Chapter 406: The Stone Turtle

Chapter 406: The Stone Turtle
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In reality, the jade that Chu Yu had received had reminded him that he could use a powerful magical equipment to protect himself.

The rays of red beams were terrifying, but they were not that dangerous.

Chu Yu knew that the Furnace could block it.

Lin Shi was still trapped within and in a deep slumber, but this did not affect her.

Chu Yu was a little afraid of the Butterfly Dance's prowess.

If he could avoid her wrath, he would not have wanted to have her as an enemy.

He walked on carefully with Qing Er.

She said, "This place doesn't seem to be as scary as they said.".

Before she could finish, a figure rushed towards her like a gust of smoke.

A terrifying energy erupted from her body as a long sword appeared in her hands.

The Immortal Crane Furnace radiated a golden light as it shielded them.

The figure attempted to break through this shield, but let out a soul piercing shriek when it came into contact with it.

Peng! It collided with Qing Er's sword.

She immediately spat out some blood as her body was sent flying.

Chu Yu brandished his sword and cut at this figure.


The figure let out a scream via its divine sense, it was terrifying!

Even though there was no actual soul, the scream pierced through the soul.

Once Chu Yu felt the shock from this, the energy in his body immediately erupted.

It emanated from Chu Yu's body as the sword cut the figure into two.

The attack eviscerated the soul, causing much more damage than a physical wound!

The figure let out an enraged howl as it mended the wound on its body.

Qing Er, who was on the ground, spat a mouthful of blood at the figure.

As if it had just been scalded by boiling water, the figure jumped about in pain as smoked came off its body.

It promptly disappeared after Chu Yu rushed at it with his sword again.

"Are you okay?" Chu Yu asked as he looked at Qing Er.

She laughed, "Luckily I have your blood, otherwise, the situation might not be so pretty.".

Seeing that Qing Er was still bleeding, Chu Yu frowned, "This is troublesome…".

They did not expect to be on the receiving end of such an attack, moments after stepping onto this place.

Zhao Man Xi labelled these figures as ghosts.   

They liked to consume the souls of creatures and were cruel in their attacks. Normal creatures could never escape their clutches.

"That thing was much scarier than a ghost," Chu Yu thought to himself.

It was perhaps, purely a mental existence, and that in itself was rare.

At this moment, Qing Er pointed ahead and asked, "Is that a creature?".  

Chu Yu looked up and saw a stone that looked like a turtle.

There was a head, four legs, and a tail. It did not move.

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye.


As he did this, the stone turtle raised its neck and spit out a smoke of grey emission.

Even though he did not know what this was, Chu Yu was certain that it was not an ally.

The Immortal Crane Furnace resounded with bangs as rays of energy were fired from the golden light around it.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Loud booms echoed as the grey emissions collided with the rays of energy.  

It was earth shaking.  

Chu Yu realised that the earth they stood upon was not even cracked. What a sturdy land this was!

The resounding booms created a nauseatic buzz that made them want to vomit.

Chu Yu raised his sword and charged at the stone turtle.

The stone turtle was about the size of a large turtle on earth, and it had a fiery temper.

Once it saw that Chu Yu was charging at it, it let out a enraged howl and rushed towards him.

Chu Yu could see that there was a pit of bones behind it!

It must have been the remains of those that died here.

This place was dangerous indeed.

It made sense, the powerful beings in the Orion Constellation all knew that there were precious items here.

There were only a few who succeeded in getting out alive.

Chu Yu told Qing Er not to help him in this battle with the stone turtle.

This was because there was a high chance that other creatures would have appeared.

If they were ambushed, it would have been troublesome.

The brute strength of the stone turtle was formidable, its defence was rock solid as well.

Chu Yu had slashed down on it multiple times, but there was not a single scar.

The sword was razor sharp, but instead of harming his opponent, it numbed his hand instead.

Following this, Chu Yu called upon a bolt lightning with his left hand.

He used it as a whip and fired it at the stone turtle menacingly.


Shards of lightning chained around the turtle's back.

Even though there were no visible wounds on it, it let out a howl as if it had been hurt.

Perhaps it was just immune to physical attacks and not magical ones.

Chu Yu laughed as he brandished a giant lightning blade!

He leaped into the air and descended upon the turtle.

A look of fear overcame its eyes as it tried to find a way to escape.

For a turtle, it was surprisingly fast, but Chu Yu could not let it run.

He threw the blade of lightning from his hand and aimed it at the turtle.


The stone turtle was split into half and it crumbled into pieces of stone.

Following this, the figure of the stone turtle appeared and rushed at Chu Yu with a frenzied howl.

Without any hesitation, Chu Yu cut down on it.

The soul was most vulnerable to Yang attacks such as lightning.

This was a nightmare for the stone turtle as it was killed in a slash.

The soul energy was absorbed by the Immortal Crane Furnace.  

From the start to the end, Qing Er did not intervene.

When Chu Yu had completely killed the stone turtle, she said, "Your battle prowess has far surpassed mine. It's no wonder you could kill the scarecrow back then.".

Chu Yu smiled, "I learn from the battles I've fought, and you've definitely been in more battles than me.".

"Let me fight instead next time," smiled Qing Er.

This lass was crazy.

Following this, the two of them did not encounter any other threats for a long while.

It was almost as if what Qing Er said was true, this place was not as fearsome as they thought.

The pressure this place had on the soul, however, was immense.

The more powerful one was, the more obvious this pressure was to them.

The feeling was like a huge rock on one's chest.

The pressure on the soul was arduous.

Under the protection of the Immortal Crane Furnace, this pain was bearable.

Chu Yu began to understand that the most terrifying aspect of this land was not the creatures here, but this pressure.

At the deepest parts of this place, where the flying immortal grass grew, it was said that the pressure was so severe that the soul would be crushed immediately.

It was fortunate that he had the Furnace with.

Chu Yu was thankful.

A figure suddenly appeared before them, it was a man in grey robes.

They could not tell how old he was. He was seated upon a small mountain and looked at them with a chilly gaze.

His gaze turned to the Furnace on Chu Yu's head as he a look of greed revelled in his eyes.

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