Chapter 331: You Were Right

Chapter 331: You Were Right
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Next, the energy around Drizzle’s body escalated to unimaginable levels!

Within a short period of time, she had already stepped into the True Lord Realm!

A Nascent God began to take physical shape, seeping out of Drizzle’s body.

Bit by bit, it began to solidify.

The Nascent God looked exactly like Drizzle- they were both equally beautiful and cute.

The energy around her body did not stop escalating.

She appeared to be using some sort of ability!

The immense spiritual energy in the air gathered and formed individual whirlpools, which were absorbed by Drizzle into her body.

The initial stage of the True Lord Realm, then the middle stage… then the final stage!

It did not stop!

Chu Yu stood there rooted to the ground, he could only stare.

How could this sort of superhuman power exist in this world?

Despite knowing that Drizzle’s ability to absorb spiritual energy was unparalleled, the speed at which she was progressing at was unbelievable.

He thought about it in relation to the Saints outside that had launched a sneak attack.

Were they really here just for vengeance?

Chu Yu did not completely believe it.


The energy around her erupted again as she stepped into the Divine Lord Realm!

Just like that, she had surpassed Chu Yu in terms of cultivation.

Chu Yu was stunned and speechless.

If one lived long enough, he could truly see that anything was indeed possible…

Only after she had reached the later stages of the Divine Lord Realm did she begin to slow down her absorption of spiritual energy.

She opened her eyes slowly and took a deep breath. Seating down cross legged in a position of meditation, she began stabilizing her level of cultivation.

She became a Divine Lord just like that?

This experience was life changing for Chu Yu.

When she had her long hair, she was beautiful, but she did not have the powerful aura that she now did.

After her hair was scorched, the visual aura that she had was so immense that it could impact one’s mental senses.

This was why Chu Yu looked at her for a while.

Sitting there with her eyes closed and legs crossed, her eyelids seemed to be moving.

A new lock of hair emerged from her head and grew out.

In this moment, her body’s metabolism increased by tenfold in an instant!

Her long and silky hair flowed like waterfall and was as smooth as satin!

Between her beautiful eyes lay a cluster of stars, shimmering with light.


Chu Yu, however, thought that the bald look was better.

She looked more like a little nun then.

Drizzle stood up, looked at Chu Yu vaguely, and said, "Let’s go!".

Chu Yu looked at her.

Calm, steady and ever so indifferent.

If she had not teared when she said that her parents were in danger, Chu Yu would have believed that this little girl was emotionless.

After all, she was a three thousand year old "old woman".

But her physical appearance now made that hard to believe.

In the eyes of Chu Yu, even if she had awareness of what was going on around her for all these years, she was still a child.

"If I did not recover, if I was still in my slumber, they… would not have come.".

"My father took a secret machine away that belongs to my family in the first place, no one else has any idea how to use it.".

"He planted that secret machine inside my mother, and after she gave birth to me, the secret machine was passed down into my body.".

"I was born a Saint child.".

"You saw the speed at which I progressed just now!".

"Mu Jin Jiang took the opportunity to attack my mother when my father went into seclusion, which stirred an enormous backlash in me.".

"From that moment on, even before I was born, I was injured severely.".

Chu Yu listened quietly as waves of emotion swept through his heart.

This girl understood everything.

Drizzle looked at Chu Yu, and for a moment, in her innocent eyes, a flash of icy vengeance flashed across.

She squelched her beautiful face and said, "From that same moment, they knew that the secret machine, which was passed down into me, made me a Saint child. But back then, I was in a terrible physical state.... I was on the verge of collapse, even without anyone touching me.".

She laughed coldly and continued, "Those people were afraid that the secret machine would be lost forever if they attacked, which was why they retreated for so many years.".

"Now that the perfect opportunity has come, they could not wait any longer.".

She looked and Chu Yu and said, "Right now, they still can’t confirm the fact that I’ve completely recovered. Otherwise, I’m afraid they would not hesitate….".

She was not a child indeed, she understood everything.

"Let’s go.".

She looked at Chu Yu with a serious expression and said, "Thank you, for saving me. Because of this I might lose my parents, but I still have to thank you. Because letting me live and grow up was always their greatest wish. To repay you, I will marry you in the future!".

"Erm… That would not be necessary, I already have a girlfriend," replied Chu Yu as his lips twitched, seeing that she was serious about it.

"You can always break up with her," replied Drizzle sternly.

Chu Yu suddenly had a headache.

Drizzle said, "I’m serious about this.".

"I’m serious too," sighed Chu Yu as he looked at her helplessly.

"I’ve already gotten a sufficient remuneration from refining the pill for you.".

That remuneration was not low at all.

Shen Xing was involved in the entire process of refining the pill. Without him, it would not have been possible to do so. Moreover, the herbs were provided by him as well.

