Chapter 344: A Terrifying Attack

Chapter 344: A Terrifying Attack
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From their point of view, even if they could not kill the despicable Chu Yu, they could redeem themselves a little by killing his clan members.

As for the betrayal of the nine winged angel, they did not dare to imagine what their master’s reaction would be.

They did not want to think about it either!


They gathered all their fear and fiery anger and directed it at the Chu Clan below.

In outer space, where Chu Yu was standing with the ten winged angel lucifer.

Chu Yu’s eyes fell below as he gave a cold look.

Lucifer furrowed his eyebrows and said, "They’re a bunch of fools.".

Chu Yu replied, "Looks like we have to postpone our chat!".

Lucifer nodded his head and said, "Yeah, I guess we have no choice, I’ll take my leave then.".

He looked at Chu Yu and said, "The guardians of the Bastion of Stars have held the fort for too long, we need some new blood.".

Chu Yu nodded his head and replied, "I’ll go there eventually!".

"Yeah, the higher ups there have their eyes on you, we hope you’ll come as soon as possible!" said Lucifer as he nodded his head, extending his wings and going off.

At this moment, all the angels and knights who had followed the nine winged angel flew into the sky and into outer space towards the Bastion of Stars.

As they left, it was almost as if their divine senses rubbed shoulders with Chu Yu’s. Their perplexed eyes looked at his back as he vanished back to the Earth.

They knew that the group below was finished!

Chu Yu’s speed was too fast!

With his sword in his hand and his eyes as cold as ice, there was not a shred of doubt in his heart.

Carnage ensued!


His sword decapitated the knight in black armor.

Before his death, the knight laughed maniacally and said, "Hahahaha, kill me, kill me you demon! Soon, you will suffer in the hands of our master!".

Blood flowed in the sky like a river!

The blood of Divine Lords!

Their blood was enough to fill a lake!

But at that moment, most of the blood had vanished in the form of magical energy and had disappeared into the heavens.

Chu Yu looked at the ancient runes that were now lit up.

The enemy had an advantage in numbers, and Chu Yu inevitably sustained some minor injuries.

His bloodlust was very strong.

After Lin Shi had passed on, the bloodlust had lingered in his heart.

On the outside, he appeared normal, but in reality, only those who had crossed swords with him would know how terrifying he really was!

If Chu Yu now stood at the outskirts of the Bastion of Stars once again, he believed that it would have been completely different from before.

"My god… Chu Yu.. he’s too terrifying!".

"Those masters from the Vatican City, they can’t seem to even sustain a single blow!".

"I don’t think that’s the case, all of them are very powerful, it’s just a pity that they are matched against Chu Yu.".

"It does not matter whether one comes from the East or the West, there’re always the good and the evil. Even though I’m a westerner, I stand on the side of justice. I feel that this time around, Mr Chu Yu from the East is not in the wrong. If someone attacked my home like that, I would definitely react in the same way.".

The internet was trending with news of the battle.

The battle here was now in its closing stages.

The remaining Divine Lords were all killed by Chu Yu!

The broken wings of angels and lost lives of knights were littered around the battlefield.

It was no wonder that Lucifer did not want to stay here. No matter how long it had been, the lives that were lost belonged to people who were once his comrades.

Moreover, he did not want to make an enemy in Chu Yu, especially since the higher ups at the Bastion of Stars were now focused on him.

His purpose in coming to Earth this time, other than settling some minor business, was mainly to inform Chu Yu that the Bastion of Stars needed him, that they needed more young people like him.

Chu Yu’s body was covered in blood, most of which had come from the enemy.

The blood on his body contained an unimaginable amount of energy, but Chu Yu did not use the divine sense of gluttony to consume these energy.

This was also the reason as to why he looked fatigued.

Even a Legendary Emperor would have felt the same way after killing so many powerful cultivators in one shot.

These were the moments where his defenses were at its weakest.

These were also the moments where he was the most relaxed!

At this very moment!

A blinding ray of light attacked him!

