Chapter 362: The Sword Cuts Down an Ancient Saint

Chapter 362: The Sword Cuts Down an Ancient Saint
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Terror flashed before the Butterfly Dance’s face.

Her pupils constricted. In her beautiful gaze, only the light of the sword could be seen.

It was like a matchstick.


The Butterfly Dance’s body was divided into two, and the sides fell to the ground.

The Nascent God in her body had also been split into two. Her spirit dissipated.

The Butterfly Dance’s beautiful complexion and delicate body was no longer.

She was now like a molted butterfly, a wilted flower, a split log.

Any traces of her existence and living were vanquished.

The strike of the sword destroyed not only a powerful practitioner but also her cave dwelling!

The after effects of the blow shook the earth and split a mountain in the distance.


A loud and angry howl rose from the depths of the School of Heavenly Day.

The entire place was trembling like a pot of boiling water.

This alarmed people all around as they rushed to the site, eager to find out what had happened.

Some masterful practitioners had taken to the sky to rush over.

In the library, the old man who had been dozing off jolted up. With his eyes wide opened, he cursed, "Little brat, little brat, what disaster have you stirred!".

Swish! The old man was gone.

"Who dares to kill my descendent!".

A terrifying voice hollered like gushes of strong waves.

Multiple mountains collapsed at the force of these gushes.

The massive towering old tree was instantly reduced to ashes!

Countless creatures were killed in a snap of the fingers.

This looked like the apocalypse, a frightening version of the end of the world.

The ground started to crack, each crack formed a deep valley down to the center of the Earth.

A colossal arm broke through the ground and reached towards the skies.

Those in the vicinity were all shaken. They all looked ghastly.

Emerging from the library, the old man reappeared with a long blade in his hand.

He axed away at the massive arm!

The entire space was split in half by him.

"Chi Tian Meng… you finally showed up?" The old man coldly said.

The colossal arm instantly vanished into thin air. The only witness of the blow that the old man dealt was the splatter of blood.

Deep within the ground, the furious spirit was getting even more restless.

"You’re asking for death!".

Boom! Boom!

A massive shadow sprung up from the ground.

The shadow extended its arm to throw a punch at the old man. Its fist was covered with lightning and it was as if a huge mountain was falling from the skies.

At a distance, people were falling down everywhere. Nobody could maintain their balance. The whole dimension was shaking.

Chu Yu hurriedly collected all the remaining copies of Lin Shi into the Immortal Crane furnace.

He leaped across the space with his sword in hand towards that gargantuan shadow.

The old man flew backwards as he absorbed the impact of the punch. Other than looking a little pale, he did not seem to be fatally injured.

"Little brat, run quick!" the old man urged Chu Yu.

The old man picked himself up and charged at the shadow again.

Chi Tian Meng!

It was unbelievable! This giant creature that had crept up from beneath the ground was in fact the founding ancestor of the School of Heavenly Day! Sixty million years ago, he was an undefeatable existence.

What was equally surprising was that the unassuming old man that had guarded the library for years was also a historic figure!

It appeared that these two men were old enemies.

What was going on here?

The people in the School were puzzled and confused, only a small group of the older scholars seemed to comprehend the situation. They looked shell shocked with fear. Some of them were looking angrily at Chu Yu.

The Butterfly Dance Legendary Empress had been… killed!

Few people knew that the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperess was actually the direct bloodline descendent of Chi Tian Meng.

The reason why she had refused to attain Sainthood was because of her personal fulfillments. She wanted to delay the attainment of Sainthood.

All was for naught now… nothing could save the her.

Chu Yu had startled the Tian Meng ancestor. For ages, people had thought that the ancestor had left for the Bastion of the Stars.

Oh how they were mistaken.

The people of the School were all witnessing this with emotional sentiments. Who would have thought that they would get to see the Tian Meng ancestor in all his glory? What an honour it was!

The old fool at the library was a traitor!

All of the people were thinking the same thing. They expeced their mighty ancestor to crush these clowns easily.

Like swatting a fly!

A loud rumble could be heard as thunder rolled in.

