Chapter 381: A Breakthrough Amidst the Battle

Chapter 381: A Breakthrough Amidst the Battle
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Chu Yu took the pills out and threw them in his mouth, gobbling them up.

He rarely made this many pills, but it did not mean that he did not have the ability to!

Now, he had all kinds of pills on him, it was enough to open a shop.

In the face of a deadly enemy, a little mistake would mean life or death.

He could not bother about ensuring the stable absorption of energy by doing it slowly.

A terrifying amount of energy suddenly exploded from his body, and all hell broke loose.

It made Chu Yu's energy levels increase rapidly.

However, the energy from the pills were too much for Chu Yu to handle, he could not absorb all of it.

His body shook violently and swelled up in a second… He almost exploded.

His vertical eye was absorbing all the energy at an insane speed.

It absorbed all the energy like a whale's gulp, and Chu Yu instantly relaxed.

"Remember to return it to me," Chu Yu said.

He sped off towards the Pitiful City.

When he was through the mountains, Chu Yu whistled.

A humongous gorilla rose and roared excitedly.

"Come, let's go and kill someone!".

Chu Yu flew straight ahead.

The Black King Kong grinded his teeth in glee, obviously overjoyed.

Killing people was his favorite activity.

As Chu Yu flew nearer to the Pitiful City, his aura became increasingly powerful, his murderous intent was incredibly shocking.

This attracted too much attention.

The Black King Kong was like a walking mountain as it crouched down and waited outside the city.

"Butterfly Dance, get the hell out and prepare to die!" Chu Yu roared.


In a blink of an eye, a figure shot to the sky.

It was The Butterfly Dance.

Her face was contorted in anger with a tinge of astonishment. She never expected Chu Yu to return.

"Since you are back, don't think of leaving," the Butterfly Dance said coldly.

In Chu Yu's hands, the Sword appeared.

The sword was hungry for blood; it had never been this powerful.

Chu Yu could no longer hold in his murderous intent.

The Sword was too ferocious!

In the sky above the Pitiful City, the raging sword nearly scared the wits out of everyone below.

Everyone in the city were trembling in fear, lying flat on the ground, not moving an inch.


The Butterfly Dance screamed as her power began to increase.

At the same time, she conjured a string of bells.

Those bells hung in space and rang pleasantly.

Chu Yu's head suddenly felt as if it was going to split.

No one could have imagined that the bells were mental weapons.

With Sword in his hand, Chu Yu successfully attacked The Butterfly Dance.

A stream of flood flowed down from the corners of her mouth along her chin.

The bells that she had conjured were equally terrifying, emitting waves of horrendous rings.

Chu Yu felt as if his soul was getting chased out of his body.

Chu Yu conjured the Immortal Crane Furnace and placed it on his head.


At that moment, flashes of golden light shot out of the Furnace as numerous ancient engravings glowed in gold, protecting Chu Yu.

The feeling of his soul being driven out of his body was instantly relieved.

He wielded the Sword once again.

The knowledge of this sword was lost together with its legacy, no one really knew anything about it.

It was incomparably ferocious.

The sword split up, flying into the air, trapping The Butterfly Dance within it.

The Butterfly Dance wheeled backwards frantically, but the Sword eventually landed on her shoulder.


Along with that sound, an arm fell.

Blood flooded out of the wound.

"Chu Yu… Are you crazy?" She shrieked.

"I am completely unrelated to that Butterfly Dance!".

"She is who she is, I am who I am. I shouldn't bear the consequences of the trouble she has caused!".

Chu Yu did not speak a word, his power was constantly increasing.

The Butterfly Dance erupted, "You doubt that I have the power to kill you?".

"Do you know why I want to kill you?" Chu Yu's voice rippled through his godly form.

"I don't know!".

The Butterfly Dance raged, "But it definitely is related to my original! Other than the other time I tricked you, we do not have grudges between each other!".

