Chapter 394: Vengeance

Chapter 394: Vengeance
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The young woman laughed coldy, "Your Highness, I'm not someone with a petty character. She wanted to harm my child to aid her own, when her plan was thwarted, she sent her son to the feudal land and tried to take her own life… She ended up this way thanks to herself. So many years have passed and I have not harbored any ill intentions to her son.".

The King feebly agreed.

"And have I harbored any ill intentions towards her?".


"My only wish is for her to remain the way she is, is that unreasonable?" Her eyes were shooting daggers.

"We are your favored concubines, but to me, she is my nemesis! My enemy! She stole my man, my son's throne…But since their fates were sealed, I just wish to maintain the status quo.".

The King was quiet.

"Why do people want to challenge the status quo? My king, do you wish for serene days to end? For your children to fight?".

"It's been so many years, you should put down your hatred. As for the accusations… there weren't any concrete evidences.".

The lady laughed resentfully, "I knew it, I knew that you've harbored doubts for all these years. I don't want to explain myself any further, it wouldn't do any good. I only have one question for you my King.".

"When Prince Mao Fu gave up his right to the throne, was it threatened by anyone? Did I force him to do it?".


"When she pleaded for the antidote after taking the poison, who provided the antidote?".


"She was conscious, wasn't she?".

"Yes, she was.".

"If I was the culprit who had framed her, wouldn't she explain herself? You spent so much time alone with her, she had plenty of chances to tell you, didn't she? I can't believe you still doubt me.".

"I'm sorry, I was wrong," the King tried to grab her hand but she shook him off.

With her eyes red, she sobbed, "Save her if you want to, you pleaded with the Ji family without my consent. I mean nothing to you…".

"What are you saying? It was…" .

Naturally, he loved Mao Fu's mother, but he also loved this woman deeply.

She had the royal blood of the Ji family!

Without her, he would not have built his empire so easily.

"Mao Fu is probably bringing his guests to save his mother at this moment. You are stalling me to save her, aren't you? Forget it, I am tired after all these years of suspicions. I am merely your woman, you call the shots here.".

"I am sorry… it's been tough on you.".

"Don't hurry to apologize. I can let bygones be bygones, but I cannot speak for Xi Li my child. He is smart, so he must know what is going on. I cannot control what he might do…" .

A brief flash of anger appeared in the King's eyes.

He suddenly understood his queen's intentions to hold the feast.

She must have communicated with her son privately.

She was the one who was grabbing the opportunity to stall him right now.

What a cunning woman!

But he was helpless.

The scandal in the past was supported by evidences against Mao Fu's mother. His beloved concubine was plotting against the Queen…

She did not try to explain herself either.

She only pleaded for Mao Fu's sake, for him to be spared and treated well, for him to be sent to the feudal land.

So, in the face of the accusations from the queen, the king was helpless.

His only hope was for Mao Xi Li to spare his sibling on the account of brotherhood.

He was aware that the crown prince had become a Legendary Emperor.

And Mao Fu…

He was probably at the level of a True Lord.

Even if he did manage to enhance his powers, he would not stand a chance against the Crown Prince.

The king was worried.

And the queen was hiding her sniggers.

Mao Fu's mother stayed on top of a large hill in the palace. It was a majestic three leveled villa overlooking a lake, guarded by many soldiers.

Leading them was the crown prince.

The female officer stood beside him with a smug look on her face.

"How dare you barge into a concubine's chambers with strangers, what are your intentions? Surrender now!".

Mao Fu looked at the crown prince calmly, "I've already given up the throne, must you really do this?".

"Haha, my dear brother, are you still lying till this day?".

"What am I lying about?" Mao Fu was puzzled.

"Lying about what your mother did. Your mother tried to harm me and my mother!" His tone was harsh as he pointed to Chu Yu and Qin Er.

"You two are dragged into this, Mao Fu must have promised you some conditions. I shall pardon you two, but I am warning you to stay out of our business.".

Mao Fu replied, "It is none of their business.".

"You tricked them here, you still have the cheek to speak for them?" the Crown Prince retorted angrily.

"The Crown Prince is compassionate to spare the innocent, but Prince Mao Fu… you still haven't given up?" the female officer said sarcastically.

"Who are you to speak to me? Get lost!" Mao Fu reprimanded.

"You…" the woman seethed, "you don't know your mistakes even till today…".


She was red from fury.

The Crown Prince gestured for the woman to step aside. "On the account of our kinship, I am not going to make things difficult for you. Take your guests and go back to where you belong. I can spare you today.".

"Hand me my mother, I will take her away and never come back," Mao Fu sadly muttered.

He was heartbroken that his childhood brother had turned out like this.

He refused to believe the accusations directed to his mother.

There was no need for her to do those things!

Back then, he had already declared his disinterest in the throne, and he had indicated that Mao Xi Li was a better candidate.

Because the queen was from the Ji royal family!

But his sincere heart was misconstrued…

"You know that that is impossible. Don't be foolish, your mother is a sinner, she can never leave the palace.".

Mao Fu took a deep breath, "Must you do this? I have absolutely no interest in power, I just want to lead a peaceful life with my mother.".

"I really do admire your superb acting.".

"Get out of my way!" Mao Fu looked at him coldly.

"No way.".

Mao Fu turned to look at Chu Yu and Qin Er apologetically, "I am sorry to implicate you two.".

Chu Yu sighed, "Your highness, did you not anticipate this kind of situation before returning here?".

Mao Fu blushed but did not deny Chu Yu's words. "I did expect opposition, but I didn't expect them to be so insistent after so many years.".

"Qin Er and I are not part of this, this is your family affair. Find us after you have settled it.".

"Qin Er, let's go.".

Qin Er nodded her head and followed Chu Yu.

"You can't!" the female officer shouted.
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