Chapter 396: Dark Energy

Chapter 396: Dark Energy
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Mao Fu followed up his attack with more blasts.

His battleship was obviously superior to his opponent's. Under his aggressive attacks, the vessels on the opposite side were getting decimated.

He steered his ship through the cloud of debris with a face of indifference.

Chu Yu was a little alarmed. It was apparent that this vessel was not the one that they came in.

The ship they boarded on the way here was harmless, a leisure vessel.

This ship… this ship was completely different.

It was extremely advanced!

Was this really a prince with no desire for throne?

Even though it was none of Chu Yu's business, he was bothered by the fact that Mao Fu had crossed him.

Chu Yu sighed, why were people so complicated?

If he had treated Chu Yu like a good friend, he would not have left him in the lurch.

Now Chu Yu felt betrayed and disgruntled.

If not for Lin Shi, he would have left.

Mao Fu was aware that he was not honest, but he had no choice. His powers in the court were limited.

His feudal land could only impress foreigners like Chu Yu.

The fact was that resources were scarce there and that the gold planet was the only thing worth any value.

As for his influence…it was nonexistent!

But Mao Fu has the incredible skill to judge someone.

He knew the Chu Yu and Qin Er had high levels of cultivation the moment he met them.

If he was being honest, he was tempted by the throne. But he could swear that he never wanted to fight anybody for it.

Years ago, when the royal scandal broke out, he was certain of his mother's innocence. But there was no way to clear her name, not even the King could uncover the truth.

The Queen's influence was unquestionable!

She was the precious daughter of the Ji family. Though she was no longer a member of the royal family, her surname alone held a hefty weight.

Hence, his only wish was to fetch his mother to live with him in his assigned region. He could not bear to watch her decay within the cold walls of the palace.

"I am sorry I used you both, I will definitely repay you!".

Mao Fu apologized to Chu Yu and Qin Er.

He then went on to explain his narrative. All the way back to when the scandal had happened.

He spilled all his thoughts without reservations.

"This ship belongs to my father. He had warned me earlier at the banquet that the Queen and the crown prince would make things difficult for me.".

"He was the one who told me about the magical formation as well.".

"A ship of this finesse is rare to come by. There are only three in my family. This is the fourth that my father had secretly built.".

He laughed mockingly, "Father must have been helpless. There is the Ji family's blood running through Mao Xi Li's veins, if he were to become king, our empire will definitely become a subsidiary to theirs.".

"To express my sincere apologies, allow me to share with you a secret.".

"My mother was from the Emperor Star, and I have blood running through me that belongs to that place.".

Chu Yu took a moment to let that sink in.

"I wasn't purposely hiding it from you, I didn't want to come across as trying too hard to relate to you.".

"It's more like you were afraid that it was going to mess up your plan," Chu Yu said with mockery.

"Yes," Mao Fu answered confidently.

"Ain't I unlucky?" Chu Yu questioned him sarcastically.

"In my mind, entering the land of soul suppression was a suicidal move…".

"So, you figured that since we were going to get ourselves killed anyway, why not put us to good use before we end up dead?" Chu Yu sniggered coldly.

Mao Fu looked flustered.

Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

It was hard not to get angry. He had been used and now, he was marked as an enemy by those difficult people.

But at least... Mao Fu was honest with him.

"If my mother awakens, I will accompany you to the land of soul suppression!".

Chu Yu looked at him warily, "Do you have any motives?".

Mao Fu nodded at him, "My motive is to completely eradicate the root of my mother's illness. I will need an herb from that place as well. I am guessing that we are looking for the same type of medicine… Soul Repairing Herbs.".

"…" Chu Yu really wanted to ignore him.

This bastard had planned this right from the start.

He must have formulated all his plans the moment he met them.

"I feel very bad and bothered about using you two. Please believe me when I say that I will repay my debts. If we return from the land of soul suppression alive, this ship will be yours!".


Chu Yu was taken aback.

This ship could have been compared to a Saintly equipment!

"Even a Saint won't be able to break through its defense barrier. The most powerful attack can even harm a Saint, but the ship will take a while to recover after that.".

"This ship is made from precious metals of the universe, it can crusade through wormholes at extreme speeds and reach three times of light speed!".

What an incredible Saintly object, its powers were unreal!

"Is this for real?" asked Chu Yu as he looked at Mao Fu.

"Lying to you is probably the most immoral thing I have ever done. If it was not to save my mother, I would have never done that to you guys.".


They were back in Mao Fu's fief in no time.

The moment he got there he sealed off the entire land and made the decision to move.

"Helping me in the dark was the maximum that my father could do for me. The queen and the crown prince would never spare us, that's why we have to leave this place.".

Once again, Chu Yu had witnessed the prowess of advanced technology.

Mao Fu's fief, a large hollow metal planet, jumped through a wormhole in a split second.

They reappeared in a foreign galaxy.

"This place is one of the safe-houses I found years ago. It is very discrete and full of laser interferences. It would be hard for them to find us here.".

This place was nested deep in the Orion Constellation and was very near the land of soul suppression.

Chu Yu had started his inspection of Mao Fu's mother.

After he administered the Pill of Heavenly Pulse to her, he activated his vertical eye.

He had his brows tightly knitted together.

"How is she?" Mao Fu asked anxiously.

Chu Yu shook his head and said, "Critically ill.".

To put things in perspective, in comparison to the amount of dark energy that was within Qin Er's body previously, it could be said that Mao Fu's mother was plagued by a terrible energy.

There were additional magical equipment within her containing the damage.

Mao Fu was pale, "Please, my friend, please save my mother.".

Chu Yu nodded his head, "I will try my best, the poison she succumbed to isn't any ordinary poison.".

"I know, this poison can even kill a saint… Even if my mother really wanted to take her life then, she wouldn't have used such a lethal formula. Who would want their spirit to be destroyed like that?".

That was true. Even if someone wanted to die, they had no reason to destroy their soul along with it.

"Give me some peace, I need time to think.".

"Sure, Sure!".

Chu Yu's accurate diagnosis proved his mastery and knowledge.

It was too late for Prince Mao Fu to take back his actions before.

How could he convince Chu Yu that he was being sincere?

Was the battleship sufficient?

He still owed Chu Yu one though.

What if he bore a grudge and refused to help halfway through?

His mother was really at peril here.

Suddenly, Mao Fu had a brilliant idea. He whispered to his trusted servant, "Quick, bring me my treasured sword sheath.".
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