"If you can extract her soul from my woman, I would allow you to live!" Chu Yu said with an icy tone.

"What? She actually used that method? She's not utterly useless after all," muttered the Butterfly Dance while dodging Chu Yu's crazed onslaught.

After which, she looked at Chu Yu and said, "I cannot help you with this. When this happens, it cannot be reversed. You can either accept the fact that their souls would be combined after 10 years, or kill your woman at this instant. There is no other way!".

"I will kill you first!" Chu Yu roared, wielding his sword.

The Butterfly Dance screamed, "What are you waiting for, for me to amuse you? Come on out, all of you! Kill him!".


At her command, four powerful presences rose from the city.

Four Legendary Emperors emerged from different locations and rushed towards Chu Yu.

"Kill him!" The Butterfly Dance's expression steeled.

She could sense that Chu Yu's murderous intent was strong and determined, and there was no way she could talk her way out of it.

What her original body did, how was she supposed to know about it?

Initially, she wanted to get hold of Lin Shi's body when she calmed Chu Yu down.

The mortal body chosen by her original body was definitely the absolute best!

Long before she was possessed, the Butterfly Dance already had plans to capture Lin Shi. But at that time, the Old Man from the Wealthy Estate had already seized her.

The Old Man was very powerful and she did not want to destroy her relationship with him. Also, she knew very well that within 10 years, Lin Shi would be completely taken over by her original body, hence she did not bother capturing her.

In her heart, it was clear that to her that Lin Shi was far more important than Chu Yu.

The four Legendary Emperors surrounded Chu Yu, allowing The Butterfly Dance to catch her breath.

She was seriously injured, other than the arm that was sliced off, her internal injuries were severe too.

Her internal organs were in a mash thanks to Chu Yu's swordplay.

Chu Yu gazed coldly at the four Legendary Emperors around him. With a loud cry, he wielded his sword and rushed towards one of them.

He moved as fast as light.

The distance between them was nothing.

One of them reacted just in time to conjure an energy barrier before him.

At the same time, an ancient spear appeared in his hands. He thrust it right towards Chu Yu.


There was a loud noise.

As if thunder boomed.

The spear in the hands of this Legendary Emperor was sliced with a single strike.

The powerful sword then sliced diagonally through the Legendary Emperor's body.

The Legendary Emperor's body was immensely powerful, but it was not enough to stop the might of the Sword. A terrible gash appeared on his body.

He was that close to being cut into half by the sword!

Losing his power instantly, he roared as he tried to flee.

Chu Yu showed no form of remorse, aiming the hilt of his sword to his head.

"Die," said Chu Yu.

The sword instantly dislodged his head.

A rumble was heard.

The other three Legendary Emperors attacked in unison, roaring as they charged, each wielding their own magical equipment.

The turbulent energy within Chu Yu seemed as if it could drown the area that he was in.

The Butterfly Dance stood in the distance, frozen with shock with a gaze of fear in her eyes.

Chu Yu had just reached the Divine Realm … If he became a Legendary Emperor, he would have been unparalleled among his counterparts.

How could he have such great talent?

The Butterfly Dance waved her bells in her hands, thinking of whether she should retreat.

A burst of blinding light came from Chu Yu's body, the dense power within him erupted after prolonged suppression.

His body was supposed to be indestructible after it was recast from the blood within the golden metal ball. But due to his level of cultivation, he was unable to unleash its full power.

Without any progression, he could only unleash such energy and power when he was fighting at his hardest.

The blinding light emerged from the pulse of Chu Yu's body!

It defended him from almost 80% of the attacks.

Chu Yu's supernatural powers were pushed to the extreme, bringing forth the powers of a mythical beast, unleashing the legacy of the sword.

At this moment, he seemed like a terrifying mythical beast, devouring energy at the speed of light.

"This boy has magical powers!".

"He is devouring the energy!".

"Kill him!".

