Chapter 389: The Orion Constellation

Chapter 389: The Orion Constellation
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Chu Yu felt that the so called "Star Roads" were merely black holes that were scattered throughout the universe. Going through the "Star Roads" was simply the process of passing through a black hole.

According to the theories on earth, anything which entered the black hole would be disintegrated to its smallest form. The mass of the black hole would then increase infinitely, swallowing anything that came into its path.

However, the black hole did not just devour everything that came in its way like a mystical beast. It also served as a tunnel which connected two cosmos together.

Right now, Chu Yu was with Qing Er on a warship, passing by lustrous and dazzling worlds one by one.

They were headed for the Orion Star.

Qing Er had never seen such a view, causing her to be extremely excited. She was glued to the windows of the warship as the riot of colors whizzed by the warship with each passing world.

The benefits of the star map were clear. It allowed one to navigate his way through the stars.

Otherwise, if one entered any black hole, it would be impossible to predict where he would end up.

When he appeared in a completely foreign part of the galaxy, he would experience extreme headaches even if he had great powers.

There were indeed great beings that were still lost among the stars.

The universe was too vast, it was not a simple task to reach a star such as the Orion Star, which lay in an area that was approximately 1600 light years away.

It was still a pretty arduous journey, even with the star map.

A month had passed, Chu Yu and Qing Er finally emerged near the Orion Star.

In front of them lay the nebula of the star, it was magnificent!

"What a beauty!" said Qing Er. Prior to this, Qing Er had never seen the Orion constellation before, not even pictures of it.

The warship that both were on hovered momentarily. The brilliant Orion nebula spread out in front of them.

They were nearly there.

That was the perfect distance to admire the constellation.

"It is indeed beautiful," Chu Yu could not help but gasp at its beauty.

"This world is really wonderful," said Qing Er, mesmerized by the beautiful nebula. She whispered, "There are definitely places that are even prettier.".

Chu Yu grinned as he nodded.

With a serious tone, Qing Er said, "One day, I will travel to every single one of these places, seeing all these beautiful sceneries.".

"That would take a long time," whispered Chu Yu.

"Time is something that I do not lack," said Qing Er as she looked weirdly at Chu Yu and continued, "Your cultivation level is pretty high too, why do you lack time? What are you busy with?".

To think about it, what was he busy with?

Chu Yu laughed bitterly.

Qing Er frowned with and said, "I think I know the reason. You wanted to help your world to resist the attack of the Mirror Dimension, right?".

She was innocent but definitely not silly.

Chu Yu nodded.

Qing Er looked at Chu Yu with sympathy, "Guarding your territory, you should do that. However, it would be such a waste, life shouldn't be wasted like that.".

Chu Yu said as he looked at her, "Of course, you're right. I initially wanted to let go of all these, not thinking about any of those things. But in the end… You can see what happened.".

Qing Er nodded and said, "The Merciless Sea is not all that peaceful as well. These things do happen. Unfortunately for those who bullied me, they were all eaten by me in the end.".

Chu Yu glanced at her, "They are all seafood.".

"Seafood?" Qing Er thought as her brows furrowed, "Some weren't that fresh either.".

Chu Yu laughed as he looked ahead, his gaze started to become imposing.

Dozens of massive warships soared in a triangular formation. They flew from the Orion constellation, speeding towards them.

Qing Er saw it as well as her gaze turned cold.

"Don't worry," Chu Yu comforted.

"But I'm a little hungry," said Qing Er in a grieving tone as she looked at him.

"I thought you said that you wouldn't need a meal for a while after eating that beast?" Chu Yu said.

"Yes, but a long time has passed. We have just covered the distance that would require us 1600 light years to cover," said Qing Er.

"Are you hungry or thirsty?" Chu Yu looked at Qing Er.

"I am sure I have never eaten the beings that are heading our way now," whispered Qing Er as she lowered her head shyly.

"…" The corner of Chu Yu's mouth twitched as a thought flashed through his mind. It seemed like he had to thank Qing Er for refraining from eating him.

The other warships came quickly. When they were close by, they formed a crescent formation in front of the warship Chu Yu and Qing Er were in.

The warship that was in the middle of the formation was the biggest of the lot. It was tens of thousands of meters long, but it seemed miniscule in this vast universe. However, compared to the warship that they were on, which spanned a mere 50 meters, it was enormous.

A thought emanated from the spacecraft.

"Stranger, what are you doing here?".

In the universe, these telepathic interactions were mostly in one common language. It was easy and effective.

"I'm hungry!".

Qing Er let out this thought, before Chu Yu could answer. She exuded a telepathic thought that was way more powerful.

The invisible energy swept towards the dozens of warships.

