Chapter 321: Smart People

Chapter 321: Smart People
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Seeing that Chu Yu was not here to find trouble, the trio heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, they looked at each other with eyes of a tint of disappointment.

How f*cking depressing!

All of them were the top disciples within their schools, which were of the highest status, and yet they were all frightened by a boy with no background or whatsoever.

If word of this got out, it would have been truly embarrassing.

But this guy was too powerful at battle!

No one knew where his powers came from.

The difference between their powers should not have been so stark as it was in reality...

After facing Chu Yu, the three finally understood how the other disciples in their respective sects felt towards them.

On the surface, all of their cultivation levels seemed similar, but the actual difference was like heaven and earth.

It left them in despair!

They prided themselves on being the top of their schools, and were idolized by many.

"What do you want?" asked Li Feng Mang. In his heart, he was extremely relieved, but he still felt a little breathless in front of this young man with white hair.

It was a kind of invisible pressure.

They were all acting high and mighty before this, talking down on Chu Yu before he arrived.

But when Chu Yu actually appeared in front of them, all of them grew nervous.

"Give me a list of all the Major Sects that currently exist in the world of Cultivation," said Chu Yu.

Li Feng Mang's eyes were dazed. In his mind, he had thought of many questions that Chu Yu might have asked. For example, about the Western Son of God, or the Zhou family who had bore a deep grudge against Chu Yu, but he did not expect Chu Yu to ask this question.

And he did not understand why Chu Yu suddenly asked this.

Was this a secret?

It couldn’t be.

In the modern age, on the Internet and other social media platforms, there was a clear list of the Major Sects that existed.

The rankings were also fair and square, with almost everyone's approval.

To come and ask them a simple question, this simply befuddled Li Feng Mang.

"You don't know?" Chu Yu frowned.

"Ah... I, I know, I know!" Li Feng's body shuddered and said.

His lack of composure was appalling, as a senior disciple in the Truth Ancient Sect, he should not have been so afraid, even if the opponent was a Saint.

Still, among the crowd who looked on, not a single one dared to mock him.

Because those people were all overwhelmed by the spiritual pressure of Chu Yu, and they all looked much worse than him.

The image of Chu Yu crushing Zhou Hai with a single foot, like stepping on a chicken’s feather, and breaking his Dan Tian was deeply engraved in their minds.

Even in death they could not forget it!

It was like a demonic nightmare.

"Hurry up, I’m rushing for time," Chu Yu frowned.

Rushing for time?

The silent crowd all thought the same thing in their heads, "What did he want to do after obtaining the list? Go around the world challenging the different Sects to a battle?".

Bai Sha Ren looked at the calm face of Chu Yu and felt a sense of absurdity rise in his heart.

He did not know if such a demonic entity existed in ancient times, but if one did exist in these times, he would only have believed it when he was faced with Chu Yu.

Li Feng Mang, with a pale face, whispered, "In the Chinese spiritual world, there are three Sects whom are considered the strongest, the Tai Ji Sect, the Limitless Sect, and the Twin Disciplines Sect respectively. Since ancient times, they were considered the strongest. Even until now, these three sects have not really assimilated into the world.".

Chu Yu nodded, indeed, these people must have held the most information about the world of cultivation.

It was not that he did know that the Internet already had such a ranking, but how could it compare to the details that these people knew?

For example, regarding the three aforementioned Sects, Chu Yu did look them up on the Internet, but the information there was as good as nothing.

"Explain it in greater detail," remarked Chu Yu.

Li Feng Mang did not know what Chu Yu wanted to do, so he could only nod and agree.

He said, "I don't know much about the details, but I know that the disciples of these schools are quite strong. Moreover, their legacies are pure".

At this time, Ye Yun Luo said, "There are many Saint-level masters accumulated over many years in these sects. Every millennium, it is said that there will be a disciple of unimaginable talent. After so long, the powerful disciples in these Sects are aplenty, like hair on an ox.".

Glancing at Chu Yu, he continued, "If you simple wish to seek a challenge, I recommend that you avoid these three Sects.".

Li Feng Mang and Bai Sha Ren were somewhat dissatisfied, in their hearts, they questioned the loyalty of Ye Yun Luo, which side was he actually on?

Ye Yun Luo sat there casually. Among the trio, in terms of the amount of grudge they had with Chu Yu, he was considerably behind the other two.

Although he did talk down on Chu Yu before that, he did not outrightly insult his honor.

But if the measure was in terms of who wished for Chu Yu to get into harm’s way, he was definitely not the last.

Since Master Li Xiao xiao of the Shang Qing Sect last saw Chu Yu, she had praised Chu Yu on many occasions, and even said that he was truly worthy of being a representative figure of the modern cultivation world.

Good, young, talented, courageous!

As for his looks, it went without saying, even blind people could see that he was dashing.

Although masters may not always wed one of equal status, her heaps on praise on Chu Yu left a bad taste in his mouth.

He was never an intrinsically generous person, hence, he already bore a strong hatred towards Chu Yu in his heart.

