Chapter 345: The Club of The Supreme Rulers

Chapter 345: The Club of The Supreme Rulers
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As the curtains closed on the battle, the entire outer space was filled with lakes, rivers and seas of blood!

The corpse of the Legendary Emperor continued to emanate a threatening aura as it floated there like a small star.

Even though there was no light emitted, the fiery aura’s temperature was as hot as the sun!

Such pure energy!

His eyes opened wide even though his soul had left his body.

It was as if he did not dare to believe that things had ended like this.

A legendary emperor, susceptible to none but Saints, had actually died in the hands of a Divine Lord.

"To be exact, this person.. Died in the hands of that magical equipment!" said a voice.

Back on Earth.

On an island in the middle of the pacific ocean, there was a beautiful ancient palace.

This type of palace was the first of its kind on Earth.

Following the assimilation of many of the major Sects, ancient architecture had resurfaced in the world.

Most of the palaces, however, were built in the hearts of the cities.

Few of them were built on an island like this one.

This was mainly because the strongholds of the sea did not allow people to casually come onto their islands, as they would not easily step onto land as well.

This palace was different. Even the most terrifying beings in the ocean had to reluctantly accept its inception.

This palace had a name- The Club of the Supreme Rulers!

The voice earlier had come from a man sitting here, sipping on his wine.

The name of the Club was a little funky and sounded very condescending.

In reality, there were only a few who knew of its existence.

But those who knew of it respected and feared this place.

It was not an exaggeration to say that even a Saint would feel humbled here.

Those who could gain access to this place were all super geniuses!

They were all recognised by at least two Saints.

What did this recognition mean?

It meant that they themselves could eventually become Saints!

Which meant that whoever appeared here were destined for Sainthood.

It sounded over exaggerated, but those that understood what was going on here would feel that it was not an exaggeration at all.

Some of them even thought that those youngsters who were in the Club were only getting started at Sainthood.

If the laws of the world allowed it, they might even have the chance to ascend beyond that.

Indeed, this place was the gathering place of terrifyingly powerful prodigies.

The one who had just spoken was a teen who looked like he was just fifteen or sixteen.

His appearance was neat and his eyebrows were like two blades of swords. He was handsome, and perhaps because of his shy disposition and unnatural smile, he gave people a positive impression.

He lied down on a deck chair outside the club, looked at the rain of blood in the sky and said, "If it wasn’t for that magical equipment, I dare say that Chu Yu was no match for that Legendary Emperor.".

Beside him stood a girl who had two ponytails of hair. Her eyes were not big but they looked very intelligent. She had double eyelids and a gourd shaped face, she looked like an intellectual.

After hearing what he had said, she replied, "I too feel that it’s because of the magical equipment’s power. But, I’ve never seen anything that can vanquish the soul in an instant. Can Saintly equipment even do that? Maybe Elder Black Dragon knows something?".

The girl looked over at an old veteran standing with his back faced towards them.

His hair was white and his wrinkles were as deep at the sewers, he was tugging his eye sockets and that made him seem as if he was going to sleep.

He had heard what the girl had said and shook suddenly, as if he was awakened.

He rubbed his eyes and said slowly, "How do i put this… Saintly equipment, they can achieve this level of destruction, but it depends on the person wielding it. If it was in the hands of kids like yourselves, it might be a little hard. But in the hands of a true Saint, it’s certainly possible!".

The teen on the deck chair was a little dissatisfied as he said, "If I had such an equipment I would be able to do it too!".

The girl pointed to her own face, stuck out her tongue and said, "Oh my, you really have no shame. Why not you battle Chu Yu and see who’s the more powerful one?".

"Haha," laughed the teen, but he did not speak.

The girl said, "What? You think he’s not worth it?".

The boy glared at her and replied, "What do you think?".

"I think he is! With the energy waves of a person who had just became a Divine Lord, he could actually defeat a Legendary Emperor, doesn’t that mean he’s a genius?".

The boy rolled his eyes and said, "He’s so old! According to my data he’s already over twenty! How could someone as youthful as me battle someone as old as him?".

"You think you’re youthful and brilliant? I think you’re just jealous!" laughed the girl gleefully and she looked at him.

"You must be jealous because I keep talking him up, right?" she continued.

The boy sneered and crumpled his face in response to this.

The old veteran on the other said said, "He’s coming.".

The boy regained his composure in an instant and looked at the old veteran in shock as he asked, "Teacher Black Dragon, you’re saying that he’s coming here?".

"I’m so happy, he’s so handsome!" said the girl with a face of excitement.

"How shallow!" said the boy as he furrowed his eyebrows.

"But he’s really really handsome!" said the girl.

She turned to look at the old veteran and said, "Elder Black Dragon, is he really coming here?".

"Yes, he should be qualified enough, but he still has to undergo a test," said the old veteran.

The boy laughed coldly and said, "That test. At his age, he definitely will not pass.".

"Hey, Bu Fu Qi, are you really jealous now? Isn’t it good to have another friend here?" said the girl as she looked at him with her eyes wide opened.

"Ha, why would I be jealous of an old fart? Stop messing around! He has to qualify before he can be my friend!" laughed the boy exaggeratedly. His face then turned very stern as he said, "Also, Ye Pian Ruo, my name is Bu Jing Hong, and I’m your fiance! Please give me a little more respect.".

"But, Bu Fu Qi sounds so good! It sounds so arrogant unlike your Bu Jing Hong which is horrendous!" teased Ye Pian Ruo.

The boy was indeed her fiance, and his real name was also Bu Fu Qi.

He only changed his name after he had met her because Pian Ruo and Jing Hong went well together.

Their true destiny lied in becoming a Daoist couple like Shen Xing and Fei Xue!

"You cannot call me Bu Fu Qi in the future. Even though I’m quite petty, I don’t like this name. My parents only came up with this name after god knows what took over their minds back then!" said the boy with an unhappy expression.

Ye Pian Ruo pouted as she faced another direction and shouted, "Chen Wan Ruo, I have good news for you, the handsome guy that you’re a fan of is coming here to become a part of us!".

On the other end of the small island, a soft and moved voice replied, "Is that true, is that true? That’s great, that’s great really! I mean… I mean…".

"Can you say everything just once?" said Ye Pian Ruo, a little annoyed.

"Sorry, I’m like that when I’m emotional," replied the voice as a girl in a long blue dress appeared. She had short hair which was neatly tucked behind her ear. Her white skin was tinted with a blush of red, she was beautiful. She looked at Ye Pian Ruo excitedly and said, "I was just talking about him to Zhao Yong Long, I even said that my idol had just killed a Legendary Emperor and he would definitely be recruited here. But Yong Long was not happy about it.".

Ye Pian Ruo laughed and replied, "Boys are all like that, they all feel the need to be the most powerful one.".
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