Chu Yu also had twenty pills or so with him, which were invaluable.

"Alright, let’s talk about this another time.".

She once again said, "Let’s go!".

Chu Yu nodded and wished in his heart that she could find peace and settle down.

No matter what the situation of the battle outside was, Chu Yu did not have the power to get involved.

A battle between Saints- even by getting close, Chu Yu’s life could have been put in danger.

So, no matter how badly he wanted to observe the battle between the Saints, the logical decision was to leave this place.

Chu Yu, with Drizzle by his side, silently activated the magical formation.

"Go ahead," said Chu Yu.

"Hold up.".

A wave of emotion overcame Drizzle’s face.

With a wave of her hands, the Art of Reflecting Water appeared in the immortal estate and reflected the scene outside.

It was not difficult to cast this Art of Reflecting Water, but only the owner of the immortal estate could do it.

The battle outside was at its peak of intensity.

The sky was covered with rays of blinding light.

Not a single figure could be seen.

Neither Chu Yu nor Drizzle could gauge the situation of the battle.

"If anything happens to them this time… I will definitely come back for revenge!" said Drizzle, her child-like voice filled with resolve.

After which, the two of them stepped into the teleportation magical formation.

After a flash of light blossomed, the two of them disappeared from this place.

Up in the sky, outside of the Immortal Estate.

Shen Xing’s body was full of wounds.

Saint blood flowed everywhere and dyed his robes blood red.

Many of the wounds were so deep that his bones were visible, and many parts of his body had already become invisible.

He was pushed to the edge, with his body full of wounds.

Three other saints surrounded him!

On Fei Xue’s side, she too was surrounded by two saints, and was suffering from severe injury.

Even if they wanted to come together and fight them off, they had no opportunity to.

All of a sudden, Shen Xing laughed out loud and exclaimed, "It’s done!".

Fei Xue had the same smile on her face and nodded her head vigorously, "It’s done!".

The people surrounding them were all cold and silent.

Mu Jin Jiang snapped, "Things have come to this and you still have something to say? You still want to resist?".

Shen Xing looked at him with a face of contempt and said, "Things have indeed come to this, and I’m still not afraid to tell you the truth. Mu Jin Jiang, you grabbed the opportunity to attack us after so many years in wait. All of this is for one reason- because you wanted to wait for her to recover before snatching the secret machine from her body!".

Mu Jin Jiang coldly replied, "So what if that’s the case? So what if it isn’t?".

"Hmph, you know what I admire about you?" laughed Shen Xing.

"Even though you’re a b*stard, you still have a shred of accountability, at the very least, you’re more powerful than some people here! It’s obvious that you want the secret machine for yourself, but you choose to hide in the shadows and act like a good person. Until now, you dare not show yourself.".

"But, it doesn’t matter if you don’t show yourself now!".

"Because my daughter has recovered, and she isn’t here anymore!".

"And you bunch are basically a group of poor beggars. So what if you’re Saints?".

"Shen Xing, enough! You’ve gone mad!" shouted Mu Jin Jiang angrily.

While he spoke, he had already secretly sent a message to those cultivators positioned outside, asking them if they saw anyone escape.

The answer was assured, "No worries, not even a fly can escape this place.".

Mu Jin Jiang eased himself and calmed himself down.

He looked at Shen Xing and said, "If your daughter’s gone, you can always give birth to a new one and many more! But your life… you only have one life!".

Shen Xing laughed loudly as a terrifying energy erupted from his body.

Not good!

He was going to implode himself!

All of the saints there were stunned by Shen Xing’s madness.

Even those who sat in the shadows were not safe.

If a saint, one that was unvanquishable and undying, really did implode himself, everything in this place would be blasted to nothingness.

Even if there were many ancient barrier formations and runic suppressions in this dimension, they could not stop the implosion of a Saint.

Everything here would have been obliterated.

The Saints here could not escape, nor could they hide.

"You don’t have to do this," resounded a powerful mental sense.

"Sect Leader, you finally show yourself?" laughed Shen Xing.

The laugh was full of bitterness.

He long knew that the one orchestrating these attacks was the Leader of the Tai Ji Sect!

But he wished that that was not the case. He truly did.

"Shen Xing, that secret machine belongs to the Sect. You can’t claim it for yourself without any authority. Listen, hand over your daughter, and I promise you, we won’t hurt her.".

The mental sense was too powerful.

Once it resounded, a huge pressure befell everyone in the area.

All of them were Saints, but the gap between their powers was too huge!

The man in the shadows was one of the most powerful Saints in existence.

Fei Xue took the chance and flew to Shen Xing’s side.

She was a beautiful lady, and despite her many injuries, she looked at Shen Xing with a satisfied expression.

Shen Xing nodded his head at her and said, "You were right.".
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