Chapter 305: A Huge Ruckus

Chapter 305: A Huge Ruckus
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"Let me introduce, she is Casarina, but you can call her Casarin."

Fatty smiled and said, but the depths of his eyes had traces of exasperation.

Casarina smiled at Chu Yu, "Good day!"


Chu Yu sighed, his hands supporting his forehead, Why do I feel like Fatty is digging a hole for himself?


And, how did he manage to seduce this lady?

When he had first arrived, this lady didn’t seem to want to go with him!

However, Fatty was his brother. Even if Fatty got himself into deep sh*t, Chu Yu could not just stand back and watch.

They couldn’t stay here for too long, they had to leave now!

Fatty could explain himself after they returned.

In actual fact, the incidents here had already caught the attention of the entire Europe.

Even the ancient seals on Earth had been activated. It would be difficult not to attract the attention of others.

It was a good thing this location was secluded and the battle concluded swiftly.


Chu Yu used the racing sacred art and shot back towards China like a bolt of lightning.

Even though no one was pursuing, Chu Yu only felt slightly safer upon reaching China territory.

However, by now, the entire internet was abuzz.


The people from Europe were especially active!

"Spread the word, the Vatican is in trouble! The saint was killed by the seals in the ground, the saintess has disappeared!"

"The reason why the saintess cancelled her session today is not a good one, she was kidnapped!"

"There was a huge battle at the manor belonging to the saintess. Satellites were unable to capture what happened and all surveillance equipment had been destroyed."

"The Vatican suffered huge losses, the saint is dead and the saintess has disappeared!"

"I heard that this incident has something to do with the Easterners!"

"How dare they come to our territory and defile our people? Are they tired of living?"

All sorts of messages and comments filled up the internet within moments.

By this time, Chu Yu had already brought Fatty and the rest back to the Chu Clan.

Lord Thief rushed over immediately. This gossipy bird basically judged that this had something to do with Chu Yu.

However, when it saw Fatty with an extremely pretty foreign chick, Lord Thief felt uneasy.

It blinked its eyes, then looked at Chu Yu, "Don’t tell me that this beautiful lady is the saintess of the west?"

Chu Yu nodded expressionlessly, "You’re quite smart."

Lord Thief’s beak dropped as its eyes continued to widen.


Some time later.

It called out suddenly, "Scram! Are you trying to kill us all?"

Fatty was speechless.

Casarina stood there, her expression filled with guilt.

"F*ck, you guys are courting death!"

Lord Thief raged as it flapped its wings and perched itself high up and looked down at the group, "Why can’t you get yourself a different saintess? We have so many large sects in China, you can have your pick! Why did you go find a foreign one? Do you not know how scary the Western sects are? How immature and naive."

Everyone was speechless.

The White Prince said feebly, "What’s done is done, what can we do now? Will they dare to attack China?"

Lord Thief laughed icily, "Why not? You underestimate those maniacs!"

"Let them come." The White Prince continued feebly, "If we can beat them, we’ll fight, else, we will run. It has already happened, what use is complaining? Useless bird."

"Idiot, why must you always talk like this!" Lord Thief glared at the White Prince.

The White Prince snickered, "I love it when others hate me."

"Enough..." Chu Yu frowned and glanced at Fatty, "Can you tell me what’s going on now?"

"What do you mean what’s going on... I went to tour Northern Europe."

Fatty began talking nonsense from the start.

However, his eyes were filled with emotion. He knew that it seemed that this entire incident was his fault.

A saint from the Vatican was dead because of him, and the saintess kidnapped.

This was a huge feud!


But before this, Chu Yu did not ask a single question!

This was how brothers should be.

Only brothers would do something like that for each other.


"Speak properly." Chu Yu glared at him.

"Ahem... I found a huge tomb in Northern Europe and wanted to go take a look."


"Take a look?"


Everyone looked at Fatty strangely.

Lord Thief exclaimed, "Shameless!"

Old Yellow nodded its approval, "You clearly wanted to rob it."

Fatty snickered, "I am an archaeologist, studying ancient tombs is my job, how can you call me a grave robber?"


"What’s the main point." Chu Yu looked at him.

Fatty replied rather depressingly, "That was an ancient chinese tomb. Many of them were our ancestors. However, the westerners claimed the remains as theirs! F*ck them, they even try to claim our ancestors as theirs, aren’t they jerks?"

Casarina stood awkwardly by the side, but she did not rebut.

"Then, I ended up fighting with those jerks. However, it was a good thing that they couldn’t even enter the tomb!"

Fatty looked at Chu Yu, "Then, they came after me, so I ran..."

"Cowardly!" Lord Thief shouted.


"Not at all." The White Prince said seriously but feebly, "He must run. Else, is he supposed to wait and die?"


