Chapter 364: What are you looking at?

Chapter 364: What are you looking at?
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"Whatever you say... you won’t be making decisions for yourself in your position anyway," the voice sounded sympathetic.

"Yeah…" Xu Xiao Xian sighed and looked longingly into the distance.

"I was the happiest back when I was on Earth, what a pity…".

"There’s nothing to be regretful about, you have to make sacrifices for greater ambitions.".

"But I never had any great ambitions," she laughed at herself.

"Perhaps I am just an unmotivated person at heart, and I was never meant to amount to great things.".

"Don’t say that, you are most outstanding.".

"Teacher, why are there conflicts in our world?" Xu Xiao Xian quietly asked.

"How childish," said a voice.

She pouted and continued, "I once heard a saying: where man walks there will be war, because all man, no matter how noble or ordinary, have desires.".

"Why are you lamenting if you understand how things work already?".

"There are so many things that I wish I could change, why can’t I bring it up? I am not like you," Xu Xiao Xian spitefully retorted.

"Haha… you have to marry someone in the end.".

"Ugh, I’m done talking to you!" Xu XiaoXian turned around and walked back into the palace.

After a long pause, the voice quietly whispered, "She’s right, why shouldn’t we be lamenting? But if we do, what’s the point of that?".

Chu Yu thought of the King Kong when he saw this huge gorilla in front of him.

If one was not careful, he would have mistaken it for a mountain.

A huge mountain!

"What are you looking at?" Chu Yu asked.

The gorilla continued looking at him.

"You still want to look at me?!" Chu Yu angrily incited.

The gorilla snorted agitatedly.

It seemed worked up.

"Will you let me pass?" Chu Yu flashed a tense smile, changing his tone.

He was not trying to pick a fight, but this big guy just would not stop staring at him.

This gorilla’s telepathic powers were extremely sensitive, he could sense Chu Yu’s approach from a mile away.

The gorilla continued looking at Chu Yu with its big eyes.

It was obviously a beast trapped here in the land of the trapped beasts.

The beasts trapped here were rumoured to be difficult to handle.

Chu Yu had encountered some of them along his journey, but most of them were not his match, even if a couple of them required some effort to deal with.

There was a poisonous monkey that made him break a sweat.

He did not manage to kill that pesky monkey in the end, and was chased for several miles after that.

He really wished to avoid a fight if it was possible.

All the creatures here had remarkable powers.

If any of them were let loose, they could bring chaos to the entire Mirror Dimension.

The gorilla stayed silent with its eyes still fixed on Chu Yu.

"If you don’t have any objections, I am going to pass through, is that okay?".

Chu Yu lunged forward swiftly to advance as quickly as possible.

The mountainous beast shifted.

He extended his arm, blocking Chu Yu’s path.

His hairy arm, overgrown with shrubs and vegetation, was now towering over Chu Yu like a tall wall.

Then, he reached forward like a collapsing ridge.


Chu Yu cursed.

Chu Yu used his Earth Burrowing Technique and burrowed himself deep into the ground.

Following this, the entire earth began to shake.

A large claw reached out for him at a lightning fast speed.

Chu Yu turns around and wielded his sword!


The sound of metals clashing rang around them.

Such impressive defense…

Chu Yu’s formidable sword was useless against the gorilla’s fingers.

The gorilla continued reaching for Chu Yu.

Chu Yu hurriedly combined the Art of Fleet Footwork with the Earth Burrowing Technique to sprint around rapidly underground.

It seemed that he was about to get away.


A rolling buzz was heard as the gorilla stomped its large foot into the depths of the ground, instantly blocking Chu Yu’s path.

"You just won’t stop, won’t you?" said Chu Yu as he shot up above ground.

A ray of sword art left his sword and rushed at the gorilla, leaving a slash on its chest.

This time, there was blood!

The gorilla howled in fury and pain as it swung its palm towards Chu Yu.

It was so fast!

Chu Yu had no time to dodge, and he decided that the only way to react was to consolidate all his energy and strike the gorilla with his own palm!

