Chapter 37: Saint’s Book

Chapter 37: Saint’s Book

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What did it feel like falling through a bottomless abyss?

Chu Yu was experiencing it now!

This whirlpool was unfathomably deep, the huge ship directly descended straight into it.

It was like a high-speed elevator; but it was indefinitely faster than the world’s fastest elevator!

This sort of terrifying speed left an incredibly uncomfortable feeling in Chu Yu.

"Bloody hell..."

Chu Yu’s eyes rolled backwards as he forcefully held the ship’s handrail. His face had turned deadly pale.

Even the bravest of men would sh*t bricks when facing such a situation.

Chu Yu was even feeling a little a regret. It was said that one would encounter pleasure and surprise while exploring ancient ruins. But from his experience, he hardly experienced pleasure, but he did meet with immeasurable surprises.

The speed of the ship’s descent had already broken past the sound barrier. In merely a few minutes, the ship had already fallen by hundreds of kilometers.

But he still hadn’t reached the end.

Chu Yu felt as though ten thousand sheeps were running through his heart.

He felt a little queasy, and he even wanted to vomit!

At this instant, the ship seemed to have suddenly passed a protective screen; the entire ship violent trembled.

Then… it stopped abruptly.

This intense braking force directly sent Chu Yu soundlessly into lalaland.

After half day, Chu Yu finally inhaled a deep breath, adjusting himself and taking a look outside.

Instantly, it felt like the gloomy clouds of death had cleared and light was shining through brightly!

This huge ship was actually floating in mid air!

Chu Yu could feel intense waves of power reverberating through those inscriptions on the ship.

Not only could this ship sail across the ocean surface, it could even fly!

This sort of feeling, was truly to mystical.

Chu Yu, however, did not have the time to be mused with happiness. Because the scene in front of him had completely left him stupefied!

The ship was floating in mid air and below it, was a huge ancient city. Each side of the it was actually at least 500 kilometers long!

The architecture in this ancient city was similar to the palaces which Chu Yu saw before.

Just that the city was more magnificent!

And more elegant!

At the center of the city, there was a grand hall; it was at least 300 over meters tall!

Just the countless of steps extending from the hall was already close to 200 meters!

The towering hall stood there proudly, just like a giant overlooking the entire city.

The ancient city emitted an otherworldly ancient aura. Even though it was silent and quiet, it sent shockwaves into people’s hearts.

It was too grand!

Exactly what sect was this ah? It could actually be so huge!

Chu Yu still remembered this essay he saw when he was young called "Ah Fang Palace". It had the following description.

After the end of the Six Kings, the empire bounded by the Four Seas was unified under a single ruler; With Shu Shan stripped of its woods, the Ah Fang Palace appeared. It stretched to more than 300 li, covering the sun in the sky; From the north of Li Shan, it meandered to the westm and then made straightway for Hsien Yang.

Two rivers flowing gently coursed their way into the palace walls. Every five steps, there stood a storeyed building; Every ten steps, there stood a hall. With corridors winding like waving silk, andn the projective eaces turning high up like birds’ bills. Each of the structures possessed its vantage of ground; but they were all ingeniously interlocked together, or one set against another. Some were domed, and others were curved. The courts were like so many cells in the beehive; and of the lofty eave-drippings who can tell how many millions they were!

The long bridge is lying upon the waves; how can the dragon come without clouds? The roofed causeway is stretched in the air; how can the rainbow appear without having a clearing-up sky? Both the high and the low are shrouded in the mists, and it is hard to distinguish the east from the west. When the singing platform was re-echoed with happy songs, it was full of genial warmth of the spring; but when the dancing sleeves became cold in the dancing hall, it was chilling like wind and rain. The climate did remain the same even on the same day and in the same palace!

When Chu Yu first saw Ah Fang Palace, even though he was born from an underworld clan, he still felt that Du Mu’s words were a little exaggerated.

It stretched to more than 300 li… The climate did remain the same even on the same day and in the same palace.

How was that possible!

Now Chu Yu finally understood, there was really such a terrifyingly huge city in this world!

If he compared Ah Fang Palace to this ancient city, it was like a giant in the presence of a super giant.

It paled into insignificance!

At this moment, the ship started to sail from mid air down towards the ancient city.

Chu Yu anxiously used his vertical eye to observe the layer of power above the ancient city.

He could clearly feel that his power was more than multiple times stronger than the river surface just now!

At the instant the ship approached, Chu Yu’s heart had already found its way into his mouth.

If he said that he was not afraid, he would be lying.

Facing this sort of uncertainty, how could he not feel any wave of emotions?

Luckily, this ship was reliable. When the ship approached, that layer of power directly parted into two, forming a "path" for the ship.

After the ship passed through, the layer of power automatically closed upon itself.

Who knows how many eras this defensive formation had lived through? But it could actually still function so precisely.