Suddenly, they were dead silent.

Chu Yu was dazed.

After a while, a telepathic thought came from them, "Sorry, we do not provide free meals.".

Chu Yu then sent out a telepathic message, "My apologies, my friend was merely joking. My friend and I would like to go to the nebula of the Orion constellation in search for something. Please do not stop us.".

There were immensely powerful beings here, Xu Xiao Xian had warned him before.

Chu Yu knew in his heart that it was never possible for him to get what he wanted through brute force, not even with the powers of Qing Er and himself combined. He did not want to make enemies.

"Where are you headed?" The telepathic message said, sounding emotionless.

"I think it is called the land of soul suppression?" Chu Yu was also unsure about it. That was what Xu Xiao Xian told him anyway.

However, when he said it, he could suddenly sense a surge of messy thoughts from the dozens of warships.

"He's going there? Is he crazy?".

"That is a forbidden area, why would someone want to go in there?".

"Who is this being? God, he sure has the guts!".


Chu Yu blinked as he gazed helplessly at Qing Er.

Qing Er looked at him too with a look of innocence.

However, she said, "To save a person you love, I will support you! I will help you too. Also, I'm hungry.".

When he heard what she said, he was heartened. However, he automatically neglected what she said at the end.

Just then, the opponent quietened down.

The telepathic thought spoke again, "Friend, I would advise you to not go there. It is a forbidden area, no one can survive there.".

"Thank you, but I must go there," replied Chu Yu.

The other party was silent momentarily. It replied, "Okay then. You can come as a guest at our planet. Foreign friend, please accept our sincere invitation.".

Chu Yu glanced at Qing Er.

Qing Er said, "I'm hungry.".

The world was boundless, but nothing could beat hunger.

This was Qing Er portraying her true self.

Chu Yu thought for a moment and asked, "Is there a free meal?".

They laughed and replied, "Yes there is.".

All right!

Who cared if it was a trap, they could react accordingly.

If he rejected them, no one knew what would happen.

The other party's dozens of warships escorted Chu Yu's tiny craft toward the Orion constellation.

When they entered the nebula, Chu Yu discovered that it was yet another foreign galaxy.

They were flying straight towards a gigantic planet.

Chu Yu squinted as he was star struck.

That gigantic planet looked as if it was a battle-ready fortress!

It did not look like it was a natural planet, but a man-made one!

The whole planet was covered in a mysterious metal with mysterious engravings all over it.

Chu Yu tried to understand the words engraved, but all he felt was a powerful aura emanating from it.

It had strong offensive capabilities coupled with a strong defensive barrier.

The giant warships which the Orion beings drove were also dwarfed by this enormous planet.

The skies were filled with spaceships of all sizes, as though they had arrived at a fictional world.

Qing Er did not speak a word as she watched carefully.

When their fleet reached the planet, a large door opened without a sound.

After they had entered, it closed silently behind them.

Before them, there was a long passageway.

When they passed through the passageway, Chu Yu could feel a distinct mysterious energy, as though the energy was scanning through the entire ship.

Qing Er frowned.

Chu Yu said, "Don't worry.".

The smell wafting from her body instantly disappeared.

It was her instinct.

The stronger the being, the more it disliked others watching it.

Chu Yu did not possess anything that the other party could scan for.

After flying silently for quite a while, they finally entered the interior part of the planet.

In front of them was a vast world.

It was a gigantic… Steel world!

There were no mountains, rivers, nor greenery to speak of.

Only steel cities floating in mid-air.

Their destination was on one of the floating cities.

The steel cities had large doors on them as well. They were tightly shut, opening soundlessly as the fleet approached.

After which, they landed within a large square.

Only then, did Chu Yu come face to face with a being from the Orion constellation.

A group of people walked out from the largest warship, all wearing special uniforms. The cloth they used were different from any other races that he had seen before.

Their appearances were no difference from the humans on earth.

But upon closer inspection, they looked more like Asians.

Just that their figures were larger than normal humans.

The people that walked out were at least 2 meters tall.

Chu Yu and Qing Er emerged from their ship as well.

Walking towards them, a middle-aged man led the others forward. He was handsome and had a deep gaze. However, there was no energy fluctuations radiating from his body.

Was this… A civilization which advanced purely using science and technology?

Chu Yu thought about it.

However, how could he explain the strong telepathic power that they possessed?

As he thought, the handsome middle-aged man exuded a strong telepathic fluctuation.

"Hello, my friends from a foreign galaxy!".

Chu Yu's heart froze, he was utterly puzzled. How could his telepathic fluctuation be so strong when his body exuded no energy fluctuation?

He smiled and replied, "Hello, my friend from the Orion Constellation.".
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