Chapter 38: The Saint Teacher

Chapter 38: The Saint Teacher

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Chu Yu stared blankly at the ancient book in front of him.

Was this some supreme, almighty manual?

The whole thing just left him puzzled.

And… Did this mean that he was being taken in as an apprentice?

Was this really Sage Confucius?

Chu Yu looked back up at the statue behind the table.

He did not attempt to use his vertical eye to examine it. Because during this period, he had already discovered, it might be due to his limited cultivation, but his vertical eye was not omnipotent.

Moreover, he did not dare commit any acts of blasphemy on this statue in front of him!

It was of a saint teacher ah!

There was no need to know what was Confucius’s status and power in the cultivation world. Over 2000 years ago in China, he took in countless of disciples and educated tens of thousands of citizens. His Confucian school of thought laid the foundation for later societies, leading to his eternal canonization as a saint.

Just merely one of his accolades was enough to earn him the respects of countless people!

Thus, Chu Yu’s heart was filled with reverence towards this senior sage.

However, from his visual observation, Chu Yu found that this statue seemed different from the statues of Confucius he saw before.

Those statues did not exude any immortal energy, and almost all of them painted a caring image of Confucius.

However, not only did this statue ripple with immortal energy, it also brimmed with heroic spirit!

By heroic spirit, it was referring to heroic mettle!


This reminded Chu Yu of a Confucian belief which was previous emasculated!

Perhaps one of his most famous words were "Requite evil with good".

However, this was a complete distortion of Confucius’s intentions, lying to countless of people for over 2000 years.

Confucius said: Requite evil with good, then what do we requite good with? Requite injustice with justice; requite good with good.

What did "Requite evil with good" mean? If someone stepped you on your foot, would you look at him with a sweet expression and say that you weren’t angry? Would you offer him to have a kick at your foot next?

What were they trying to pull with this?

This was the scheme by those monarchs who tried to maintain their self interests 2000 years ago. They removed the essence behind Confucius’s words, causing them to lose its original meaning.

This was a mere thing used to fool the citizens!

It was only till recent times when thinking had become more broad. The citizens were no longer foolish, and when they revisted Confucius’s text, they finally understood Confucius’s original meaning.

But these emasculated idea had been passed down for more than a thousand years, so it still lingers on to this date.

Chu Yu did not like it.

Ever since Chu Yu was young, he had wished for the guidance of a master teacher.

From 60 million years ago to now, there were too many fractures in the transfer of knowledge and culture.

Even though the Chu Clan was an underworld clan, and even if those clan members in separate pocket dimensions were counted, there weren't any supreme experts in the Chu Clan.

He could still find advice during the foundational stages of cultivation, but to discuss about higher levels… There was no point thinking about it.

Moreover, while there was quite a number of books in the Chu Clan's Hidden Library, the truly useful ones were few.

In the former years, the Chu Clan Ancestor hastily left Earth and entered into a separate pocket dimension. However, he bring with him many useful manuals.

And as time passed, many legacies and countless treasures were buried in the grand passage of time.

So, even though the poles had currently reversed, resulting in the revitalisation of spiritual energy, it was difficult to reform the great and grand world of cultivation which existed 60 million years ago. Clearly… It required much more time.

The cultivators of today, could somewhat be considered the first generation of trailblazers!

What they needed to learn, to do, to regain… was truly too much!

Not just the Chu Clan, but most of the underworld clans were roughly facing the same situation.

In a commoner's eye, they were high and mighty people who stayed in pocket dimensions, just like gods and immortals.

In reality, they were on their last legs, barely maintaining themselves as they degrade progressively. Each generation was worse than the last.

In the years without revitalised spiritual energy, they lived arduously. Compared to commoners, they merely had slightly better medicine and some cultivation legacies.

Over these 60 million years, the underworld clans, or even ancient sects and schools, which naturally died out…. were like carp in a river; too many to count!

That's why, if this statue was really of the respected sage who changed the world over 2000 years ago, and if he really was a supreme, mighty existence, then being able to accept him as a master was simply a dream come true for Chu Yu!

"Mr really wants to accept me as a disciple?"

Chu Yu's heart surged with emotions as he rushed to bow towards the statue.


The ancient book on the table soundless flipped itself to the first page.

There, lied two seal characters in the ancient Chinese language - Superclass.

Chu Yu was slightly doubtful, his brows slightly twitched as he wondered about the meaning behind "Superclass".

Cultivation Superclass?

This name… was a little too huge right?

He slowly stepped forward, wanting to flip through this ancient book and see the content behind.

In the hall, the majestic voice resounded once more.

"Enter my sect. Learn my ways. Pass my dao. Expand my ideas."

Chu Yu frowned, but he still continued to extend his hand forward to try and flip the book. After which,his hand directly passed through the book, slapping down on the cold table surface below.

"..." Chu Yu was speechless as he looked on with disbelief; he continued to try and place his hand on the ancient book.

Slap! Pa! Slap…

Yes, they all landed on the cold and hard surface of the table.

"This is… fake?"

Chu Yu murmured to himself.

Thereafter, the ancient book flipped to the next page.

Similarly written in seal characters: Cultivation is vast and boundless. Within the human body, conceals an entire cosmos. Cultivating oneself, is thus, the path of cultivation. The human body has 365 true acupoints and 12 true meridians. There are also 8 extraordinary meridians and over 1000 minor acupoints. To cultivate to the higher level, requires one to open all the acupuncture points, meridians...

The ancient book wasn't very thick; it looked to only have 10 over pages. But each page contained many words, all with small seal characters.

This page primarily illustrated some ideas with regards to cultivation.

Even though it didn't go into the specifics on how to cultivate, Chu Yu was bedazzled, as though he was looking at a treasure!

Because the introductory knowledge described on this page had never been seen by Chu Yu before!

According to this Superclass book, only opening 365 true acupoints could not be considered to be the Great Circle of Acupoint Charging.

It could only be considered a Small Circle!

By only opening 365 acupoints, one could only open the 12 true meridians.

By attaining this Small Circle, one could reach higher stages, but would forever lose the opportunity to get stronger!

According to the theory in Superclass, only through opening every single acupoints and meridians then would the human cosmos be fully ignited!

Only this could be considered the true… cultivation!

The was the illustrious fusion between Heaven and Human.

If one didn't open all the acupoints and didn't perforate all the meridians, then how could he achieve Heaven-Human fusion?

If one couldn't achieve Heaven-Human fusion, then what's the point in chasing the path to immortality?

This Superclass was the culmination of theories from countless cultivation techniques.

It was specially for the opening of all the acupoints and meridians in the body!

In the past, if anyone were to raise this sort of cultivation to Chu Yu, he would either remain sceptical, or even scoff at it.

But seeing this ancient book from the saint teacher, he had to believe it.

Chu Yu kowtowed in front of the statue, uttering in reverence, "Mighty teacher, please accept disciple's three kowtows!"

After three kowtows, the ancient book drifted slowly and landed in front of Chu Yu, just like a feather.

This time, Chu Yu extended his hand and held the ancient book in his hand.

It had become real!

A sage’s methods were truly profound and enigmatic.
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