But Ye Yun Luo was smart, even though he never crossed paths with Chu Yu, he was able to make an accurate judgement on his character with the experiences others have had with him, and he knew that Chu Yu was a stubborn person.

Such people were always prideful in their bones, no matter how soothful they can be on the surface.

So the more he described the place as a terrifying one, the more Chu Yu would go there!

Proud people were always confident.

Ye Yun Luo was too lazy to explain to the other two about what his true intentions were.

Chu Yu nodded his head and thanked Ye Yun Luo.

At this juncture, most of the people at the club had already noticed Chu Yu and even though some were allies of Li Feng Mang, they were still curious and listened in.

The bustling club quietened down in an instant.

Atmospheres were contagious, and in the blink of an eye, the entire club was quietened down.

Large groups of people had their heads turned towards Chu Yu.

Even those who had nothing to do with cultivation were filled with curiosity.

Li Feng Mang felt that he could not continue like this.

Even though he was seating, and Chu Yu was standing, he could not stomach the thought of having so many people look at him while he talked to Chu Yu like an underling reporting to a superior.  

"Chu Yu my friend, how about we talk about this in a different location?" asked Li Feng Mang, his face burning from embarrassment.

Chu Yu did not make life difficult for him and agreed promptly.

Ye Yun Luo could distinctly tell what was happening and he sighed.

Even though Chu Yu was of an ordinary background, but the pride he possessed was too strong, Li Feng Mang and Bai Sha Ren were nothing in Chu Yu’s eyes, even if they could not tell that this was the case.

Why didn’t they know?

Why were they still foolishly thinking of Chu Yu as an enemy of equal standing?


It was clear that he thought nothing of them, and that included Ye Yun Luo himself, why then was he not angry?

He knew himself well - he was not a peaceful man, and he was easily offended and vengeful in nature.

But now, in front of Chu Yu, he harboured little rage and anger, there was just a tinge of bitterness.  

After this, the group left the club and proceeded to a more private room.

After they left, the club’s atmosphere regained its bustling noise.

But the topic of conversation seemed to revolve around Chu Yu.

"Wasn’t that Chu Yu? Didn’t he have black hair? Why did it turned white and short?"

"Could it be he fell out of love and it hit him too hard?"

There were some who gloated over his possible mishaps, but they were quickly warned.

"Friends, have you all forgotten how Zhou Hai died?"

Those that ridiculed him before that turned pale and shut up.

Those who ran their mouths were everywhere, and Chu Yu was too lazy to even deal with such people.

The happenings here soon found their way onto social media, along with new photos of Chu Yu.

Many who saw Chu Yu’s new appearance felt shocked, along with his family, who grew concern and worried for him.

They did not know what could have happened that made Chu Yu undergo such a physical change.

Some people even posted photos taken from questionable angles, which portrayed the image of Chu Yu standing there with his head lowered in an apology of some sort.

The one who posted it was sly and did not leave any caption.

There was only a heading: A high class club in Shanghai, surprised that we met Prince Chu.

The photo went viral.

Those who did not favour Chu Yu immediately ridiculed him.

"Hahaha, isn’t this the guy who was rumoured to have obtained the Crane Immortal’s Legacy?"

"The Crane Immortal’s legacy, isn’t it tainted now?"

"How could the great Prince Chu lower his almighty head? Is he apologising in shame now?"

"Zhou Yang… look at this, the guy who killed your younger brother has appeared!"

With modern developments, the interactions between the secular world and the world of cultivation has increased tremendously, the xenophobia towards cultivators from humans had decreased considerably as well.  

After all, regardless of whether one possessed powerful martial arts, they were all human, and they were all emotional beings, not cold heartless robots.

Those cultivators who murdered without a word were far and few, and they were often silenced by their more powerful counterparts.

In the private room, Li Feng Mang explained to Chu Yu in great detail about the different factions in the cultivation world.

In here, he was under much less pressure.

After an hour or so, he even offered Chu Yu a toast, and said, "Prince Chu, let bygones be bygones, I’m sorry if I have offended you in the past.".

The other two were surprised, they never thought that Li Feng Mang would ever apologise with that personality of his. 

Li Feng Mang, being a disciple of the Truth Ancient Saint, was not an idiot.

His bratty nature and arrogance was intrinsic, but he definitely was not dumb!

He could tell that Chu Yu was a man who would not move a finger if one did know anger him.

Chu Yu’s sort was not easy to deal with, he was so powerful that even divine lords would have a hard time battling him.

After all, there were no outsiders here, to put on a front and tone down his behaviour, this was the doing of a truly smart man!

"No problem," said Chu Yu lightly as he looked at him.

Li Feng Man heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the television turned on, with news of Chu Yu’s arrival all over the screen.

Li Feng Mang’s face turned pale and he almost dropped the cup in his hands.

"Which idiot leaked these photos out? Find them now! I’m gonna kil him!" he shouted.

After meticulously apologising and trying to absolve the past between him and Chu Yu and then seeing such images and whispers online, how could he not be enraged?  

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