Chapter 363: Who wants to see him?

Chapter 363: Who wants to see him?
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When the people of the Mirror Dimension received news of what had happened, everybody was in shock.

Perhaps if a regular Saint had fallen, people would not have been so astonished.

But the fight between the two Saints was so cruel.

And the person who died was a founding being of this dimension- an unmatched existence!

He was a figure who had gone through the war of the solar system, killed plenty of other Saints and founded the School of Heavenly Day. That was who Chi Tian Meng was!

His 13 children had all achieved Sainthood since a long time ago.

His legacy could have been written into books and could fill an entire bookshelf!

How could a being like that die?

And so pathetically at that?

Broken arms, a severed head and a destroyed soul!

Who could be that powerful?

The entire Mirror Dimension was bustling.

Many ancient creatures had been disturbed, everyone was fascinated.

Some people were postulating that this was a trap set up by Chi Tian Meng to lure those ancient saints out of hiding.

Eventually, the news was verified.

The site and body were examined.

Chi Tian Meng’s 13 sons and daughters had all gathered to express their fury and grief.

The Tian Meng ancestor was really dead!

On the journey to attain cultivation, nothing came as a surprise anymore.

Regarding the killer, some said that it was an assassination when the Tian Meng ancestor was at rest.

That was, however, an unpopular theory. Who could ambush someone like the Tian Meng ancestor?

Some said that the killer was an unmatched figure that came from outside of the governed territory.

It was said that the Butterfly Dance Legendary Empress was killed, and that awakened the Tian Meng ancestor.

It was also said that an ancient Saint who had lived in recluse had intervened. But it was an unknown man who killed Chi Tian Meng within three moves.

This meant that this man had a personal vengeance against the Butterfly Dance Legendary Empress!

Suddenly, Divine Lord Jing Yi spoke.

Facing the camera, she said with a look of sorrow, "Years ago, I knew that something was wrong with Lin Shi. Even though my son fancied her, I still wanted to punish her. Who would have thought that she found the Butterfly Dance Legendary Empress and somehow managed to deceive her…? What has happened today is so regretful…".

Divine Lord Jing Yi choked with sadness.

She was in fact hysterically laughing inside!

Butterfly Dance… she stole her disciple thinking that she could control her and reap benefits from her…

Look at what happened in the end.

She was slain!

She even implicated her ancient ancestor!

The core of the School of Heavenly Day was intact, only the outskirts were destroyed.

But with Chi Tian Meng dead, it was hard to tell if the School could retain its top position.

Divine Lord Jing Yi continued, "After Lin Shi asked me to be her teacher, I found out that she was from the Emperor Star of the solar system!".

"But before I could take her down, she had already betrayed me and turned to the Butterfly Dance Legendary Empress…".

"My guess is that this episode must have something to do with Lin Shi and the solar system!".

Her words had stirred the crowd.

She had been mocked for a long time because of Lin Shi in the past.

Her disciple had severed all ties with her to escape the arranged marriage that Jing Yi had planned. Lin Shi had turned to the Butterfly Dance Legendary Empress without hesitation.

Even though a long time had passed, people still talked about what had happened till today.

A member of the School of Heavenly Day with considerable authority stepped forward.

"Indeed, this episode has something to do with Lin Shi.".

"The Butterfly Dance Legendary Empress had discovered Lin Shi’s identity and killed her out of rage.".

"Bringing forth the revenge of a Saint from the solar system!".

"One of the two murderers is from the School of Heavenly Day, the other is a face unknown to us.".

"No matter who they are, they shall be met with severe consequences for killing the clone of the Tian Meng ancestor.".

A clone?

Most people were focused on that detail of the statement.

Many people were quietly sniggering and mocking.


It was obviously the ancestor himself!

How could he say that it was a clone?

Was he kidding? Did he really think that all of them were stupid?

The Mirror Dimension bustled with discussion.

Regarding the identity of the murderer, everybody had their own guesses.

However, nobody had connected Chu Yu to this incident.

Chu Yu was a foreign name to them.

Song Hong’s name had not come up either, despite him possessing some skill.

How could he have been mentioned alongside Chi Tian Meng?

What a humiliation it was if that was to happen!

Nobody linked either Chu Yu or Song Hong to this Tian Meng tragedy.

Except for one person.

Xu Xiao Xian.

It was just a woman’s intuition.

Instinctively, she connected Chu Yu to Lin Shi.

Although she did not believe that Chu Yu had the capabilities to kill Chi Tian Meng, her intuition told her that this incident was somehow related to him.

After all, this man was the only one to have a soft spot in her heart.

"Is it really you?".

Xu Xiao Xian’s beautiful eyes were painted over by a cloud of melancholy.

The melancholy was soon replaced by a stern and stoic gaze.

She cooly instructed, "Behave properly, it seems like the Mirror Dimension is about to plunge into chaos."

"Yes, master!" a man replied.

Xu Xiao Xian stood up as she walked out of the palace. Outside, she peered into the distance.

The palace sat in the mid waist of the mountain. It was pristine and majestic.

It was a forbidden ground for mortals.

The area was home to many amazing spirits and creatures. If a mortal practitioner entered, they would have been ruthlessly hunted.

Few people knew that this place was once a division of the Sky Demonic Cult.

Many of the creatures here were all once members of the cult.

Of course, the Xu Xiao Xian had taken over the place and kept the peace and order.

It had not been an easy journey for her.

After the renowned cult had been split, all the of the powerful members were fighting to dominate over one another.

It was impossible to tame these wild members without certain tactics and skills.

Especially so for a pretty lady like Xu Xiao Xian.

Even with a moody face, she could not scare those prideful old men.

To the surprise of many cult members, she was extremely harsh and strict.

When faced with disobedience and defiance, her solution was simple- to kill them!

A public execution!

When she first started, she had killed a creature at the level of a Saint!

It shook the entire cult to its core.

From then on, they knew better than to underestimate her abilities.

The cult was revamped, and this "doll-like" cult leader was treated with respect and fear.

Xu Xiao Xian looked on with a satisfied expression as she reminisced about the past.

"Say, if we reappear in the world now, in front of everybody, what will happen?".

"It’s too early," a stern voice replied.

Xu Xiao Xian pouted, resembling a young teenage girl.

The voice softened, "You know you can go look for him if you want to right?".

Xu Fairy retorted hastily as if someone had stepped on her tail, "Nonsense, who said that I want to see him?".
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