Chapter 390: Prince Mao Fu

Chapter 390: Prince Mao Fu
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The being from the Orion Constellation who had such a strong telepathic ability introduced himself as Mao Fu. Just these two words. The telepathically sent information was much more accurate as compared to spoken words.

As to why his name was so weird, the only explanation was that their culture was hugely different from that of the solar system as well as the Mirror Dimension.

Mao Fu was particularly enthusiastic while hosting both Chu Yu and Qing Er, treating them to the local delicacies.

The methods of cooking were also different from whatever Chu Yu knew. It tasted weird, but it was still edible.

After all, they were all humans, like the different cuisines on earth, even though they were all different, it would still be edible.

Qing Er was totally ignorant about it, when she was in the form of the massive python, she ruthlessly ate any beast in her way.

To her, if the food contained massive amounts of energy, it would be sufficient.

What surprised Chu Yu was the identity of Mao Fu. He was in fact one of the princes on this metal planet. His status was very respected.

Chu Yu curiously asked Mao Fu the reason behind their physical and telepathic energy in private.

Mao Fu appeared calm and open when he replied Chu Yu's question.

"Our race emphasizes more on our telepathic abilities as the body will age with time, but the mind won't. When your telepathic abilities are stronger, your abilities will naturally get stronger.".

Mao Fu smiled and explained, "However, there is another race within the constellation that does not agree with this philosophy. They feel that when the body is stronger, the spirit will be further stabilized…".

Chu Yu frowned and said, "Why not train the mind and body at the same time?".

Mao Fu grinned as he looked at Chu Yu, "That must be the way your race practices, am I right? In fact, I feel that there are pros and cons to every method. For us, we prefer to practice on either our spiritual or physical energy. Both methods are the extreme ends of the spectrum, however, it is relatively easier to reach our peak. For the path that you are on, you can get the best of both worlds, but unfortunately, you would take longer to reach your peak.".

Chu Yu was deep in thought. He nodded, "There are thousands of ways to get to the top.".

Mao Fu nodded in agreement and said, "The spiritual energy can be extremely strong. It can allow us to be freed from the physical limitations of our body, travelling the world with just our spirits. We could reach anywhere we want with a thought; When one's physical energy is at its peak, one could tear a hole in the void with his bare hands, using his strong body to protect himself from the crises in the universe.".

After which, Mao Fu ordered his servants to serve the best wine in the region.

Chu Yu took a sip. In an instant, his body felt like it was relieved, as if his body got stronger with just a sip.

He was stunned. He was sure that wine of such sorts would be of great value.

Mao Fu laughed, "This wine is only served to the royal family. Even though we place great emphasis on our spiritual energy, we do not totally neglect the use of our bodies. After all, there are only a handful of people that can travel without their physical bodies. That's why we developed this wine. After drinking it for a while, your body will become stronger.".

Mao Fu smiled and said, "I will get my servants to get more of it. When you take your leave, you can take some of it with you.".

Chu Yu was very grateful to Mao Fu for graciously hosting them with such rare wine. When he heard that Mao Fu wanted to give them some of their wine, Chu Yu smiled and waved off the offer, "Prince Mao Fu, you are too kind. It is already our honor to have a taste of such a precious foreign brew, how can I accept your gift?".

"If you don't want it, I'll take it," said Qing Er from a corner.

"Hah ha, it seems like Qing Er is cool about it," said Prince Mao Fu as he laughed. As he looked at Chu Yu, he continued, "You have traversed the vast universe to get here. It is fate for us to meet at this place. I am very happy to have made friends with you, please do not reject it.".

Chu Yu took a glance at Qing Er, who had a face of innocence. He shook his head helplessly as he took out a Pill of Heavenly Pulse, passing it to the prince. He explained, "This is the best medicine…".

Although the pill that Chu Yu made did not look wonderful, Prince Mao Fu was not bothered by it.

He looked absolutely shell shocked, as though he did not believe what was happening.

Chu Yu was surprised as well.

But he was surprised about something else.

Could it be that the Prince could identify the main ingredients of the Pill of Heavenly Pulse?

That would have been unbelievable!

Prince Mao Fu seemed to have noticed the look of shock on Chu Yu's face. He explained, "Our spiritual energy is very strong. We are very sensitive to spiritual pills like these, especially towards the best pills… Like this one!".

As he said that, he stood up and took a deep bow towards Chu Yu, "If I may ask, are you the legendary pill master?".


The pill master?

Was he considered a pill master?

Chu Yu had almost forgotten this identity of his.

"Yes," Chu Yu nodded in acknowledgement as he looked at Prince Mao Fu, whose face was filled with anticipation.


Prince Mao Fu breathed a long breath. He was ecstatic, bowing again, he said, "Then, can I please ask you for a favor to treat someone who is in urgent need of attention? I fear… That even this pill would be insufficient.".

"Ah?" Chu Yu looked at Prince Mao Fu with a dazed expression.

"She is my mother.".

