Chapter 306: Fighting with only 1 fist

Chapter 306: Fighting with only 1 fist
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Chu Yu looked at Fatty, speechless.

Even if she was trying to help and do the right thing, any smart human would not buy the story.

How could a saintess choose to be Fatty’s girl in such a short time without any demands?


Honestly, Fatty’s status was not low, and he was not weak.

But love was a process.

Even if it was love at first sight, it could not possibly be this fast!

Fatty sat opposite Chu Yu, rather depressed. He opened a bottle of wine and gulped it down. Then, he coughed out a foul smell and sputtered, "F*ck, this little b*tch is also a demon."


Chu Yu glanced at him.

Fatty looked Chu Yu in the eye and said, "Your Xu Xiaoxian is also a demonic girl!"


"She’s not mine." Chu Yu said flatly.

"You would know best if she’s yours." Fatty snickered at Chu Yu.


Then, he gulped down more beer and said, "That f*cking saint seemed to want to kill us both, but in actual fact, he only wanted to kill me! Casarina has Saint level equipment and would not die."


Chu Yu nodded as he thought about the ancient blade.


Fatty continued, "At that point, I thought I was dead. Even if I could escape death, I would be eternally crippled. However, she negotiated with me. She was willing to solve the problem for me, but..."

"The condition is that you must bring her out of the west? And over here into the east?" Chu Yu frowned.

Indeed, Casarina would not have done this much without any demands.


Fatty glanced at Chu Yu, "That’s right,"


"Why wouldn’t she just be her saintess? Why come over here?" Chu Yu asked.

"I contemplated this too. I keep feeling like there’s something more to it. However, at that time, I didn’t have much of a choice. It was either agree, or die."

Chu Yu nodded. There was no way Fatty could have withstood Evan’s attack.

Fatty continued, "She told me that the Vatican has strict rules on the purity of the saintess, so much so that it is rather perverted. Since I had seen her naked, she must either kill me, or be my lady."

Fatty laughed bitterly, "Everyone told me that the westerners were open minded, but f*ck me, I really did not mean to look at her. I was just relaxing in the hot spring, who would have known that... a naked woman would enter?"


Chu Yu raised his eyebrows but did not speak.

Fatty sighed, "If my seniors knew I found myself a western chick, they would kill me!"

"I think you’re having fun." Chu Yu said curtly.

Fatty scratched his head, "Actually... how do I put this, I feel like, the foreign chicks have their plus points too, hehehe."

"So it’s gone from a deal to a relationship?" Chu Yu glanced at him.

Fatty frowned, "I don’t know either..."

Then, he said with a little frustration, "To say I love her would be going a little overboard. I barely know her, how much love can there be? Even though she is extremely pretty, I can only say that I am attracted to her."

Then, he looked at Chu Yu, "But in the moment she became my lady, for some reason, I felt like... I had to protect her, and prevent her from suffering anymore. Brother... have you ever felt that way before?"

"Became your lady? When?" Chu Yu was slightly confused.

Fatty scratched his head, "Just."


"..." Chu Yu was completely speechless.

Fatty continued asking, "Can you understand that feeling?"


"No." Chu Yu was expressionless, his face darkening.

"How can you not understand?" Fatty looked at Chu Yu, "You have Lin Shi, and Xu Xiaoxian..."


Then, he snickered, "Brother, don’t tell me that you’re still a virgin... hahahaha!"

Chu Yu sent Fatty flying with a kick.

"When they come looking for you, don’t look me up."

Fatty ran back bitterly as he looked at Chu Yu pleadingly, "Aren’t we brothers?"


"So brutal? I don’t care, I’m not leaving, I’m staying here!"

Fatty was beginning to get willful.

Actually, both of them knew that Chu Yu would never chase him away, neither would Chu Yu not care about Fatty.

After Fatty finished the bottle of wine, he said worriedly, "I can’t continue like this, I must ask her what she’s thinking. If you were me, she may still fall in love at first sight. But me... why me?"

As Fatty spoke, he took off like the wind.

He spent the entire night away.

The next morning, Fatty came looking for Chu Yu, his eyebags heavy.

"You look like you’ve had too much sex. Did you need to do that?" Chu Yu mocked.

"You don’t understand that feeling." Fatty chuckled cheekily.

"Have you gotten an answer?" Chu Yu looked at him.

"I have." Fatty sighed, then slouched on the sofa, completely silent.

"What’s up?" Chu Yu asked.

"Things are... a lot more complicated than we expected."

Fatty’s smile was gone as he sighed again, "Later, we should leave this place."


"Hmm?" Chu Yu squinted.

"It’s quite a big thing." Fatty breathed out a mouthful of bad breath, "She didn’t just want to help me... she wanted to escape the Vatican too."


Fatty sighed, "This was not something she had thought about for a couple of days, she had been thinking about it for over a decade!"

Chu Yu frowned and looked at him.


Fatty continued, "The saintess of the Vatican is prepared for god."


"Yes, god!" Fatty smiled bitterly, "Before the seal was lifted, the god was probably the person with the highest power... mm, you know."

Chu Yu nodded, the relationships in the western legends were always incredibly complex.


The saintess in the eastern sects were the most powerful and talented ladies in the sect!


Their status and standing were incredibly high. Many a times, they would be sent out as representatives of the sect.

However, in the west, even though the role of saintess was revered, more often than not, the saintess was the concubine for the most powerful man!

Of course, not every era was this way, but generally, this was the case.

Fatty continued, "If it was like before, then it would be no big deal, their most powerful person... may not be much more powerful than us. But now... their god has returned from the pocket dimension!"


"God?" Chu Yu asked, confused.

"Yes, just like how so many powerful sects have descended on China, the ancient powers of the west are also returning."

