Chapter 324: The Saint Couple

Chapter 324: The Saint Couple
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Once Yi Fan brought Chu Yu inside, he immediately led him into the inner room on the top floor.

After lightly knocking on the door, a young voice from inside said, "Come in.".

Yi Fan mannerfully opened the door, turned to Chu Yu and said, "Go on.".

Chu Yu nodded and entered through the door.

Inside, a young man wearing a green shirt faced the window with his hands behind his back, looking upon the scenery outside.

He turned around and smiled at Chu Yu.

This man’s cultivation level was tremendous!

Chu Yu’s heart could feel it.

Even though he was only a few metres away from Chu Yu, he gave off the feeling that he was a thousand miles away!

If one was to use his divine sense, there was no way he could accurately pinpoint his exact location.

His face was clearly in sight, but Chu Yu knew that once he turned away, he would forget how he looked like immediately.

Chu Yu was a little dumb struck.

Even in front of the Butterfly Dance Immortal, he never felt anything like this!

Could it be that…

Chu Yu greeted him, "Greetings senior, my name is Chu Yu.".

The young man smiled and gestured for Chu Yu to sit down.

After which, he said, " The young people outside really are good looking, I know who you are.".

"Senior, you do?"

"Naturally," replied the young man.

Chu Yu was taken aback. He looked at the young man and asked, "The Tai Ji Sect, isn’t it segregated from the modern world?".

"Just because we’re segregated doesn’t mean we are isolated away from the world," replied the young man casually as he laughed.

Suddenly, he looked at Chu Yu and asked, "You are the heir of the Crane Saint’s legacy?".

Chu Yu gave a wry smile and nodded his head.

The young man became very delighted and said, "That’s terrific! Help me refine a certain medicine, I just need one pill, you can keep the rest!".

Chu Yu was speechless.

What is this? How could he ask for something upon meeting a person?

Wasn’t I the one who came looking for you?

The young man realised that his request was rather abrupt and apologised, "Sorry, I was a little worked up over my concerns.".

After which, he introduced himself, "My name is Shen Xing, an elder of the Tai Ji Sect.".

Even though he looked young, Shen Xing was very old in reality.

But his time on the road of Dao was not that long.

"I started on the path of Dao about three thousand years ago, I even wanted to go to the Bastion of Stars back then," said Shen Xing.

A look of nostalgia took over his face, and he continued, "However, something cropped up and since then, I’ve had to stay here to use saint’s blood to keep a person alive.".

This was the reason why Shen Xing was willing to meet Chu Yu - Because the Crane Saint was known as the King of pills and the Medical Sage.

Chu Yu was shocked, Shen Xing was indeed a Saint!

He knew about the Bastion of Stars, but did not go there as he had to use his blood to keep someone alive…

What was this disease that required Saint’s blood to counteract?

"Many years ago, I’ve even requested the disciples of the Sect to find it, but they could not find any clue or link. The disciples that have assimilated into the modern world have come back and informed me that the Crane Saint’s legacy was linked to someone named Chu Yu…".

"That is why when Yi Fan came and told me that a man named Chu Yu asked to meet, I couldn’t help but wonder if it could be the same person."

His eyes were visibly moved.

What Chu Yu did not know was that this young man held a high position in the Tai Ji Sect, and that normally, he was quiet and reclusive.

This scene, where he had spoken so many words to a stranger, was unprecedented.

Before he met Shen Xing, Yi Fan was bubbly, but after he met him, he himself began to quieten down.

The sole reason why Shen Xing was willing to meet Chu Yu, and the sole reason why he could talk so much and disregard his seniority and status, was because this man was Chu Yu and no one else.

The rumoured heir to the Crane Saint’s legacy.

The one who could possibly cure the person he cared about the most.

Even though there were no guarantees, he would not give up on any hope.

He would seize it.

Because that person was his daughter.

Many years ago, before he walked the road of Dao, Shen Xing fell in love with a woman.

Before he walked the road of Dao, the two married and planned for a child, as it would have been hard to have one once they walked that road.

After getting married, his wife became pregnant with his child.

At that time, Shen Xing was delighted and over the moon, he had lived through many long years and seen many of his loved ones pass on, so this child was like a treasure to him.

Perhaps it was because of this that his mind reached enlightenment, enabling him to improve his level of cultivation tremendously.

