Chapter 400: The Pitiful Big Fish

Chapter 400: The Pitiful Big Fish
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The female officer let out an ear-piercing shriek. She could not believe that the powerful guard by her side was crushed in a single blow.

A chill overcame her body as she turned her vessel to escape while communicating with Mao Fu Li.

Mao Fu Li's face was projected in front of her as he said, "I'm bringing backup, don't do anything rash…".

As he said this, he saw the blood on her body and yelled, "What did you do?".

The female officer delivered a mental message and said, "I saw the two foreigners and wanted to capture the…".

She was interrupted as she yelled all of a sudden before her head exploded!

Her soul was crushed before she could do anything.

"Argh!" Mao Fu Li shouted across the communication device.

He did not love this woman, but she was still under him.

She had followed him for many years, and he could not bear to see her die.

The line was cut.

Chu Yu looked over at Qing Er and said, "I think it would've been better if we captured her instead.".

"That would not have been necessary, I hated her the moment I saw her," said Qing Er.

"Let's go, we have to let Mao Fu know," sighed Chu Yu.

The other guards on the vessel were killed by Qing Er.

Mao Fu was stunned by the news that Chu Yu had informed him of, he told Chu Yu to return immediately after getting what he needed.

"Those people are despicable," remarked Qing Er.

Qing Er had never been outside the remorseless sea, this was probably the first civilization she ever saw.

Before she even started shopping, she was enthralled by the feeling of it, but those people just had to interrupt her.

Chu Yu drove the vessel away, but suddenly, he could feel that something was amiss.

In an instant, dozens of combat vessels surrounded them.

"Run!" shouted Chu Yu as he took over control of the vessel. The vessel plunged into the waters below and activated several magical formations.

Chu Yu realised that Mao Xi Li had probably contacted some people from this city.

After all, he was the crown prince, he had to have many contacts.

Chu Yu did not know what they were after or who they were, but they did not have good intentions.

Qing Er frowned and asked, "Why do we have to run? We can just kill them!".

Chu Yu gave a wry smile and said, "Do you know how many terrifying creatures are hidden within this city? We don't have backup here. It's not wise to fight.".

"We can just kill them and make a path out for ourselves," said Qing Er.

"That doesn't work," Chu Yu said as he furrowed his eyebrows.

He could feel the bloodthirsty stares from the cultivators in the vessels behind them!

They were probably a group of foot soldiers!

These people were the hardest to deal with.

The river was deep and there were many powerful beings within it.

As some large fish saw their vessel pass by, they immediately attempted to gobble it up.

They were all at least at the level of True lord.

A fish at the level of Legendary Emperor suddenly appeared as it opened its black and scaly mouth.

In a gulp, it swallowed the vessel that Chu Yu was in.

The people who were chasing after them lost their target in an instant, and all they could see was this large fish.


The fleet of vessels began assaulting the fish.

Even though it was powerful, the fish knew that this group was not to be meddled with, and it turned around to flee.

The fleet chased after it in a frenzy.

"Why did we let it swallow us?" asked Qing Er.

"We'll use it to travel for a while, that's the fastest way," said Chu Yu as he traced the location of the other vessels with his divine sense.

The fish's speed was impressive, but it was sustaining injuries under the assault of the fleet.

It felt wronged, what did it do?

All it did was just swallow a vessel, it had done that before.

In the flowing river, the fish was just like a bolt of lightning, coursing through the raging waters.

Towering buildings stood on both sides of the river as countless other vessels surrounded the area.

They were like two worlds.

After a while, Chu Yu looked at Qing Er and asked, "Can you transform?".

Qing Er was taken aback.

"I mean can you change the way you look? For the purpose of disguising yourself," said Chu Yu.

"Not really…" Qing Er replied.

"Come here, I'll teach you how to," said Chu Yu. There was not much time, he could only teach her the simplest method.

Qing Er transformed herself into a young girl.

Chu Yu laughed, "Not bad at all, you look quite pretty!".

Qing Er took out a mirror and looked at herself.

Chu Yu began steering the ship, knocking it against the fish's belly.

This caused the fish to writhe in pain as it struggled and focused its energy at its stomach, in an attempt to digest it completely.

The sirens on the vessel began ringing, the vessel could not withstand the pressure asserted by the fish.

Chu Yu laughed coldly as he exerted the energy in his body.


The fish let out a horrified howl.

Even Qing Er was stunned by the energy he had just asserted.

"Let us out, otherwise, I will kill you!" Chu Yu threatened.

The fish felt so unlucky about its circumstance, the organisms in the river were always about the same. It would always swallow vessels and other beings to improve its cultivation.

How did it end up swallowing these extraordinarily powerful beings?

People had threatened it before, but in the end, they were always digested by it completely.

But this man's blood and energy was too terrifying, the fish could tell that it was not a wise choice to fight.

It opened its mouth obediently.

Chu Yu drove the torn and battered vessel out of the fish.

The two of them left the vessel behind and prepared to go.

Qing Er looked at the large fish and said, "I'm a little hungry.".

The big fish fled immediately after hearing what she said.

There was a look of regret on Qing Er's face.

Chu Yu rolled his eyes and pulled her, "Let's go! Hurry!".

The two of them swam in the river for a short distance before going onto the shore. There were a few dilapidated buildings nearby.

There were some strange creatures here.

The two of them ignored these creatures and left this place. They flew into the sky.

The fleet of vessels found the battered vessel that they were in, but realised that it had been abandoned.

The group of soldiers were enraged, they could only scoff at the two of them.

They did not give up and continued their pursuit.

At this moment, Chu Yu brought Qing Er to a black market shop and spent thirty thousand crystal dollars to buy another vessel.

Under normal circumstances, such a vessel would only cost them at most twenty thousand crystal dollars, but Chu Yu knew that this was the only way to not leave a mark behind.

Qing Er did not understand any of these dealings, she did not care much.

Chu Yu was suspicious of the events that had happened on that day, he suspected that there could have been a traitor in Mao Fu's ranks.

He drove the new vessel away as it coated itself in an opaque glaze and flew into the sky.

Even if one used his divine sense, he would not have been able to see through the vessel.

"Transform back to yourself," remarked Chu Yu.

Qing Er twitched slightly.

"The ability to transform into another being is a secret, don't let others know of this easily," advised Chu Yu.

Qing Er nodded her head.

At this moment, Chu Yu's communication device rang. It was a call from Mao Fu.
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