Just that alone was something Chu Yu had never seen before.

The ship brought Chu Yu down from the sky, saiing in front of that big hall at the center of the city. Finally, it landed at the plaza in front of the hall.

As he overlooked the city previously, he only felt grandness and magnificence from the hall. Now that he looking up at it from below, that feeling was multiplied several times!

Just the staircase alone had a total of 999 steps!

The staircase was wide and made from bluestone; it emanated an ancient aura.

Too domineering!

Chu Yu sighed with emotion.

At this instant, a bell suddenly rang from some unknown location in the ancient city.

The ring was vigorous and long drawn, leaving a long afterwind.

The instant that bell rang, Chu Yu jumped up in fright; he stared towards all directions with a look of anxiousness.

Thereafter, the same bell rang another 8 times!

A total of 9 sounds!

The moment the bell sounded, it seemed like there was a sort of reasonance at Chu Yu’s forehead.

"It’s… welcoming a guest?" Chu Yu suddenly felt like the hairs at the back of his neck stand up.

This feeling was very weird. He arrived at an uninhabited ancient city, but a bell suddenly rang.

After the sound of the final bell completely dissapated, the gates to the grand hall in from of him soundlessly opened.

Chu Yu stood on top of the ship, opening his vertical eye, trying to discern clearly what was inside the hall.

However, there seemed to be some formless power within that hall. Chu Yu’s vertical eye… was unable to see through it!

Clearly, there was a magical formation which prevented peeping.

"Ok then…" Chu Yu jumped down from the huge ship, then followed along the staircase. Step by step, he carefully headed upwards.

You shouldn’t blame Chu Yu for being overly cautious. This place was truly filled with strange things.

It left an uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

Chu Yu walked very slowly. Finally, he reached the very last step and arrived at the foyer of the hall. Hesitation filled his heart as he stared at the open doors.

Because he had already reached the front of the hall but he still couldn’t see what was inside.

However, Chu Yu still chose to enter this grand hall. Because he had thought things through.

The ship was welcomed; rainbows had paved the way; he had traversed the vast ocean and entered the eye of the sea… Finally he arrived here.

If they wanted to screw an Acupoint Charging realm junior like him, then all this was truly too excessive.

As Chu Yu stepped into the hall, there was indeed no form of ripples or waves.

From the outside, he felt that though there would be many floors to this hall. Only after he entered, he found that there was only one floor which was over 100 meters tall!

The four walls of the hall were decorated with huge ink drawings.

It was unknown how old these blank and white ink drawings were, but it didn’t show any signs of fading.

It emanated a rich immortal energy, causing viewers to instantly sink into intoxication.

It seemed like what was drawn on those paintings, was the true Immortal Realm! 

At the same time, there were many altar lamps mounted on the four walls. The hall was brightly lit, giving it the impression of daytime.

At the ceiling of the hall, was a star map.

The star map was also drawn using ink. Chu Yu merely glanced at it before feeling like he was instantly transported into the endless space.

This was too realistic!

Deep in the hall, there was a statue.

The statue seemed to be carved using bluestone. The statue had an upright posture with a huge figure. Its face was high and ancient, with a long beard.

Even though it was only a statue, it seemed to ripple with sage-like energy.

Chu Yu seemed to find this statue a little familiar, as though he had seen it before.

After some time, Chu Yu slapped the side of his head, uttering in shock, "Sage Confucius!:

Thereafter, he carefully ran through his memories another time, before confirming, this statue… was of that Sage Confucius who existed 2000 years ago!

However, it wasn’t exactly the same at the statues of the sage throughout China, causing him to be unable to recognise it at first glance.

"This ancient city… Has over 2000 years of history?"

Chu Yu subconsciously felt that it was impossible!

There was no need to talk about the age of the ancient city. Just the location of the ancient city alone could not be accessed by people after the Dharma-ending Age.

And the scale of this ancient city, was not possible by people of the recent age. [1]

Everything here seemed to match the features of a glorious ancient school.

But why did Sage Confucius’ statue appear here?

Could it be, that manifestation over 2000 years ago… was merely an avatar of Sage Confucius?

This sort of words, if uttered tens of years ago, would be treated as nonsense.

Just like that Xiao Zhen those years ago. When he expressed his thesis, he was treated as a lunatic by countless of people.

But now, no one would think so. The world had changed.

Over 2000 years ago was an era where many sages and saints appeared. Many of their identities still remain a mystery today.

Chu Yu took in a deep breath, then walked in front of the statue. He sincerely kowtowed three times.


An ancient book descended from above, landing on that spotlessly clean table in front of the statue.

At the same time, a grand voice resounded throughout the hall.

"Enter my sect. Learn my ways. Pass my dao. Expand my ideas."

[1] 2000 years is considered recent in Chinese history.
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