Chapter 420: My Mother is Great

Chapter 420: My Mother is Great
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Not many people were concerned about the post by Xu Xiao Xian.

The number of posts which were posted by people posing as Chu Yu's family were far too many. Its contents were both juicy and unthinkable, there was nothing they could not think of.

That was why, initially, no one paid much attention to what Xu Xiao Xian had to say.

However, after others reposted it, it had gone viral.

"Chu Yu, rush home and put out the fire! Ha ha ha…" That was the great thief gloating at him.

"Brother, what did you do? Look at me#@#...^$&*," That was Fan Jian, no one knew what he meant when he typed those symbols at the back of the sentence.

"Brother, it seems like you already have 2 wives? Not bad, congratulations," that was Zhao Man Tian.

These few people who replied were close friends of Chu Yu, everyone knew that.

If it were just them who replied, it would definitely seem like a joke. But there was a person who replied, that muddled Chu Yu's mind, making him emotional within moments.

"Thank you for everything you have done for Chu Yu. I say this from deep within my heart. I feel that we should be better sisters. I was really not displaying my strength, I really feel that we should communicate more often.".

That was Lin Shi's reply.

There were too many people who knew of their relationship.

With Lin Shi's response, the post became viral.

With that, Xu Xiao Xian became viral.

Millions of people were trying to find out who she was. Why did she seem like she appeared out of thin air?

How could there be no trace of her on the Internet?

How could that be?

The power of the masses was unstoppable. In no time, pictures of her started to circulate on the Internet.

Of course, it was proven to be fake after awhile.

Someone that was as secretive as Xu Xiao Xian, who did not even have a photo on the Internet… That drove everyone crazy.

What type of news could be juicier than such gossips?

The power of Xu Xiao Xian's post could not be undermined. Within a short period of time, it could nearly pull Chu Yu, the prospective public enemy, out of the vortex.

If she used the sentence that Chu Yu had said, it would be incredibly intense – "I am the Prince, if you're not satisfied, let's battle.".

For now, after the blurred emotional storm, those who were unhappy with Chu Yu had unknowingly let go of their grudges towards Chu Yu, they were at peace with him.

Chu Yu evolved from a proud and arrogant madman to a man with flesh and blood within moments.

Only by having flesh and blood… could one be considered part of the tens of thousands of living beings.

Only a hero, who had a better half, would be properly respected and supported by the public.

The unfavorable talk that was surrounding Chu Yu had changed instantly.

On the other side, Xu Xiao Xian had privately messaged Chu Yu, "Are you mad? Rush back quickly so that we could discuss our next move! That was merely a show that was put up by your wife and I.".


Chu Yu could not believe it.

At the same time, Lin Shi had also sent a message to Chu Yu, "I am currently conversing with Xiao Xian, come back quick.".

Chu Yu still could not believe it.

Little Moon had also secretly informed Chu Yu, "Both Sister-In-Laws are pretty good…".

Chu Yu was thrust into greater disbelief.

That was all that Chu Yu was feeling.

He did not believe that Lin Shi and Xiao Xian could be conversing happily.

Also, since when did Xu Xiao Xian become his woman?

What did this girl do in his absence?

However, Chu Yu understood why they took their jealousy to the Internet.

They were reducing the public's hostility towards him.

Obviously, they were afraid that he would offend the strong beings in the universe with a rash act.

The Emperor had erected a target, which was his family, not wanting him to be the target.

However, other than him, no one seemed to be willing to be a target.

Even if they were willing, they must have had the ability too!

However, things were never absolute.

On the Internet, there were many people who came forth; calling Chu Yu a fraud and that they were the real Prince.

In fact, there were many who said that, but the key thing was that their statuses were not ordinary.

The previous saint of the Tai Qing Sect, Xiahou Jiang, was nicknamed "the Little Saint".

Xiahou Jiang's reputation was previously not known in the universe. It was only when the other Ancient Sects, Clans and Religions started coming into the universe, did he start roaming around. All of them were merely the saints of that generation.

In the past few years, many strong beings had emerged.

Before the legend of the Prince had been told, many people were already fighting to be at the top.

Even with the pressures of facing the Mirror Dimension, the atmosphere within Earth was not peaceful.

Everyone wanted to be the strongest and most famous.

The true Elders did not participate in these squabbles. It was the battlefield for the young.

In the realm of practice, those who had not lived for more than ten thousand years were considered very young.

Chu Yu's generation, who were merely 20-30 years old, were treated like babies and children by many.

Xiahou Jiang was the previous saint of the Tai Qing Sect, and was obviously older than they were, his actual age was over a hundred years old.

At the same time, he had become quite famous in recent years.

His abilities had already reached the Legendary Emperor realm. Coupled with his handsome appearance, he became very popular on Earth.

