filled with the shattered remains of the runes!


Chu Yu stiffened slightly. He slowed down slightly to take a look.


He saw Evan’s body grow multiple times!

Almost like a Devil, he towered over the land and his bleeding, ferocious, brutal face was the size of a city!

The brutal energy from his body was also radiating in all directions.

Chu Yu could clearly feel his rage and his power.

Legendary Emperor!

After consuming the pill, he possessed the power of a Legendary Emperor.

Casarina’s face turned ashen as she said in despair, "He has offered up his life to the devil in exchange for power, we are dead!"

All of a sudden, mores runes appeared in the air.

The runes were of more colors this time. There was yellow, orange, green, white...

Some of them appeared from the ground, some flew out from mountains, each one appearing rather suddenly.

They formed a rune shower and enveloped the demonic Evan.


Inside the rune shower, Evan was roaring in rage!

However, he could not break free.


After a whole bout of roaring, his body shattered into countless pieces.


Then, those pieces were ground up even further by the runes!

With his last shred of consciousness, he sent a powerful mental energy wave through the rune shower.

"Casarina... I love you!"

"Oh!" Casarina covered her mouth with her hands, tears falling down her cheeks.

"Why must you do this?" Casarina was incredibly saddened.

Fatty was also in aghast. He murmured, "F*ck, you could have said so earlier, why resort to this?"

At this point, the colorful runes also scattered.

A semblance of peace also returned to the Earth.

Casarina sighed, "Let’s go, the people from the Vatican are almost here. After losing a saint and having a saintess escape, if we are caught, we will not be let off."


"F*ck me, that fella is a saint?" Chu Yu’s lips twitched. This Fatty really set him up this time.

Fatty was extremely ashamed, "This is really a tragic accident."



Chu Yu looked at him and thought to himself, Why do you look like you’re always laughing?

Fatty also felt like he was exaggerating a little. He tried to sigh solemnly, "What a pity, he is interested in Casarina but she is not interested in him. What a tragedy."

Casarina’s eyes widened as she looked at shameless Fatty and pinched him hard on the waist.

Then, seeing Fatty grit his teeth, she laughed icily, "Don’t think that this is a good thing. Icy antagonize me, you will be faced with death!"

"I’m not scared!"

Fatty jumped up and kissed Casarina on her exquisite face, chuckling as he did so.
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