Chapter 312: This is a misunderstanding!

Chapter 312: This is a misunderstanding!
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The silhouettes were drawn here by the large hustle created by Chu Yu in the Pacific Ocean.

Previously, when the energy was at its most violent, they did not dare to approach. But now that everything had settled down, they could not suppress their curiosity and hurried over.

There were three men and a woman in total, and they all looked very young.

The men were all dashing- there was a flirtatious beauty to them, and if not for the Adam's Apples they had, one could easily have mistaken them for women.

The lady was beautiful as well- she was a little tan, but it did not compromise any of her beauty, instead, it gave her this wild and adventurous look.

They stopped a few hundred metres away from Chu Yu and observed him closely.

Chu Yu was, without a doubt, incredibly good-looking, but his eyes were crestfallen, and there was a vacant look in them.

"My friend, could i ask what just happened here?" the leader of the group greeted Chu Yu and asked.

Chu Yu just sat there silently without moving an inch.

A strong gale came and blew Chu Yu's hair.

In a second, his once rich and black hair turned to snow white.

The four of them were stunned.

The man who did not receive a reply twitched a little, he was a bit annoyed at first, but with this sight, his annoyance considerably decreased.

Women were usually more sensitive, and at the sight of Chu Yu's white hair, her eyes dimmed with pity.

"What wrong?" she asked.

Alas, Chu Yu did not respond.

One of the other men frowned and retorted, "Are you a mute?".

"Little seven, don't be disrespectful," the first man reprimanded the latter.

Facing Chu Yu, he said, "Since there's nothing much going on here anyway, we won't disturb you any further!".

Following this, he turned his head towards the other three and the group left.

The one whom he had called little seven was visibly irritated, but he too did not say anything else.

They had left as fast as they had come.

After travelling for a few miles, Little Seven, with an unhappy expression, asked, "He was on our turf, whats with him acting all high and mighty?".

The woman softly replied, "Seeing his hair fade to white in a second, something must have happened, perhaps he was grieving the loss of a loved one?".

A thought went through her head as she glanced at their leader in the corner of her eye.

"If something happened to Big brother Yang Feng, maybe i would react like this too? Sheesh! What an ominous idea, what are you hallucinating about Mu Cai Feng?" she thought to herself.

Little Seven pouted and said, " Even then, that's got nothing to do with us! We weren't the ones who killed her anyway!".

"Alright let's stop this discussion, this period of time is crucial for us, don't create unnecessary trouble!" said their leader as he frowned.

Little Seven nodded his head and said, "Now that you mention it, this time, our Grandmaster can definitely break her limits! When that happens, maybe we can leave this ocean and go towards China? I've heard that that's where our people came from.".

"Grandmaster will definitely break her limits!" said the leader in agreement.

After saying this, he looked at the other three in his group and rallied, "Cai Feng, Little Seven, Old Six, let's continue patrolling. In times like these, we have to be at our most vigilant, for our enemies may come to our doorstep at any time.".

Just as he said this, in the sky, a single figure could be seen flying towards them at maximum velocity.

The speed of his flight was at least faster than the speed of sound by tenfold.

It was so fast that normal beings could not even catch a glimpse of his afterimage.

How fast he was!

Even the quartet could barely see his afterimage, and they started getting nervous.

The figure's entire body was coated with a startling level of energy, and even at such a distance, he emanated an immense divine sense.

"Divine Lord Xiao Qiao, your old flame has come to visit you, hahahaha, rumour has it that you want to enter the legendary emperor realm? Let me, Jiu Xiao, help you with that!" the man laughed.

His voice resonated throughout the entire ocean, and his telepathic power echoed throughout the waves.

"This is not good!"

"The enemy!"

The expressions on the group's faces changed instantly.

They knew who this was- it was Divine Lord Jiu Xiao!

A master in the ancient legacies, he once courted their Grandmaster to no fruition, and ever since then, he bore an eternal grudge.

From generation to generation, both of their sects have long been in conflict.

However, with the unraveling of the earth, both sides had made developments in their own directions, and for the past ten years, there was nothing but peace.

Yang Feng and Cai Feng only knew of this from their elders, but they remembered it deeply.

Who would have thought that Divine Lord Jiu Xiao would come right when their Grandmaster was about to make a breakthrough? They knew he was up to no good.

Clearly, he was here to cause trouble, to wreck havoc!

"What now?" Mu Cai Feng said as she looked at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng's face was riddled with uncertainty. All of the masters in the sect were already gathered to conjure a large barrier formation to safeguard their Grandmaster.

The quartet, who were considered some of the strongest cultivators in their generation, were tasked to patrol the ocean.

Despite this, they were inexperienced, and in the face of adversity, even Yang Feng was a little lost.

However, he knew he had to remain calm as he was a senior to the rest.

"Cai Feng, after this, rush back and let everyone know of what happened, I'll bring Little Seven and Old Six to deal with him first," ordered Yang Feng.

"That's too dangerous!" Cai Feng protested, she hated herself for harboring the ominous thoughts before that.

Her well wishes never came true, and ironically, this time, her ominous thoughts did.

Trouble was coming straight at them.

"The four of you have no business being here, so stop your useless mumbling over there. Your Grandmaster already knows that I have come. Do not move an inch, or i might accidentally kill you later, don't say that I didn't warn you," Divine Lord Jiu Xiao laughed maniacally.