Prince Mao Fu's expression dimmed as he said, "In the last year, my mother fell into the trap of an enemy, causing her to be in coma ever since. An elder within our race has said that only a pill master from one place could ever heal my mother. Unfortunately, that place is completely sealed, there is no way in.".

Chu Yu's heart skipped a beat, he thought: The place that the Prince mentioned, was it the Village of Dao?

At this moment, Prince Mao Fu looked at Chu Yu sincerely, "Chu Yu, my friend, I will not let your effort go to waste. Whether or not my mother recovers, I will still thank you with my utmost gratitude...".

Before Chu Yu could say a word, the Prince continued, "Your purpose of coming here is to enter the land of soul suppression, am I right? It is an area that we are forbidden to enter. However, within our race, there are Greats that have entered that area before. But whenever someone walked out, they swore never to walk into that place again.".

"The land of soul suppression is particularly dangerous for us to enter as we practice heavily on our spiritual energy. However, if you are willing to help my mother, I will… I will be able to persuade him to be your guide, bringing you in. If you went in yourselves, you would most likely perish," Said Prince Mao Fu in a sincere tone.

Chu Yu had no intentions of refusing the Prince since the very beginning.

To him, other than those from the Mirror Dimension, who posed themselves as real enemies, he was willing to help the beings from the rest of the universe.

"Okay, let us first see your mother's condition, is that alright?" Asked Chu Yu.

"Thank you very much!" Prince Mao Fu accorded a bow of the highest order to Chu Yu.

After which, Chu Yu and Qing Er boarded the Prince's humongous ship.

The spaceship left this metal planet within moments.

"This planet is man-made and is also my fief," explained Prince Mao Fu to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu turned back to look at the massive planet, his heart still reeling from the shock when he first saw this planet.

If the earth had not broken its seal and progressed according to plan, it would never have been so technologically advanced after thousands of years.

There were all types of civilizations within this universe. Even though they were on different paths, they were still brilliant in their own ways.

"Oh right, when we arrive at my father's kingdom, I will have to ask both of you to not reveal yourselves. My friends, I am very sorry to put you in a spot, but you have to stay on this ship for a while," said Prince Mao Fu.

Although he did explain the reason behind it, Chu Yu and Qing Er did not object to it.

There were respective rules governing respective places. This was particularly so within such a large royal family.

When they were in Prince Mao Fu's fief, they could tell that the authority of the Royals was strong.

When Chu Yu asked about the governance of the Orion Constellation, Prince Mao Fu told him everything.

"Within the entire Orion nebula, there are seven royal families. My family's power among the royal families is neither the strongest nor the weakest. At the same time, there is a single imperial family. They are the true rulers. The entire Orion constellation… is within their control.".

"Out of the seven royal families, the Yu Royal Family is the strongest. Our Mao Royal Family is ranked between the 4th and 5th places within the families. The other five families are the Ji King Clan, Leng King Clan, Shao King Clan, Xue King Clan and the Lang King Clan. The Emperor is from the Ji Imperial Family.".

These mention of the imperial family perturbed Chu Yu.

He remembered hearing about something when he was having his dreams about mars.

It was said that there were different classes of society within earth. At that time, there were the stronger beings from Mars who transformed the beings on earth, causing homo sapiens to appear. After which, they started to reproduce little by little.

This example illustrated a problem. Within this universe, on planets that could be inhabited, the beings living on it would most probably have been related to each other.

An example would be the Ji Imperial family on the Orion Constellation.

The surname Ji was considered one of the great surnames in the ancient solar system. They were one of the great families among the ancient races who practiced cultivation.

Another example was saint Ji Jian Jia from the Yu Luo ancient teachings, the wise and beautiful woman.

In the ancient times, this family had a brilliant past.

Even in the modern era, when the earth was sealed, this clan was still a noble clan.

Could it be deduced that the Ji Imperial Family on the Orion constellation, thousands of light years away, was related to the Ji clan on earth?

The space ship accelerated from sub-light speeds till light speeds in no time, passing through several wormholes, flying deeper into the nebula.

The voyage did not take long, but Chu Yu knew that they were already several light years away from the metal planet that they were on.

The Orion Nebula looked magnificent from the afar, it was like a colorful gem.

From the inside, it was still gorgeous.

It was enviable to be living in such a place, one was surrounded with such magnificent scenery daily.

Compared to these, the blue skies and white clouds on earth seemed slightly monotonous.

However, most places here were unsuitable for human inhabitation.

Even if it was Prince Mao Fu's fief, if an ordinary human lived there without special equipment, he would not survive for more than a minute.

The spaceship started to decelerate as an enormous continent emerged in front of them.

On this continent, there were lustrous and dazzling scenic views.

There were trees that were a few times larger than the earth, with even bigger metal architectures. Black oceans spread boundlessly. Beings that were larger than planets could be seen roaming around.

It was really an unimaginable and strange world.

Their spaceship was intercepted at the edge of the continent.

A hostile telepathic message surged through the air like a huge wave of energy.

"Mao Fu, why are you here?".
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