Chapter 308: The Pacific Ocean

Chapter 308: The Pacific Ocean
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After Fatty had finished doing all these, he began his isolation.

He had also met the ancestor of the Thief Sect, the Thief Saint.

Furthermore, according to him, the Thief Saint liked him a lot... and it was just like old times!

Chu Yu asked him what the hell he meant by that.

Fatty said that the Thief Saint liked him so much, just stopping short of having Fatty guide him instead.

Chu Yu barely paid any attention to that nonsense.

He had already gotten used to Fatty’s arrogance.

A saint was an invincible power!

He could stun an entire universe!

No matter how much he liked Fatty, there would be a limit.

However, Fatty was quite talented. Chu Yu knew that with the guidance of a saint, after he came out of isolation, Fatty would have tremendous improvements.


"As for me... I should go do my things."


By this time, Chu Yu had already figured out the time difference between the Mirror World and Earth.


He gave Fang Lie and Chu Xi some pills. He told them to take the pills regularly to allow their cultivation levels to rise.

He also told Chu Xi not to leave the house in the short term.

Then, he brought the White Prince along with him as he set off towards the East.

He was heading for the Pacific Ocean!


Deep in Mount Hua.


The young ancestor of the Zhou Clan, Zhou Feng, stared icily at a photo on the screen.

The picture was blurry and he could only make out two figures.


He asked solemnly, "Chu Yu left the Chu Clan premises and headed East?"

Zhou Xiang knelt and replied, "Yes ancestor, we saw it with our own eyes."

Zhou Feng frowned slightly, "All the nucleic members of the Chu Clan returned recently to enter isolation. If my guess is correct, Chu Yu must have refined some pills for them to raise their cultivation level."


Everyone below was silent.

They hated Chu Yu to the core.

However, with Zhou Feng controlling the situation, they did not dare take revenge.


The person who hated Chu Yu the most was the Zhou Clan leader.


So what if Chu Yu was powerful and had the Crane Saint’s teachings?


Did that make him invincible?

If a Zhou Clan disciple had been killed and he did not take any action, how will he face the world next time?

Zhou Feng glanced at the crowd and chuckled icily, "Think about it, what has happened in the past few days?"

"Qing Qiu was broken by Chu Yu. The owner of Qing Qiu, the powerful White Prince... has become his lackey."

"The White Prince is a Divine Lord!"


"Divine Lord!"


Everyone was stunned.

They did not know this.

Who would have thought that a Divine Lord had taken over Qing Qiu?

"In Denmark, the death of the saint. He had used the forbidden techniques to raise himself to Legendary Emperor power levels!"

"Legendary Emperor!"


"F*cking Legendary Emperor!"

"Only second to Saints!"


The young ancestor looked at the crowd in disdain as he chided them.

"Wasn’t that saint of the Vatican killed by the Earth’s defensive runes?" The leader of the Zhou Clan asked weakly.


"He was." Zhou Feng looked at him faintly, then mocked, "But you can try breathing in the face of a manic Legendary Emperor."


The leader of the Zhou Clan was instantly speechless, unable to rebut.

Zhou Feng looked icily and the crowd and continued.


"The saintess has also become Fan Jian’s lady."

"That Fan Jian... is the heir to the Thief Sect!"

"Heh, you all may not know this, but the Thief Saint is likely still alive, and on this planet!"

Everyone on scene was stunned.


They had always thought that their ancestor was the most powerful on this Earth.


Only now did they know...

"Fan Jian is Chu Yu’s brother. As such, the initially weak Chu Clan is not as weak as we think they may be."

"Even though Tai Qing and the Thief Sect may not bring all their powers to bear in the defence of the Chu Clan, but we must take them into consideration we must consider these two powers."


"Let’s stop the surveillance on the Chu Clan."

"This is not someone we can afford to antagonize. Don’t feel too bad, a few years from now, we will celebrate our decision today."

Zhou Feng said flatly, "Later, go prepare a gift for the Chu Clan. Tell them that the Zhou Clan is prepared to coexist harmoniously. We will not pursue the previous incident."


"Ancestor..." The leader of the Zhou Clan had tears in his eyes.


"Your son deserved to die."


Zhou Feng said flatly, "Also, when Chu Yu returns, I will go pay him a visit myself!"


"What?" The leader of the Zhou Clan was stunned, "Personally?"

The young ancestor’s expression revealed some age, "I suffered some injuries back in the day, and it affected my Dao source. If not for external help. I would never be able to breakthrough to Legendary Emperor. However, Chu Yu has possession of the Crane Saint’s legacy, he should be able to heal me."

As he spoke, he looked flatly at the crowd, "Before long, the Northern Chu Clan will have many dealings with us!"

Zhou Xiang knelt below expressionlessly.

However, hatred built in his heart, After all of that, aren’t you just doing things for yourself? As the ancestor of the clan, you do not think for your descendants. Instead, you only care about yourself. No matter how strong Chu Yu is, how strong can he be? The outside world is simply over romanticizing it. If you were willing to take action, he would die without a doubt!

Zhou Xiang did not think that Chu Yu was particularly powerful. He felt that there were many people who could kill Chu Yu.

No matter what, the Elite Alliance was still under the control of Zhou Xiang.

There was no lack of powerful disciples inside the alliance.

Zhou Xiang plotted in his heart, I must find a way to get rid of Chu Yu. Only then can I quell the rage and demons in my heart.



