Chapter 318: To the East

Chapter 318: To the East
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While Chu Yu was quietly teaching in this small village, the outside world was undergoing huge changes, and everyday there were countless updates.

The most active agents of change were those in the younger generations who came from renowned Sects and clans.

After all, it was easier for younger people to accept changes to the status quo.

But the most recent news was that of the Son of God of the west personally coming to the east.

A few of the major Sects welcomed him with open arms.

"Our world is a single entity, in this day and age, it seems outdated that we still segregate between the east and the west," said master Li Feng Mang from the Truth Ancient Sect.

"The East and the West… The differences are mild, namely the different races, and the lack of transportation systems between us has made it tough for us to interact. Today, these obstacles no longer exist, and I feel that my fellow practitioner Li Feng Mang puts it very well," said master Bai Sha Ren from the Southern Sky School to the interviewer.

"I still feel that although the world of cultivation is not global yet, there are global cultivators. I am a descendent of China and always will be. If a foreign friend arrives I will welcome him with good wine, but if its an enemy, I won’t have any of it," said master Cao Jian Jia of the Ancient Rainfall Sect.

Master Li Xiao Xiao of the Shang Qing Sect agreed with this and said, "In the past and today, China was always central, I was born a secular child, and even though I am a member of my Sect, I am first and foremost, a chinese.".

Two different opinions which encapsulated the two different attitudes towards the issue.

There were no international boundaries in the minds of Li Feng Mang and Bai Sha Ren, to them, cultivation was the unifying factor of utmost importance.

National pride and segregation were only required by those narrow minded seculars.

Cultivators were all seeking immortality, so why bother about all these?

As Li Xiao Xiao said, China, from the past and even now, was the heart of the world.

In that case, all of China’s cultivators were naturally chinese!

What good does insisting on this identity do? Does it prove that one is superior? Does it show that one is of higher social status?


Especially in ancient times, when there were differences between Sects, there were numerous wars between the East and the West.

It was only the appearance of the Mirror Dimension that banded all cultivators together.

In the eyes of Saints, the solar system was the same, this was the overarching sentiment.

But younger cultivators needed to have a different understanding.

As Li Xiao Xiao had said, if the foreigner was a friend, they would welcome him with open arms, but if he was an enemy, they would not hesitate to raise their swords.

A western Son of God coming to the East? What was he masquerading about?

Fatty thought that way as well.

He and Casarina were both enraged by his coming to the East.

She had already received information from her sources that he had killed numerous people in a fit of anger.

It was not only her family, but even his slaves, who were murdered by him.

His trip to the east was definitely not for friendly interaction.

It was to capture her!

A few elders from the Thief Sect advised the two of them to take the chance and get revenge.

But they knew that the Son of God possessed unimaginable powers, of which they could not fight against.

"Regarding Grandmaster’s leave of absence this time around, I don’t know when will he be back," said an elder of the Sect.

He continued and warned Fatty, "So please don’t feel that you have the backing of our Grandmaster and go do something stupid.".

"Where in the world did he go to? Don’t treat me like an outsider you bunch of old men!" said Fatty. He had already asked this question multiple times, but no one would answer him.

"Some things are better left unsaid," replied an elder.

"Not knowing anything isn’t helping either!" said Fatty, in an attempt to fish for an answer.

"Alright alright," said one of the elders as he sighed, "Do you know about the Bastion of Stars?".

"Oh?" said Fatty as he frowned, of course he knew about it!

But because Chu Yu himself did not know much, Fatty did not know much either.

"You know about it?!" said the elder with a shocked look.

Fatty, pleased with himself, nodded his head and said, "Of course I do!".

"Ah, then I won’t go on since you know about it," said the elder.


"Don’t be like that elder!" said Fatty in a panic, deep down inside, he was very curious about this place.

According to legend, throughout time, countless sages have gathered there, it had to be an overbearing place!

Fatty smiled and looked at the elder carefully.

"What?" Fatty had already expected this answer, but when the elder said it, he still felt abit of shock.

