Chapter 388: I'm A Little Hungry

Chapter 388: I'm A Little Hungry
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When an innocent person looked at the world, his perspective would always have been pure and unique, and different from anyone else.

This was such an instance.

Chu Yu had thought of many methods to get rid of the curse from the scarecrow, but it was hopeless.

In the eyes of the girl in cyan, the solution was simple- a small amount of Chu Yu's blood would solve the problem.

When he thought about it, it could really work.

Chu Yu gave her his blood to drink. He even had the mood to joke.

Chu Yu said, "Can we say that we are related in blood from now?".

Her eyes widened, her white and delicate face was filled with surprise with a trail of Chu Yu's blood at the corner of her mouth.

"Are you that silly? I often consume flesh and blood. According to your theory, wouldn't I be related to the beings that I have eaten?".


Chu Yu's was speechless, he felt silly.

"This is the Merciless Sea, it is huge and deep. I have never left the merciless sea. I have been living here ever since I came to this world," said the girl quietly as she sat on a slab of bluestone atop a tiny island which spanned a few square kilometers.

Beneath the slab of stone was a steep cliff with waves smashing against it continuously.

However, there was little erosion of the cliff throughout the years. It still stood strongly after all these years.

Chu Yu sat beside the girl.

"What is your name?" asked Chu Yu.

"Qing Er," replied the girl.

"In my world, there was a myth…" Chu Yu smiled as he thought of something.

A long time passed.

"The girl Xiao Qing that you mentioned was not that fantastic, she could not even save her own sister. Also, with such a powerful demon king, how could he be together with a regular human? This does not make sense. There are many ways to return a favor, why did he do such things to go against himself? Furthermore, that old monk is evil, I don't like him," Qing Er commented seriously.

"It's a love story," said Chu Yu.

"I don't think there would be much love between a demon and a human," rebutted Qing Er with an earnest look.

"Ok then…" Chu Yu seemed disappointed as his smile faltered.

"Tell me a story about a demon," Qing Er seemed pretty interested in stories.

"You want me to tell you another one? Let me tell you a story about a monkey then…".

Time trickled by from day till night.

As Chu Yu told her about the Monkey and how he was squashed under a mountain by the palm of the Buddha, Qing Er had tears rolling down her face.

"What's wrong?" asked Chu Yu.

"This story is good.". Qing Er sniffed and continued, "Demons are like that. They are strong but lonely, ostracized by the world, oppressed till the very end.".

"Have you been oppressed?" Chu Yu took a glance at her.

"Continue the story," said Qing Er.

"What happened after that?".

"The monkey became a Buddha.".

"Was it happy?".

"It seemed like he was.".

"Was it useful to become a Buddha?".

"Can you live forever?".

"Wasn't he an immortal from the start?".


"So, from the moment he wore the golden crown, he was no longer himself anymore. The true Demon King had already died, was that the case?".

"You are a little too pessimistic.".

"But this is the truth.".

"All right, but this is just a story.".


Qing Er seemed tired, after all, she had just recovered.

The black curse within her body had completely vanished. However, she had still had not regained her full strength from the battle even with the Pill of Heavenly Pulse.

She laid on the stone, gazing at the stars above her.

Chu Yu sat there silently.

"Where are you going?" asked Qing Er suddenly.

"I am going to a faraway place," said Chu Yu.

"Why are you going there?" asked Qing Er.

"To save a woman I love," replied Chu Yu.

"Does she love you?" asked Qing Er.

"Yes," answered Chu Yu in an affirmative tone.

"That's good. Tell me the story about you two," Qing Er's empty gaze was suddenly filled with light.

"The story of us?" Chu Yu thought for a moment. He smiled and said, "Okay.".

Qing Er sat up straight with a curious expression.

"We have known each other since we were very young. Since then, I've always liked her. For awhile, I couldn't cultivate due to some reasons, however, she has never despised me and has always stuck by my side. But after that…".

He did not know why when he was speaking to Qing Er, for some reason, he could open up his heart.

He had never told anyone about this before.

In fact, the story of Lin Shi and himself was never complicated and their relationship had never turned sour. It was just that the experiences throughout the years were rough, especially for Lin Shi.

Crashing into a boundless alternate dimension, her life experienced a drastic change.

No one wanted this change, but it could not be helped.

Qing Er listened quietly and suddenly said, "I do envy her.".

Chu Yu grinned.

"I wish to look at the outside world with you," said Qing Er.

"That's very dangerous, I think you will be safer here," replied Chu Yu.

Qing Er blinked and said, "I'm bored of this place.".