Rain poured from the skies.

Lightning flashed across as Chi Tian Meng’s arms became entwined with numerous electric bolts.

He resembled a giant demon.

He stood tall between the heaven and the earth.

The old man was skinny and lean, but powerful still.

The two powerful beings began to exchange blows. It was hard to tell who was winning.

The protective barriers around the School trembled as they were strained to their capacities.

People began to evacuate the vicinity for the fear of collateral damage.

Just as the last person left, the barrier that protected the School exploded!

The entire school and all its architecture was blasted into ruins!

The Mirror Dimension’s top school was now a pile of rubble.

The two esteemed beings were still at each other’s throats.

The dreadful downpour had turned crimson red.

It was hard to tell whose blood had stained the rain.

Chu Yu firmly walked towards them, step by step.

Nothing fazed him.

A golden shimmer reflected off his pupils. His demeanor was that of The Monkey.

"Chu Yu, scram! This isn’t something you can handle!" the old man yelled agitatedly.

As a Saint, he could tell that something was off about Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was withstanding the energy waves of a Saint, but he wished for him to escape nonetheless.

Chi Tian Meng was stronger than him!

He could only withhold this monster for a short while. He was injured and losing blood quickly.

Everything was stained red!

"You are the future of the Village of Dao! You have an unimaginable destiny to be fulfilled! You had already sought your revenge, escape now! As far as you can!" the old man was howling.

He feared that this unmatched prodigy might meet his end here.

It would be too much of a pity and the old man was resolute in protecting Chu Yu.

Chu Yu kept his peace, marching forward step by step.

His handsome face reflected some sort of majestic charisma.

Chu Yu lunged forward and raised his sword at Chi Tian Meng!

"You little brat…" the old man stumbled backward.

Chi Tian Meng disregarded Chu Yu’s presence. He had just lost his bloodline descendant and was awakened from his deep slumber.

Even though he could tell that he was not at the peaks of his powers, given his long hibernation, he paid no attention to his discomfort.

He raised his arm and slapped Chu Yu harshly!

Even though he was large, he remained nimble and agile. His moves were swift like lightning!

This slap was immensely powerful, he had utilized some cultivation techniques.

However, Chi Tian Meng let out a devastating yell.

His majestic arm… was cleanly broken off!

Saintly blood gushed down the open wound on his shoulder.

"Ah!" Chi Tian Meng roared.

The entire Mirror Dimension trembled along with his bellows.

Chu Yu raised his sword for another blow!

What Sainthood?

Chi Tian Meng’s gigantic head was taken down.

A silhouette adorned with godly golden armor emerged from Chi Tian Meng’s head.

Armed with a long spear, he charged madly for Chu Yu.

Chu Yu swung his sword sideways.

The Nascent God was cut into two.

A weeping sound could be heard from the heavens. Many beings in the Mirror Dimension were full of shock and grief.

The old man gaped at Chu Yu in disbelief.

"How…how…how…how is this possible?".

The mammoth body of Chi Tian Meng fell heavily to the ground, leaving a large crater behind.

The skies began to crack like pieces of a broken mirror, reflecting multiple rays of light!

Chu Yu looked at the old man and then to the horizon.

Without saying a word, he turned and left!

As if he was instantaneously teleportating, his figure could be seen ten miles away, then thousands thereafter.

A runic portal appeared as Chu Yu conjured it.

Chu Yu entered the portal without hesitation.

Once he crossed the portal, he was ambushed by a shady looking man at the Legendary Emperor Realm.

The man snickered at him.

Chu Yu furrowed his brows and struck him without giving much thought.

The man fell without any time to even react.

Chu Yu proceeded to expand his divine sense, scouring the entire land of trapped beasts.

There it was!

Chu Yu detected a familiar throb.

The powers of the feather wore off like a receding wave. Fatigue kicked in.

The School of Heavenly Day was reduced to nothing but ashes.

The Butterfly Dance Legendary Empress was dead.

The ancient ancestor Chi Tian Meng was also dead!

The Mirror Dimension was finished.
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