The elder sighed and said, "That Divine Gold Cast on the bastion, god knows how much Saint Blood it has contaminated, to be honest, I am a little worried for Grandmaster.".

Fatty quietened down, he knew that that was not a place for fun and games.

Even those Saints who seemed immortal faltered when they went there.

It was an everlasting struggle, even until today, there was no need to seek reason for going there.

"The saving grace is that over the past few years, the battles there have become less frequent. They probably called him there to find out about the current state of the solar system," said the elder.

Fatty nodded his head and asked, "Could you tell me more about the happenings there?".

The elder rolled his eyes and replied, "I haven’t been there before, how would I know anything about the happenings there?".

Fatty turned around, raised a middle finger quietly and flew away. 

Not because he intended to, but because he was kicked in the ass by the elder.

The elder roared, "You little rabbit, you’re getting out of hand aren’t you, but you better remember this, no going out!".

"I know, I’m not that sneaky, I would never go out and let myself die," said Fatty sheepishly as he wiped the dust off his body.

The elder when back into his room and gathered his thoughts " The Bastion of Stars, tens of thousands of light years away, what has it got to do with me? Tsk, what does he know, I want to chop off the heads of those western hounds as much as he does!".

Fatty went back, the look of humour on his face disappeared, and he looked serious.

"The Bastion of Stars, one day, I will definitely go there," he said to himself.

At the Devil’s Capital, a private club for the super rich.

A luxurious and grand gathering was being held.

A large number of young talented cultivators were gathered here, there were even celebrities from the fashion world as well.

It was obvious that the interactions between the cultivation world and the secular one were getting more extensive.

In the past, these gatherings would have been impossible, but now, these girls were exchanging flirtatious glances with these powerful young men from the world of cultivation.

The Son of God enjoyed this setting, his physical qualities attracted many of the younger girls.

But there were few who dared to approach him, they could only admire him from afar.

Li Feng Mang smiled and offered a cup of red wine to the Son of God and said, "Son of God, how is it? The East is not bad isn’t it?".

The Son of God smiled and said, "Li, I deeply appreciate your hospitality, the East is great!".

"Do let me know if any girl here is to your liking," said Li Feng Mang confidently.

After all, he was the host tonight, and this luxurious club was the property of the Truth Ancient Sect.

The girls here were all carefully handpicked by members of the Sect.

There were some preparations done as well…

The Son of God looked around and smiled.

"Thank you for your kindness, but my trip to the east this time is for only one purpose, once that is achieved, I will return to the west and you can visit anytime!" he invited Li Feng Mang.

Li Feng Mang smiled and said, "You’re too polite, regarding your visit, could you tell me a bit more? If I can help in any way I would be more than willing to do so.".

The Son of God smiled happily and replied, "With your words I am relieved, actually, even if I do not say anything, you probably have already heard some rumours. This is an internal issue, I’m a bit embarrassed to mention it.".

Li Feng Mang laughed, "Everyone here is family, there’s nothing to be ashamed about, what you mentioned, I think I do know a bit, you might not know this, but those from the thief Sect have a bad reputation in the East. So, feel free to do whatever you want, we won’t cause any trouble for you!".

The Son of God’s purpose of coming to this useless event was precisely this!

Even though he was confident in his abilities, he was not full of himself.

His seniority was much higher than most of the people here, but it was beneficial to appear young as he could strike a chord with the people here.

He knew in his heart that it would be much easier for him to achieve what he wanted if he established connections here.

A large gathering with happy guests, the Son of God laughed along with them and bid them goodbye.

He did not take an interest in any of the girls,after all, he was a man of high standards, and it would take more than a pretty face for him.  

He wanted Casarina! She was a girl he had looked at for many years, and he had to have her!

"Where are you… Casarina? With you, I can increase my powers by at least threefold! So I’m definitely going to find you, there’s no way you can escape!" said the Son of God, as a cold gaze flashed across his secretive eyes.

He took to the skies and began heading to where the Thief Sect resided.
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