Chapter 327: Refining the Pill of Heavenly Pulse

Chapter 327: Refining the Pill of Heavenly Pulse
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Shen Xing pointed at the Immortal Crane Furnace, which turned from a bright gold color to a deep grey color, and asked with a face of doubt, "This is your pill furnace?".

Following this, Shen Xing’s body trembled a little and some blood dripped down the side of his lips.

"Ah? Are you alright?" asked Chu Yu, a little taken aback, as he remembered that the mysterious lines and patterns on the Immortal Crane Furnace could not be looked upon lightly.

Shen Xing’s eyes were like a deep dark abyss and it took awhile before he could recover.

"The lines and patterns on this furnace.. They’re so strange!" remarked Shen Xing, surprised by what had happened.

Chu Yu was surprised as well, before this, the Worm King was the only one who had a similar reaction.

He never imagined that even a real saint could not look at it.

Chu Yu on the other hand, could look at it without incurring any violent reaction.

Maybe it was just because of his lower level of cultivation…

After all, he had never felt any awakening of any sorts after looking at the lines and patterns on the furnace. He only thought that they were a little irregular, but he could not tell why.

"This is the Immortal Crane Furnace," said Chu Yu.

"How can this be? I was a disciple of the Crane Saint as well, don’t lie to me," said Shen Xing with a face of doubt.

Chu Yu laughed and said, "There was once where I barely escaped death and entered a ferocious land. There, the furnace changed its form and took on this appearance. When it leaves my Dan Tian, it will be gold in color and it will radiate a bright gold light. After some work, it will turn into a deep grey color. There was once where a Legendary Emperor looked at the patterns on the furnace and suffered a violent reaction.".

"Thats weird… Before this, I’ve never felt any divine properties from the Immortal Crane Furnace," said Shen Xing as he furrowed his brows. He stared at the furnace for a long time, but did not look at the lines and patterns in detail this time.

"I can’t tell, I really can’t. Maybe an old veteran saint would be able to tell," said Shen Xing, puzzled by it.

After this, he looked at Chu Yu sternly and said, "Forget it, regarding this matter, I suggest you don’t let outsiders know. I can feel that this furnace is not normal, keep this a secret, or it’ll cause you a lot of trouble for sure!".

"The best would be to… Forget it, let me do it. I’ll cast it over again and add a new layer on it to let it look more normal," suggested Shen Xing.

To think that this furnace possessed the ability to incite such a strong reaction in him after simply glancing at the object, and it even made him cough up some blood.

It had to be a mythical immortal equipment.

As to how it landed in Chu Yu’s hands, that was puzzling indeed.

Chu Yu looked at Shen Xing and nodded his head, "Thank you for that then.".

"Young man, you’re too honest. Greed resides in the hearts of everyone, in the later stages of your life, you have to remember what I’ve told you about showing your abilities and saying the things you want to say.".

Chu Yu nodded his head in silence.

Shen Xing continued, "Remember this, even Saints have a selfish part of them. This furnace… nevermind, after refining the pill, I’ll give it an outer layer. In the future, when your level of cultivation has surpassed mine, you can study it then.".

Shen Xing then sent a signal to Fei Xue, asking her to guard this place from the outside with a barrier formation.

Chu Yu began refining the pill.

Under normal circumstances, the lowest requirement for one to refine the Pill of Heavenly Pulse was that one had to be a Legendary Emperor.

Chu Yu’s level of cultivation was below that of a Divine Lord. Even with the energy accumulated in his body, which allowed him to fight on par with Divine Lords, there was a huge gap between him and the Legendary Emperor realm.

This was why he had to rely on Shen Xing’s powers.

First, he extracted the Divine Dissolving Liquid from the furnace.

Shen Xing looked at the bubbling green liquid as his eyelids twitched, not saying a word.

In his heart he thought, "This kid isn’t short on the good stuff either.".

From his storage ring, Chu Yu took out some powerful medical herbs and used them as the foundation for the pill.

Shen Xing remained silent as he looked at these herbs, but his eyes revealed that he was moved.

Even though these herbs could not compare to the three main herbs, they were still priceless treasures!

Yet, Chu Yu had used them without asking for anything in return.

What a pure heart!

He was too innocent!

Shen Xing thought to himself, "I have to look after him well in the future.".

This young man was a true talent, but in his life, Shen Xing had seen too many so called geniuses or god sent talents like him fall.

This was why he did not like to label people geniuses or god sent talents.

But this young man in front of him was truly a genius!

It was even a little too abnormal.

Shen Xing did not know how powerful Chu Yu was in battle, but by watching him refine the pill, he could tell that Chu Yu was, as the Crane Saint said, "One that was gifted enough to walk the path of pill refinement".

Chu Yu started a flame, which had been harnessed in Chu Yu’s Dan Tian all this while, and it had undergone a large change.

Its power had increased by an enormous amount.

Even Shen Xing could feel the traces of threat coming from the flame.

Which meant that Chu Yu’s flame could affect beings at the Saint level!

That did not mean that it could burn Saints to death, but it could definitely hurt them.

Under the influence of the flame, the furnace heated up quickly.

Chu Yu followed this up by dissolving the powerful herbs.

After an hour or so, Chu Yu suddenly said, "Put the Manticore Grass in!".