"I came from the emperor star," said Chu Yu.

"Where is that?" Qing Er asked with a stunned expression.

"The very existence of the Mirror Dimension was to attack the Emperor Star," said Chu Yu. His gaze never left her.

"Huh?" Qing Er was still puzzled.

"They're fighting for power, resources and many other things," explained Chu Yu.

"Oh," Qing Er nodded.

"What happens after that?" said Chu Yu.

"After what?" Qing Er looked at him strangely.

"Aren't you supposed to think that I'm your enemy after what I said?".

"Why are you my enemy? I saved you and you saved me too. Our blood are connected as well," said Qing Er as she blinked at Chu Yu.

"…" Chu Yu blinked as well.

Qing Er laughed happily and said, "You aren't my prey…".

In Qing Er's world, there were only two types of relationships. Those that were her prey, and those that were not.

She did not see Chu Yu as her prey. Hence, it did not matter to her where he had come from.

She was bored from living in the Merciless Sea and she wanted to look at the outside world. When she saw that Chu Yu was heading out, it was natural for her to want to stick by Chu Yu's side.

"We have to get a star map first, otherwise, it would take us more than 1600 light years," said Chu Yu.


"That means if we travelled at the speed of light, it would take us 1600 years to reach there.".

"That's quite far away.".

"Of course.".

"But I don't need that long!".


"Because I move faster that light!".


Chu Yu was speechless, "But we would still need quite a few years, right? If we had a star map, we could use it to navigate through the stars, passing through space, using the shortest possible route.".

"We could do that?" said Qing Er with a surprised tone.

"Of course.".

"What are we waiting for? Let's quickly look for it!".

With Qing Er at his side, Chu Yu travelled near the speed of light. After flying for ages. They finally flew out of the Merciless Sea.

When she stepped into the outside world, Qing Er seemed a little nervous.

This was her first time stepping onto a real continent, she was curious about everything she saw.

However, when a giant beast blocked their passage, Qing Er turned into a massive Cyan Python, swallowing the beast in a single gulp.

It was cold-blooded, merciless and brutal… Swallowing the Divine Lord realm beast in a single bite.

"I can live without a meal for a long time.".

She turned back into her beautiful self and smiled at Chu Yu.

That was a meal?

Chu Yu was speechless as he looked at the broken mountains before him. There were new chasms that ran through the mountains… Those were caused by the beast when it struggled fruitlessly for his life.

She did not need to be this showy.

When the two of them entered a foreign city, Qing Er finally saw a variety of beings that lived in the land.

Although she was curious, she did not make any excessive actions.

This allowed Chu Yu to calm his nerves.

"Were you afraid that I would cause trouble?" asked Qing Er. She was very sensitive to emotions and could sense Chu Yu's nervousness.

"Ha ha ha," Chu Yu forced a laugh.

"Calm down, I'm very obedient," said Qing Er.

The scene of the massive cyan python fighting with the scarecrow came to his mind.

"I am!" said Qing Er as she looked at him.

"I know," said Chu Yu as he nodded seriously.

Things like the star maps were not considered rare within the Mirror Dimension. One could buy it as long as he had money.

In the Mirror Dimension, there were many talented beings that came from the Orion Star.

That included Yu Qiu Qiu, who had multiple personalities. She too came from the Orion Star.

To cultivators, if they needed the star map to get to their destination, it was like travelling to a different universe. Some places were just too difficult to reach, even if one had attained Sainthood and could control part of the universe.

Places that were billions of light years away would still take too long to reach, even if one had a star map.

Those places belonged to another universe.

The star maps to those places were extremely rare.

In Chu Yu's eyes, the entire universe was a single body.

"I want a star map which leads to the Orion Star.".

Inside an antique store, Chu Yu faced a huge alligator which had huge, sharp, triangular scales throughout his body.

Qing Er could not help but steal a few glances at the huge alligator.

The alligator boss looked cautiously at Qing Er as he found a golden scripture that was filled with engravings on it. He tossed it over to Chu Yu.

The alligator boss breathed a sigh of relief when Chu Yu paid and led Qing Er out of the store.

Qing Er looked back regretfully at the store as she told Chu Yu, "I think I'm hungry again.".

Chu Yu's face blackened, "It was still unacceptable to stare at others like that, they are not your prey.".

"Honestly, they are," said Qing Er seriously.

Within the antique store, the fierce looking alligator boss ran to a secret door, running away.

Chu Yu stared helplessly at Qing Er, suddenly feeling that the decision to bring her away from the sea was not a wise one.
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