Chapter 407: Happiness and Anguish

Chapter 407: Happiness and Anguish
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The old man laughed loudly with joy. The moment he entered Chu Yu's mental realm, he realised that he had underestimated this boy.

"To think you have such a vast mental realm, it's just like a Saint's, but you don't know how to use it. I can start doing whatever I want once I take over your body".

He could not believe his luck, he continued laughing crazily in Chu Yu's mental realm.

He did not even take his soul into consideration.

He would never believe that a Legendary Emperor could kill a Saint.

Even though they were just a realm apart, the difference in power was staggering.

It was easy to become a Legendary Emperor, but there were just a few Saints.

In a population of ten billion, there were at most a dozen Saints.

"Don't you worry child, once I get your Qi and your body, I will do you proud and show the world the power of this body!" the old man laughed maniacally.

"You old fool, do you think you've won?" Chu Yu knew what his vertical eye wanted to do now.

"Little boy, at this point, how can you still have such a resolute heart? I admire you, even my toughest opponents in the past all broke down at this kind of juncture. It's a pity to kill you, how about I give you that Saintly body of mine? But before that, I have to imprint myself on your soul," laughed the old man.

"Aren't I just a soul puppet then? I don't like that," Chu Yu said.

"You should count your blessings! In your position what more can you ask for?" the old man replied. 

He continued, "Since you're such a prick, I'll just kill you!". As he said this, he sent his soul towards Chu Yu's like a tiger.

It was unbelievably powerful.

Inside Chu Yu's mental realm, thunder was raining down like divine judgement.

"What are you waiting for?" Chu Yu yelled.

Chu Yu was always puzzled about the golden metal ball's existence.

When he was at the Immortal Refining Land, it was the one that saved him, this was why he trusted it.

The old man laughed, "You're still day dreaming?".

Suddenly, the old man shouted, "This isn't good!".

What was this?

In the moment where he was celebrating with joy, a deathly god descended upon him.

 A ferocious power came from nowhere and erupted, shackling the old man's soul.

The shackles began pulling back from where they came from after they locked onto the old man's soul.

He could not defend himself as he yelled, "What is this? Let go of me! I'm a Saint, how dare you do this?".


A bone breaking sound was heard.

The shackles grew tighter, and the soul was damaged.

The effects this had one the physical body was far more terrifying.

The old man let out a scream as the shackles continued pulling him.

"You're good you little b*stard, how dare you treat me like this. I still have another soul in slumber, and I have many after measures in this place. If you don't let me go now, I'll make sure you regret it!".

"Please my little brother, I know I'm in the wrong, I won't do this again.".

"I won't let you off, even if I go to hell!".

"Please let me go, you can kill me physically, but don't hurt my soul, please!".

The old man interchanged between threats and pleas, but none of that worked.

When he was pulled into Chu Yu's vertical eye, all the noises stopped.

Chu Yu did not make any noise, he just looked on quietly.

Chu Yu could feel a pure energy coming from his vertical eye.

He found out everything about this old man, he was purely a cultivator and made it to the Saint realm all on his own merit.

The vertical eye had given him the power to assess a cultivator's anatomy and history, this was a priceless gift!

Chu Yu could clearly sense the vertical eye's purpose in letting him know this.

Even though he and the old man walked on different paths of cultivation, the knowledge of it increased his experience.   

The vertical eye was just like his teacher.

Chu Yu felt a sharp pain in his head.

Even though he had a formidable mental realm, the barging in of another soul left some after effects.

But it was not a serious problem, he could recover in a few days.

As he stood up, he could feel the pain easing.

As he turned to Qing Er, she suddenly woke up.

Seeing his face right in front of hers, she reacted instinctively and threw a punch.

Chu Yu dodged it and gave off a mental message, "Qing Er, it's me.".

Qing Er looked at him suspiciously.

"It really is me," Chu Yu said.

"How do I know that you're not the old b*stard? Why should I trust you?" she gazed at him coldly.

Chu Yu smiled, "This is tough. No matter what I say, it'll be hard for you to trust me.".

"That's right," Qing Er said coldly.

"Since that's the case, you can leave first. You won't be able to take part in the things that are about to follow anyway. The old man wanted to take advantage of you right? I don't have those thoughts," Chu Yu smiled.

"What?" Qing Er said shyly as she looked at him.

"Am I not up to your standards, Prince Chu?" she teased as she vanished in a flicker.

Chu Yu heaved a sigh of relief, although he felt a little confused.

If she were to follow him, no one knew what lay ahead, and it was probably very dangerous.  

Chu Yu picked up the empty shell of the old man and inspected it.

He began recuperating from his injuries as well, although his head still hurt.

He wanted to infiltrate the Saintly body of the old man and make it his after he recovered.



Qing Er stepped angrily onto a stone, she was in a bad mood, but she did not know why.

Her time with Chu Yu was the happiest in her life.

She had heard many stories of humans from the remorseless sea, but they were all different from what Chu Yu was.

Her feelings were especially strong during this period of time in the Orion Constellation.

Even though she had been calm, her feelings were turbulent.

She had been wondering about whether humans and demons could feel romantically for one another.

Was it possible for there to be love?

She did not know the answer, she only knew that when Chu Yu was in danger, she was willing to follow him.

She did not know what her feelings were.

When she realised that the person just now was Chu Yu, her heart was overjoyed.

But his words hurt her.

Was she not good enough for him?

As she walked on, she began to worry.

She did not know how he managed to deal with a Saint. Moreover, his plans for the future worried her.

He would definitely face tough opponents that the two of them could never defeat.

The Ji royalty was just going to be even scarier.  

Tens and thousands of times scarier!

If he went alone, it was as good as courting his own death.

"This won't do, I have to follow him," Qing Er thought to herself. Her anger was replaced by worry.

When Chu Yu opened his eyes, a huffing and puffing Qing Er appeared before him.


"I don't want to speak to you," Qing Er said seriously. 

"Oh…" Chu Yu twitched his lips and stood up, walking over to the body of the old man.

He found a storage ring which seemed to hide a pocket dimension within.

The treasures within were magnificent, there was not a single piece of trash. 

The old was a thief of the galaxy, and a Saint and that, his taste was good.

There was even a field of Immortal Flying Grass within!

There were other top tier herbs as well, and they looked like a garden, a very valuable one.

Chu Yu was virtually salivating.

"How in the world did you get rid of that old man?" Qing Er asked with a dissatisfied look on her face.

"I thought you didn't want to speak to me?" Chu Yu teased.

"I'm asking you a question, I'm not conversing with you!" Qing Er replied shyly.
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