Chapter 314: The Sword

Chapter 314: The Sword
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Chu Yu arrived at the depths of the ocean.

He was not actually moved by what Legendary Empress Xiao Qiao had said, but rather, he subconsciously felt that he needed do something.

As a result, he returned to this place.

He arrived at that giant hive, deep into the unchartered trenches of the ocean.

There was some strong reaction by his vertical eye, which meant that the sword, or a very powerful object, was within the vicinity.

However, Chu Yu could not sense its exact location.

Even with the guidance of his vertical eye, he could not sense anything.

It looked like the Crane Saint went to great means to hide the sword at a well concealed location.

Based on Chu Yu's own abilities, the chances of him finding the sword looked slim.

He calmed himself down and followed the writings on the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, attempting to decipher it bit by bit.

The Crane Saint was meticulous in his work.

Even if one possessed the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture and could decipher it, it would take more than a short while before he could find the sword.

The scripture was a only a lead, the true location of the sword was hidden within it.

Chu Yu spent three whole days attempting to decipher the scripture.

His mind was immersed in the scripture and it’s writings.

Previously, he thought that the techniques within it were not difficult to master, but upon closer analysis, he discovered that it was actually extremely versatile and mysterious.

Within it, an imaginable power was hidden.

Originally, Chu Yu’s attempts to decipher the scripture were fuelled by his desire to find the location of the sword, but now, after immersing himself in the techniques within the scripture, he had virtually forgotten it.

Three days later, Chu Yu finally opened his eyes. That once vacant expression was now gone, and he was now beaming.

After a short silence, he said to himself, "So that’s how it is…".


After saying this, he reached out and pressed on something in the space in front of him.

A stone wall began opening up beneath his feet.

This did not happen by chance, the opening of the wall required the complete enlightenment and understanding of the meaning of the scripture.

Chu Yu went down the stone steps that had formed. Looking over his shoulder, he saw that the water outside had been blocked from entering the opening of the stone wall by some barrier.

As he ventured deeper, the walls on both sides of the stone steps began radiating.

A magnificent hall greeted him at the end of the steps.

It looked ancient, and it was hard to believe that it was part of a palace built at the deepest parts of the ocean.

Chu Yu proceeded in and realized that there was not a single pillar in sight- the hall was virtually carved out of a giant boulder.

The four walls were all made of stone, but they were very linear. Images of mountains, birds, animals and humans were carved on them. The images were all rather bizarre.

Chu Yu was able to identify some of them, but for most of the images, Chu Yu had never even seen the things depicted in them before.

The creatures in the carvings looked rather clumsy, but they had an unexplainable spiritual essence.

They gave Chu Yu the feeling that they could jump out of the walls at any moment.

At Chu Yu’s current level of ability, he could only understand just a bit of the writings that were on the walls.

He knew that these carvings were not simple.

The hall was very spacious- the ceiling was at least a hundred meters high, and the lighting was as bright as day.

The ceiling consisted of a mosaic of stars and a sun which radiated a burning light. Chu Yu did not know what these were made out of.

There was even a moment, when Chu Yu raised his head to look up, where he felt that they were all real.

The feeling disappeared almost as fast as it had come, and after observing the ceiling in detail, he realised that it depicted a constellation foreign to him.

It did not match any of the constellations he knew.

This was a mysterious and ancient place, and he did not know why the Crane Saint had not left any record or mention of it in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

At the end of the hall was a table made of limestone.

It looked a little roughed up, like a block of limestone supported upon two legs of smaller blocks of limestone.

Sitting quietly on the table was a sword.

The sword was three foot three in length, and 1.3 inches in diameter.

There was no sheath!

A light flashed across Chu Yu’s eyes.

He knew that this was the sword the Butterfly Dance Immortal had shown him.

But there was a sheath on the drawing of the sword that she had shown him.

The one before him however, was one without a sheath.

"Could it be that someone from the Mirror Dimension knows about this sword? Could the sword have appeared in front of the eyes of people before?" Chu Yu mumbled to himself.

That seemed to be the only possible explanation. The sword could have had a great history behind it.

Chu Yu walked over, reached out his hand, and picked the sword up.

There was no difficulty in doing so.

The Crane Saint’s intention of leaving the sword here was a simple one- he did not wish for his future generations to get a hold of the sword at a time where they did not have the power to control it and create danger instead.

The ability to enter this place was a sufficient indication of skill, and therefore, there was no need for any further concealment.

The sword was light, and after studying it in detail, Chu Yu could find no name on the sword.

The sword was exceptionally sharp despite going through countless ordeals, withstanding the test of time.

It truly was a piece divine equipment!

"No wonder the Crane Saint did not discover anything about this sword after obtaining it for many years," Chu Yu thought to himself as he studied the sword.

Apart from its sharpness, he could not feel any other divine properties from the sword at all.

The ability to hurt Saints was enough to show that it was a divine item.

At that time, the Crane Saint did not need this sword, so he left it here for many years.

