Chapter 336: The Butterfly Lord

Chapter 336: The Butterfly Lord
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Xue Xue’s eyes lit up as she said, "What are we waiting for then?".

Soon, an aircraft rose up from a desert on Mars.

It looked like a trip that was meant for tourists, as the aircraft rose up into the atmosphere.

After which… Its velocity increased tremendously!

It sped into space, passing through the atmosphere.

Once it reached there, without a second of hesitation, the aircraft let out an immense energy, spit out rays of light and disappeared.

At the same time, another aircraft flew up from Mars and headed towards Earth at maximum velocity.

A young man stood in this aircraft.

He looked like he was in his early twenties as his face was like that of a doll’s, with a shy expression.

But no one knew who this person was.

No one could imagine who he really was, because in reality, he was a truly ruthless individual.

His name was Butterfly!

Others called him the Butterfly Lord.

A long time ago, he sent seven men to venture towards Earth in an aircraft.

Those seven men went down in history as traitors who had left Mars on their own accord, going against the warning of the higher powers on Mars.

Even though the Butterfly Lord was prideful, he had to give some respect to those higher powers still.

The seven men were called Red light, Orange light, Yellow light, Green light, Clear light, Black light and White light.

Each of the seven of them had their own task to fulfil.

White light was responsible for recruiting those young prodigies on Earth so that they could become the underlings of the Butterfly Lord when he descended upon the planet.

But White light was killed by Chu Yu.

The others were all hiding in the shadows.

Their mission was not to recruit prodigies, but to search and collect the ancient artifacts on Earth.

After receiving the news that White light was killed, they communicated it back to Mars.

Because of the extreme distance, the news took a while before it finally reached Mars.

When it finally arrived there, the Butterfly Lord had already gone into seclusion to improve his cultivation.

When he broke out of his seclusion, he went into a rage after finding out that White light was murdered by someone on Earth.

He swore that he would exact revenge for his fallen subordinate.

He had to put those ants on Earth in their place!

But the higher powers in his clan seemed to have expected that the Butterfly Lord would have had such a reaction, and summoned him specifically to warn him on the issue.

White light was very loyal to him and never gave up in his mission.

Today, when the Butterfly Lord saw an opportunity, he immediately took an Universal Aircraft and fled!

A planet that had only been unsealed for a dozen years or so, how powerful could it be?

The most powerful being would probably only be a True Lord!

After all, they had been sealed for sixty thousand years. In that time, the landscape could have changed multiple times.

"The big shots and the old ones only know how to think and take no action, what the heck are they thinking about? With the Bastion of Stars lying over there, those other worldly small fries can’t even come in!".

"Back then, the Emperor Star was full of Sacred Scriptures, why don’t we go and find the secret machines?".

"The war was too sudden, many of the Sacred Scriptures were lost after those masters who had held them perished! The remaining legacies are too abstract for those useless humans to understand!".

"Sixty thousand years have passed, even if some of those masters managed to survive and are still alive, they would be nothing but a stack of old bones now.".

"Brain, what do you think of my analysis?".

The Butterfly Lord’s face was a little irritable, a part of him seemed a little naive.

There was a light screen in front of him, and projected on it was a simple smile.

It said, "You’re not completely correct.".

"Not completely correct? What did I not get right?" asked the Butterfly Lord as a dangerous look flashed across his eyes.

"According to my analysis, on the Emperor Star, there should still be Saints, and the number isn’t little as well," said the lips on the screen. The Brain’s IQ levels were astoundingly high.

After saying this, he continued, "Because you are my master, I need to be accountable to you. I cannot pacify you with lies, I need to ensure that I serve you with the most logical and invariable statistics.".

Butterfly laughed and said, "Haha, why do you need to explain yourself? How could I ever take action against you? It’s just a piece of analysis, hahaha.".

"Do you want me to list down the number of data minds that have been wiped out by you?" said the Brain cheekily.

"Forget it, you don’t need to do that. Just continue your analysis, don’t bother about anything else," said the Butterfly Lord as he waved his hands.

He knew very well how many Brains like this he had wiped out.

"This analysis stems from the fact that sixty thousand years ago, there were thirty three Sects which were considered tier nine on Earth, the highest tier. These Sects guarded the heavens, with each Sect guarding an aspect of heaven," said the Brain calmly and rationally.