Fatty looked at Chu Yu, "To be exact, the person who has his eyes on Casarina, is a son of god!"

"The heir of a god?" Chu Yu asked.

"You can say so." Fatty nodded.

"Since it is not a scary ancestor, this... shouldn’t be too serious." Chu Yu said.

"That man is a Legendary Emperor... as for the god, even though Casarina did not say much, I guess that he is a power from the ancient times." Fatty laughed bitterly.


Chu Yu could not help but roll his eyes, F*cking beating around the bush only to tell me that our opponent is a Legendary Emperor.


Fatty sighed again. Feeling like he got the shorter end of the stick, he continued, "Before this, she never told me anything. She only told me that my rival in love is such a powerful person after she became mine... how damn despicable."

Chu Yu laughed icily, "Oh please, even if she told you this before, can you restrain yourself?"

"I’m not you, I can’t!"


Chu Yu looked at Fatty, "Before this, does she know anything about you? Wouldn’t it nag at her conscience for dragging you into something like this?"

Fatty smiled bitterly, "She knows that I am from the Thief Sect, and she also knows that the sect has extremely powerful ancestors."


"Ancestors?" Chu Yu had never heard Fatty mention anything about this.

"Casrina is also from an ancient line, so she knows a lot. She also knows that if the Thief Sect gets serious, the western powers do not dare to do much." Fatty said depressingly. He had not mentioned this to Chu Yu before.

This was considered the most guarded secret in the sect, but yet, a westerner knows about this!

Chu Yu did not mind much, after all, who didn’t keep some secrets to themselves?

"This means that she knew who you were all along? And when she met you, she simply decided to take advantage of you?" Chu Yu looked at Fatty.

"I guess you can’t say I was taken advantage of." Fatty sighed, "She gave herself to me, so she is really quite pitiful. She only wants to find a powerful backer."


Chu Yu looked at Fatty and shook his head in exasperation.

Fatty knew what was happening, but he just couldn’t resist the temptation.

Casarina was extremely beautiful, and was incredibly well endowed.


Furthermore, she was quite pitiful.

She was a saintess, but in actual fact, she was no better than a toy.


It was fair that she wanted her freedom.

Fatty and Chu Yu had predicted the severity of this incident. However, they had underestimated the speed at which it would develop.

According to Chu Yu and Fatty’s estimates, it would take some time before the west would engage in conflict with the east.


They didn’t expect that someone from the Vatican would come knocking three days later!

The person who came was an elegant elderly man. He was extremely courteous, like someone from a good family.


When he arrived at the Chu Clan, he was extremely friendly.


He first gave his compliments, then presented a gift before finally requesting an audience.


Chu Yu received this old man.

"Respected Master Chu, I am Rolex." The elderly man bowed slightly and smiled at Chu Yu.


Chu Yu looked at this man strangely.

The old man was not at all surprised. He smiled and said, "Some of my descendants were bored, so they came to found this brand... and it became famous."

"Patek Philippe is still a little more famous." Chu Yu smiled.


The old man’s face stiffened, What a little b*stard!


However, he still maintained his smile, "May I ask if our saintess is at your place?"

"Mr Rolex, where is this coming from? Why would a chinese family have a European saintess?" Chu Yu questioned.


Rolex calmly and slowly took out a projector and projected a few pictures on the screen.


Chu Yu’s face darkened as he saw the pictures.

Those pictures were of the Chu Clan interior. Furthermore, they were taken from the sky.

Not a satellite!

There were magical formations in the Chu Clan, and satellites could not see it.


Someone must have flew into the sky above the Chu Clan and took this pictures.

The pictures were of Casarina and Fatty strolling in the woods, swimming in the pool, fishing by the pond...

These were all recent events.

Even Chu Yu did not know!

Fatty had always come to him sighing, almost as if the apocalypse was upon them.


In the end, he had taken his lady to Your the area without any consideration.


F*ck him!


Chu Yu cursed this jerk in his heart.

However, Chu Yu’s gaze towards Rolex became cold and icy, "What is the meaning of this? You’re spying on us?"

"That’s not the issue, the issue here is, our saintess is actually at your place." Rolex smiled.

"Go f*ck yourself!" Chu Yu’s tone changed instantly. He looked at Rolex icily, "How dare you spy on us? Who gave you this right? Hmm? Who?"


"Master Chu, you’re from a respected clan..."

"F*ck your respect!"


"You can’t be so rude!"

"F*ck that!"


"Master Chu!"

"Chu... Chu your father!"

Chu Yu stood up and pointed at Rolex, "Over a century ago, your shameless descendant had found some bullsh*t reasons to attack our homeland, causing a war that lasted for many years."

"Over a century later, you’re trying to kill my brother and take possession of a grave that holds our ancestors."

"Now your saintess ran off with someone else, how dare you make demands at my door?"

"Where are you getting your courage from?"


"Who gave you the confidence?"

Rolex cursed in his heart, What a jerk! Yet, he maintained his smile, "The incidents over a century ago had nothing to do with the cultivation world..."


"Bullsh*t! I am Chinese! Even the blade of grass here is related to me!"

Chu Yu laughed icily, "As such, your saintess came to China, so she is now ours! Do you understand? Your saintess? Nope! Never seen her! Don’t know her!"

Rolex’s face twitched, stopped smiling, and said flatly, "Is Master Chu trying to start another war?"

"Hahaha, go f*ck yourself, let’s fight! Who’s scared of you? We were not scared of you before, why should we be scared of you now?"

Chu Yu tugged at his sleeve, "Come come come, Old man, don’t say that I’m bullying you. For a True Lord scum like yourself, I will fight you with one hand!"

"Audacious!" Rolex fumed.
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