"The Crane Saint said that this sword has a hidden power, I wonder what it is?" said Chu Yu as he furrowed his brows, unable to feel the presence of this power.

He tried analyzing the sword further with the superclass.

This incurred a terrifying reaction from the sword, Chu Yu felt as if the energy and blood in his body were boiling in a flurry.


He coughed up a handful of blood.

A frightened look flashed across Chu Yu’s eyes.

The Superclass passed on to him by saints was unable to analyse the powers of this sword?

And even made him vomit blood?

Some of the blood he had spit out was stained on the blade of the sword, but in an instant, the blood was quickly absorbed into the blade!

"This…" Chu Yu was taken aback, he did not understand what had just happened.

An ominous thought went through his mind, " what if the blade requires a blood sacrifice?".


All of a sudden, a horrendous energy seeped out of the sword.

This was sword qi, real sword qi!

It blasted straight out of the depths of the hall and into the depths of the ocean.

After which, the sword qi flew towards the heavens along the pacific ocean.

The Sword Qi was grand and almighty, blasting off into space in a flash.

In an instance, on earth, many people from ancient and mysterious areas opened their eyes.

Some entities that have had their eyes shut for countless years had divine light spewing out of their eyes as if they were omniscient.

They all looked towards the pacific ocean.

The faces of these entities were full of shock.

Around the entire pacific ocean, countless ancient runes lit up and ascended into the depths of outer space.

What Chu Yu did not know was that this sword qi rushed to a place that he had heard of, but had never been to before.

The bastion of stars!

At a distance of a few billion light years away from earth, a vast amount of chaotic energy was trapped there.

It was just like an ancient prehistoric land with no end in sight.

Casted in gold by God, the Bastion of Stars idled there, bathing in the chaotic energy.

On this side of the Bastion, there were clusters of ancient palaces.

Among them, there were signs of human activity.

On the other side of the Bastion, there were also clusters of ancient palaces, as well as some creatures.

As the Sword qi travelled across space and time and appeared here in an instance, all of the creatures on both sides of the bastion were startled.

Cautiously, they looked up and towards the direction of the vanished sword qi.

At the same time, many of them opened their mouths and said, "The sword… is born!".

They only uttered this sentence, but countless of people, on both sides of the bastion, had eyes lit up and their thoughts mixed.

The sword disappeared as fast as it had appeared.

It had only stayed for a moment.

Stunned, Chu Yu held on to this ancient sword.

At that moment, holding that sword, he felt as if a bloodline connection was formed between him and the sword.

It was as if the sword had become a part of his body!

The feeling was intriguing, and a new technique was born in Chu Yu’s head.

Chu Yu was very talented- regardless of the type of technique, he had always successfully mastered it without any pressure.

Even though The Monkey often called him stupid, in reality, he was pretty satisfied with Chu Yu’s performance.

Chu Yu himself felt that his talent was undeniable, even if it was not the best, it was definitely something.

But at that present moment, Chu Yu doubted himself.

He could not comprehend this technique.

The technique’s intricacies were all in his mental consciousness, but he could not recognise any of the words that described the technique.

It did not belong to any language he knew, and it was not an ancient divine script as well.

Every single word carried an immense energy, and he was getting to know them now.

Because of the bloodline connection with the sword he had just felt, the technique was plunged straight into his mind, allowing him to see them after a while.

But he could not understand any of it!

Not a single word!

This made him feel extremely defeated.

"Why do I feel like I’m illiterate?" Chu Yu mumbled to himself.

An idea popped into his head. In a second, he shrank the sword multiple times and allowed it to flow inside his bloodstream until it entered his Dantian, where it laid down.

Another idea popped into his head, and at lightning speed, the sword reappeared in his hand.

"This is interesting!" Chu Yu thought to himself.

Following this, in a flash, he left the ancient palace.

In the next moment, he appeared on the surface of the pacific ocean.

Faraway, Legendary Empress Xiao Qiao, along with her sect members, stood in mid air, with their heads all turned towards Chu Yu with a shell shocked expression.

They were stunned by the sword qi that had been released just now.

An elder from the Cold Water Sect looked at Chu Yu, who had just emerged from the bottom of the ocean, and whispered to Legendary Empress Xiao Qiao, "Grandmaster, that young man, he must’ve obtained a powerful creation…".

Shaking her head, she replied, "He is the benefactor of our Sect! Don’t harbor any ill intentions towards him.".

The Elder gave a wry smile and did not continue speaking, looking at Chu Yu as he did before.

Chu Yu rushed to Legendary Empress Xiao Qiao and nodded his head, after which, he ascended into the sky, and vanished into space in an instance.

She gave a soft sigh and turned to address Yang Feng, Mu Cai, Little Six and Seven, and other younger members of the Cold Water Sect, "After today, if you see this man again, greet him as you would greet me, we are of the same status!".

The Sect members were all puzzled, and seeing this, she continued, "His level of cultivation will soon catch up to mine, even if you can’t befriend him, never do anything that will make him your foe.".
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