Chapter 372: Freedom

Chapter 372: Freedom
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The old man was the same person that Lin Shi had met. He smiled at Chu Yu and said, "I know who you are!".

Chu Yu looked at him coldly as he sucked in the energy in the air all around.

"The five elements grand technique, this is a technique that existed in the previous era. You can only know it if you’re from the previous era. Either that, or you’ve obtained a legacy from the previous era," said the old man.

"It’s none of your business," said Chu Yu coldly as he looked at the old man cautiously.

"Don’t worry, I’m not affiliated with those who tried to kill you. My guess is that you’ve obtained the legacy of someone from the previous era, after all, there are only a few people who’ve survived till this day. Those who survived are definitely the most powerful existences now. Even though you aren’t weak, you’re not at that level. But, how is the Qi in your body so powerful?".

He furrowed his eyebrows as he walked towards Chu Yu, "That’s not right, your Qi far exceeds your cultivation and age… I never thought I would get so lucky today…".

As he said this, he suddenly looked into the air and shouted, "Zhong Qian Li, you’ve overstepped your boundaries!".

From the distance, a sinister voice echoed, "Old man, what’s the point of shouting after seeing this man kill so many people? This fella is mine!".

"Zhong Qian Li, do you want to fight?" said the old man.

"Let’s fight then! Who’s afraid of you?" the voice resounded.

The old man looked at Chu Yu and said, "Stay here, don’t run away, I will find you anyway!".

Chu Yu looked at him coldly but remained silent. He continued his recovery.

Every time he battled, the Superclass would absorb new experiences. The most terrifying thing about this power was that it could transform any technique and make it into the user’s own.

The more powerful the user and the more experiences he went through, the more powerful the Superclass would become.

As of today, Chu Yu’s fighting style was varied. Every punch and kick, every blade and sword was different!

They were all, however, extremely threatening!

The Superclass was constantly deciphering the legacy of the sword that Chu Yu had obtained.

The only thing was that this process was very slow.

Normal techniques could be deciphered within seconds, advanced techniques did not take that long either.

The sword’s legacy was the first of its kind, at that moment, it required at least a hundred years to fully decipher it.

After the old man finished talking, he rushed into the sky.

A blinding light erupted as loud booms resounded, the sky crackled as clouds engulfed it.

Lightning rained down from above as Chu Yu sat down on the top of the highest building of the City of Struggle.

Bolts of energy formed a vortex all around him as he shut his eyes and kept his mind at peace.

If people knew what he was doing now, they would have been shocked.

He was training in the midst of all of this!

The battle in the sky had not ended, and many people had emerged from the city to watch on, including Lin Shi.

She did not believe in the old man’s words, she did not want to believe that those ancestors at the Bastion of Stars were all just after immortality.

She wanted to leave this place, and perhaps, this was the best chance to do so!

The old man was fighting someone else, and everyone’s attention was focused there.

But where could she go after she left?

She could only wander in the land of trapped beasts.

At this moment, she saw the figure on the top of the tallest building in the city, it was an old veteran with a tremendous aura.

Before this, she had already heard from those at the Wealthy Estate that that old veteran was incredibly powerful, that he had just slain the underlings of one of the most powerful people in the city, Zhong Qian Li.

That fight was over, but why was the old man meddling in their business now?

The attendees of the banquet discussed the battle intensely and some of them mentioned that the old man was not that powerful in comparison to the old veteran.

Lin Shi looked at the old veteran as a wave of nostalgia came across her heart.

The Bodhi Scripture that she practiced was pure and very sensitive, she could feel a sense of familiarity from that person.

Then, the old veteran opened his eyes and looked at her.

In that moment, she could feel her heart stop.

That gaze penetrated the ages and stopped at eternity. Time froze in that moment.

Shock, elation, happiness, and warmth.

Lin Shi’s heart miraculously settled down in peace.

"This is amazing!" Lin Shi thought to herself.

Chu Yu stood there as he popped a pill into his mouth without any hesitation.

A thick energy descended upon his body as the sounds of battle raged on in the distance.

Everyone looked at that direction, but in that moment, between Lin Shi and Chu Yu, they only had each other in sight.

With the Sacred Art of Fleet Footwork, Chu Yu appeared before Lin Shi in a flash.

He grabbed her hand and left!

A dozen men or so appeared from the estate and attempted to block them, and they all possessed a fiery energy that radiated off their bodies.

The grandmaster had given the command that they had to look over this girl, otherwise, if she escaped, they would all die.

Chu Yu brandished his blade and with a crescent slash, he killed them with his sword art.

He brought Lin Shi up into the sky, and with an incantation, their bodies vanished.

An enraged howl and a maniacal laugh erupted.

A horrifying energy wave formed a large sword and struck at where Lin Shi and Chu Yu had vanished.

The space was torn apart, but the two of them were nowhere to be seen.

"ARGH!" howled the old man, bellowing with rage.

He never thought that that man held the technique to leave this place, and that he was here for Lin Shi!

He could guess who this man was, which infuriated him even further.

Zhong Qian Li stood there and laughed at the old man as he looked on coldly.

"What are you laughing at?" uttered the old man.

Zhong Qian Li cackled, "what can you do about it now? Everything’s gone!".

"It’s all your fault!" bellowed the old man.

"There’s no meaning to these words. I only chased after him because I saw that he possessed some powerful equipment. How should I have known who he was?".

"If it wasn’t for you, there was no way he would have escaped right in front of me!" said the old man coldly.

"Old man, don’t blabber and make a fool out of yourself. This land doesn’t belong to anyone…" said Zhong Qian Li.

"I’m going to kill you!" shouted the old man as he charged at him.

Zhong Qian Li, angered by the old man, said, "You think I’m afraid? Old man, I’ll show you my power today!".

The two powerful men commenced their battle again.



The pitiful city.

The Butterfly Dance had an enraged look on her face, she was embarrassed and angry.

She looked on at the charred bodies in front of her. Even though the entrapment formation was still in place, the room where she thought she had trapped Chu Yu in was empty.

Many onlookers from afar discreetly discussed the scene.

She found the fake body that Chu Yu had used to fool her.


Before Chu Yu’s fake body could finish his words, the Butterfly Dance smacked him to death and he turned into a rock.

"Chu Yu!" shrieked the enraged Butterfly Dance.

As if a thought suddenly passed through her mind, she immediately flew to the city of struggle.

When she reached there, she only found the old man, who was heavily injured.

"What happened here?" asked the Butterfly Dance.

"You still have the face to ask? If you had the ability to just lock up one person, this wouldn’t have happened," retorted the old man angrily.

After understanding what had happened, the Butterfly Dance gritted her teeth in anger and said, "Chu Yu, Lin Shi, you dogs, I will you and break your bones into a thousand pieces!".



Back on earth, on an island in Hawaii.

Chu Yu and Lin Shi lay on the beach with their sunglasses on, sipping on their drinks.

Looking at his skin in jealousy, Lin Shi said, "What’s the point of having such good skin on a man?".

"I didn’t ask for it!" defended Chu Yu.

"I can’t believe this is real," said Lin Shi gently as she looked at him.

"Yeah, me too," replied Chu Yu.

He reached out and held her hand.

"Everything’s just like a dream," he said.

She nodded her head and lowered her shades, looking at the ocean.

She said, "I hope we can live like this forever.".

"Shi Shi…".


"Let's not go anywhere anymore. Let’s just stay on earth and live our lives peacefully, is that okay?".

After a short silence, Lin Shi turned her head toward him and looked at him with warmth in her eyes.

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