Chapter 333: The Might of the Heavens

Chapter 333: The Might of the Heavens
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Fei Xue gave off an incomparably strong mental wave.

On the other side, Shen Xing let out an enraged howl and rushed over.

Within the next few seconds, Fei Xue’s body exploded completely!

It was not that the Sect Leader, cloaked in his monstrous aura, did not try to stop this explosion, but that he could not!

He did not know what method Fei Xue had used that was so powerful to the extent that even the Leader of the Tai Ji Sect could not stop her.

It was too fast!

In the blink of an eye, the outcome was determined.

Where her body was, a mushroom cloud rose from the explosion!

It was many times more terrifying than a nuclear explosion.

She wanted to vanquish this dimension!

The powerful energy, in the form of enraged waves, sank the entire place.

Despite the runes that lit up in reaction to this explosion, the horrifying energy managed to spread out in all directions.

Covering all the mountains, rivers, and cities....

Everything around them was reduced to dust by this energy wave.

Shen Xing spit out a mouthful of blood, his body was like a kite that had its string cut off and he was thrown far away.

The rest of the Saints suffered a similar fate.

The Sect Leader’s depth of cultivation was as deep as an abyss and his reactions were a testament to this. The instance he realized that he could not stop Fei Xue from imploding, he immediately put up his absolute defense.

A yellow trigram appeared in front of his body, and within seconds, it became a capsule which held him inside.

At the same time, many ancient runes rose up from all over the dimension.

They were all giving off a horrendous amount of energy.

 Within a short amount of time, the entire dimension was suppressed.

The monstrous aura surrounding the Sect Leader thinned by more than half, revealing his true appearance.

He was a skinny old man with sagelike features.

If one was to look at his face, one would never have imagined that he was a powerful Saint.


The Sect Leader spit out a mouthful of near-orange colored blood.

Despite his fastest reaction to put up a defense, the implosion of a Saint in front of him still injured him severely.

The other Saints all suffered fatal blows.

Coughing up blood was not the only problem, those that were nearer to the blast were basically crippled, their bones were broken and their nerves were torn apart.

The implosion of a Saint was truly terrifying.

When she imploded, Fei Xue had already suffered severe injuries and was nearing her own death.

Otherwise, there would be more than just a handful of people that died along with her!

This matter… was not over!

"Little Xue, wait for me!" howled Shen Xing.

The Saints who had barely escaped death were going insane.

Was he not done yet?

How fun could implosion be?

Even if they had means of retreat, Shen Xing’s implosion would destroy all of their cultivation and cripple them.

The suffering of the soul in those circumstances was unimaginable!

Were they that brave?

All of the injured Saints took out their magical equipments in a frenzy.

Without any hesitation, the Sect leader turned and left.

But it was too late!

Up in the sky, countless rays of light lit up all around.

It was a Magical Formation!

A Magical Formation that the couple had spent thousands of years to lay down!

This Magical Formation was the parting gift for all of the Saints here!

Even the Sect Leader could not imagine that the two of them had done so many things without their notice.

They were all shocked and enraged.

But for now, their only thought was to escape.

Shen Xing gave off a fiery mental wave, "Sect Leader, it was you and rest who forced us to do this! The Tai Ji Sect is our home, and no one wishes to destroy their own garden with their own two hands. The secret machine belongs to my family, it was only stolen by you back in the day.".

"But you could not use it, and you let me take it back. But once I succeeded in using it, your malicious intentions were born again. Has your conscience ever wavered? Has it ever bugged you at all?".

"The Tai Ji Sect may be out home, but Drizzle is my own flesh and blood! She’s the only child of me and Fei Xue!".

"If you guys want to destroy her, I too, will not hesitate to destroy this home!".

Had he said all of this, it would have taken a long time, but by sending out a mental wave, it only required seconds.

After saying this, without any doubt or hesitation, he proceeded to ignite the energy in his body and imploded!

How large was a Saint’s Dan Hai?

If a Saint were to die and his soul was fully expressed, it would be as large as a galaxy!

His Dan Hai was as large as a sea of stars!

The implosion of a saint was as threatening as armageddon.

It did not matter that this dimension was protected by ancient magical formations from the emperor star, or that there were many powerful suppressive runes.

They could not withstand the power that was the Saint’s implosion.

The entire dimension was collapsing!

Countless hoards of people were stunned.

The population in the Tai Ji Sect’s dimension far exceeded that of Earth.

The collapse of the this dimension, along with the shaking of the ground, caused many to panic.

They all hurriedly ran out of their houses and looked up at the sky.

No one knew what had happened.

But, at that very moment, an even more powerful magical force was rising up.

Cracks opened up in the sky, which was about to disintegrate, and a large number of ancient runes appeared.