The clash was a sight to behold.

Next to the gorilla, Chu Yu was a mere speck of matter.

However, Chu Yu’s strength was not to be underestimated.

The impact of his palm was enough to crack a star!

Energy waves were emanated between the two palms.

The torn world was governed by powerful cultivation laws.

The surroundings were still intact even while the two were battling so intensely.

After receiving Chu Yu’s blow, the gorilla wobbled on his feet. Chu Yu himself slid backwards.

In terms of strength, they were equals!


The gorilla was agitated, he propped himself upright and pounded his chest with his clenched fists.

Chu Yu steadied himself and charged towards the gorilla.

The two were about to have a monumental battle here!

The gorilla’s cultivation was at the level of the Legendary Emperor Realm. His battle prowess was at such a high level that it was almost perverse, not to mention his impressive defense!

Chu Yu battled with the beast for a long time. His stamina was running low.

He was not holding anything back, he was even using the Immortal Crane Furnace and casting it all around.

Although the gorilla was battered with wounds, he had not suffered any fatal injuries.

Similarly, Chu Yu had not received any lethal blows.

The gorilla did not have any magical techniques, but he was virtually immune to all of Chu Yu’s abilities.

They were pitting against each other’s stamina.

Loud thunderous claps could be heard at the battle site.

In the end, the gorilla began to seem bored. After baring his teeth at Chu Yu, he turned to leave.

"You want to leave now?".

Chu Yu chased after the gorilla.

The battle was exhilarating! The gorilla was an excellent opponent to exchange blows with!

No lives were at stake, and it was the perfect opportunity to brush up on his battle skills.

At this instance, Chu Yu did not want this golden opportunity to go to waste. He wanted to keep on fighting with this gorilla.

Seeing how Chu Yu chased after it for another fight, the gorilla was angered.

He bellowed and turned around to continue their fight.

No one could imagine that this fight would last for five days!

Eventually, all of Chu Yu’s energy in his Dan Tian was expanded!

He was almost out of energy, even with the constant supply from the Immortal Crane Furnace!

He had never felt this good!

He had learnt so much from this battle. His level of cultivation was upgraded throughout the fight as well.

The speed of his Killing Days Heart Technique was doubled!

The speed of his training was remarkable.

Chu Yu realized that his techniques could be improved more effectively by battles like this.

The gorilla was also drained. It must have felt a sense of regret to have met someone as mental as Chu Yu.

What a nutcase!

It was merely curious about this human who had come to the land of trapped beasts.

The Black King Kong had a renowned reputation. On these grounds, it fought for its territory fist by fist.

Normally, even the bravest of adventurers would avoid its territories. This man in front of him, however, was one of a kind.


The gorilla finally uttered these two words.

It was so frustrated! It could not hold out any further.

With that, it plonked itself onto the ground and sat down as it stared at Chu Yu with a face of innocence.

"Come on, don’t chicken out! Let’s continue to fight!" said Chu Yu.

Chu Yu also looked drained, he looked like he was going to collapse at any moment.

The gorilla looked at Chu Yu.

"You’re still staring at me?" Chu Yu asked.


The gorilla immediately turned its gaze away.

Was it a sin to look at someone?


Chu Yu burst into laughter, as he proceeded to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Days of battle had strained his strong physique. However, it was also a purifying and strengthening process!

The blood that he spat out was the waste in his body- the residual blood from his training.

"Scram!" the gorilla bitterly said.

He could tell that there were changes to Chu Yu’s physique.

He was upset that Chu Yu had used him as a practicing tool.

At this moment, a gush of wind rushed in. A white figure as bright as light itself sped towards this direction.

The gorilla let out a howl.

With a spear in his hand, the white figure pierced at the gorilla immediately!

"Hahaha, you ugly beast, I have waited so many years for a good opportunity like this. I am going to eat your flesh tonight!".

Flesh blood was spurting out.

That spear…

Chu Yu was stunned. How could that spear have been so sharp?
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