Shen Xing had been prepared for a long time, and immediately tossed the Manticore Grass into the furnace.

In the process, the seals that were on the Manticore Grass began flying out in all directions, creating a powerful rune that sealed the surroundings.

These were all legitimate runic seal scripts of the highest quality, and Shen Xing had used them to their maximum capabilities.

The unsealed Manticore Grass transformed into a terrifying beast in an instant.

It was like a tiger with two wings on its back and its entire body gave off a horrifying energy.

It was like a ferocious beast that had walked out of ancient myths and legends!


The beast let out an earth shattering roar.

Chu Yu gazed at it and shouted, "Suppress it!", as his hands began forming seals.

Before Chu Yu said this, beams of light had already begun erupting out of Shen Xing’s body.

These beams of light interacted with the runes in the sky and formed a formidable cage.

After which, Shen Xing raised his palm and slapped the monster.

"Get in!"


An invisible but incomparably horrendous force overcame the manticore’s body.

This bunch of Manticore Grass had been sealed for too many years. Even though its medicinal properties were not diminished, its power was not was great as it was in its prime.

It went straight into the furnace after receiving the slap from Shen Xing.

"Seal it!" shouted Chu Yu as he opened his vertical eye and shot out a ray of energy.

Shen Xing used his saintly powers at the side and helped Chu Yu with sealing the furnace.

The Immortal Crane Furnace shook and instantly let out waves of tremors, accompanied by thunderous roars.

It was incomparably berserk!

With a serious expression, Chu Yu began to form seals with his hands without stopping.

A top tier Pill Master’s greatest strength, apart from being an expert in pills, was his ability to dissolve any medical herb once it entered the furnace no matter how powerful it was, provided that the furnace lid was not forcefully opened.

At his current level of cultivation, Chu Yu did not possess the ability to suppress the Manticore Grass completely.

But with Shen Xing by his side, he could do it.

No matter how much the Manticore Grass struggled in the furnace, it could not escape.

It could only howl as it slowly got dissolved by Chu Yu.

The Manticore slowly became smaller and finally, it reverted back to its original state.

As it dissolved, its ferocious and horrifying power was slowly extracted.

Its power was so great!

If its power was let out all at once, it was enough to morph a barren star into one teeming with life.

This was the sheer power of the upper echelons of divine medical herbs.

After three hours or so, the rattling from the Manticore Grass finally subsided.

Shen Xing heaved a sigh of relief.

Chu Yu warned him, "Stay focused, don’t relax.".

As he said this, a tremendous energy came off the Immortal Crane Furnace as it shook violently.

Chu Yu turned pale as his hands rapidly formed seals, dishing out several sealing incantations and talisman papers continuously.

Shen Xing hurriedly used his Saintly powers again to suppress the herb, and after a few minutes, the violent shaking subsided.

Looking at the pale Chu Yu with a face of apology, Shen Xing said, "I thought…".

"Hold on, before I give you the signal, you must suppress the lid of the furnace," said Chu Yu sternly.

Shen Xing nodded solemnly.

Another four hours passed and Chu Yu’s face was beginning to show signs of fatigue.

This was the other reason as to why he was not confident in refining the pill.

Even with the help of a saint like Shen Xing, Chu Yu had to use a vast amount of energy to refine the pill.

Calmly, he took out a few pills and swallowed them. In a short while, his faced regained its color and he looked well.

Because Chu Yu had not given the signal, Shen Xing maintained his suppression of the furnace.


Rays of bright golden light shot out from the Immortal Crane Furnace, and the mysterious patterns on it became clear in a instant.

It was like a vast world existed within the lines and patterns.

A crazed energy wave erupted from within the furnace once again.

It was clear that divine herbs such as the Manticore Grass would not go down so easily.

Even if it was a plant, it had the consciousness to not want to die.

But it could not escape its fate.

The Manticore Grass used its remaining power in attempt to turn the tables, but to no avail, and the struggle stopped.

"The Tensui Twig," instructed Chu Yu.

Shen Xing could finally take a break, but he knew that the next battle was coming!

Looking at Chu Yu, he finally understood what the Crane Saint once said: "The road of Pill Refinement is paved upon talent. Without talent there will not be a future. Even with immense talent, once has to possess sheer perseverance to succeed. Those who give up easily would never achieve anything.".

Even he, a saint, felt tired after suppressing the pill, but Chu Yu remained calm and unflustered.

He was truly admirable!

In actual fact, if it was up to Chu Yu to suppress the lid of the furnace by himself, he would have been in big trouble long ago.

He was not calm at all!

Refining a saint-level pill at the level of Divine Lord, was it something achievable with raw talent and perseverance alone?

Without the aid of a saint, the answer was clear.

After tossing the Tensui Twig into the furnace, a tremor, similar to that of the Manticore Grass, resounded.

Shen Xing was now smarter from his previous experience, and he could find the crucial point more accurately.

Lastly, the Purple and Gold Ginseng was tossed in.

The struggle with the Purple and Gold Ginseng was unexpectedly more ferocious than the Manticore Grass.

Moreover, it was immensely violent!

Listening to the thunderous crackles in the furnace, Shen Xing even wondered if the other medical herbs could have been crushed and exploded because of this.

Thankfully, that was not the case.

Seven days later, the Pill of Heavenly Pulsel was finally refined.
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