Chapter 379: It's Hard to Beg

Chapter 379: It's Hard to Beg
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Elder Black Dragon looked at Chu Yu and sighed softly, "Now that the troops of the Mirror Dimension have arrived, the invisible magical formations conjured throughout the solar system would only stop them temporarily. One day, they would come to our world. Moreover, the time for us to recover would be way too short, we won't even be ready!".

"It will be okay, after so much hardship, we, the Chinese, have held on till the end. Today, we are still standing on the top of the world.".

Chu Yu whispered, "Actually, it is not only us. Throughout History, many parties have overcome oppression after periods of time. There isn't any entity or group that will truly rule forever.".

Elder Black Dragon nodded his head in agreement, "You are right, but I'm afraid that their purpose is to massacre… Moreover, massacres led by the cultivators often wipe out entire races.".

"I believe that there will be many people who will take a stand and fight against them together. If everything was at stake, who could afford to be selfish?" Chu Yu replied.

Elder Black Dragon glanced at Chu Yu and continued, "To be honest, we old blokes do not have any regrets, even if we perish in battle, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. It's only you young men, it isn't your time to face such things yet.".

Chu Yu laughed, "Since when did war allowed for any preparation?".

"That's true, back, we were also unprepared and taken by surprise. Otherwise, we wouldn't have suffered such a loss." Elder Black Dragon sighed.

Chu Yu said, "Our ancestors once said to roll with the punches, that it is nothing but a battle, it is not a big deal.".

"Those are your ancestors, they're my juniors," Elder Black Dragon replied.

Chu Yu now had a lead from Elder Black Dragon, but it was just a lead and nothing else.

The Ancient Demonic Sect… Chu Yu did not know whether Xu Xiao Xian would have known anything about it.

Maybe he could ask her?

Chu Yu laughed bitterly, ever since he hurt her previously, he did not hear from her again.

Oh yeah…" Elder Black Dragon said as he looked into his eyes. He continued, "By locking her up, it really doesn't do much. If you do not solve this problem, with every passing day, it can become a calamity.".

"What can I do?".

Chu Yu gasped, "There is only this much I can do.".

"There is a man that you can find. He isn't that far from here," said Elder Black Dragon.

"Huh?" Chu Yu stared blankly at him.

"Elder Yi," said Elder Black Dragon with a look of admiration.

"Elder… Yi?" Chu Yu gave him a weird gaze.

The Elders before Elder Black Dragon had mostly become Saints and were ancient Saints that have lived through the ancient times till today. The elder he was talking about… Did that mean that Yi was much older than Elder Black Dragon?

Elder Black Dragon replied, "Yes, Elder Yi is in an odd case, but I've thought about it, if I were to ask for help, he would probably lend a helping hand.".

"What can he do?" Chu Yu asked.

"He could help seal Lin Shi's soul," Elder Black Dragon said in a definitive tone. He continued, "Although I can do it too, my skills aren't as good as Elder Yi's. If the Elder is willing to help, Lin Shi will be fine before the Demon Emperor is found.".

Chu Yu said, "I will find him.".

"Let me get you a gift for him," Elder Black Dragon said.

"There is no need to, we know each other," Chu Yu replied.

"You… know him?" Elder Black Dragon asked with a skeptical tone as he looked at him quirkily.

"You have tricks up your sleeves eh boy? Go to him, quick!".

Chu Yu felt a little puzzled and wondered if it was such a good thing to know Yi.

Looking at Chu Yu's expression, Elder Black Dragon said, "He is a god-like being. Even if it was during the ancient times, not everyone could see him if they wanted to. Well, since you know him, that'll be better, I was afraid that my gift will not be good enough.".

Chu Yu bid farewell to Elder Black Dragon, still feeling confused. He prepared to take his leave.

Flat sister appeared in front of him once more.

"Take out your sword!".

Flat sister's expression and tone was cold, the aura that she radiated was even colder.

She was very cold towards Chu Yu.

"I don't have time to bother with you. Eat more papayas if you have so much time," Chu Yu said thoughtlessly as his figure flashed. He utilized the Sacred Art of Fleet Footwork to the maximum, tearing a void in space, disappearing from where he was.

Flat sister's sword slashed at nothingness, her originally fair skin flushed red with rage.

She hated this man!

Flat Sister's heart was filled with injustice, and as she looked down at her chest, her face turned even redder.

She thought furiously, "When I meet you next time, you will get it from me!".

Canada was very near to the Pacific Ocean, and Chu Yu's speed exceeded human comprehension.

He reached where Yi was in no time.

"It seems like you improved recently.".

Yi grinned while looking at Chu Yu, "But comparatively, out of the four of you, your progress can only be ranked as the second."

The four people were Chu Yu, Xu Xiao Xian, Yu Qian Qian and Fatty Fan Jian.

"The one with the fastest and greatest progress is the little girl." Yi said.

"She inherited your mantle, of course her progress is fast," Chu Yu said.

"The little girl's progress is not dependent on my mantle. She is brimming with talent," Yi replied.

He wanted to continue, but looking at Chu Yu, he paused.

Chu Yu did not ask about it, instead, he told Yi about what he had encountered.

"You went to provoke that woman after all I said," Yi sighed.

Chu Yu replied, "I wanted to save a life.".

"I am very curious, how did you manage to kill that woman's original body?".

Yi looked at Chu Yu with his glimmering eyes. He then shook his head, "Never mind, you don't have to tell me.".

Gazing at Chu Yu, Yi said, "Let her out, let me take a look.".

"There won't be any problems?" Chu Yu asked carefully.

Yi glared at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu chuckled and opened the Immortal Crane Furnace, letting Lin Shi out.

As she was being released, a powerful wave of spatial force erupted.