This time, he did not even use any telepathic powers, he only spoke.

His voice was just like rolling thunder, shaking the earth and the heavens.

His entire body radiated, giving off a blinding light that did not allow them to catch a glimpse how he looked like.

Divine Lord Jiu Xiao now saw Chu Yu from tens of miles away, statue-like as before.

This piqued his interest, and he said, "Hey hey, there's even a human here?".

In a flash, he appeared in front of Chu Yu.

"This is bad, that man is going to meet his demise!" Cai Feng said with a face of worry.

"What has his death gotta do with us?" Little Seven pouted.

"Don't be like that Little Seven, that's not nice at all!" Cai Feng frowned.

Little Seven sniggered and said, "Come on Senior Cai Feng, you're too compassionate, all humans are evil, none of them are good. It's not like you haven't been chased down by one of their kind before.".

"That doesn't mean that all of them are evil now, does it? In any tribe or race, there are always the good and the bad," Cai Feng replied.

Little Seven wanted to continue, but his attention turned to the situation at hand.

Divine Lord Jiu Xiao had come in front of Chu Yu, and without a word, he reached out and grabbed him by the collar.

His hands were just like the claws of an eagle- thin and sharp, they were not human-like at all.

His palm was shrouded in the same light that radiated from his body, obscuring it from the view of normal beings.

What wicked behaviour!

Even in the normal world, this would not have been tolerated, as it was an extremely provocative gesture.

In the world of cultivation, this gesture basically meant an outright attack.


A strong aura erupted from Chu Yu's body.

His white hair danced wildly in the wind.

His cold lips uttered a single word, "Scram!".

Far away, a sense of realisation swept through Cai Feng’s mind, "So he wasn't a mute...".

Divine Lord Jiu Xiao was now enraged. A twisted smile appeared on his face, and his telepathic power was ferocious.

"Are you seeking death you measly human?!" He sneered.

The energy in his hands intensified and crackled.

Even though there were no lightning formed, the scene was equally as terrifying.


A blade of light ignited.

The light blinded the quartet who were standing at a distance, some of them could not even open their eyes.

In their hearts, they all thought that Chu Yu was finished.

Divine Lord Jiu Xiao was a veteran and his ability was top notch among the Divine Lords!

Similar to their grandmaster, he could very soon step into the legendary emperor realm.

On the other hand, Chu Yu, who looked like he was just a teenager, seemed helpless. Even if he had begun cultivating in his mother's womb, he could not do much to react.

Little seven was gloating, "The best would be for both parties to get injured, but its a pity, that human is destined to die... serves him right for acting all high and mighty!".

An ear-piercing shriek shook the earth.

The group of four stood there, rooted to the ground, shell shocked at the scene that just unfolded.

Divine Lord Jiu Xiao's arm was severed!


Their jaws dropped and they could only watch like marble statues.

The shock was so immense that their hands and feet went cold, numbing their scalp.

They could not believe what they were seeing.

Chu Yu uttered once again, "Scram!".

"You imbecile! I'll kill you!" Divine lord Jiu Xiao bickered, now enraged to the brink of insanity.

How could he let a mere human cut him, let alone severe an entire arm? The thought of it was preposterous.

A powerful energy surged through his body, and a new arm regenerated in place of the severed one immediately.

A terrifying energy now danced wildly around him.

He was just like the sun, with incredible heat pouring out of him.

A deep hole formed in the water below his feet- it was almost a few hundred metres deep!

The once calm ocean now had a hole at it's core.


Divine Lord Jiu Xiao began his attack and charged at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu, as if without control over his body, utilized the technique he had just used to destroy the Butterfly Dance Immortal's Nascent God.

Under all the negative emotions and anguish, he had unintentionally created a new blade technique with a fundamental skill he discovered after dissecting various techniques across several sects.

The power of the technique with regards to its ability to manipulate and evolve energy was immeasurable.

Divine God Jiu Xiao was enveloped in a flurry of blades.

In front of Chu Yu's blade, even the almighty Divine God Jiu Xiao seemed brittle and weak.

Divine Lord Jiu Xiao had to whip out one of his Divine Lord Magic equipment to counter Chu Yu's attack, but before he could use it, Chu Yu slashed down on it.


A horrifying boom erupted and resonated all around the ocean.

Among the group of four who were watching from afar, three of them started bleeding from their mouths and noses.

The only one that did not was the prideful Little Seven, who was completely knocked out!

"RETREAT!" shouted Yang Feng as he grabbed Little Seven and started turning away.

Cai Feng and Old Six struggled and followed behind him.

Divine God Jiu Xiao's magical equipment was shattered into smithereens.

Chu Yu then swung his blade at him, with a dazzling energy that was out of this world.

Divine God Jiu Xiao was beaten to a pulp.

He never thought that this young human would be so frightening, not even in his dreams.

He was now full of regret. His sole reason for coming here was to find Divine God Xiao Qiao, why did he have to incur the wrath of another foe?

As a last resort, he unleashed all of his power, but to no avail.

His arm was severed by Chu Yu's blade.

Crimson blood flowed out like a stream of waterfall.

Divine Lord Jiu Xiao writhed in pain and screamed uncontrollably.

His hand did not regenerate immediately as he had used up too much energy in the battle.

Stepping back, he howled in shame, "This is a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!".
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