Chapter 311: The death of a heart

Chapter 311: The death of a heart
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The strike was incomparably vicious and filled with malicious intent, nearly costing Chu Yu his life!

If not for the crucial moment, where he parried the attack with his vertical eye, mitigating much of the attack's power, Chu Yu could have easily been dead or at the very least, crippled.

Even if he possessed the near-perfect body, his level of cultivation was not advanced enough to grant his body invincibility.

Lin Shi's sneak attack was perfect, striking at the moment where Chu Yu was the most unguarded and relaxed.

Swift, decisive, precise and incomparably cold blooded!

She was going straight for Chu Yu's life.

But Chu Yu knew that this was not Lin Shi.

His body floated in mid-air, virtually losing all ability to move.

A monstrous aura emanated from Lin Shi's entire body.

Her beauty and perfection could catch the eye of anyone.

Her long hair danced in the wind with the elegance of an angel as her body gave off a cold, piercing light.

Step by step, she walked towards Chu Yu.

Between her ice-cold eyes and with a look of ridicule, she said, "I knew it, you imbecile, you would never have listened so easily. I don’t even need your help, I might as well retrieve the sword myself. And you, you’re better off dead."

The voice was indeed Lin Shi's, but the tone belonged to the Butterfly Dance Immortal.

She continued, "It’s a good thing that I can borrow her body, I was able to do many things in this land. There are so many ancient legacies here- I like it alot."

Chu Yu remained silent, lying there without flinching.

It looked almost as if he was dead.

Lin Shi came before him. With an emotionless gaze, she looked down at his pale face, which was drained of blood.

The only sign of any emotion was the mockery in her eyes.

"You're very outstanding Chu Yu. One might even say you’re so outstanding that you make people fear you."

"But this is how the world works, it is never fair and it never was to begin with,"

"It is a pity, if you weren't a sinner of the Village Of Cultivation, perhaps I could let you live,"

"But now..."

A warped smirk formed on the edges of her lips, looking down at him, she said, "Rest in peace, I'll give you a quick death on account of Lin Shi." .

As she raised her hand, a dangerous energy formed at her fingertips and lightning bolts began revolving around them.

This could only have been achieved by having a certain level of density in the energy present.

Chu Yu's heart was strife with grief. The ironic circumstances put him on the brink of desolation.

He had lost most of his ability to fight after suffering heavy injuries, but he still had three Life Saving Feathers with him.

Naturally, like any other person, he did not want to die.

However, if he used the Life Saving Feather, the one that would end up dead would be Lin Shi instead!

The energy surrounding Lin Shi's fingertips grew denser, and the scene of lightning bolts revolving around her fingertips terrified Chu Yu.

Expressionless and cold as steel, Lin Shi charged towards Chu Yu.

In this moment, Chu Yu made up his mind and decided to use a Life Saving Feather.

But before that could happen, Lin Shi's charge abruptly came to a stop.

That ice cold expression on her face was now replaced by one of anguish and pain.

The calm and cool look in her eyes were now gone, and she was struggling.

"You little b*tch, do you want to die too? How dare you fight back?" bellowed Lin Shi, with the voice of the Butterfly Dance Immortal.

As she spoke, the energy at Lin Shi's fingertips slowly began to dissipate.

One by one, the lightning bolts flew away and vanished into the air.

The Butterfly Dance Immortal was now enraged, talking to herself, she said, "You're desperate to die aren't you?".

While she was speaking, it was clear from her expression that she was writhing in pain.

"Lin Shi, don’t do anything stupid," cautioned the Butterfly Dance Immortal.

Her tone suddenly became much less aggressive, and she said softly, "I will let him go if you don’t do anything stupid.".

In that instance, without hesitation, Chu Yu activated a Feather.

As the feather got activated, Chu Yu's eyes widened, and an immense force entered his body through his vertical eye.

The surge of energy was like rainfall after an eternal drought.

Shards of energy began jolting out of his body at unbelievable speeds.

His wounded and battered body recovered within seconds.

"Shi Shi, don’t act on impulse, this old witch can't kill me," Chu Yu proclaimed.

Lin Shi's face now reflected the emotions of the Butterfly Dance Immortal.

Visibly enraged, she retorted, "You little rascal, who are you calling an old witch?".

The whole point of sealing a part of herself in Lin Shi's body was to prevent Lin Shi from awakening at the crucial moment and foiling her plans.

Everything went according to what she had intended, but she did not expect Lin Shi to be so ferociously resilient.

To make things worse, Lin Shi did not believe a word she had said.

Lin Shi would rather die and drag her Nascent God along with her.

As Chu Yu was trying to get Lin Shi to come to her senses, the Butterfly Dance Immortal immediately attempted to take full control of Lin Shi's body.

However, she did not expect Lin Shi's level of soul cultivation to be so high- To the point where she could not completely suppress Lin Shi's soul!

Chu Yu was still coughing up blood.

His body was as brittle as porcelain and could break at any moment.

The damage dealt by the Butterfly Dance Immortal's attack was too severe.

Suddenly, Lin Shi's voice said, "Feels good to know who I am!"

"If everything were to start over, I would never discard my memories," said Lin Shi.

"Chu Yu, remember me at my most beautiful moment!".

"And after that... forget me.".

The voice was calm, wise and resolute.

Apart from the slight tremble, the voice was familiar to Chu Yu, like the Lin Shi he knew.

She looked deeply into Chu Yu's eyes, as if she could look at him for eternity.

She loved him, but despite this, she had no second thoughts.

Like a maniac, she ignited her own soul.

It was too quick and irreversible.

The only precaution that the Butterfly Dance Immortal had not made was sealing Lin Shi's ability to implode her own soul, and Lin Shi took advantage of this loophole fully.