While his wife was pregnant, his progression was uncontrollable and went straight to the level of a Saint.

When he went into seclusion to reach that stage, a nemesis of his, who had been observing him for some time, planned to ambush him and stop his progression.

His pregnant wife battled this man to prevent that.

Even though he was turned away, the child suffered as well.

She went into a deep coma upon birth.

"Everyone says that upon becoming a Saint, one was invanquishable and immortal," said Shen Xing.

He continued, "However, when I reached this stage, I realised that there were still too many things that I could not do on my own. This is no enigma, we don’t even need to debate if there’s such a thing as immortality when I can’t even solve the problem with my daughter!".

From his words, Chu Yu understood what Shen Xing had gone through.

Once she was born, she fell into a coma and had never woken up.

Even with his powers, Shen Xing could only awaken the child once every one hundred years, and for only a month at that.

After three thousand years, the poor child had only been awake for about thirty months.

In total, an ‘elderly woman’ who had lived for three thousand years was actually only three years old if one considered the time she was awake.

Chu Yu followed him and left the city for his immortal estate.

He saw the poor child.

A little girl who had lived for over three thousand years.

She was beautiful, and looked like a porcelain doll.

She was in her deep slumber.

Chu Yu met Shen Xing’s partner as well, a female saint!

In one day, Chu Yu had met two extremely powerful Saints.

But in front of him, they were like an ordinary couple who seeked the cure to their child’s sickness.

"Will it really work?" asked Shen Xing’s wife, Fei Xue, who was a beauty herself.

She was tall and had smooth white skin, with brows like those in a drawing and a warm and gentle personality. If Chu Yu did not know that she was a saint, it would have been hard to believe that she was one.

Chu Yu checked the condition of their daughter, Drizzle Sheng, and furrowed his brows.

The problem with her was a big one indeed.

If she was normal, she would have possessed immense talent.

A child with such parents, how could she have been any less?

She was gifted with blood lineage and her bones were invigorated in her mother’s womb.

This was where the problem began.

Sheng Xing treated this child too well back then, he literally used everything precious he could find on her.

If she was born without harm, she would definitely have been a true talent.

Perhaps she would have already reached the level of her parents today!

This was because Chu Yu found out that despite all these limitations, she had already come close to the level of true lord in her three years awake.

A three year old who had never trained her cultivation was actually at the peaks of the supreme realm!

A nascent soul slept in her dan tian, and it radiated brightly.

He knew that it was of a high grade!

And yet, this was the untouched product.

But the problem laid here as well.

Her veins and blood vessels were weak, but the force that coursed through them was unimaginably strong.

Chu Yu could see that her father had laid down countless seals in her body!

Saint blood was keeping her blood vessels intact as well.

If not for these, the problem would have aggravated much earlier.

Chu Yu was speechless. In three thousand years, she was only awake for three of them.

Her level of cultivation within this short time would render anyone speechless.

How ironic was it that she could improve her cultivation without training, and yet this was the fatal flaw in her sickness.

Many of her blood vessels were already merged, and once she awakened, the vast energy would uncontrollably increase her level of cultivation.

Once it reached a certain level, the pressure would be too immense for her blood vessels, and they would inevitably burst.

Even God could not save her then.

As of that moment, she was soon reaching that crucial point.

According to Chu Yu’s estimation, it would come when she reached the true lord stage.

Shen Xing and Fei Xue could not suppress it for much longer either.

No wonder Shen Xing immediately asked him for help without introducing himself.

Chu Yu looked at Shen Xing and asked, "What on earth did you use back then on your child? How did it come to this extent?".

"I never thought that this would happen," said Shen Xing with an awkward expression.

Beside him, Xue Fei said softly, "I’m to blame as well, I wanted to give her all of the best things in the world, who knew that this would ultimately harm her instead.".

Chu Yu looked at them and asked, "Is there no master in pill refinement in the Tai Ji Sect?".

Logically speaking, there should have been one given then Sect’s long and profound history.

"There are many, but only the Crane Saint can refine the pill that we need here," replied Shen Xing.

Chu Yu furrowed his brows on thought about it. After which, he looked at Shen Xing and said, "I know what you are talking about, but to be frank, I’m not confident that I can do it.".

The Pill of heavenly pulse!

One of the divine pills in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

Only this could solve the problem that plagued their daughter.
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