The Butterfly Lord furrowed his brows and said, "But weren’t those Sects eradicated?".

"No, only thirteen of the thirty three Sects were completely wiped out. The rest were severely impacted, and those who survived sixty thousand years ago will not be as powerful as they once were if they are still alive today.".

"Seven of these Sects still hold considerable power, but they left their original homes and are nowhere to be found. The relics they left on the Emperor Star are untouchable!".

"They might come back for them at any time, and this kind of power should not be trifled with.".

"Alright… then let’s go find the relics of the thirteen Sects that were annihilated," said Butterfly irritably.

"I’m not done," said the Brain steadily.

This annoyed the Butterfly Lord, but he did not take action.

"On the Emperor Star, based on reliable statistics, there should still be three major Sects- the Tai Ji Sect, the Limitless Sect, and the Twin Disciples Sect. They each hold a vast amount of power. They only sent their most powerful grandmasters to the war back then. There were still many who had just become Saints then who did not participate.".

"After that war, the solar system was sealed, and countless masters went to the Bastion of Stars. Because of this, these three Sects managed to preserve their power.".

"There’s no way I can analyse their power with mere statistics. Even Divine Lords and True Lords can survive for sixty thousand years, let alone Saints.".

The Brain was cold and very stern, it said, "These perfectly preserved Sects will never let anyone or anything go near the relics of the other tier nine Sects. Each one of these Relics can fetch an invaluable amount of wealth, which is why they would never let other people touch them.".

"What about those other Sects that are below tier nine?"asked Butterfly as he furrowed his eyebrows impatiently.

The Brain replied, "According to the date here… Those Sects that are tier eight and below could very possibly hold a considerable amount of power. Moreover, even though the Emperor Star has only recently been unsealed, their explosive progression is undeniable, one can say that they’re improving by the day. If my analysis is correct, I think that there should be more than a few Divine Lords like master over there.".


The light screen was shattered into smithereens.

It was smashed by the baby-faced Butterfly Lord.

"F*ck it!".

With an infuriated expression, he yelled, "Based on what you said, I have to go there, act carefully and follow the whims of other people? I’m coming here to become a king, a ruler, a saint, a grandmaster! Not a little punching bag!".

Beep, beep!

The aircraft’s warning alarm resounded.

"Alright alright… stop that siren or I’ll kill you, I can always get another aircraft!" yelled the Butterfly Lord with a look of insanity in his eyes.

The aircraft suddenly returned to its normal state.

The Butterfly Lord’s face became dark and solemn.

He knew that the Brain’s statistics about the Emperor Star was absolutely spot on.

It was reasonable that he derived such an analysis from the accurate statistics.

But he could not accept the reality that there were many others like him on Earth!

He even had a tinge of regret in his heart that he did not go there earlier.

Ah… it was all his fault that he rushed himself, wanting to break into the Saint Realm.

In the end, he still failed.

If he had known earlier, he would have descended upon Earth a few years earlier. Perhaps the Earth then would not have been so strong.

"No matter what, when I descend there, I’m going to become the most powerful person on that planet!" said the Butterfly Lord as he clenched his teeth.

On the other aircraft that was headed to Earth as well, the atmosphere was joyful.

With a face of happiness, Xue Xue said, "Do you think we should ask Chu Yu whether he had the same dream when we find him?".

"I want to punch him first before asking," said Wang Dong, unable to forget that in his dream, he was sent flying with one punch.

It was… too embarrassing!

"Hehe, what if he’s really that powerful, and you really get beaten in one blow ? That would be way too embarrassing," laughed Xue Xue.

"That’s true… if that’s the case...oh? That’s not right! Xue Xue, have you fallen for that man?"asked Wang Dong with a nervous look.

Xue Xue thought about it, nodded her head, and said, "Sorry Wang Dong, I can’t lie to you, I can’t lie to myself either. I do like Chu Yu. It’s just that annoying girl that’s by his side! I hope she’s just an illusion in my dream…".

"I wish that the entire dream is just an illusion, and that our trip is just a vacation across the galaxy…" said Wang Dong.

Xue Xue laughed and said nothing else.
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