It was the only thing she could do.

"NO! Shi Shi, I can... I can definitely save…" Chu Yu howled, his eyes were tinted with anguish.

The Feather was now fully activated, and in an instance, his body's energy level increased exponentially.

At the same time, he heard the terrified and enraged screams of the Butterfly Dance Immortal, "Lin Shi, you've really gone mad! I swear I won't touch him!"


A horrifying energy erupted from Lin Shi's body.

It was like a nuclear explosion, possibly even more horrendous.

The fission of energy was reaching earthshaking levels.

Ancient runes lit up around her and began exploding.

The light emitted was blinding and the runes formed a giant barrier.

Everywhere seemed to be in ruin.

Following the explosion of Lin Shi's body, a large amount of energy crystals appeared.

The explosion laid waste in all directions but one, the side facing Chu Yu.

Where Lin Shi once stood, was now nothing but thin air.

All the energy crystals, some as large as fists and others as small as dust specks, exploded one by one.

A powerful Nascent God was now visible, and it was covered in fresh blood.

The blood was filled with the power of the soul.

It was the Butterfly Dance Immortal’s Nascent God!

Lin Shi was nowhere to be seen.

"NO!" Chu yu let out a mournful roar to the heavens.

As he howled, Chu Yu's body gave off an immensely stalwart energy, like one of a demonic entity.

There were even golden hair sprouting from the surface of his body.

Every strand was as hard as steel, just like divine gold!

In the end, even Chu Yu's face was filled with these strands of golden hair.

He looked just like The Monkey, with his power at its peak.

He only had about seventy percent of The Monkey's power, but he could trample over Saints easily.

An enraged monkey pushed to the brink!

Now, he could easily kill any Saint he wanted, but he could not save the woman he loved.

He howled into the heavens.

With a wave, a long sword appeared in his hands, and he charged straight at the severely injured Nascent God.

The Butterfly Dance Immortal's Nascent God had barely escaped from the implosion of Lin Shi's body because she had excessively manipulated it.

Upon seeing Chu Yu's form, she let out a terrified plea, "Please don't...".


The Butterfly Dance Immortal's Nascent God was slashed into two by Chu Yu.

The cut was as clean as a knife through tofu.

In front of him, the almighty Nascent God was as powerless as an ant.

Next, in a flash, Chu Yu lashed out and slashed forward, cutting tens of thousands of times.

Every single cut eviscerated the Nascent God.

Chu Yu was like a demon blinded by rage, and his blade gave off the same aura.

The Nascent God was cut into countless pieces.

With her turbulent spirit and voice full of venom, she said, "Chu Yu.. you little imbecile, just you wait! Lin Shi is already dead, sooner or later, I will massacre your family! All those who you care for will die in front of you, I promise you that!".

The Nascent God of the Butterfly Dance Immortal then dissipated as well.

The smoke and dark clouds dispersed, and not a single mark was left on the land.

The runes that were everywhere slowly returned to wherever they came from.

The once broken and tattered space was quickly returning to its normal state as well.

Chu Yu sat quietly in the space like a statue.

As time passed, the golden hair on his body started to disappear.

In a short span of time, his handsome frame was restored.

His hair flowed like waterfall and laid nicely on his shoulders. Tall and muscular, his skin was a pale white with the smoothness of jade, but his eyes were vacant and empty.

His teacher's Life Saving Feather was more powerful that he could ever imagine.

Chu Yu himself did not know about the immense energy contained within the Feather.

Not only was he able to recover from his severe wounds, the feather allowed him to reach the peaks of the True Lord stage.

But at that time, none of that mattered, Chu Yu's entire being was numb.

He had not even realised that he had stepped into the peaks of the True Lord stage.

Tired, wronged, hurt, sad, devastated, angry, guilty and crazy, after all of those emotions, his heart died.

Before this, even if he did "waste" many of his younger year, even if he could only be a normal person, he had never been in so much despair, and he had never lost faith in himself before.

But now, he was just like a zombie, blankly standing there, soulless and empty.

The ocean was calm and the winds were fair.

There were no signs of the White Prince or his whereabouts.

The sunlight from above warmed the land.

Despite all these, Chu Yu seemed to be surrounded by an invisible black hole, the sort that would swallow any light that went near it.

His body gave off a chilly vibe.

One seeked longevity through cultivation, but what was the point of longevity when their lover was dead?

He finally found out about the prowess of the Feather, but did he regret it?

Of course he did!

His regret was tearing him apart from the inside.

Had he known this would happen, he would have used a feather in the mirror dimension and got rid of the Butterfly Dance Immortal.

Who cared about underhand tactics, who cared about formality? F*ck it all.

In a lifetime, how many times would one do something that he would come to regret?

How many times must one suffer setbacks before he could stop making any mistakes?

Some said that as long as they were living, they would falter.

Others said that no one was perfect.

But some mistakes were fatal.

Chu Yu silently drifted on the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

With vacant eyes void of emotion, he could not shed a single tear.

A monstrous squid, after observing him for awhile, raised its tentacle and slammed down on Chu Yu.


A blade of light lit up.

Following this, the squid's tentacle fell apart in half.

Just like a mountain, the pieces crashed into the surface of the ocean.

With a bang, the splash created rose into the heavens like an elegant display of fireworks.

The squid did not show any intention of retaliation, and it cowered as if it had seen it’s worst nightmare.

Even though it had many tentacles, it still bemoaned the fact it had lost one.

Dragging its severed tentacle, it dived back into the abyss.

After severing the monstrous squid's tentacle, Chu Yu returned to his vacant and expressionless disposition.

It was almost as if his previous strike was made without his awareness.

At that moment, in the horizon, a few silhouettes appeared, and they were moving at the speed of light.
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