His combat abilities were also very strong, he had superhuman abilities. According to others, his abilities would soon be strong enough to step into the Saint Realm. That was why he was called the Little Saint.

When the Legend of the Prince had just emerged, he had already said, "The Prince was merely an honorary title, there was no actual Prince that existed. The Heavens collapsed ages ago, how could a Prince be reincarnated? Who could prove it?".

Ever since then, he had been very disdainful.

Since Chu Yu had openly declared that he was the Prince, Xiahou Jiang could no longer stand it, he publicly refuted him, claiming that Chu Yu was merely fishing for fame and that he was not fit to be called the Prince.

"You said that I could battle you if I was not satisfied? Put out the fire in your back yard first. I will battle you immediately after that! Lets see who's the real Prince! Because of your sister, I will allow you to live.".

Chu Yu looked at the news, which showed the arrogant expression of this "Young Son of Heaven" as he was talking to the camera. He had the urge to kick him away strongly.

He wanted to be the Prince? Why didn't he say that earlier? Did Chu Yu want this identity?

If he was that formidable, why didn't he go to heaven?

Did he think that he could be the Prince just by defeating the slags of the Mirror Dimension?

At that moment, Chu Yu received a message from Chu Xi.

"Brother, be careful of this person, he is very devious. He did not come forth on his own accord this time.".

Chu Xi had already told the Tai Qing Sect that it was inconvenient for her to talk and that she did not reveal much to Chu Yu. However, the sentence she conveyed to him had quite a substantial amount of information.

"That means that there was a strong being that did not want me to be the Prince," sighed Chu Yu.

This was also a problem that frustrated him. It was a real headache.

The enemy was already at their doorstep, but internally, there were still incessant squabbles about fame and interests.

In order to end all of these, there had to be a swift and strong consolidation of power.

Chu Yu took his leave from the Pacific Ocean.

Before he left, Elder Black Dragon and Qu Ni had promised Chu Yu that no matter what squabbles there were, there would never be a Saint that would bother him.

Chu Yu turned into a stream of light, disappearing from this island within the Pacific Ocean.

Miss Qu Ni shifted her black framed spectacles on her nose as she muttered, "Luckily for this chap, he has two wives that cares so much about him…".

Elder Black Dragon sighed and said, "His wives are no ordinary people, and I do not think his days would be easy as well.".

Whether it was easy or not, those were just guesses by outsiders, even Chu Yu was unsure about it.

He was returning to his family, he would soon be meeting the women who were chatting delightfully.

His mother, Lin Shi, Xu Xiao Xian, Little Moon… and the other female members of his family.

They seemed very joyful when they were together.

When they saw Chu Yu return, Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian merely nodded their heads, acknowledging his arrival.

Little Moon seemed like she had lots to say, but she only blinked at him.

What was happening?

Chu Yu felt that the atmosphere within his home was weird, as if there were murderous intentions behind the laughter.

In the end, his mother, Song Yu, chased the group of unrelated people away.

Only Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian were left.

When Little Moon took her leave, she gave Chu Yu a gaze which seemed to wish him 'all the best'.

"You're back?".

After everyone had left, Song Yu had a blackened expression, she looked at Chu Yu emotionlessly.

Chu Yu chuckled, "Mom…".

"Don't call me Mom! Now that you have grown up, you think you've got the abilities, huh? Who allowed you to say that publicly? The Prince? You're my son!".

Song Yu's expression was sad as she said, "I have gone through 10 months of pregnancy to give birth to you. It has not been easy on me to raise you up. Who would have known, in a blink of an eye, you would not even acknowledge me as your mother…".

"…". Chu Yu frowned as he thought, "It had been a long time since my mother used her acting skills on me eh?".

All this while, only his father had gone through this!

"Mom, don't be angry. This is not what you think it is." Chu Yu said carefully, cooperating with his mother's act. If it were exposed, the consequences would be unthinkable.

"What's the difference?". Song Yu glared at Chu Yu, "I am the Prince… Come and fight if you're not satisfied! Look at this… Look at how overbearing and arrogantly powerful it is!".

Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian sat by Song Yu's sides as they looked on intently.

Chu Yu could even see a twisted smile on Xu Xiao Xian's face as she lowered her head.

Lin Shi was comparatively serious, she looked as though she was extremely unhappy with Angel Xu, who was sitting on the other side of their "mother".

The little witch had been haunting her when she was by his side for all these years, causing her to be extremely cautious.

However, she could not speak a word.

That was because Xu Xiao Xian did far more things for Chu Yu than she did!

Even her parents were taken care of by Xiao Xian.

This caused Lin Shi to be speechless and displeasured. What could she say? She even helped her to take care of her parents, what could she be unhappy about?

Chu Yu carefully apologized to his mother. While the other two women were still daydreaming, Song Yu hurriedly winked at her son.

Chu Yu understood in a second as he thought, "Wow, my mother is great!".
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