They shimmered with bright light and gave off a fiery energy, crowding the air above.

They forcefully attempted to hold the breaking dimension together!

Where Shen Xing had imploded himself, apart from the Sect Leader, the other saints all suffered an obliterating attack!

As the tyrannical energy raged on in a frenzy, the other Saints’ powers were all crippled and crushed.

The old veteran had his level of cultivation cut down from the Saint Realm to the Legendary Emperor Realm.

His bones were shattered to smithereens!

The bones of a saint were as strong as divine gold, but in front of this implosion, they were as fragile as glass and shattered everywhere.

Mu Jin Jiang was the most miserable one, because Shen Xing had directed more than half of his energy at him.

Even if it meant that his soul could not have been salvaged, Shen Xing had to kill him!

So, since the start of Shen Xing’s implosion, Mu Jin Jiang’s physical body had already begun to disintegrate.

  He struggled and howled in agony, pulling out all his Saint equipments in an attempt to save his own life.

But it was too late!

No one had expected Shen Xing and Fei Xue to be so resolute.

Although there was a chance that they could survive the implosion of their own bodies, their souls would inevitably sustain an irreversible damage.

Such damaged souls would never be able to sustain the pressure of cultivation ever again.

In other words, even if the two of them survived this, they would only be normal human beings after this.

They could never achieve anything in cultivation ever again.

To a Saint, this was as good as taking his own life.

Mu Jin Jiang’s body could not hold on anymore as it began to split into multiple pieces.

Following this, it continued to disintegrate!

His soul let out an agonized scream which shook the heavens, as if he was about to be vanquished.

But this was prevented by the suppression of the runes in the sky.

Even though he did not implode himself, Mu Jin Jiang’s end state would have been no different than that of Shen Xing’s or Fei Xue’s.

To a saint, these blows were fatal.

The fall from power was like from heaven to earth.

After a long life, men either died having lived a life of significance, or having lived a life of no meaning.

As a Saint, a significant end would be dying at the Bastion of Stars with his blood staining the air.

Mu Jin Jiang’s death, ultimately caused by his own malicious intentions, was as meaningless as it could be.

The Tai Ji Sect’s Leader’s monstrous aura dissipated as he coughed up mouthfuls of blood.

Even though his level of cultivation did not fall as significantly as the rest, it was diminished by quite a bit as well.

He was enraged and about to go berserk!

A Saint’s rage could frighten the heavens and the earth, but this land was salvaged by the magical powers of the heavens.

It was almost as if the powers of this dimension themselves were angered by Fei Xue’s and Shen Xing’s implosion.

The crowding ancients runes began to suppress the land below as if they wanted to cleanse this dimension in a big sweep!

The Sect Leader was shocked and furious, he finally understood that this was what the couple was really after!

Through their implosions, they would activate the ancient magical formation laid down in this place and suppress the dimension with its power.

"You two little b*stards… You dare to destroy the Tai Ji Sect?!".


The heavenly powers completely ignored the Sect Leader’s resistance.

Countless ancient runes, which radiated bright rays of light and exuded an incredibly threatening energy, came down from above.

The Sect Leader’s level of cultivation was finally crippled.

It descended to the Legendary Emperor Realm!

The other Saints in the area were all either crippled or dead.

Mu Jin Jiang’s body and cultivation were virtually gone.

Even if he could survive, he was crippled beyond salvation.

Like Shen Xing and Fei Xue, if he survived… he could only live as a cripple.

The old veteran’s level of cultivation dropped from the Legendary Emperor Realm to the Divine Lord Realm after the influence of the ancient runes.

He howled in agony and cried for this loss.

The level of cultivation he had worked so hard for throughout his life was now ruined.

One of the saints even had his cultivation level dropped to the Supreme Realm!

Was one invincible just because he could become a Saint?

From that day onwards, the people of the Tai Ji Sect would have no doubts about the answer to that question.

Through their meticulous planning and willingness to give up everything, Fei Xue and Shen Xing had brought down the Tai Ji Sect with their owns hands!

It did not matter what was wrong or right.

Through this ordeal, the Tai Ji Sect, which was one of the most powerful Sects in the world since the times of the Emperor Star, would be completely crushed.

And it was definitely irreversible!

All of the Saints in the Sect could not escape their fate, their levels of cultivation were all brought down by the heavenly magic.

Were there any innocent ones here?

Maybe there were.

But in reality, there was not a single innocent soul!

All of them had witnessed what had happened to the couple throughout these years.

If any of them had mustered the courage to help them, things would not have come to this.

Even this time, Shen Xing and Fei Xue reached out to those close to them for help.

But they were all deterred after being warned by the Sect Leader.

That was not an issue, they did not need to do anything now.

Their cultivation levels were all cut down, and they were crushed.
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