Chapter 329: The three thousand year old girl

Chapter 329: The three thousand year old girl
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Even a thousand words could not have described Shen Xing’s feelings in that moment. Until the end, he could only say that one word. Even though it was not as abstract as his feelings were, it sufficiently expressed his thoughts.

Other than the word "incredible", Shen Xing truly did not know how to describe the Pill that had just been refined.

As a Saint, even if his prowess in pill refinement was not much, he had many experiences in the area.

This was truly a perfect refinement of a top tier pill!

But… why was it so ugly?

Chu Yu looked at Shen Xing with an innocent look and said, "Actually, this pill looks much better than the other pills that I have refined before….".

Shen Xing almost vomited blood at what Chu Yu had said.

This… was much… better looking?

He wanted to ask Chu Yu how the pills looked when they were ugly, but following his logical mind, he did not.

He did not want to see a pill uglier than this.

"Master Crane Saint… Even though he never personally guided you in pill refinement, but this method of inspection… if I’m not wrong, is one of the fundamentals of pill refinement right?" asked Chu Yu.

Shen Xing looked and Chu Yu with a face of doubt and said, "Controlling flames and Inspection, they’re fundamentals, after that comes the identification of medicine, quantification, deduction and other deeper knowledge.".

"You’re right," said Chu Yu as he nodded his head. "But the problem is, when I was learning how to refine pills, no one taught me how to inspect. On the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, there was only the art of pill condensation, but not inspection…".

"..." Shen Xing was speechless.

Perhaps the Crane Saint, being a saint, did not consider the fact that his heir would not know the basic fundamentals if Pill Refinement.

"Afterwards, when I could learn about those fundamentals, my pill refinement technique was already formed, and I was lazy to change it," admitted Chu Yu shyly.

Shen Xing looked at the pill and though for a while. He said, "There is good thing about this.".

"Yes, the pills that I refine would not be easily reproduced by normal people, which makes them recognisable" said Chu Yu as he scratched his head.

Shen Xing nodded his head in agreement.

Despite having lived for so many years, Shen Xing had never seen such an ugly pill.

It was definitely easy to recognise.

"Let’s not waste any time, we should give this pill to your child," said Chu Yu.

A look of anxiety appeared in Shen Xing’s eyes.

"I don’t think there’s a problem with the pill," encouraged Chu Yu.

At this moment, Shen Xings brows raised slightly, and his eyes shot out a malicious energy.

Chu Yu was shocked as he looked at Shen Xing worriedly.

He could feel that this energy was not directed at him.

Shen Xing passed the Pill of Heavenly Pulse in his hand to Chu Yu and said, "Junior, I entrust my kid to you, just give her the pill. After all, you should know how to do it better than us.".

"What about you?" asked Chu Yu as he looked at Shen Xing, surprised by how much trust Shen Xing had in him.

"The other pills, just take it as a gift of thanks from me," said Shen Xing.

What a gift that was!

The three herbs that Shen Xing had used were things that Chu Yu could never have obtained at his current level.

Besides this, the Pill of Heavenly Pulse could do more than heal Drizzle Shen, it could enable Chu Yu to easily break into the Divine Lord stage!

To become a truly powerful cultivator!

The pill had far more capabilities than these.

It could regenerate nerves, expand them permanently and basically allowed the one who ingested it to be reborn.

"There’s too many," said Chu Yu as he looked into the furnace, seeing that there were over twenty pills left.

Each one of them was an invaluable treasure.

At the vast sea of stars, one of these could fetch the price of a resource planet.

"We don’t have much use for these pills, even if they can be sold for an exorbitant price, in my eyes, they exist in this world to save my daughter," said Shen Xing.

Looking at Chu Yu with a stern expression, he said, "As long as Drizzle recovers, I can give up anything, but now… I have to go and settle something.".

He patted Chu Yu on the shoulder and said, "You and I are disciples of the same Master, Drizzle counts as your junior then, take care of her!".

After he said this, his body flickered and he disappeared from the immortal estate.

He did not explain to Chu Yu what had happened.

Mu Jin Jiang, that lowlife, he should have killed him three thousand years ago.

Shen Xing was a man with a big heart, but he hated Mu Jin Jiang to the core.

He could not wait to kill him with his own hands!

What made him laugh a little was that just before this, when Chu Yu had successfully refined the pill, a thought came up in his head.

Even though it was only a passing thought, it did go through his mind.

"If Drizzle is saved successfully, I should let go of this eternal grudge. It’s meaningless now that we’re all Saints.".

Now that he thought about it, he was too naive!

Mu Jin Jiang was a parasitic bug, a cancerous cell…

Forget about resolving this grudge, what the hell was Mu Jin Jiang doing here?

Having heard that Shen Xing had found the heir to the Crane Saint’s legacy, not only did he not hide, he even had the audacity to come to Shen Xing’s Immortal estate!