"I was just kidding..."


"It was a good thing I ran quickly and lost them. However, I was incredibly tired and I saw a huge manor in the distance. I thought it was quite nice so I went there to take a rest." Fatty explained.

"You rested your way to the hot spring?" Chu Yu’s lips twitched.

Fatty was not in the least bit embarrassed. He snickered, "Isn’t it natural for me to take a bath after a tiring journey? Who would have thought that those people would go to the manor after losing me too. Casarina... also happened to go there, mm, she may have been tired too."

Fatty was extremely pleased with himself, "So, we met in the hot spring, and unspeakable things happened..."


Casarina blushed and extended her hand to slap Fatty’s waist.




"That’s not the case, but what he said at the start... were all correct."

Casarina blushed and explained, "But the ending was all wrong. I felt that my people were handling this badly. I met Fan in the hot spring, so I told him that by kidnapping me, he could escape. By then, my people had already realized his existence."

Fatty glanced at her, "Isn’t it because you screamed when you entered? How else would they have found me?"

Lord Thief looked on in disbelief, "You’re a westerner... aren’t you all very open? You will scream too?"


Casarina looked at Lord Thief flatly, "Western girls can be conservative too!"


"Aren’t you a little too conservative?" Lord Thief murmured, "It’s just a friendly..."

"What did you say?" Casarina’s gaze became dangerous.

Lord Thief flapped its wings and left, "Boring, I’m off!"

Fatty rubbed his hands and looked at Chu Yu, "Brother, what now?"

Fatty was afraid of nothing when in the moment. However, upon escaping, he was now afraid of the ramifications.

That being said, to be fair, this incident wasn’t completely Fatty’s fault.


Chu Yu felt that Casarina was holding something back from them. He wanted to remind Fatty, but remembering that this guy was less trusting than him, Chu Yu got the feeling that Fatty thought the same way.

"Wait and see." Chu Yu replied.

Then, he brought Chu Yu and the others to take a break.

He went on the internet to take a look at the news.

With things as they are, Chu Yu had to admit that both him and Fatty had underestimated the ancient powers on Earth.

Before this, most of the clans and sects were filled with Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian realm cultivators. There were few Xiantian cultivators.

However, as time went on, there were more and more Xiantian and King’s Realm cultivators entering the world.

However, when Fatty, Chu Yu, and the others left the Earth and entered the Mirror World, the cultivation powers on Earth were not particularly powerful.

True Lord cultivators like Zhao Mantian were virtually invincible.

Who would have thought that there would be so many terrifying powers entering the world in the span of a few months.

Before this, if anyone said that there were cultivators in the Divine Lord Realm or higher on Earth, no one would believe it.


Countless people did not even know that such realms existed....

To be honest, it would be quite impossible for all the powers from the battle 60 million years ago to leave.

Then, the world was sealed.


Countless large sects, clans, and ancient families moved to the pocket dimensions.


They lived their lives in isolation.

As such, the powers from that era did not all leave the Earth.

Some chose to stay.


Saints, Legendary Emperors, Divine Lords all had incredibly long lifespans. Furthermore, saints never died!

It would be no surprise if someone from that era lived till today.


Chu Yu only begun to understand this after entering the Mirror World.

As such, he was keenly aware that some of the ancient sects on Earth may have saints hiding in the shadows.

These were the truly powerful sects!

They may not be in the limelight now, but if they got serious, no one would be a match for them.

The Vatican... could very well be such a power.

Indeed, by nightfall, responses were starting to take shape.

The Vatican hosted a press conference.

At the press conference, the bald pope was dressed in red, and he looked sternly at the camera.

"We have evidence to prove that cultivators from the east killed our saint and kidnapped our saintess. If you do not wish to start a war, please return our saintess. The murderer should also surrender himself."


The blame game had started.

They had completely left out the story about the tomb.

After Fatty heard this, he raged, "What rubbish! Who kidnapped your saintess? And your saint was killed by the defensive energy of the Earth, something that he triggered! Surrender? Piss off, I will surrender your sister!"

Chu Yu glanced at him, "Why not you step out now and say this has nothing to do with you?"

Fatty was speechless, then he said bitterly, "What do we do now? I can’t possibly bring her to the Mirror World right?"

In some ways, the dangerous, enemy-filled Mirror World had become a safe haven for Chu Yu and Fatty.


How ironic...


"Where is Casarina?" Chu Yu asked Fatty.

Fatty smiled sneakily, "She’s resting in the room, she’s too tired."

"Don’t boast, she’s clearly inexperienced."


Chu Yu rolled his eyes, then asked, "To be honest, what is going on with Casarina? Even if she wants to help you, why must she get herself involved?"

Fatty was bitter as he told the truth, "Aish, don’t talk about it, I was set up by her."

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