The White Prince kept whining during the journey.

"Master, you don’t treat me as one of your own. You gave everyone superior pills, even that despicable bird..."


"That is my brother."


"I am your slave. Brothers can betray you, but slaves never will!"


"Brothers won’t betray me, but slaves will plot to regain their freedom."


The White Prince whined, "I will do anything for you..."

"Oh please!" Chu Yu chuckled icily, "Aren’t you plotting how to escape from my grasp and kill me?"


The White Prince blushed, "Why would I do that."


"Like real!" Chu Yu chuckled icily.

He did not trust this white worm at all. He knew that this worm was cunning and sly. If he did not control it completely... it was only a matter of time before the White Prince would betray him.

"Master, my life is yours. I can’t do anything funny in front of you. Why don’t you believe me?" The White Prince tried to reason feebly.

"We’ll talk about this again when you actually risk your life for me."


Chu Yu glanced at the vast ocean, the location written in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture popping up in his mind.


As for the exact location of the sword, the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture did not record it accurately.

It was just a vague location.


As such, it would not be easy to find it.

Even though Butterfly Dance had also given him a location, it too was a vague one.


The White Prince looked out at the vast ocean, its eyes darting. Chu Yu could not read its mind.


Whilst Chu Yu was thinking about something, the White Prince placed a few handprints in the area.

Some of the fishes beneath them suddenly changed course and swam out into the ocean.

After Chu Yu finalized a location, he sprinted towards it.


Over 70% of the Earth was water.

In actual fact, the secrets hidden by the ocean far exceeded those on land!


Who knew how many of those ancient cultivation sects lay buried under the vast Pacific Ocean?

The Earth had only recently been unsealed. As such, most of the sects had been hibernating.


The activity only picked up in recent years.

However, the Pacific Ocean was rather calm. There were only reports of the occasional cultivator flying out of the ocean.

"I am just here for the sword. I had better keep a low profile here to prevent any further trouble." Chu Yu thought to himself.

The White Prince followed behind silently. It’s hands were behind its back, making handsigns as it walked.

Even so, it continued to whine and nag Chu Yu, asking for some lifesaving pills.

Two days passed in this fashion.


By this time, Chu Yu was already in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


He stood aboard a hundred meter long, thirty meter wide ship.


But ye, it looked insignificantly small when compared to the Pacific Ocean.

This ship was a magical equipment. Even though it was only a Supreme Realm equipment, it was much faster than most True Lord flying magical equipment.


The White Prince continued fishing whilst Chu Yu stood at the helm, calculating their position.

The past two days had been quite calm. He had not ran into any other cultivators or terrifying life forms in the ocean.


Chu Yu was beginning to let his guard down.

According to the materials from the Butterfly Dance and the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, that sword should be somewhere in a hundred mile radius of his current location.

Chu Yu decided to go take a look.


At this point, a huge wall of water rose a few kilometers away!


It appeared suddenly and towered over the surface of the water!


This wave could very easily become a tsunami.


But at this point, it was crashing towards Chu Yu.


Any ordinary person was likely to die when faced with this scenario.

Chu Yu’s eyes flashed with fury as he attacked, a wave of energy crashing towards the wave.

It shattered the wave.

Then, he said icily, "Who is that?"


A huge figure appeared from the other side!


This was a humongous green Jiao!

It was so large that Chu Yu thought he had seen a dragon when it appeared!


Just the portion of it that was above the water surface was over a kilometer long!

It had a pair of horns on its dragon head and two hind legs at its belly. Each scale looked like it was made of steel and it glimmered with an icy glow.


It looked extremely ferocious and scary!


The green Jiao stirred up a huge wave as it locked onto Chu Yu.


"Let the person next to you off." The Green Jiao said coldly, "He is my junior."


Chu Yu turned to look at the White Prince, "You called it over?"

The White Prince denied it instantly, "I was with you the whole time, how could I have done it?"

Chu Yu laughed icily, "Then, send it on its way."

The White Prince’s lips twitched, "No way... it’s more powerful than me!"

"Powerful my a**, isn’t it also a Divine Lord?" Chu Yu glared at it, "Quickly, don’t make me ask a second time."

The green Jiao glared coldly at Chu Yu, "Did you not hear me?"

"Aish..." Chu Yu sighed again, "Large Worm, I do not know why Idiot would call you over. Do you all have some ancestral feud? He may be trying to take revenge. Since you are already a Divine Lord, you should not be a dumb snake."

"Are you mocking me?" The green Jiao roared, spittle flying everywhere, almost like rain.

Chu Yu activated his defenses and the spittle rain was deflected. He said flatly, "Think about it, idiot here is also a Divine Lord. Even if you are stronger than him, how much stronger can you be? If you don’t mind, I wouldn’t mind having yet another lackey. However, we have no feud and I see no reason to hurt you."

The White Prince turned green. He had no intention of being saved by this green Jiao.

He had wanted Chu Yu to kill it, or enslave it! That would be exciting!

The green Jiao may not be scary, but the power behind it was!

Who would have thought that this b*stard didn’t take the bait, choosing instead to reason with the green Jiao?

Since when was he a reasonable man?


Damn it, why didn’t he act according to expectations?

Where was the unreasonable, domineering Chu Yu who had dealt with Rolex so decisively?


Argh, how I hate this!
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