Chapter 395: Snatching a Person

Chapter 395: Snatching a Person
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Chu Yu frowned.

The female officer yelled sternly, "This is a royal scandal, how can you leave as you wish? If you want to go, you must let us erase your memory!".

Although Chu Yu was annoyed that Mao Fu had not been completely honest with them, he still had a decent impression of the man.

Chu Yu's instinct told him that Mao Fu had the ability to retaliate. He seemed like he just wanted to avoid stirring up trouble in front of his guests.

The female officer left Chu Yu a horrid impression from the beginning.

A nasty character.

"Don't go overboard, they are my friends. I can understand why they don't want to be involved. Let them go, Mao Xi Li. Any grudges here are between us.".

Mao Xi Li looked at the pair, "The male can leave, the female stays.".

Chu Yu and Mao Fu were shocked, Qin Er was largely offended.

Looking at Qin Er who was fuming, Chu Yu lightly patted her shoulders, "That won't be appropriate now, would it?".

"You're lucky to be spared alive don't you think?" Mao Xi Li said.

"You think we need your charity?" Chu Yu stated nonchalantly.

Mao Xi Li burst into chuckles, "This is my territory! I call the shots!".

Chu Yu sighed and looked at Mao Fu, "Was this what you wanted?".

"You're mistaken, my friend.".

"If I'm not wrong, your mother is the one who can enter the land of suppressed souls, isn't she? You planned ahead.".

"What?" said Qin Er, shocked by what Chu Yu had just said.

Mao Fu looked awkward and apologetic, "I am sorry… I indeed attempted to use you.".

"We'll talk about this later," Chu Yu shook his head in disapproval.

Mao Xi Li narrowed his eyes, "The land of suppressed souls? You tricked your friends who wanted to go to the land of suppressed souls?".

"Hahaha, it's rare to come across people who are courting death.".

Directing his gaze at Qin Er, he said, "My lady, don't go to the land of suppressed souls, I have set my eyes on you. Be my woman and I promise you a life of luxury.".

"I want to go," she responded.

Jealousy filled the female officer's head.

"Nobody's fighting with you," Qin Er spat at the lady.

Even though she was innocent, she was also very intelligent!

"Take them," the crown prince lost his patience and ordered his guards to confront the pair.

"Take the man, dead or alive, but I want the woman," he added on.

The guards swarmed around them.

Mao Fu stepped before them, "Mao Xi Li, you're really going touch them?".

"Don't make me kill you, I don't want to hurt you," the crown prince warned.

"Then let them go.".

"Too late!".

"Are you all dumb? What are you all hesitating for?" The crown prince chided the soldiers.

A dozen or so of them charged towards Chu Yu.

A couple of them went straight for Qin Er.

These guards had powerful cultivation and their telepathic attacks were all lethal, they could target the soul directly.

The Immortal Crane Furnace appeared above Chu Yu and an energy beam cascaded down.

Chu Yu held his sword.

Using the Art of Fleet Footwork, he was quick like lightning.

The enemies' mental attacks were shielded by the furnace. Loud sounds were resonating from the impacts.


Chu Yu left a cut between the brows of a guard.

He had disabled the guard's fighting abilities but kept him alive.

He did not want to start a real conflict with the people here.

Mao Xi Li had no idea that he was going to be difficult to handle, Chu Yu was quite remarkable.

Qin Er surprised him even more!

Qin Er was vicious with her attacks.

She fought them in her human form and sent a guard flying with a slap.

That guard was decapitated as he stumbled backward.

"Weak!" Qin Er looked on apathetically.

She went on to deal various blows to the other guards.

They were unlucky to have to stood on the opposing side in a fight against Chu Yu and Qin Er.

Chu Yu's physical body was unmatchable, and Qin Er was a giant cyan python; she indestructibly strong.

Their souls were extremely strong as well!

As for cultivation, Qin Er was far ahead of Chu Yu.

She was so close to Sainthood!

Why was Qin Er traversing the galaxy with Chu Yu?

She wanted to gain many experiences and properly enter the territory of Sainthood!

She had once told Chu Yu that she would gobble up the next scarecrow she saw once she attained Sainthood!

Those guards who had underestimated Qin Er were taken down in a flash.

She only spared Mao Fu in consideration that Chu Yu might still have wanted to work with him.

She was a little hungry.

In any fight, it always boiled down to the channeling and utilization of energy.

The capacities of the guards were incomparable to Chu Yu's.

Their powers might have been a cause for concern for others, but that was not the case for Chu Yu.

Chu Yu had taken care of his attackers at the same time when Qin Er took down hers.

But Qin Er had killed all her assailants…

The crown prince was shocked while the female officer looked terrified. Mao Fu was surprised but one could catch a glimpse of glee in his expression.

Who would have thought that these two visitors were so formidable?

Mao Xi Li was asking for back up.

"My friend, I am in the wrong today and I owe you big time. I might as well plead with you to rescue my mother with me so I can bring her to my feudal land. She will point you to the path to the land of suppressed souls once she awakens! I swear!" Mao Fu begged.


Chu Yu looked at him displeasingly, but he knew that teaming up with Mao Fu was the best option.

He did not want to alarm the other royalty. Even though Qin Er and him were formidable, they were going to have some trouble getting out of this mess.

"Let's go," Chu Yu decisively concluded.

They charged towards the chambers.

Within the quarters, a servant led the way to his mother.

A young and beautiful woman laid motionless on the bed.

With a wave of his hand, Mao Fu sent his mother to his pocket dimension and said to the servants, "You are all my mother's trusted servants, come along with me to avoid Mao Xi Li's punishment.".

They nodded gratefully.

"Let's go!".

Mao Fu activated a magical formation in the chambers. It had been there all along.

They hurriedly jumped into the formation. Some of the guards did not make it in time and were slaughtered by the Crown Prince who had barged in.

They appeared in a cave.

Mao Fu looked disheartened when he realized that some of the guards did not make it with them.

He adjusted himself promptly and boarded a parked ship which he had prepared.

The ship flew towards the edge of the land at the speed of light.

Just before they crossed the boundary, the alarms on the ship went off.

Hundreds of battle ships were hovering above the borders of the land. They were attacking their vessel.

The shields of their vessel went down by a little bit!

The screens were displaying a decrease of only 1 percent!

What an impressive ship!

"Are you underestimating me? Stop testing my limits!".

With that, Mao Fu set off the large cannons on their vessel.

The ship directly opposite them set off like fireworks.
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