He had disappeared for the past three thousand years and Shen Xing could not find a single trace of him in that time!

But now that his daughter had the chance to recover, Mu Jin Jiang revealed himself.

What did he want?

What grudge did he bear towards Drizzle?

Did she kill his entire family in her past life?

Shen Xing really wanted to beat the hell out of Mu Jin Jiang, he could not tolerate him any further.

He had to settle the grudge today.

Alone, Chu Yu brought the pill to the sleeping Drizzle.

He could guess what was going on above.

Even though the couple did not mention anything about their nemesis, Chu Yu could sense that he was still alive.

Shen Xing’s behaviour just now was enough to answer many of his questions.

"I shouldn’t worry so much, the two of them are saints, they definitely have the ability to settle the problem. If they fail to resolve it, there is nothing I can do to help," Chu Yu thought to himself.

These two saints were emotional people, and they were very kind.

They entrusted their child to Chu Yu just like that.

Even though he could not possibly have had any bad intentions, but…


Chu Yu gave a wry smile.

Since everyone had so much faith in him, he had to repay their faith.

He did not immediately give her the pill as she was still deep in her slumber.

For the pill to achieve its maximum effectiveness, she needed to work hard by herself and cooperate.

Chu Yu had initially wanted to wait for Shen Xing and Fei Xue to settle their troubles and wake her up, so that they could see their child awaken as parents.

This was the ideal ending.

But in the Immortal Estate, a ray of golden magic appeared.

Chu Yu looked at this magic and furrowed his brows.

He could feel that things were not as it seemed.

He looked at the sleeping girl again and said, "It’s just a child, did I have to have such a big reaction?".

He used his vertical eye and looked at her, but could not see any exceptional divine properties.

Of course, once her problem was solved, she would definitely be a true prodigy, that was without a doubt.

But the problem was that no matter how talented she was, she could only exceed others in enhancing her level of cultivation.

Why did the Tai Ji’s Sect strongest masters need to go against them specifically? Against this little girl?

The ray of magic was littered with words.

It informed Chu Yu that after treating Drizzle, he could go through a one way portal in the Immortal Estate and teleport back to earth.

It also asked of Chu Yu to protect Drizzle Shen for a period of time.

It said that there was a powerful enemy in the Tai Ji Sect that wanted to target them, to target Drizzle.

Not only to keep her in her slumber, but to harm her as well!

"What a b*stard!" shouted Chu Yu.

He looked at the ray of magic, which remained floating in the air.

He understood that this was most likely for Drizzle to see.

"It’s a good thing I took all these Pills of Heavenly Pulse," said Chu Yu as he heaved a sigh of relief.

After saying this, he lifted the seals on Drizzle’s body.


A large amount of spiritual energy rushed towards Drizzle’s body in an instant.

The spiritual energy in this immortal estate was rich, like that of a pocket dimension, andthere was a barrier formation to support it.

A whirlpool of spiritual energy formed in the sky and Drizzle was right at its centre.

Chu Yu had goosebumps all over his body, he could understand why those people wanted to kill this girl.

The rate of absorption of spiritual energy was too terrifying.

Other than taking revenge when she grew up, if she continued absorbing spiritual energy like this, within a thousand years, the entire world of the Tai Ji Sect would become like the pre-sealed earth, withered of spiritual energy!

It was not an exaggeration, it was reality.

Within the blink of an eye, the rich spiritual energy in the immortal estate began disappearing and decaying.

"Fei Xue and Shen Xing, how did they do this?" wondered Chu Yu.

At this moment, Drizzle opened her eyes wide.

Her eyes were big, they were perfect and crystal clear like autumn water.

She looked at Chu Yu, who looked back at her.


"I know, you’re senior Chu Yu right?" said Drizzle without any expression. She had the disposition of a cultivator who had lived for a few thousand years.

Calm, steady and indifferent.

These qualities did not befit her face, which was like a child’s.

In reality, she was a cultivator who had indeed lived for over a thousand years.

Even through her slumber, she had reached the peaks of the Supreme Realm.

"The message that my father left for me, I do not need it. He should know that in my slumber, I’m aware of all the happenings around me," said Drizzle as she looked at Chu Yu with a stern expression.

"So please, don’t treat me like a kid, I’ve lived for over three thousand years.".

Chu Yu looked at her and replied, nodding his head, "Alright, shall we start then?".

"Yeah, I’ll have to trouble you," said Drizzle with a sturdy expression.

Chu Yu felt like laughing, but he held himself back.

If Drizzle really was a child he would not have held himself back, but she was not.

If he laughed, it would have been disrespectful.


At this moment, thunderous tremors shook the immortal estate.

Both of them were stunned.

Drizzle furrowed her brows and said, "Let’s start, the faster we get this done and leave, the faster they can let go once they settle their grudge.".
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