The attack managed to imprint itself in empty space, as if space itself was penetrated!

The attack was directed straight at Chu Yu!

And its intention to kill was clear!

The timing was grasped to perfection!

Even if Chu Yu had prepared some defenses, it was definitely the moment where he was the most relaxed.

So he was still here all along?

Chu Yu could feel his rage rising in between his eyes.

At the top of his head, the Immortal Crane Furnace appeared and hovered there, giving off a blinding light.

The light was golden and radiant, giving off an aura that could suppress everything in this realm!

This was the first time it was fully revealed.

No one knew the true meaning behind the patterns on the Furnace, not even the Crane Saint.

If not for his experience at the Immortal Refining Land, perhaps Chu Yu would not have known as well.

How terrifying was a fully revealed Immortal Crane Furnace?

The energy it emitted now was undeniable. Chu Yu had no doubt that it could obliterate a planet.

This was a truly terrifying magical equipment.

The attack came before him in an instant!


It clashed with the golden light radiating from the Immortal Crane Furnace.

The attack vanished into the light, like sand dissolving into water- there was no ripple at all.

An attack that could destroy a divine lord in an instant was rendered useless in front of the Furnace!

The blistering ray of light was like a firefly in comparison to the sun that was the light from the immortal Crane Furnace.

At this moment, on its own accord, the Immortal Crane Furnace gave off a ray of light in retaliation to the attack.

This ray of light was like a golden thread that was headed into deep space as it pierced through space and time.   

Over there, a large figure appeared.

He was masked in the shadows of the depths of outer space, where no one could see him.

But now, he was forced out by this ray of light.

He was running away!

A legendary emperor!

From the energy that erupted from his body in an instant, one could tell that he was a Legendary Emperor.

It was surprising that someone of his stature actually attempted to assassinate Chu Yu from the shadows.

However, his attempt had backfired completely.

The ray of light pierced through his skull directly.

Following this, the ray of light, like a blade of sword, circled around the man’s neck.

After this, his body split apart completely!

This scene was not captured by any satellite.

Back on earth, many strange occurrences were observed.

Blood rain descended from the clear skies.

It had come from outer space, but it was not evaporated by the atmosphere.

If one looked closely, he could see a blood river flowing in deep space.

The rain of blood that descended on earth was nothing in comparison to the river.

Only a few could see the blood river in outer space, and those who saw it could not open their mouths to speak!

They were shell shocked by what had happened.

Chu Yu… had the ability to kill a Legendary Emperor?

He could actually kill a Legendary Emperor!

Back at the thief Sect.

Those elders looked at the rain of blood with their mouths agape.

Their eyes had seen what had happened in deep space.

"What the f*ck? Is this kid human? He’s only at what level of Cultivation?! How could he have killed a Legendary Emperor?".

"Where did the assassin pop out from?".

"From his clothes, it looks like he came from the emperor star, but god knows why he attacked Chu Yu".

"Whatever it is, he’s so unlucky!".

"Why do I have this feeling that there is more than meets the eye to Chu Yu’s pill furnace?".

"That goes without saying right? It’s a Saintly equipment!".

"Saintly equipment? It can’t be… the thing is, how did Chu Yu get his hands on such a terrifying magical equipment?".

The group of elders used their mental waves to communicate these thoughts.

With a puzzled look, Fatty tried to ask the elders what had happened.

He looked at the blood rain curiously.

Chu Yu himself was stunned by this change.

He stared at the Immortal Crane Furnace, which went back into his Dan Tian on its own accord without Chu Yu commanding it to.

No matter how he hard tried to call it, the Furnace did not respond.

Which meant that even if Chu Yu wanted to refine pills, he could not do it.

Chu Yu twitched his lips.

The attack just now was made by the Furnace on its own accord.

In the end, after unleashing that terrifying blow, it went back into hiding.

In Chu Yu’s mind however, waves of thought began unfolding.

He thought to himself solemnly, "I… now, I have the ability to kill a Legendary Emperor.".
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