Yi heaved as he waved his hand.

Lin Shi's body fell from the air instantly. After she regained her balance, she was motionless, she only looked emotionlessly at both Yi and Chu Yu.

Yi frowned slightly and said, "How could you be so reckless? How could you infuse those scattered souls into Lin Shi's soul?".

"I just wanted to reinforce her soul…" said Chu Yu with his head hung low.

Yi sighed, "You were too reckless this time."

After which, he closed his eyes as if he was trying to detect something.

Suddenly, Lin Shi let out a scream, "Old thing, how dare you cast your eyes on my memory, do you wish to die?".

Yi opened his eyes in a flash, shooting out streams of divine light from them. He looked at Lin Shi coldly, "Don't you know who I am?".

Lin Shi's eyes were filled with mockery and ignorance, "Why do I need to know who you are? Are you supposed to be famous? You're just one of the remnants of the Village of Dao, what are you clamoring about? If you have the guts, kill me!".

While saying that, she shot a provocative look towards Chu Yu.

Chu Yu took a deep breath.

Yi grinned and turned to Chu Yu, "I can help to seal her up first, what Black Dragon advised was true, it's just that… the Demon Emperor might not be willing to help you.".

When Yi said this, his expression was weird. He let out an emotional sigh.

"Elder, do you know him?" Chu Yu winced and asked, but soon got a grip of himself.

Yi smiled, "Of course I know him. In fact, he's here, do you want to see him?".

"Yes, yes I do!" Chu Yu exclaimed.

"There is one other person, do you want to see her?" Yi's expression was getting increasingly odd.

At that moment, a graceful figure entered from the entrance of the hall.

When Chu Yu saw her, he froze, "Xu Xiao Xian? Why… Why are you here?".

Xu Xiao Xian's expression was cool, she said, "Yi is my teacher, why can't I come?".

Chu Yu was filled with awkwardness as he laughed bitterly, "I don't mean that, it's just that I haven't seen you in a long time.".

"It's better if we didn't meet, isn't it?" Xu Xiao Xian said with an agitated tone, within those emotionless eyes, there was a tinge of anger.

From the side, Yi said, "She heard that the Mirror Dimension was preparing to launch an attack on the Village of Dao and hurried over. At the edge of the solar system, she ambushed quite a few men from the Mirror Dimension. But the number of people gathered there were increasing, so she came back here.".

"Teacher, you don't have to explain it to him.". Xu Xiao Xian said coldly, "This man has nothing to do with me.".

Chu Yu's lips twitched and turned serious in an instant. He faced Xu Xiao Xian and bowed deeply, "Thank you Miss Xiao Xian for this!".

Xu Xiao Xian moved away and said lightly, "The blood of the Village of Dao flows in my veins, why do you need to thank me? What has this got to do with you?".

Chu Yu frowned slightly.

Yi waved his arms and said, "That's enough, why must you quarrel when you meet?".

Chu Yu looked behind Xu Xiao Xian, there was no one. He then asked, "Where is the Demon Emperor that you were talking about?".

'Lin Shi' stood silently at a corner, as she looked at Xu Xiao Xian, no one knew what she was thinking of.

Yi said, "He is here, but…".

"But I'm not going to care about this," a chilly voice echoed in the air.

"Ah?" Chu Yu got a shock, he looked around him, but could see no one. Even when he used his vertical eye, he still could not see anything, not even a shadow.

"Stop looking around boy.".

The voice scorned, "Give up on this ray of hope, I will not help you.".

Chu Yu was silent for a moment, he then begged, "Elder, I beg you.".

"I don't care!" The voice was unbelievably cold.

Chu Yu hesitated and knelt onto the ground, "Elder, please help!".

In Xu Xiao Xian's cold gaze, a layer of mist rose, as if she wanted to speak.

The voice in the air was filled with mockery, "I don't care!".

"Teacher…" Xu Xiao Xian suddenly sighed, "Please help him.".

Chu Yu was still kneeling on the ground when she said that.

He continued, "If the Elder is willing to help, I can give my life up in exchange for it!".

"Really?" the voice asked mockingly.

"Yes.". Chu Yu was dead serious.

"I don't care," these three words rang once again.

"Teacher…" Xu Xiao Xian's voice softened, "On my…".

"When I say that I don't care, I won't care," the voice said indifferently.

Chu Yu rose slowly and stood up. He then turned to face Yi, "Could you please help me to seal her up.".

Yi sighed and shook his head, looking at Lin Shi, he asked, "You still have no plans to leave? If you are willing to leave, I promise to let you go.".

'Lin Shi' raised her head and glanced at Yi as she sneered, "How is the seal going to help? My soul is already infused within Lin Shi's soul, no one can separate our souls!

Also, I've already mentioned that, my soul would completely disappear in 10 years…".

"Disappear my ass.".

The indifferent voice mocked, "In 10 years, you will become Lin Shi and Lin Shi will become you! You possess such a high status, and yet you are still lying, what's the meaning of this?".

"Do you have to care? If you had the ability to chase me out, do it!" 'Lin Shi' provoked.

"I don't care," the indifferent voice said.

Chu Yu took in a deep breath and looked at Yi, "Do it.".

Yi asked, "You really won't leave?".

'Lin Shi' scoffed, "Do it, there is nothing more to say. Who can stop me from achieving what I want?".

Yi sighed and conjured the seal.

Chu Yu kept the sealed Lin Shi and thanked him earnestly, "Thank you for helping, Elder Yi. How long can this seal last?".

Yi replied, "Her soul is very powerful, it can only last for 100 years.".

"Got it," said Chu Yu as took his leave.

Xu Xiao Xian stood there quietly.

Chu Yu glanced at her and smiled, "Thank you as well, Goodbye!".
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