The three of them were stunned and furious as they rushed towards Chu Yu frantically.

Within the Pitiful City, magical formations were already conjured for protection.

Without it, the city would have been reduced to rubble with such a fight.

Chu Yu was fighting against three Legendary Emperors that were strong and experienced, but he showed no signs of fear. However, he was inevitably injured.

One of his shoulders was hit by a divine artifact hauled by his opponent, shattering his scapula. He was nearly unable to fight with this arm.

However, he still held the Immortal Crane Furnace, and he smashed it against one of their heads, cracking his skull.

The Butterfly Dance stared at the Furnace in his hands with a deep gaze.


One of the Legendary Emperors attacked Chu Yu from behind, piercing his spear through his back.

Chu Yu opened his mouth, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Looking at the pure white bone spear piercing through his chest, he placed the Furnace on his head and wielded his sword once again.

The sword's aura radiated in all directions.

It's intent filled the space.

The power emerging from the sword was insurmountable.

The Legendary Emperor abandoned his spear and retreated hastily.

However, Chu Yu's sword sliced right through him and his blood spilled all over himself.

He was chopped into pieces by the sword!


A pleasant ring suddenly rang.

Chu Yu staggered.

Even with the Immortal Crane Furnace protecting him, he was unable to dodge this attack.

Out of the four Legendary Emperors, three of them were already dead.

It was a terrible scene.

The Butterfly Dance could never have imagined that Chu Yu's abilities were that terrifying.

She attacked Chu Yu with her bells.

The last Legendary Emperor wielded a halberd, slicing its sharp blade through Chu Yu's chest, nearly slicing him into two!

"Return my strength!".

Chu Yu roared in his heart.


Boundless energy flowed through his vertical eye.


The spear that impaled Chu Yu shot out of his body like an arrow, aiming right at the Legendary Emperor with the halberd.

The wounds on Chu Yu's body were healing at an unbelievable rate; however, his body was already drenched in blood.

The vast energy flowed into every pore on his body, and within seconds, his level of cultivation rose tremendously.

At the moment of life and death, the Killing Days Heart Technique was rapidly ongoing.

In such an intense fight, even without much enlightenment, with such a large amount of energy entering the body, one's level of cultivation would constantly increase!

Under normal circumstances, a single pill would be sufficient to generate a large amount of energy that would not only increase one's cultivation, but also one's power.

However, Chu Yu took a mouthful of them!

The energy that was unleashed from the pills reached a horrifying level.

He turned back, gently raising his sword.

His sword shot out of his hand, flying towards The Butterfly Dance through the vast space between them.

At this moment, The Butterfly Dance had a gloomy expression; her cultivation levels were also increasing during the fight.

"Do you think you are the only one who has had a breakthrough during the fight?".

She cried, "You will die today!".


At that moment, the spear that Chu Yu had shot smashed into the halberd that the last Legendary Emperor was holding.

The halberd was smashed into smithereens, but the spear was still intact.

The spear that Chu Yu shot out was covered in his blood. When the spear impacted the halberd, the energy from the impact infused the blood into the spear, which caused the spear to accelerate.

Even in his dying moments, the Legendary Emperor could not believe what he was seeing, how could someone possess such a strong bloodline technique?


The bone spear wedged itself between his eyebrows, killing him instantly.

Chu Yu recalled the bone spear; he had already reached the peaks of the Divine Lord realm.

One more step and he would enter the Legendary Emperor realm!

At the same time, the Butterfly Dance faced him as a terrifying energy came off her body.

She seemed to have surpassed the Legendary Emperor.

Both of them confronted each other with no one rushing to strike.

They were progressing rapidly within their realms.

"So what if you're a prodigy? So what if you can kill beings of high cultivation? I can do that too!".

The Butterfly Dance shot an icy glare towards Chu Yu, exuding a wave of disdain as she cried, "Moreover, I am stronger than you!".
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